38 Being Single Quotes and Memes That Say It All

Living that single life can be hard, you’re always ready to mingle, but sometimes it seems like no one would mingle with you. Then again, when you recall all the bad relationships you’ve been in, perhaps being single isn’t that bad after all. Here are 38 being single quotes and memes that truly say it all!

The Loneliness of Being Single through Quotes and Memes



Just as that famous song says, love is all around… it just never seems to get close enough to you. Everywhere you look there is someone in love, in a relationship, dating, getting married, and you? You’re just a bystander to all that love going on around you.



We all know that feeling, it usually comes along just after getting out of a relationship, and that is when you start realizing what you really had and what you are now missing. It sucks, but you just have to power through it, no way around.



It’s a dark place hating yourself. You can rest assured you’ll remain single as long as you bring yourself down and never allow yourself to become loved. You have to first love yourself before anyone else can, give yourself a chance.



At first you love it, being single can be great at times… but then it starts eating you away on the inside, the emptiness, the loneliness, you keep telling yourself you’re fine, but you’re actually not. Bring on that bottle.



When you’re completely aware the only true last chance you have is a divine intervention or a miracle to happen and get you out of the single life. Still waiting for that miracle.



If there was a prize for being single, you’d be the champion with a collection of trophies. This may be one of the hardest achievements to handle, but you wear it with pride!



After a while of people asking about my love life and getting the same negative answer, it become kind of ridiculous to even ask, it has become my default state and any change would be breaking news, more shocking than if the Earth stood still.



Look at all the couples around you, smooching, kissing, hugging, cuddling… Disgusting! Who would ever want that… meanwhile, I’m devouring all the food by myself, not having to share with anyone, wouldn’t trade that for anything.



Ah, the hopes and dreams of all the things you could do together with your significant other… if only they existed in your life! Crushed by the weight of loneliness. Well, keep dreaming, dreams come true, right? So, why not this one?



You see? Someone wants you, it’s not that bad. They may not be the best possible choice for a significant other, but hey, you’ve made worse choices in the past. At least now you can say you’re single by choice if nothing else.



Guess it’s time to explore other universes…


Quotes and Memes about Being Single and Loving it!



Cheers to that! Just look at all of your miserable friends stuck in the toxic relationships, or simply recall your own, surely you’ve had some, we all have. Then raise your glass and make a toast to being single and living it up!



When you’re almost always in relationships, it feels nice to actually be by yourself sometimes. Cherish that time when you’re single, and you know what, you can actually enjoy being by yourself a lot, just try it.



When people give you that look of compassion and sympathy after finding out you’re single, and you actually don’t care about it at all. You’ve got more important things in your life to worry about than being single.



Just look at all the freedom of being single! No one to bother you, no responsibilities, no one to answer to, you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, with whomever you like. Ah, the smell of being single, you got to love it.



Make sure to remember this when anyone tries to pity you for being single. Save it for someone else, you’re rocking the single life with style!



Just waiting for the right person, no matter how long the wait is, they are worth it. When you know there is someone perfect for you out there, you just haven’t met them yet, but it will happen, it must.



Know yourself before getting to know anyone else. You have to learn your value and cherish it. Don’t come down to someone else’s level just because they can’t come up to yours.



There’s a huge difference between lonely and being alone.


Quotes and Memes that Ask Why You’re Single



It’s a fair game, and you might be winning, or losing…you’re just not sure which one it is. You’re either the ultimate champion of being single, or the worst loser at trying to find a relationship, maybe it’s all about perspective.



Yeah, that must be the reason… it’s not anything you’re doing or the way you are, can’t be. It must be that chain message that’s been haunting your dating life for years now. If only there was a way to change that, ah, just wishful thinking.



I dunno! I couldn’t think of a reason for the life of me! There is literally nothing about me that is the reason for me being single. I just can’t see anything I’m doing wrong…



That is a question not even the scientists could answer. I’m flawless, attractive, nice, desirable, loving, caring, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me, so it is a mystery to why I’m still single.



Some people don’t see anything wrong with being single, so others should probably stop treating them like there’s something wrong with the status of single.


The Best of Being Single Quotes and Memes



It’s not that you’re a grammar Nazi, it’s just that you have principles… or you’re simply unforgivingly judgmental and too obsessed with your little quirks to even allow someone a chance if they don’t do every little thing right by you.



Spending all day complaining about being single, and then someone actually tries to start a conversation or casually flirts with you, but you never even considering giving them a chance, yeah, either stop complaining or start opening up to new chances.



That friendzone can be a real pain. You become nothing but a shoulder to cry on for your crush, and they don’t even realize what they could have with you, especially when you actually are everything they describe they’re looking for!



Baby, you’re a diamond and not everyone can afford to have diamonds. You have to know your worth and value yourself before anyone else can even being to treat you the way you deserve. Stay classy and never settle for anything less than perfect!



It’s like you’re asking for too much, but you’re not! Really, you’re not! What you want is very modest and down to Earth, you don’t have any insane demands and you’re not high maintenance. I mean, is it too much to ask for someone like this?



We all know that one person who keeps saying stuff like this, and then goes on to friendzone anyone remotely similar and dates the worst possible person for them. And then after a nasty breakup, the same story comes back and it’s rinse and repeat.



In the sea of people complaining and moaning about being single, is it possible that no one actually likes the single life? Everyone seems to think it’s the worst thing in life, and here I am loving every moment of it. Can’t be the only one, right?



Well, that’s one way to put it. At least, that’s the way I choose to look at it, I’m a strong, independent individual that is perfectly fine on their own…I’m not crying, you’re crying!



You’ve got everything going for you, the looks, the personality, the caring attitude, and yet somehow, you’re always single. Guess you’re just overqualified, hey, it happens to the best of us. Handle it like a boss and stay forever alone but with pride.



We all know at least one of those people, or maybe you are one of them. They are rejecting and ignoring people all over the place like they’re married or something, when in fact, they’re as single as they get.



Somehow, this paradox truly exists, and it is manifested in many people. You wish with all your might to get in a relationship with someone, yet at the same time want nothing more than to remain single. The solution? I don’t know, when you come up with it, tell me, please?



After countless errors in the past, bad breakups and toxic relationships, being single becomes the best possible status. Compared to all the misery a bad relationship can hold, hey, I’ll take being single any day of the week over the lies, cheating and disrespect.



Being single can be used as an open invitation for someone to change that, so why not use it and let that special someone know they can easily change your status.

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