51 Quotes About Being a Mom That Are So True…

Being a mom is quite a complicated role and these quotes prove it.

Motherhood is best done with a little humor, sarcasm, reality, and sentimentality. A mom’s life is packed with activity, drama, struggle, and lots of peacekeeping. All thanks to the small and demanding people that are your kids.

Have a laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two as you read through this collection of quotes that only moms will relate to and understand.

Funny Quotes About Being a Mom

All mothers are powered by love, fueled by caffeine, and sustained by wine. Take away any one of this is and it’s a whole different ballgame. You may want to steer clear of the mom in question.


There are some days when I just truly admire myself for all the things I can accomplish, and how put together I am. Other days I put my phone inside the fridge and can’t figure out why.


If you haven’t met a mom, she’s the woman who does the work of twenty people free of charge. She’s quick, efficient, brisk, and no-nonsense. She also hasn’t had a shower in two days.


My kids will tell you it’s yelling, but I prefer to call it motivational speaking. I speak, they listen, and they follow.


I love all my children in equal measure. Except for the one that sleeps quickly and soundly. I love that one more than the others.


I used to have working brain cells, but I traded them all for these babies.


Being a mom will make you realize that you can run the household, the office, and the world one-handed.


The easiest thing about being a mom is carrying your child for nine months and then giving birth to it. Unfortunately, there’s no epidural for motherhood. There’s no manual that came with it, and you will just need to figure it out as you go along while praying hard that you don’t end up killing your child.


Moms are just like dads, only prettier, tougher, and smarter!


My son makes me so proud when he fights for what he believes in. Even if it’s his right to push a penny inside his nose because it’s his nose.


I swear, I child-proofed this house but they keep on coming back! It’s like they have a homing device on me.


You know you’re a mom when you sing the Finger Family song on your way to work and know the words by heart because you actually love the song.


A mother’s love is strong, true, and unconditional. A mother’s temper is a completely different ballgame.


Making your kid laugh is cute and funny, until they ask you to do it again and again and you slowly lose your mind.

Relatable Quotes About Being a Mom

Being a mom is being able to function with zero sleep, no meals, and no showers. It’s also experiencing instant gratification through caffeine, adrenaline, and baby giggles.


I don’t need a fancy car, an expensive purse, or a diamond-studded necklace. I just want to be able to sleep like my husband.


I was advised to sleep while my baby sleeps, but why stop there? I cry when my baby cries. I scream when she does, and I walk around naked like she does, except for my panties.


My child is either my best friend or the spawn of Satan. There is no in between.


When you become a mom, you will finally understand that privacy is overrated. There is no escaping your toddler, and you will have to get used to having an audience whenever you poop.


All moms will agree that the highlight of their day is when all the kids are asleep, all the dishes have been washed, and you are finally lying sprawled on the bed, snoring loudly with tongue lolling out.


The kitchen may be in disarray and the laundry pile may be sky high. The floors may be sticky and wet, and the furniture may be dirty. All that’s okay as long as the kids are happy and cared for.


You only get to sleep like a baby when you don’t have a baby.


Sometimes I look at my baby and feel overcome with love. Other times I wonder why I didn’t just leave it somewhere inside a basket with a little note.


When you’re a mom, you will only find peace and quiet when you get to the office, the grocery store, or inside the closet.


It’s not easy being a mom. If it was, dads will be around more to help out!


Being a mom will forever change your life. You will consider a solo trip to the grocery store a vacation!


When you become a mom, you will learn to do everything and finish everything in under five minutes. Shower, meal, phone calls, makeup, and so on.


When moms get worried, they operate better than the FBI. Don’t even think your mom cannot find you.


Nothing is ever truly lost until moms can no longer find it.


You will know when you’ve been cooped up in the house for too long when your kids ask you when you’re going to change into a pair of jeans and a nice shirt.

Sentimental Quotes About Being a Mom

Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Every mom will lose it sooner or later. Some are just better at hiding it than others.


Being a mom means discovering your strengths that you didn’t know you possessed and facing your fears which you didn’t know existed. Being mom will turn you into a superhero!


I want to be the ideal mom, but I’m too busy raising real kids in a real house while also working a real job.


Once you become a mom, the world will no longer revolve around you. You will now relinquish this position to your children. They will become the most important people in your life.


The most precious thing that you can ever have around your neck are the arms of the children you love so dearly.


There’s no way that you can become a perfect mom. But there are lots of ways you can become a very good one.


Being a mom is both the most wonderful thing and the hardest thing. Your children hold your heart in their hands, and they can break it at any moment.


There is nothing as powerful and true as a mother’s love for her child. She will hold her child’s hand for a little while, but they will remain in her heart forever.


My child is the most beautiful thing that I keep inside my heart. I will love him forever.


To be a mother is a choice I make every day. I put my child’s happiness and well-being above all else, but I will not hesitate to teach them the hard lessons if need be.


I am proud of so many accomplishments in my life. But nothing beats getting pregnant, giving birth, and being a mom to my kids.


Only a mom would understand what a child wants to say but is unable to.


You know you’re a mom when you make a trip to the mall to treat yourself and end up with shopping bags filled with purchases for your kids, and not a single one for you.

Sweet Quotes About Being a Mom

Having your own kids puts everything in perspective. Things you thought were important before will no longer matter now. Everything else simply melts away.


Being a mom leaves me exhausted every day, but it’s the best decision I have ever made. I may be exhausted in body, but my heart is full every day.


Motherhood is not about the things or people that you gave up just to be a mom. It’s about everything that you have gained when you became one.


I never realized how much love my heart could hold until I saw you for the first time. I discovered my life’s purpose when you called me mommy. Everything in my life suddenly made sense!


Being a mom is worth it then. It’s worth it now and forever. Being someone’s mother is the most fulfilling job in the world.


I have a super amazing daughter. But I guess I’m the lucky one because every day I get to be her mom!


I don’t want my kids to follow in my footstep. I want them to discover and forge their own paths. I want them to go further with their dreams, and further than I thought possible.


Motherhood is a 24/7 and oftentimes thankless job, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.


Having a child is a big decision. Being a mom will forever change your life. Once you get pregnant and give birth to your own, it will be like walking around with your heart outside your body.

If you’re struggling to remember why being a mom is worth it, remember the little things and the pure love that you see in your children’s eyes when they look up at you.

It’s perfectly alright to feel like you’re drowning with all the responsibilities. But remember that you’re not the only one who feels this way.

There are millions of moms out there who are going through the same thing.

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart, so be incredibly proud of yourself because you are one tough cookie with a never-ending supply of love!

Extraordinary Mom Quotes

Being a mom is no joke. It’s a full-time job for the rest of your life. Women who’ve never had children before are so quick to say that they’re just not cut out for being a mom. But when the baby arrives, it’s like someone else takes over and they suddenly become super moms.


Moms are superheroes. They step up, look at their fears straight in the eye, and get the job done. Lipstick not required.


Moms are the hardest working, most generous, most courageous, most loving, and strongest people in the world, but they’re far from perfect. They cry, they get tired, they get frustrated, and they lash out. But at the end of the day, they will overlook the physical pains, emotional stress, and mental fatigue if it means keeping their children safe and happy.


Being a mom is worth all the sleepless nights, stained clothes, unwashed hair, and unbathed body. It’s worth the messy and noisy house. It’s all worth it because of the unexpected hugs and kisses when your children tell you how happy they are that you’re their mom. Even if it’s the toughest job in the world, moms will never trade it for anything else.


There will be a lot of days when you will forget about all the wonderful things about being a mom. There will be many times when you will feel exhausted, drained, unappreciated, and unrewarded. You will feel invisible sometimes and completely detached from the outside world because of the many things that you need to do. And then you will start to wonder if what you’re even doing is of any importance. But then you will have quiet, simple, but magical moments with your children, and you will be reminded of just how blessed you are to be a mom.


My home may be messy, noisy, and busy. My hair may be greasy, and my face may be haggard. I may be wearing the most unflattering outfit in the world. But there’s always love, fun, and laughter around me. It’s just the way I like it.


Being a mom is a choice you make every day. When you’re a mom, it’s no longer about your happiness but of your children. Don’t strive to be perfect because you will never be, but you can definitely be a very good one!

These are just some examples of fantastic quotes about being a mom that are as real as they are funny. Share them with other moms you know and have a well-deserved laugh!

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