50 Of the All Time Best Funny Memes About Love

Love is such a funny thing, right?

They say that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, especially if the person you love also loves you back.

Love makes you do stupid things and unwise decisions. It also gives you the courage to do things that you’ve never done before just to prove how much you love someone.

If you’ve ever been in love, you will certainly find this collection of love memes very funny, relatable, honest, and real.

Pick out a favorite that you can send to the person you love and see just how they react. Make their day by giving them something to laugh about!

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Funny Love Memes

They all start out to be so sweet, funny, cute, and nice. But then they reveal their true colors and just look like all the other guys that you dated in the past.

It’s almost like you’re a magnet for bad boys pretending to be good boys!

Funny Love Memes

There will be people who are comfortable expressing their feelings, while there are some who are more reserved.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re showy or not. The important thing is that they love you truly, madly, and deeply!

Funny Love Memes

Suffice it to say, she loves you with a love that’s more than her bosom could hold!

Funny Love Memes

Sometimes true love is feeling tired together.

Funny Love Memes

The beginning of a relationship is awkward and nerve-wracking. You’re trying to discover everything about this person and all the things they like and dislike.

But as your relationship deepens, you also kind of just go with the flow and play it by ear because discovering something new about the person you love is more exciting that way.

Funny Love Memes

Any moment that you pop by just to say these three words will be welcomed wholeheartedly!

Funny Love Memes

This meme is sure to make you chuckle. This is for anyone who’s made the mistake of revealing their true feelings a little too early and scared their romantic prospect away!

Funny Love Memes

A dropped taco is a wasted taco. You will be filled with shame and regret, and the next time you eat tacos, you will be reminded of those tacos you dropped.

Funny Love Memes

Apparently, falling in love with the dog before falling in love with its owner happens more commonly than people think.

Funny Love Memes

These are words that every woman needs to hear from someone as good-looking as Ryan Gosling.

Okay, maybe even someone not of the same caliber, but Steel Magnolias better be there.

Funny Love Memes

Even if you feel like your future will be trashed because of this woman you’re seeing, it’s all worth it because she will teach you all the things that you need to know about love.

Love is a life skill.

Funny Love Memes

You know that you can be too much to handle sometimes. But underneath all that raging emotions is a sweet and funny girl who adores unicorns and rom-coms.

Funny Love Memes

And you know just how unpredictable and uncontrollable diarrhea is. A love like this should make you feel warm all over!

Funny Love Memes

It’s not impossible that after getting to know the real you, your partner will become so attached, so much so that they don’t want to ever leave your side.

Try not to make him fall too hard. Don’t brush your teeth and let your leg hair grow and see if his affections will lessen a bit.

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Funny Love Memes

If you’re big on sandwiches and they’re your thing, this is the highest form of compliment that you can give to someone you’re in love with.

It’s in the same level of quitting smoking for the person you love, or getting a tattoo of their name, or carrying their baby.

Funny Love Memes

You feel so close, intimate, and connected that you no longer feel self-conscious about the fact that they can hear your poop as it drops in the water.

Funny Love Memes

Two different worlds, two entirely different points of view.

But with a love as strong as yours, you will be able to work through your differences and achieve a healthy balance.

Funny Love Memes

When you take away lust and you still find them terribly irresistible, then it’s true love!

Funny Love Memes

You have so many couple dreams that you can’t wait to get started on.

But these dreams are not exactly free, and they don’t come cheap. You will need money to make them all come true.

The great thing about it is that you will have someone to help you make these dreams a reality and help you pay for everything!

Funny Love Memes

If this meme’s message is not clear to you, how is it possible that you’re in a relationship?

Funny Love Memes

Maybe the next time you mention that you want to walk down the aisle, try not to look too hungry and in need of food.

Funny Love Memes

If you can say this to someone without batting an eyelash, it means that they’re ready to commit and spend the rest of their lives with you.

Farts are a big deal and are exclusive only to really, really special people.

Funny Love Memes

It’s like finding a really good book that has an equally good film adaptation.

Funny Love Memes

Everyone likes the feeling of being adored, but not to the point of obsession and stalkerish behavior.

Funny Love Memes

It’s kind of this thick and heady feeling that makes you smile at random moments and puts a spring in your step.

In short, it makes you feel like a lunatic.

Funny Love Memes

This meme cannot be more suggestive. If you receive this meme from that special person, clarify what they mean exactly by ‘a little bit naked’.

Is it a little bit naked in your lower or upper half?

Funny Love Memes

It’s not just his smokin’ body but also all the wonderful feelings he causes in your heart and in many other parts of your body.

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Funny Love Memes

Missing someone is not cute business at all. In fact, it has only succeeded in making you feel like the world is a lonelier place without them around!

Funny Love Memes

Drinking can provide temporary solutions, but you’re still left with the problems the next day when you start to nurse your hangover.

When your heart and mind are not in agreement over something, alcohol will only make things a lot fuzzier.

Funny Love Memes

Whenever you’re around this person, or whenever you’re about to spend an entire day with them, it just leaves you feeling breathless. And that’s always a good sign!

Funny Love Memes

That’s a very huge compliment coming from women who only shave when going out or attending a special event.

If she’s willing to shave her legs for you, that means that you’re worth the effort and the extra fifteen minutes in the bath.

Funny Love Memes

Seriously, if you don’t stop, someone’s going to fall in love really, really hard!

Funny Love Memes

This serves as your invitation. Please respond with a yes as soon as possible or the offer expires.

Funny Love Memes

The search is completed, and the game is over. The goal now is to stay happily married and make your wife the happiest wife in the world.

Funny Love Memes

If you don’t want people to think that you have a new wife or a new car, never lose the little gestures that make your woman feel and look like a queen.

So many men are guilty of this and take the little romantic acts for granted.

Funny Love Memes

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on her face. It’s the little things that show you pay attention that really makes her heart melt.

Bring her coffee exactly how she likes it. Choose an outfit that matches hers perfectly.

Hold her hand in public, and open and close doors for her. Look at her mouth when she talks.

Funny Love Memes

It doesn’t matter if you both get fat or not. What’s important is how you will always stick around no matter who gets fat and no matter how fat.

Funny Love Memes

Don’t make any sudden movements that require the use of your hands as well.

Hearts are fragile and you don’t want to make someone’s heart fall if you don’t have any plans of catching it.

Funny Love Memes

This is how you break bad news to someone you love. They may not know what the bad news is yet, but at least they know just how much you love them.

If they have a heart condition, it’s best if you avoid this kind of method and just tell them straightaway.

The initial shock will wear off eventually.

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Funny Love Memes

A couple who never fights is an extremely boring couple.

Just imagine how predictable their lives are if they always get along, agree on everything, and share the same views about everything.

Wouldn’t you prefer to clash once in a while and then work together to reach a compromise?

Isn’t it better to have a huge fight and then kiss and make up after?

Funny Love Memes

Sometimes you just have a good feeling about something, and you get this inkling that someone will be in your life for a very long time.

When you get this feeling about someone, it’s much like puzzle pieces fitting one by one.

You can see the big and complete picture, and you can’t wait for the puzzle to be completed!

Funny Love Memes

You have someone in your life that you like so much that you didn’t mind waiting for three years for them to be single again.

And then when their relationship ended, you waited for them to get over their ex.

When they finally got over their ex, you waited for them to ask you out.

That’s a lot of waiting! This bodes well because you are willing to wait for true love and not just jump at the first romantic opportunity that will present itself.

Funny Love Memes

That’s a delicious kind of love that you know will only grow bigger and stronger over time.

You just know that it’s a sweet love that will have many layers, each layer as delicious as the next.

Funny Love Memes

If given the chance to live your life all over again, you would still choose this person, and you will choose them sooner so that you can spend more years together with them.

Funny Love Memes

Come to think of it, forever sounds like a really long time. You need to move, eat, and pee if you want to live that long.

Funny Love Memes

The fewer clothes, the better.

Funny Love Memes

There are so many things that can happen to you when you receive a cute message from someone you love while you’re out on the street.

Aside from running into a pole, you can walk straight to a glass door or trip over a pair of feet.

You can press down instead of up in the elevator, or you can enter the wrong building.

Be careful out there!

Funny Love Memes

Sometimes when you’re just really hungry, you forget everything else that’s happening around you because of your need to get nourishment.

Your vision starts to blur, and words and sounds start to get blurry and distorted.

But because of your love for this one special person, you’re willing to be nice to them even at your hungriest. Now that takes a lot of strength and courage.

Funny Love Memes

Either way, you know they’re going to have you because they’re greedy like that.

The Best Love Meme of All Time

At the end of the day, it’s all about that person who will accept you for who you are.

Funny Love Memes

It’s about that person who will not judge you for your past but focus on the person that you are now and the person that you will become.

It’s all about that person who will love you for your imperfections and make you feel proud, cherished, and complete every single day.

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