23 of the Best Happy Anniversary Messages to Send to Friends

Show that you’re happy for your friends’ anniversary – send them a happy anniversary message.

When someone you know is celebrating their anniversary, good friends go out of their way to wish them a happy anniversary.

No matter which way you extend your Happy Anniversary greeting, you can share your warm and loving sentiments through a handwritten message, a phone call, a personal visit, a text message, an email, a Tweet, or even through a Facebook post.

Luckily for you, there are many ways now to send your Happy Anniversary messages quickly and easily, so there’s really no reason for you not to do so!

If you’re not sure what words to write or say in your Happy Anniversary message, remember to focus on the love that they share. Celebrate the milestones that they have achieved and reminisce the years that have passed.

Share what you think makes them a lovely couple, as well as the all the beautiful things that you wish for them in the coming years.

Here are some great examples of Happy Anniversary messages to send to your friends. Pick a favorite and bookmark them.

Romantic Happy Anniversary Messages to Send to Friends

This is one of most special days of your life. The day that you made the promise to love, honor, and take care of each other all the days of your lives. It’s incredible how much time has passed since that very beautiful day. I hope that the promise that you made to each other still rings true today. I hope you remember the happy moments and the fond memories that you have made along the day. I pray that the both of you will be blessed with many more happy and loving years together. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite married couples in the world.


Let me celebrate this special day with you by sharing all the things that I admire about you two. Right off the bat, I knew that you two were going to be the real thing. I have never seen two people more compatible and more perfect for each other. Watching the both of you talk to each other and act around each other made me feel like you have known each other for years when in fact, you have only met just a few days before. I love that you both ended up together. I don’t mind being single for a while because I can always live vicariously through you. Happy anniversary!


Today marks another year of love and togetherness for you both. This only goes to show that you are doing a great job on your journey of love. I know that you’re very grateful for every anniversary that you celebrate. I want you to know that I’m one of those people who are very thrilled every year that your anniversary comes around. I will forever be your biggest fan. Happy anniversary, guys!


Every anniversary that you celebrate is just a sign that you will be spending the rest of your lives together. You just have everything that’s needed for a happy and lasting relationship. He worships you, and she thinks you are the most incredible man in the world. You’re just perfect for each other. I wish you many more happy years together. Happy anniversary, you two!


What’s great about anniversaries is that they remind you of all the things that you have accomplished, overcome, and experienced together as a couple. I know you guys have been through a lot, but here you are now, still standing strong, and still madly in love with each other. How do you guys do it? I hope that you will always be blessed with love and happiness. Happy anniversary!


Can you believe that another year has passed and you’re celebrating another anniversary? Time really does fly when you’re having fun. It seems just like yesterday when you were telling me about the fun but the awkward date you had with this handsome but geeky guy. A wedding, a move to a different city, and two babies later, you are still gushing over the same guy. It’s beyond adorable. Happy anniversary, guys!

Beautiful Happy Anniversary Messages to Send to Friends

This day will always be a wonderful day because this is the day that you promised to love each other for the rest of your lives. Not everyone can be as lucky as you both. Some people spend their lifetime looking for that one special person. Some of them do, most of them don’t. Because of you two, I remain hopeful that I will also meet that person who’s meant for me. I hope you have a wonderful celebration filled with love and happiness. Happy anniversary, lovebirds!


The love that you two share inspires me to always be hopeful when it comes to love. Whenever I get discouraged that I will never find love again, I just think of you two. My faith in love is instantly restored. Stay in love, and keep inspiring all of us hopeless romantics. There’s something beautiful waiting for those who never lose faith, so I know that I should never ever settle. Thank you for that reminder. Happy anniversary!


I remember the day that you found out you were in love with each other. It was the stuff straight out of rom coms! I love telling that story because it just goes to show that I’m pretty good at matchmaking. Cupid struck you both right in the heart. And now, ten years later, you’re still madly in love with each other. Thank you for making all of us believe in serendipity and in happy ever after. I love you, guys! Happy anniversary!


I think I’m your relationship’s biggest fan. I’m so proud that I had a big role in getting you guys together. You guys were so sure that you had nothing in common, and that you weren’t each other’s types. Well, look what we have here now. A happy husband and wife, with three beautiful children to show for it! May your marriage be always blessed, and may no obstacle be too big to overcome. Happy anniversary!


This day is the day that you will always look fondly in the many years to come. That’s because this is the day that you realized you belong together and that you should spend the rest of your lives together. How different your life would have turned out had you not realized it then. I’m so glad that things worked out for the best. I wish you many more happy and loving years together. Happy anniversary!


Love becomes more wonderful the longer two people are together. Your love has gone through so much over the years. I’m so proud of you both because you just keep loving each other every single day. You never get tired of it. Instead, you just blossom with it. Your love is a magical thing to witness, and I hope that you will have this kind of love for always. Happy anniversary!

Heartwarming Happy Anniversary Messages to Send to Friends

I personally think that you two are the most adorable people in my life who have the most delightful love story. I’m so glad that I’m a part of your story, and that I was one of the people who were responsible for getting you two together. I’m sure that your married life is also full of exciting moments. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of it with me. I’m glad to have helpful pointers for when I finally get married. Happy anniversary. More love and blessings to you!


You are the best friend I have ever known. For as long as I have known you, you always put the needs of your loved ones first. You didn’t care about your own happiness, because seeing your family and dear friends happy is what makes you happy. I’m just very glad that God heard my prayers and sent you someone to love and someone to love you back. You deserve all the love and happiness that you have right now. Happy anniversary to you both!


Your love for each other continues to inspire me. It’s not perfect but it’s real. It’s strong and positive and good. It’s not trying to impress, and it’s not forced or scripted. It is as real as it gets. I hope that you will always be in love with each other. I pray that you will be blessed with many more happy years together.


People don’t need to know you to see that you are madly in love with each other. One look at you both and it’s pretty obvious that you are. Your eyes sparkle when you’re around each other. Your voice softens when you talk to each other. Your gestures and body language also say it all. I pray that you will stay in love this way forever. Happy anniversary to you both!


I’m so happy to see that after all these years, you’re still so happy together. Not everyone is blessed with a love like this. So many couples left and right are just giving up and breaking up. You are one of the few who have made the commitment to stay together and keep working on their relationship. Stay blessed and stay in love. Happy anniversary!


It looks like married life agrees with you both. You both look so happy and radiant. Your auras are very positive, too. The years have been very good to you, and you guys deserve all the love and happiness. You are two of the kindest and most genuine people that I know. At the rate you’re going, you will be together forever. Happy anniversary!

Sweet Happy Anniversary Messages to Send to Friends

You are the most beautiful couple I know, and I have grown so fond of you two. I like seeing your photos on Facebook and Instagram. You look so happy, and what’s great about it is that I know you truly are happy in real life! Nothing is staged and nothing is posed. This is just how you guys are, and it makes me very glad. The world should know that there’s a love that’s good and right if you’re willing to do the work. I hope you have a great celebration today. Happy anniversary, and more love and happiness to you!


I have witnessed the unfolding of your love story. From neighbors you became friends, and from friends you became lovers. That’s just a great way to start a relationship. A friendship like that can help overcome the biggest challenges and resist the biggest temptations. I’m so happy that you are married to your best friend. Have a wonderful celebration today. Happy anniversary!


May your love story always have beautiful chapters, exciting turns of events, and colorful people to make it more meaningful. May you always have the gift of laughter, friendship, hope, and positivity. Relationships are hard work, but you guys make it look so easy. Keep showing us single people just how it’s done. Happy anniversary!


I’ve always felt a little scared about marriage because I know so many couples who have ended up parting ways. But you two have proven to me that true love exists, and there’s a happy ever after for everyone if you are willing to do the work. I know that your relationship is not perfect, but it sure is darn close to being perfect! I hope you will never change. But if you will, I just pray that it’s for the better. I love you, guys! Happy anniversary!


Why do I feel like you never grow tired of each other? You have been together for so long, yet you still look at each other just like you did when you first met each other. I can’t believe how long that’s been already. Time really just flies by when you’re so busy living your life. I hope that life will always be kind to you, and that your love will only grow more beautiful over the years. Happy anniversary!

Perfect Happy Anniversary Messages for Friends

Your love for each other simply grew with every year that passed. Looking at you now, my heart is filled with joy and love. You are proof that love always finds a way. Stay happy and in love. Happy anniversary!


Anniversaries are a wonderful reminder to celebrate your love and everything that makes your marriage great. I wish that you will make all your dreams come true together. More love and happiness to the both of you on your anniversary. I love you, guys!


May the ties that bind you grow ever stronger and hold you steadfast amidst your fears and uncertainties. Never stop being each other’s best friends, and always be each other’s priorities. I love seeing you both in love. Stay this way forever! Happy anniversary!


Happiest anniversary to my most favorite couple in the world. I wish you nothing but the best that this world can bring. Stay happy and in love!


I wish you both a very happy anniversary. May the coming years be filled with peace, joy, love, and happiness.


Today marks the day that you two fell in love. Let’s celebrate the love and happiness that you two share and the year that has passed by so quickly. I know that you will be having many more happy years together. Happy anniversary!


I just know you will be one of those couples who will stay strong together and make the rest of us look bad. Happy anniversary to you, guys! Here’s to more beautiful memories and to many more years together.


I wish you a day filled with breathtaking moments and wonderful new memories that you will look back on happily many years from now. Your love inspires all of us. Always be this happy, and always be this in love. Happy anniversary!


You are blessings especially made for each other. Your love is each other’s rewards. Happy anniversary to you both!


Another year has gone by in this exciting road that you are journeying together. Enjoy the sights and sounds, and trust in the path that God has laid out for you. Happy anniversary!


Who would have thought that I will be writing this message to you guys for being married for the past ten years? I can’t believe it myself! Happy anniversary. I wish for many more years of wedded bliss for the two of you.


Every love story is beautiful. But I think yours is more beautiful because I watch you grow in love year after year. Happy anniversary to one of my most favorite couples in the world. I love you, guys!


When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, take a deep breath and think about the many reasons why you chose to spend your life with each other. No marriage is perfect. Don’t forget that the first 50 years of being married are always the toughest!


Today is a wonderful day to remember how amazing it is to be married to one another.  Happy anniversary to a wonderful pair who are truly meant to grow old together.


You have been together for so many years that you should have PhD’s in each other! Happy anniversary to you, and may you have many more years of love and happiness.


After all this time, it gives me warm feelings seeing you two still so madly in love with each other. Have a great anniversary.


How does it feel to be together for a whole decade? I swear it feels just like yesterday when we attended your wedding. I hope you have the best celebration today. Happy anniversary!

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