50 Of the Best Sarcastic Memes of All Time

Only the brightest ones will understand these Sarcastic Memes.

There are many opportunities in life to be sad, happy, brave, strong, and optimistic. There are also many times when one has no other choice but to be sarcastic.

It’s definitely not your proudest moment when you get sarcastic. Don’t be so hard on yourself because sarcasm is really just in your DNA.

Certain people will bring out your sarcasm so easily, and you can honestly say that they deserve it.

Take a look at this hilarious compilation of sarcastic memes that will have you chuckling to yourself.

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Best Sarcastic Memes

People can’t help but roll their eyes at every ridiculous or unbelievable thing other people say.

But has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason why they’re rolling their eyes so much is because they’re trying to locate some grey matter inside their own heads?

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s amazing how low some people’s standards can get. Don’t be surprised if they think that yours are ridiculously high.

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s very unfortunate to know that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, a lot of people you know would survive only because they don’t have what zombies need.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Sometimes there will be days when you just wish throwing things at people is not a violent, offensive, or punishable act.

Dealing with certain kinds of people is exhausting, and no one can blame you if you lose your cool trying to put some common sense into them.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Never had the energy before, will not have the energy now. Or ever, period.

Best Sarcastic Memes

You can be the most peace-loving, levelheaded, and non-violent person in the world.

But all it takes is the most annoying and insufferable person to push the right buttons and awaken your inner psycho.

Best Sarcastic Memes

There’s no way you can conceal an ugly personality.

When a person is rotten to the core, no amount of foundation can hide the imperfections because they will come shining through in all their ugly and radiant glory.

If only makeup products can give a soulless person a personality makeover!

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s really a complete surprise that no one has told them before because their stupidity is quite alarming.

They should thank you that you brought this issue to their attention. Otherwise, they’ll just go through their whole lives thinking that they’re funny and smart!

Best Sarcastic Memes

The number of times you gave a care about people not liking you? Zero! And you know this number is not going to change any time soon!

Best Sarcastic Memes

Some people are just plain annoying that their presence is enough to annoy you for the rest of the day. Everything they say or do only makes you think of fingernails on a chalkboard.

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Best Sarcastic Memes

Call it reflex or sudden involuntary movements. It does not matter what it is they’re saying because the reaction will still be the same.

Your body will still respond the same way and your face will exhibit the same reaction. Simply because it knows when there’s someone hostile or unlikeable in the vicinity.


Best Sarcastic Memes

There’s such a thing as disliking someone even at your very first meeting. You can’t explain why, but the universe will divulge the reasons sooner or later.

Best Sarcastic Memes

The world will be a much beautiful and happier place if people who are not supposed to talk are not talking.

There will be no conflict in the workplace and no tiffs at home.

There will be no word wars on the internet, and there will be no ridiculous people working on TV, movies, and the government as well!

Best Sarcastic Memes

You’re not the type who will plot another person’s downfall. But you believe strongly in karma, and you know that karma will take care of certain people you know.

Sooner or later, they will get what’s coming for them. You can just wait for that to happen.

Best Sarcastic Memes

If only you can wear this as a gigantic sign so that annoying people will not even think of approaching you, that would be great!

You know that you can visualize what you want to manifest in your reality. For today, you just want stupid people to let you work in peace and leave you alone for as long as possible!


Best Sarcastic Memes

Your reputation precedes you. People should meet you in person before they believe all the rumors.

You’re actually even more awful in person!

Best Sarcastic Memes

Then why did they make them into such a perfect size and weight for throwing at people’s faces?

They’re the perfect things to hurl at someone who’s being incredibly annoying without actually hurting them or sending them to the hospital.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Just when you thought it was possible for you to be nice and sweet to everyone, here comes someone who will make you lose all your cool with their ignorance in just a fraction of a second.

Best Sarcastic Memes

There’s such a difference between hatred and wishing that you just were never born so that you cannot wreak havoc on people with your stupidity, know-it-all attitude, and petty jealousy.

Best Sarcastic Memes

This is your advanced warning. It’s best to be prepared to avoid further delays.

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Best Sarcastic Memes

Not every day is something that you’d look forward to with a bright smile and a positive attitude.

There will also be days where you just have to wing it with fake smiles and silent screams of frustration or rage.

This is what adults do when they don’t like the people they work with but have to pretend to like them if they want to keep their job or be groomed for that promotion.

Best Sarcastic Memes

There are many other more worthwhile things that you can be doing, after all.

Like heating your sandwich for lunch, or fixing yourself a cup of coffee, or dropping your check at the bank, or clearing the trash that has accumulated inside your drawers.

There are a hundred different other things that you’d much rather do than talk to certain people and pretend that you care about what they’re saying.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Thank heavens that you have a killer poker face that belies your true emotions and thoughts. If not, you’d be in deep trouble everywhere you go, all the time.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Why screw things up one at a time when you can do it all at the same time? It not only saves you time, it also conserves your energy for other future screw ups!

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s uncanny the way certain people come to you saying the same crap again and again.

If you had a dollar for every crappy thing they share, you’d be a millionaire by now.

Best Sarcastic Memes

There’s no need to rush because you will get to everyone sooner or later. If you haven’t been offended for a while, don’t worry because there’s always a next time.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Death is too morbid. Something endlessly annoying is much more satisfying.

Non-stop sneezes with snot balloons, embarrassing diarrhea, and uncontrollable farts should be torturous enough.

Best Sarcastic Memes

What’s the point of going to the gym every day, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and having an active lifestyle when you’ll die crossing the street or something?

Best Sarcastic Memes

Now it’s confirmed that you will never agree because you are never wrong, and they always are. Best to just agree to disagree.

Best Sarcastic Memes

This can also be the reason why alien life refuses to acknowledge man’s attempts at communication.

10 Sarcastic Memes That Will Make You Feel Good About Being Sarcastic Sometimes

Best Sarcastic Memes

Don’t spend another moment thinking that you’re not going to be okay. You have strong lunatic blood coursing through your veins! You’re in good company.

Best Sarcastic Memes

You can live with losing all those so-called friends because they never made an impact on you, anyway.

But sometimes you still think about whether you should have severed ties because there’s no way to get that money back now.

Best Sarcastic Memes

It makes perfect sense. What if you don’t deserve to have a nice day because you ruined someone else’s already?

Wishing someone the day that they deserve is the more appropriate response. It also sounds like a curse or something, which is actually really cool and badass.

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s not an argument when you’re only highlighting the many reasons why someone is wrong and you’re right.

Best Sarcastic Memes

People who overshare and think that people care about what they share are some of the most annoying people you will see on Facebook.

Some people should be taught how to use Facebook the right way because they don’t realize how much they are subjecting themselves to ridicule!

Best Sarcastic Memes

Suffice it to say, your moods are very volatile and should not be messed with. Unless you want to intentionally hurt or humiliate yourself, then that’s okay.

Best Sarcastic Memes

It’s amazing what the human body can do. It’s too bad that some of the products of the human body are wasted on stupid and unreasonable people.

Best Sarcastic Memes

No time to waste. The day is almost over, and you need to salvage what’s left and turn it into something better.

Had your boss told you sooner, you would’ve left earlier. Much, much earlier.

Best Sarcastic Memes

If being a warm, nice, and kind person doesn’t work on people and certain situations, don’t lose heart.

There’s always black magic, and everything you need to know about it can be found on the internet!

Best Sarcastic Memes

Sometimes you just need a sign to know whether you need to slow down, go fast, be kind, or be aggressive.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the universe can send you musical cues so that you’ll know what you’re supposed to do in certain situations?

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Best Sarcastic Memes

This is a really special talent that usually manifests when they’re arguing with their boyfriend or husband.

You will not believe how much women pay attention to even the smallest details and how sharp their memories are.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Sometimes you don’t need to state the obvious, but people will still surprise you by asking the obvious.

Best Sarcastic Memes

When you don’t like someone, you really don’t like someone.

It’s also probably safe to say that you did not like them in your past life and will not like them in your next life, either.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Let’s just say that you like to do things with flair and with much aplomb. If you should make a mistake, it might as well be a colossal mistake!

Best Sarcastic Memes

No one really knows, honestly. It’s more like whatever strikes your fancy at a given moment, so it’s really hard to tell what you’ll be doing the next hour, tonight, on Tuesday, or two months from now.

Best Sarcastic Memes

If there’s no one to pick up the award, you can also seriously consider returning the award because you don’t know when you’ll not feel lazy to come get it.

Best Sarcastic Memes

Going through those extremely traumatic experiences will also give you an instant distrust of people and the belief that the universe is out to get you.

Best Sarcastic Memes

For now, it’s really hard to say. Because there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a yes or a no, so you will just have to wait and see.

Best Sarcastic Memes

The many things that people complain about in their relationship and in their partner are just one of the reasons why you have sworn off relationships for now.

Judging by this person’s horrific tales of love and commitment, you can easily see yourself staying single in the foreseeable future.

The Best Sarcastic Meme of All Time…

Best Sarcastic Memes

How many times have you experienced being just a completely lazy person only to be rudely awakened by your adult responsibilities?

How many times have you passed up opportunities to party and get drunk just because you have a responsibility to go to work the following day?

Responsibilities are truly life’s giant party pooper!

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