56 of The Best Cuddle Memes

One of the best things to do in this world is to cuddle. There’s nothing as comforting and pleasing as cuddling, plus, it can sometimes lead to other wonderful things, but either way, the warmth and joy of cuddling is incomparable. Here are the best cuddle memes to inspire some more cuddling!

There Are All Sorts of Cuddle Memes


Some cuddles are just hidden desires to hurt you, cats would know.


It’s true, sometimes all we need is the physical warmth of another body, and cuddling is the best way to get it.


Not all cats are into cuddling, but most dogs sure are!


Even if your cat is into cuddling, chances are it’s just for your body heat and nothing else, eh, what you gonna do…


Well, ok, not all dogs are into cuddling, or at least they don’t look like they are.


It seems like they always pick the worst possible time when they actually do want to cuddle.


Then again, isn’t every weather cuddling weather?


No matter what, you can’t let that stuff out during a cuddle, it would ruin the sanctimony of cuddling. So, just tough it out, you have to!


Don’t judge a book by its cover, no matter how tough people seem, we all love some good old cuddling. Sometimes, it takes a good cuddle session to bring out the soft side.


Not all cuddles are nice. Be careful whom you cuddle with, you might get more than you bargained for.


Careful now, as much as people enjoy cuddles, there are priorities. Make sure everyone is fed and relaxed before going into a cuddle session.


Not everyone can find their perfect cuddle match. Some people are just not the cuddling type, but hey, it’s their loss.


Even Italians have their own way of cuddling, as with doing anything else, the classic Italian hand works perfectly for cuddles, at least when it comes to cats and pets.


It’s a fine line that many people are not familiar with. Don’t let something as beautiful as cuddling turn into something very, very ugly.


Yeah, call it how you want, make any excuses you want, but a cuddle is a cuddle, there’s no way around it.

Cutest Cuddle Memes


If this sad little owl doesn’t get a cuddle buddy soon, we’re going to have a problem.


Yes, of course we can. No one can say no to this little guy.


It’s ok, I’m not crazy, and your death won’t hurt, in fact, it will be the most pleasant death possible.


No amount of cuddles is enough! Sometimes you’re just insatiable and the cuddles can never stop.


When you finally find your purrfect cuddle partner, you can’t let them go. Hold on tight!


There truly are days when nothing in the world can help you feel better, except for cuddling with your dog. They are always there when you need them, it’s unconditional love.


Don’t worry buddy, we’ll make it up for you. All of the missed cuddles last week must be compensated with extra cuddles this week, it’s a well-known rule.


Oh, you don’t want to cuddle? Well, that’s ok…that’s fine, I didn’t want to cuddle anyways… Oh, who are we kidding, bring it in!


Hey, cuddles are sacred, you have to respect your cuddle buddy’s wishes. If it’s cuddling they want, it’s cuddling they get.


Trust us, beware, move along, don’t cuddle him. You will lose half of your day cuddling him, trust us. Once you start, you simply cannot walk away from the cuddles, and he knows it, oh he knows it.


When you get into your bathroom wanting to brush your teeth and find a scene like this, well, you just have to do your business elsewhere, how can you disrupt such a perfect cuddle situation.


When you so wasted you just want to cuddle with someone, one look at your face and they realize they can’t resist it.

Cuddle Memes to send to Your Cuddle Buddy


It wasn’t enough…it is never enough! Never break the cuddle unless the other person has already fallen asleep.

cuddle meme

The best way to get your cuddle partner in the mood is to send them one of these.


Sometimes, all you want to do is cuddle, really. No ulterior motives, no other plans, just pure and simple cuddling.



Sometimes, it’s the most direct and open manner that leads to the best cuddling. You have to be straightforward with some folks.


Asking for a cuddle favor is totally legit. It usually ends up benefiting both persons, and you can always owe them a cuddle back.


A cuddle can take many shapes and forms, and we all know what this one implies. Are you in or not?


It truly is one of the worst feelings in the world when you’re missing your cuddle buddy. There’s just no one else who can replace them.


Just fill out the details of the document and we’ll get you sorted in no time. Finding your perfect cuddle buddy has never been easier!


You’re going to be late anyway, and it’s the peak rush hour right now, you’re better off cuddling a bit more before leaving, trust me.


Caught in the act of cuddling! Oh wait, but we were just cuddling… Anyway, it is an intimate process and it should not be disturbed.


Whenever your true cuddle buddy is not around, there’s no one who can replace them really. Let your favorite cuddle partner know you’re missing them.


Yeah, stop all the talking and whatever you were doing, if you could just cuddle me, it would be greatly appreciated.

The Best of Cuddle Memes


The best of rage quits always lead to some good cuddling. After all, it is the best way to comfort yourself in any possible situation.


Sometimes it’s inevitable. There’s nothing wrong with cuddling leading to other things with the right person.


It is a scientifically proven fact, cuddles are the ultimate cure, so whatever you’re feeling, find someone to snuggle with.


Guess not all weather is cuddle weather after all… But you can always cuddle in spirit, it’s the thought that counts.



Or, if the need for cuddling is too high, but so is the temperature, a moderate touch could do the trick.


Hey, it happens to the best of us. It’s only a natural reaction, don’t blame the guys, they can’t really help it, but you can.


When your cuddle buddy finally gets locked in the bed, whether they plan on it or not, there will be cuddles, the blankets are on, there is no escape.


Someone call the ECT, we need a portion of cuddles stat! Oh good, our ECT specialist is here, the doctor is in the house, everything is going to be fine.


By starting a cuddle session, you willingly forfeit the use of your arm for the duration of the cuddle, there’s no way around it. Just learn to live with it.


Long distance relationships and arguments are the hardest. And cuddles, as essential parts of a relationship, suffer the most. So many fights can be resolved with a proper cuddle.


Ah! The feels! The hurt! It’s like a cold slap in the face when your cuddle partner backs out on a cuddle, and all you wanted was for it to last forever, and ever, and ever…


You can look it up in the history of the cuddle club and its founding members, the most basic rule says if the cuddling does not lead to the next step, you are instantly expelled from the cuddle club. Get with the program.


Cats don’t seem to care about anything other than making your life miserable when they simply want to.

It’s 4 am, you finally doze off to sleep, and guess who pops up wanting to cuddle in the middle of the night? Well, your lovely cat of course!

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