47 of the Best Funny Goodnight Memes

Wow, these Goodnight Memes are so cool!

Going to bed is not only the last part of the day, it’s also the highlight of most people’s days.

There’s nothing better than feeling the softness of the mattress under your tired body and the fluffiness of your pillow underneath your head.

Still there are challenges that you may face when saying good night and just before finally dozing off.

This collection of funny goodnight memes will give you a better and more hilarious idea.

12 Goodnight Memes That Are So Relatable

Funny Goodnight Memes

When you have a dog, you basically know that it’s their house and you’re just a human living in their house.

You buy a couch so that they can have a place to nap in the afternoon while watching afternoon cartoons.

At night, the master’s bed is theirs. And no, you can’t ask them to scoot because that will truly hurt their feelings.

Funny Goodnight Memes

So full of pun, but so full of laughter, just as intended!

Funny Goodnight Memes

A good night and restful sleep is just not possible when you have a baby in the house.

You can psyche yourself into getting a full eight hours of sleep while the little one sleeps.

But have you never met a baby before?

Funny Goodnight Memes

The best way to lose sleep at night is to receive a good night text from the person you like.

This is not just a simple goodnight message, because this is the beginning of a hot and heavy texting session that will keep you up until 3 in the morning.

Funny Goodnight Memes

This is how you can simplify your life. If there are too many things that you need to do and you don’t know where to start, sleep on it. You’ll know what to do the next morning.

If there are still a million tasks waiting for you, at least you’re fresh and well-rested.

Funny Goodnight Memes

This is your good night message to all the people who are always trying to shut you down.

Any comments, suggestions, and violent reactions, you can deal with them in the morning.

Funny Goodnight Memes

When the bed beckons, nothing can stop you from heeding its call.

Especially when you’ve already taken a bath, washed your face, and brushed your teeth.

Also when you’ve already set the air conditioner to the right coolness, and the scent of your essential oils can be smelled all over the room.

Most especially when the sheets are soft, and the pillows are all fluffy and nice!

Funny Goodnight Memes

Not the prettiest thing to see before going to sleep. But when you’ve got to sleep, you’ve got to sleep!

Funny Goodnight Memes

A lot of people give relationship advice to not go to bed without resolving the problem.

But what if you’re too exhausted to even talk about the problem? What if the problem needs a therapist? Surely you can go to sleep first?

Funny Goodnight Memes

If you’re a guy in a relationship and wants to remain in the same relationship, you should know just how important a good night message is.

A simple good night message to your woman will do. But if you can be more creative and romantic, so much the better.

No good night message can spell big trouble for you, whether the lapse was intentional or not.

But if you have nothing to hide, you should be just fine!

Funny Goodnight Memes

There are bad days, and there are unbelievably awful days.

Just when you think your day can’t get any worse, it does, and it surprises you how much worse your day becomes.

If you’re having this kind of day, hurry up and go home so you can finally have the good night’s rest that you deserve!

Funny Goodnight Memes

A long day is the perfect opportunity to just climb to bed and shut the world off.

Sometimes there will also be days when you just don’t want to leave the bed and let the day go by. And that’s perfectly okay, too!

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Funny Goodnight Memes

If she didn’t say it, then it’s not happening. But no one can blame you for hoping.

Don’t worry, because you can try again tomorrow. Or you can send a suggestive message and see if you can change her mind about sleeping.

It’s still worth a try, but don’t get your hopes up so much.

Funny Goodnight Memes

Some people can find this endearing, but for others, this can be a deal breaker.

If it’s the latter for you, you can probably save the relationship by sleeping in separate rooms or looking for the most effective way to drown out the sound.

Funny Goodnight Memes

So many plans, but so little energy.

Planning to watch at least two episodes before nodding off? Save yourself the trouble and just turn off the laptop.

You know that you will be off to dreamland as soon as your head hits the pillows.

Funny Goodnight Memes

It’s not true what people say that you’re not pleasant to be around. They should see you when you’re sleeping. You have the face of an angel!

Funny Goodnight Memes

All the things that you need to do today can be so overwhelming. Just thinking of it can make you feel so tired and sleepy.

You really can’t force your body to work if the only thing you can think of doing is sleeping.

Go ahead and sleep it off. Hopefully, when you wake up, you’ll change your mind about working and finally accomplish something!

Funny Goodnight Memes

This is another level of counting sheep and hopefully will make you laugh your way to dreamland!

Funny Goodnight Memes

If you want to say good night to that special person but also send a subtle, naughty message about things he should be doing other than sleep, send this meme.

Funny Goodnight Memes

That’s a lot of action right between the sheets. Hope it will be good, long, and satisfying! Sleep tight!

Funny Goodnight Memes

Everyone who’s guilty of this, please raise your hands.

It’s become everyone’s habit to log off from the laptop or turn off the TV so that you can lay in bed for several minutes and browse on your phone while waiting for sleep to come.

This can work for others because reading articles or watching videos can lull them to sleep.

Others experience the opposite effect and become more stimulated or triggered by what people post. It’s too late when they realize that it’s already 2am.

Funny Goodnight Memes

Feeling super sleepy on the couch and making the move to the bed can be a very bad decision.

It will make you lose all traces of sleepiness.

And you’ll spend the next fifteen minutes trying to recreate the exact conditions before you fell asleep so that you can regain all that sleepy energy.

An hour later, you’re still laying in bed in this state and hating yourself for even leaving the couch in the first place.

Funny Goodnight Memes

When it’s been a really busy and exhausting day, you will surely be knocked out as soon as you hit the bed!

Funny Goodnight Memes

If they have a baby, they have very irregular sleeping patterns, just like the baby. Wishing them a good night at 10 pm will probably not be very suitable.

Try sending a good night message at 1am, or at 3am.

Better yet, just don’t say goodnight in case the message alert is set too loudly and wakes them and the baby.

12 Goodnight Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Goodnight Memes

Imagine all the calories you could lose from all that bread you ate during dinner just by tossing and turning.

Funny Goodnight Memes

When the grumpy cat says no sleep tonight, there’s no sleep tonight. Period.

Funny Goodnight Memes

This means don’t call, don’t text, and don’t email because you will not be receiving any reply.

Sleep is very important, and sleep should not be disturbed by anything that can wait until the morning.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Funny Goodnight Memes

To get enough beauty sleep, sometimes you just don’t care anymore how beautiful you look while getting it.

Just like this dog who’s so exhausted after a long day of work and play.

Funny Goodnight Memes

“In case you didn’t hear it the first time, I wished you a good night, but I don’t really mean it.”

Funny Goodnight Memes

How many times has this happened to you? You were only planning on taking a 15-minute nap, but it ended up being an all-nighter.

Funny Goodnight Memes

This is the face that’s carefully thinking about what her next move will be.

Should she send a ‘wave’ to let him know that she knows that he’s not asleep?

Or should she wait until the morning to give him a piece of her mind?

Funny Goodnight Memes

In fact, he can sleep all day without doing anything productive around the house.

He can even do this with much snoring and drooling. It’s quite amazing, actually!

Funny Goodnight Memes

All it takes is one short but heartfelt and swoon-worthy message from that special someone for you to forget about sleep and your sleepiness.

You will spend the next hour trying to look for clues and deciphering the hidden message of the message.

You will be tempted to text back, but you don’t want to be too eager, so you’ll just have to send a reply first thing tomorrow.

Funny Goodnight Memes

Let this goodnight meme give you pleasant dreams or wild dreams.

Take your pick; whatever feeds your soul and the desires of your body. Wink, wink.

Funny Goodnight Memes

When you’ve had a really exhilarating day, it will take a long time for your body and mind to slow down from all that energy coursing through your body.

It’s best if you do it in stages to get your body to relax and quiet down.

Take a long and relaxing bath, and then drink a glass of milk.

If you have essential oils, smell a whiff and lay down in bed without any distractions.

Take long and slow breaths and the rest of your body will soon be ready for sleep!

Funny Goodnight Memes

Today was a massive failure. Maybe tomorrow will be an even massive failure. Aren’t you excited to find out?

10 Goodnight Memes That Will Remove All the Tiredness That You’re Feeling

Funny Goodnight Memes

This meme is sure to make you go to bed with a smile on your face.

Sure, it can also make your heart race looking at that gorgeous face and imagining all the things that you and your Ryan Gosling will do in your dream.

Funny Goodnight Memes

You have been on the computer the whole day. Now is the perfect time to wash your body, brush your teeth, and get some sleep because tomorrow is another day of surfing the internet.

Funny Goodnight Memes

In an ideal world, bedtime should even be an hour earlier so that you can get the full eight hours of sleep, even when you have to get up at the crack of dawn.

But that’s quite impossible these days. Even if you lay in bed at 9pm, there are still so many things that you can do with your tablet, phone, or laptop, and you still end up sleeping a little before midnight.

So yes, big congratulations if you’re asleep by 10pm!

Funny Goodnight Memes

Nothing is more soul-crushing than sending a carefully composed good night message to that person you like, only to find out that they don’t have you in their contacts list.

Funny Goodnight Memes

Yes, it’s possible, but not tonight. As an adult with a job and other responsibilities, maybe not ever.

Funny Goodnight Memes

You always get torn between laying comatose-like in bed and finding something to eat to satiate your hunger.

These are problems that can have serious consequences if not addressed properly.

Funny Goodnight Memes

If only sleep can come as easily as saying good night! Don’t you just envy those people who can sleep two minutes after coming to bed?

Funny Goodnight Memes

There’s no time to waste. As soon as you say good night, lights out, close your eyes, sweet dreams, and see you in the morning!

Funny Goodnight Memes

Most great lovers are, aren’t they?

Funny Goodnight Memes

Someone is going to be in real big trouble tomorrow morning!

The Best Funny Goodnight Meme of All Time…

Funny Goodnight Memes

You don’t want to see a sleep-deprived person suddenly roused from sleep over something so unnecessary.

It will definitely not be a pretty sight!


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