43 Best Friends Memes to Share with Your Closest Friends

Nothing can replace that special bond between best friends, no matter what happens, you can always count on them. But sometimes, the best of friendships are expressed in a weird way, it becomes an integral part of the relationship. Share these best friends memes with your closest friends and let them know how much you care.

Regular Friends vs Best Friends Memes


It’s true if you haven’t found that person whom you can discuss ANYTHING with, and we mean ANYTHING, then you still haven’t found your true best friend.


Best friends are allowed to laugh at you for anything, but that doesn’t mean anyone else is, and it’s their job to make sure that privilege is saved for only the best of friends.


Good friends are the people who try to rationalize and be the adult when you need one, but best friends get right on your crazy train and keep adding that coal, no questions asked!


Who even heard of best friends getting insulted with each other? There is no such thing, it can only turn into a competition of who can say the most offensive thing about the other person.


Best friends are always true partners in crime. In it until the end. No looking back, a best friend is always by your side, for better or for worse, and it’s usually for the worse, just when you need them the most.


If you know you have one of those crazy ideas, don’t even bother telling other friends about it, they’ll just try to talk you out of it, you know it’s only your bestie who will get it.


Why even bother with the default best wishes and fake courtesy when you know that stuff is reserved for regular friends. Go full steam ahead and let them know who their best friend is!


Physical contact and honesty are very important in friendships. They can really set apart best friends from the rest. Some tough love is a real sign of best friends.


Who are they talking to? They must be someone unimportant though, at least not as important as you, after all, you are the best friend, right? So, why should they even be talking with someone else…

Best Friends Memes that Only You Two Can Understand


It is that unspoken feeling you have when you’re with your best friend and you know you two are the only ones in the world who would feel that way about each other.


Even in the greatest of depression and despair, best friends can shine through and at least share that miserable feeling together with you. Let’s get miserable together!


After scrolling through your messages with your best friend countless times and simply marveling at the unique sense of humor you guys share, it’s only a matter of time before someone wants to make a show with you as main characters.


When you’re that far into the friendship where you share ALL of the secrets, it’s either staying best friends forever or eliminating that other person, you just can’t risk your secrets getting known.


With a best friend by your side, all the manners, upbringing and “proper” behavior goes out of the window. It’s time to unleash everything you’ve been bottling up so far.


People always say how much of a dirty mind you have, but they haven’t met your best friend. They are the only person who has an even dirtier mind and get all of your references.


Once you really find that special best friend who just seems to be the other half of you, that’s it. It doesn’t matter if the whole that you make together is just an idiot, the important part is you complete each other.


You and your best friend could go on and on about other people, it’s not petty, it just has to be said, and there’s no one else whom you can talk to about that.


It’s all about that silent connection when you don’t even have to explain things to your best friend, because they already know and feel your flow, they just get with it seamlessly. No words are necessary.


There are no real fights and arguments with your best friend, even if there is, you know it’s not going to be long before you’re back at it again.

Best Friends Memes that Express the Love


There are millions of ways to express love, but best friends do it in the weirdest ways possible, insults being just one of them. It may sound harsh, but it is actually love behind those words.


When you get to a certain age and you’ve already spent most of your life with that best friend, you sure aren’t going to start looking for a new one now. Face it, you’re stuck with them forever.


Your best friend can only pretend to be mad at you, because deep down they love you no matter what and can never be really mad. Don’t push this theory though.


When best friends are in a room together, things can get weird. Throwing things has always been one of the most common expressions of love between besties.


There’s a good reason why not everyone wants to hang out with you, so when you find your best friend who really accepts you for who you are, cherish them and never let them go.


Trying to be all casual, sober and normal? Not on your best friend’s watch! If it’s going down, you’re going down together, there’s no backing up on your best friend.


When it comes to best friends, anything that falls in the category of normal gets bulldozed over with inappropriate and obscene behavior only applicable to best of friends. It comes in different shapes and forms.


A true best friend will have your back no matter what the situation. Especially when it comes to an ex, if anyone knows what you’ve been through, it’s your best friend.


Talking to each other and actually having some meaningful conversations?

Heck no, you’re way past that with your best friend, now it’s all come down to exchanging funny links, that’s the only viable means of communication.


Supporting your best friend in everything they do is one of the most important things in your friendship. You just got to let them know you’ve got their back, in any situation.


There’s only one best friend you can have, and if that place is already taken, there’s no room for no one else to fill in the spot.


Don’t go too long without your BFF, it can really affect you.

The Best of Best Friends Memes


There’s nothing like hatred towards the same person to bring people together and rejoice in expressing that hate.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and more often than not – my best friend.


Sometimes best friends match their clothes on purpose, but sometimes it just happens. When you share a taste in fashion and spend most of your time together, it’s bound to happen.


A week without your best friend can seem like an eternity. All the juicy details and secrets that have accumulated over that period simply must be shared as soon as possible.


There’s no putting on makeup, finding the perfect angle, getting the good lighting and acting all pretty when you’re talking to your best friend. It’s all about getting loose and as natural as possible.


Your best friend’s is the only true opinion you can get, they will always tell you how it is, and if they’re smiling like that, you know you got it good.


How dare they have any friends other than you?! This is a betrayal of the highest level! You need to have a serious talk with your best friend.


Umm, no. People can have only one true best friend, and that place is already taken, you just have to let other friends know. Make it official so you don’t get into any further misunderstandings.


If your family or other friends haven’t questioned your sanity because of your relationship with your best friend at least once, then you’re not doing it right.


There’s no need for any questions or explanations if your best friend is upset, the other person has got to pay, and it’s up to you to make it right, it is only a best friend’s holy duty.


Now, this is an achievement worth being proud of. Not a lot of people can say they’ve remained touch with friends from high school, and even fewer have the same best friends back from those days. Celebrate your friendship!


Through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad times, it’s your best friend who’s always got your back…or who will pull your hair back when necessary at least.


Not everyone’s going to get your humor and relationship, a lot of people will find you irritating when you’re with your best friend, but hey, haters gonna hate.

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