15 Perfect Baby Shower Thank You Messages

Send these Baby Shower thank you messages to the people who organised a special day for you.

15 baby shower thank you messages

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When you’re expecting, there are so many exciting things to look forward to.

Watching your body change for the next nine months is one. Waiting to find out the baby’s gender is another.

There’s also shopping for baby clothes, decorating the nursery, thinking of baby names, and signing up for birthing classes. Of course, there’s also the matter of the baby shower!

It’s one of the things that expectant parents look forward to because it’s a time to get together with friends, eat, drink, and be merry playing baby-themed party games.

It’s also a great time to receive presents for both mom and baby that will help them in the coming days, weeks, and months.

When you receive baby shower presents, you should remember the thought that people put into picking out the perfect present for you and your little one.

This is why you need to send a Thank You note to them to show your love and appreciation.



How to Write the Perfect Baby Shower Thank You Messages

When it comes to writing the perfect baby shower Thank You messages, just remember to be sweet and thankful.

Address your baby shower guests by name with the appropriate salutations. You can use ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ followed by the name if you have a really close relationship. Use “Dear” followed by the name for guests that require a more formal greeting.

Express your excitement, delight, and gratitude over the gifts received. Let them know how you’re planning to use the gifts.

Add a special thank you when you are very close to that particular guest, or if they went out of their way to find you something special.

If they are religious, consider sending them a religious-themed thank you message.

Also, thank them for making it to your baby shower, even if they had to travel far.

If they wanted to attend the baby shower but couldn’t at the last minute, write your regrets on your baby shower thank you message.

Express your thanks for their thoughtful gifts, and don’t forget to mention that you missed having them there at the baby shower.

Let them know that the event would have been happier and more exciting if they were around, but that you wish to see them again very soon when the baby arrives.

Examples of Heartfelt Baby Shower Thank You Messages

We only wanted your warm and loving wishes for our baby, but you gave us so many wonderful gifts and precious memories. What we had in mind was just a simple and intimate baby shower, but you gave us a very fun and unforgettable one filled with laughter and happy tears. Not to mention delicious cakes and cookies! Words will not be enough to express our gratitude for throwing us an epic baby shower. It was such a lovely shower it makes us want to have a dozen babies more. On behalf of my husband and the baby girl in my belly, our warmest love and our biggest thanks!


All the wonderful gifts I received at the baby shower make me want to switch places with the baby in my tummy. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, and for lovingly explaining to me what they’re for. I’m such a newbie when it comes to these things! But I’m not terrified at all to be a first-time mother because of all the support that you’re giving me. Thank you for all the words of advice and moral support. Thank you for the cute and practical gifts. I know that I will be using them a lot. Thank you for making my baby shower such a fun day, and thank you for making my pregnancy so enjoyable!


Every time you presented me with a wonderful gift, I could feel baby boy kicking excitedly inside my tummy. He approves of all the gifts, and he wants to extend his love and thanks to you all for making his mommy so happy. The gifts are all so unique and cute! I can’t wait to use them when I give birth, and I can’t wait to take photos of baby boy wearing the outfits. You made one fat soon to be momma very happy today. Thank you for throwing me that beautiful baby shower, and thank you for all the love and well wishes.


Your baby shower gifts are the perfect way to welcome our little bundle of joy in this world. They are so cute and thoughtful, and I know that it’s not something that will just gather dust inside the closet. We are very excited for the baby to come out. It won’t be long now! Thank you for throwing the baby shower of my dreams. I loved the theme! The food and drinks were delicious. Most importantly, I love everyone who was there to party with me and the baby! I love you all so much. You really are the best friends anyone could ever ask for.


Thank you for being there at the baby shower! Your presence meant so much to me. I know how busy you are, but you still cleared up your schedule just so you could make it. We really appreciate your love and excitement for this baby, and we thank you for your support in all my pregnancy related questions and concerns. Baby girl can’t wait to meet you, and I hope you will be fast friends, too. Thank you for the really beautiful gifts, and I cannot wait to use them all on our little princess. I will keep you posted. See you real soon!

Examples of Sweet Baby Shower Thank You Messages

You are the sweetest and best friend ever! I knew something was cooking, but I just didn’t know what exactly. If there’s anyone who can pull off a surprise as big as this, that’s none other than you! Thank you for throwing a wonderful surprise baby shower. I really have to hand it to you because you made all those women keep that big secret from me. I really appreciate all your effort to make this a great shower. I loved the theme that you chose. You just know what I like! The food was delicious, too. My husband couldn’t stop munching on them when we got home. Thank you for everything. It was truly a day to remember.


Thank you for being there at my baby shower! It was so nice to see you there! I adore the bunny sleeping buddy that you gave and the colorful mermaid blanket. It was so sweet and thoughtful of you to come with such precious gifts. I know that my baby girl will fall in love with them when she gets a little bit older. Again, thank you for spending an afternoon with me and sharing stories of your own journey to motherhood. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends like you. I look forward to seeing you again soon. This time, with our little girls in tow!


Thank you for your sweet and heartwarming blessings at the baby shower. I am grateful to have been surrounded by strong, brave, and loving mommies who have so many pieces of advice on pregnancy and motherhood. I hope you will not get tired of answering all my questions about being a first-time mother! Thank you also for the beautiful gifts. They remind me so much of my own childhood, too. I remember seeing a similar pair of knitted booties in one of my baby photos. Thank you for you being there at the baby shower and for being excited for this baby, too. It’s such a wonderful way to welcome our baby in this world.


Here’s a Thank You for the lovely gift, and here’s another Thank You for the loving thought. You made me the happiest mom-to-be in this side of the world with your presence and warm wishes. Thank you for coming all this way just to wish me a safe delivery and to personally give your present for the baby. The onesies are so adorable, and I love the all-natural baby toiletries, too. You’ve always given the most thoughtful gifts, and I’m so happy to know that you haven’t stopped being sweet and generous, too. I’m so looking forward to our future playdates!


I’m really glad that you were able to come to my baby shower! It was so great to sit down, relax, talk, chat, drink, eat, and laugh together. Thank you for the beautiful gifts for the baby! It was very sweet and thoughtful of you. I appreciate your being a friend during this exciting period of my life. I feel your love and support, and I’m so happy that you are excited to meet my baby, too. I hope you can meet her soon when she arrives. I would love for her to be surrounded by bright, brave, and beautiful women every single day of her life.

Unique and Loving Baby Shower Thank You Messages

We want to thank you for your sweet and thoughtful gift to our little one. We appreciate it very much. We know that when the baby gets a little bit bigger and older, she will look absolutely cute wearing it. Thank you for spending your afternoon with us, talking about babies and how to care for them. We hope you enjoyed yourself just as much as we did. We look forward to spending more time with you in the future. We know that there’s so much that we can learn from you. Thank you again for coming! We really appreciate it.


Your thoughtful and generous baby gifts are so very welcome now that the baby is due any time soon. They are sure to make our lives as first-time mom and dad so much easier. Thank you for thinking about us parents, too, and not just the baby! It has been a crazy ride, but a very exciting and happy one as well. It’s thanks to friends like you that make this whole pregnancy ride great. Thank you for making it to the baby shower and for your very lovely gifts. They will be used a lot, that’s for sure!


Thank you for the cute onesies that you gave at the baby shower. I can’t wait to take selfies with the baby wearing them! I look forward to sharing baby stories with you when I give birth because I know there will be plenty of them. Thank you for your kind words and your support to a first-time mom like me. You make being a mom look so easy, and I would like to get all the tips that I can get from you. I hope you had a blast at the baby shower! Thank you for coming all this way just to spend the day with me and the baby in my tummy.


It wouldn’t have been possible to host the most amazing baby shower without your help. You really are so good with these kinds of things! Everything was beautiful, from the birds and the bees theme, to the delicious food and drinks, to the hilarious baby shower games, to the adorable nursery rhymes playing in the background. Thank you so much for doing this for me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I will never forget this day, and I will be telling baby nugget all about this day, too, when he gets a little older. I’m really the luckiest pregnant woman in the world for having awesome friends like you.


Thank you for all the gifts that you gave me on my baby shower. I’m sure that my baby will look great wearing them! I appreciate all your warm wishes for me and my baby. You really are the best friends ever. You really are sneakiest friends, too. I had no idea there was even baby shower in the works! Thank you for throwing me the most amazing baby shower. Thank you for being so sweet and supportive throughout my pregnancy. It’s not the easiest pregnancy, so I’m sorry for whatever I said in the past that might have hurt your feelings. It’s just the hormones talking!

More Examples of Baby Shower Thank You Messages

Thank you for coming to celebrate with us in welcoming our baby daughter into this world. The gifts are all lovely and we appreciate them very much. They will surely come in handy when the little princess arrives. Thank you so much!


I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your beautiful and thoughtful baby gift. Your presence in my baby shower also made it an even more wonderful celebration. You are such a great friend. Thank you!


Thank you so much for coming and sharing in our delight as we celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little boy. We are very excited to meet him and let him use all the wonderful gifts that you have given today! We can’t wait for you to meet him as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


While we wait for the little one’s debut, we wanted to send you this short note to thank you for the adorable gift and for making the baby shower even more magical. Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful wishes as well.


Thank you for being there at my baby shower and for joining us in our excitement at our baby’s arrival. We love all the baby gifts and we can’t wait to use all of them. Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness.


We only wanted your presence and your good wishes, but you came bearing gifts and so much more! Our simple baby shower truly became one of the most unforgettable moments of our lives as soon-to-be parents. You gave us so many wonderful new memories, and your sweet words of appreciation made us feel a lot more confident that we will do great as parents. Thanks for being a part of our baby shower!


May God always keep us friends just like this so that we’ll have more milestones to celebrate. Thank you for being there at my baby shower. I just know you will be present in my baby’s life for a very long time.


It’s so generous of you to throw me a baby shower! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do something special for me and the baby. You are so sweet! I will never forget it!


Thank you so much for coming to the baby shower. Thank you for your very generous gift and for the practical advice about taking care of the baby when she finally comes. It won’t be long now. Just a few weeks to go! I hope you will also be our baby’s first visitors. See you soon!


We appreciate all your blessings for the baby during the baby shower. Your gift was also so adorable, and we cannot wait to use it on the baby! Thank you so much!


I had so much fun in the baby shower. I hope you had lots of fun, too. It was such a treat seeing you there. The baby enjoyed the shower, too, because she was all quiet and gave a few excited kicks during the opening of presents. Thank you so much from baby and me.


I want to thank you for making me and my baby feel so loved during the baby shower. I will forever treasure this memory because all my great friends were there, and all the gifts were adorable. It was indeed a day filled with extraordinary fun and joy!


This is such an exciting but terrifying part of my life. But having all my mommy friends in my baby shower has helped ease my fears about giving birth and replaced them with excitement and anticipation. Thanks for being there!

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