14 Happy 35th Anniversary Messages

Share your sincere emotions with your partner by using one of these 35th anniversary messages.

The secret of a long and lasting marriage is finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

If you’re one of those lucky few who have found that one special person, then it’s truly no surprise that you are celebrating your 35th anniversary together.

Your 35th anniversary is more than just a celebration of love. It’s a reminder that you have survived the worst and that you have kept the love alive even in the worst circumstances.

Let your husband or wife know just how grateful you are and just how happy you feel with this beautiful collection of Happy 35th Anniversary messages. They will certainly appreciate receiving these words of love and thanks from you!

Loving Happy 35th Anniversary Messages

All these years together, you have been nothing but amazing. You never cease to amaze me with all the things that you can do, with everything that you can give, and with your capacity to love. I am the person I am now because of you. You just know exactly what I need, and you just give it so unselfishly. We have been in love for the past 35 years, and our marriage has blossomed into something so real and wonderful. We are truly one of the lucky ones because we have survived the worst and managed to stay in love. I can spend the next 35 years of my life with you and still find so many reasons to stay. I can still find so many new reasons to love you. Happy 35th anniversary, sweetheart. I love you!


I know that it’s not a perfect life or a perfect marriage, but I love it just the same. I love all 35 years I spent with you. It warms my heart and fills me with all good feelings when I remember those days when we were just newlyweds. We didn’t have a lot. We didn’t have our own car, and we made that crappy apartment home for several years until we could afford a nicer and bigger one. We grew into wiser, more mature, and more confident people over the years. We didn’t notice all the time that passed because we were just so busy collecting memories and making our home a happy and loving one. So many things have happened. Good things and bad things. I’m grateful for all of them because through them all, I had you. Happy 35th anniversary, my love. I love you so much!


You have been a part of my life for 35 years. Can you believe it? It feels like a lifetime, but in my heart, it feels like only yesterday that we were starting our lives together. We had so many dreams, and we were just so excited to get started on them. I’m so proud that we have achieved all that we wanted to achieve as a couple. Even after all these years, we still have a lot of dreams for each other. Don’t worry, because we have another 35 years to make them come true. I just want you to know how grateful I am to have someone like you in my life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for your wonderful love. Happy 35th anniversary, my sweetheart!


To the love of my life, my forever and always, my true north, my lover, my soulmate, and my best friend in the whole wide world, happy 35th anniversary. This day is special for me because it’s a reminder that I have been in love with you for the past 35 years. It’s a reminder that we have been sharing a life of love, passion, romance, and friendship. I love knowing that we are growing up and growing old together. I love seeing our dreams come true. I love that we are each other’s best friends and biggest loves. I love how happy you make me. I love how you make me the happiest woman on earth by being your wife. I love you, always and forever.


I know I haven’t been the perfect wife. I have nagged, I have pestered, I have shouted, and I have almost given up. Thank you for being the stronger one, the more patient one, the more understanding one, and the more forgiving one. I am so blessed to have someone like you who grounds me, who makes me feel things, who inspires me, who takes all my fears away, who makes me believe that even the impossible can be possible, and who makes me look forward to the future. I don’t know what I would have done all those years without you. Thank you for being you, and thank you for never leaving. I love you always. I will never love another the way that I love you. Happy 35th anniversary.

Romantic Happy 35th Anniversary Messages

We have been together for 35 years, and I really couldn’t ask for anything more. God has blessed us with so much already. I’m grateful for the love, the passion, the romance, the friendship, the lovely home that we made, and the beautiful children that we raised. You are my life’s treasure, and I will cherish you forever. Don’t ever think that I don’t appreciate all the things that you have done for me and our children. I appreciate you and I am grateful for you. I know that I don’t say it often but I really love you very much. I have loved you since the first day I saw you. I don’t think I will ever stop loving you. It’s you and me, always and forever. Happy 35th anniversary.


So this is what 35 years of marriage feels like. To be completely honest, I never really noticed all the years passing by. My love for you is as fresh as that day we fell in love. My love for you is as strong as the love that I felt for you on our wedding day. I guess it’s really true what they say, that you don’t notice the time when you’re having fun. The past three decades we shared have certainly been fun, and so much more. They have been crazy, wonderful, unpredictable, gratifying, joyful, terrifying, and all the other adjectives that you could squeeze in here. Being married to youhas kept me on my toes. It has filled my life with so much love and happiness that I cannot believe. It has been so incredible growing old and loving you. I love you… Happy 35th anniversary!


I feel so blessed. I have been married to the same man for the past 35 years. I know that it’s something to be proud of, or even brag about. But I just want to thank you because it wasn’t just me responsible for this wonderful achievement. We did this together. Without your love and support, we would be among those bitter, divorced couples that we know. I always pray for you, for us, and for our marriage. I know that we give our marriage 100%, but without God’s grace and guidance, we still wouldn’t make it. I love you for the man that you are and the man that you are yet to become. I pray that God will bless us with another 35 years, or more, together. Happy 35th anniversary, my darling.


No words can express how much love I have for you now that we are celebrating our 35th anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 35 years. It feels like we fast forwarded our lives, and now we’re having a taste of our future lives. Thank you for making all that time fly by. Thank you for the good days and the bad days, because without them, we wouldn’t have what we have right now. I’m thankful for everything that has happened in our lives because each one is connected with the other. And without the other, we wouldn’t have this beautiful life. I love you, and I appreciate everything that you have done in the last 35 years. Without you, I wouldn’t be this happy and satisfied. Thank you, and happy 35th anniversary to us.


On our 35th anniversary, I just want to thank you for being the husband that you promised you would be all those years ago. You have grown to be such an amazing, incredible, and wonderful husband. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. In all the years that we have been together, you never gave me a reason to lose faith in you. You never gave me a reason to doubt you, to lose trust in you, to hate you, or to leave you. You always made things better. You always made sure that everyone’s happy. You always made sure that you’re being a good husband and a good father. This anniversary is truly about you and all that you do in our marriage and in our family. You are the love of my life, and I will love you always. Happy, happy 35th anniversary.

Beautiful Happy 35th Anniversary Messages

Having you as my wife made me a better person. My life has become happier and more wonderful because of you and our children. You have no idea how the last 35 years of our lives helped me become the husband and father that I am now. With your love, faith, support, and encouragement, we have built a happy home and made a wonderful family. You and our children are my biggest treasures. We have a beautiful and charmed life, and I thank you for making it possible. I don’t know where I’d be without you here by my side. I want to spend the next 35 years of our lives loving you more and creating many new memories. You will always have my hand to hold, and you will always have my heart to love you. Happy 35th anniversary, my darling. I love you so much.


Sometimes I still pinch myself because I cannot believe how blessed I have been for the last 35 years. I can honestly say that I have everything I will ever need. Thanks to you, I am a happy wife and mother. I love the life that we have made, and I’m proud of all the choices, decisions, and actions we have taken. I know that 35 years is a long time, but with you and the kids, it feels too short. I want to spend more years with you, loving you, taking care of you, laughing with you, and traveling the world with you. The best is yet to come, so let’s make the most of it. I love you, and I always will. Happy 35th anniversary.


Now I’m absolutely certain that I have received the best blessing from God when He gave you to me to be my husband. He knew just what I needed when He gave me someone kind, loving, patient, understanding, generous, and faithful. He knew the man that I needed because He gave me someone strong in the face of battles, gentle when it comes to children, generous when it comes to his affection, and steadfast when it comes to his love and devotion. I am so grateful for you because your love for me never changed in all the 35 years that we have been together. I will love you for a hundred years more. Happy 35th anniversary.


You changed my life and turned it into something more beautiful, more meaningful, and more worthwhile. You have made me the happiest man alive because you are the most wonderful woman in the world and you have been my wife for the past 35 years. I want to thank you for all the love and for all the happiness you have given me. There are no words that can describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I love you, and I will never stop loving you. Happy 35th anniversary.

35th Anniversary Messages to Help You Express Your Sentiments

Without you, I think this family would be a huge mess. You are the glue that binds us all together. You are the woman that takes care of us and makes us strong, inspired, motivated, and loved. I’m truly blessed to be spending my life with you. I love you so much, my dearest wife. Happy 35th anniversary!


I’m not a poet that can write deeply moving and romantic poems for you. I’m not a writer that can write a piece exalting your beauty and praising you for your good heart. I’m not an artist that can immortalize you in a painting or a sculpture. All I am is a devoted and deeply loving husband who will be loving you forever. I love you. Happy 35th anniversary!


I would like to take this day to thank you for all the love that you have showered upon me and this family. My life is very blessed because I have a partner in life who is so generous with her time, love, affection, and support. You give my life meaning. I love you and happy 35th anniversary to us!


Thank you for the home that you so lovingly built for us. It’s our favorite place to be and the safest place in the world. Thank you for making me look forward to coming home to you all these years. You are truly heaven sent! Happy 35th anniversary, my love.


Many years have gone by since we got married but our love still feels young and new. I’m deeper in love with you than I have ever been. You make loving you so easy, and you make this marriage such a joy to have. I love you and I will always love you. Happy anniversary, my darling!


You are like sunshine through my window. You make me feel like I’m on top of the world, and that I can conquer any challenge and face my biggest fears. You have been my source of inspiration for the past 35 years, and I plan on being inspired by you for the next hundred years! I love you. Happy anniversary.


We’ve been through the biggest storms together, but they only brought us together and made us so much stronger. I know that there’s nothing that we cannot overcome. As long as we’re strong together, we’ll be just fine. I love you, my wife and my very best friend. Happy anniversary.


There are very few things that are sure and certain as time passes by. One of them is the love that I have for you. Over the years, I have only grown more and more in love with you. I am filled with gratitude to be able to spend the last 35 years with you. Happy anniversary!


Every anniversary is another year to create new memories, share new beautiful moments, and take on new adventures. I am so excited for what’s to come. Happy 35th anniversary. I love you.

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