44 Bored Memes that Say it All

Boredom is a condition which affects us all. Whether at work, in school, or at home, you are bound to get bored at one point or another. And when bored, people like to express their boredom, or even tend to do some crazy things to dispel it. Here are 44 bored memes that capture the true sense of boredom we have all felt.

Nothing to See Here, Just Bored Memes


When you finally catch your tail, you’ve achieved the ultimate goal, and then what? There’s nothing else to do but to get bored…


Even playtime gets boring after a while. You’re not tired enough for a nap, you’re not hungry enough for a snack, just bored out of your mind.


When you walk into your class or office and right off the bat you can tell nothing interesting is going to happen the entire day, there is just bored people, bored people everywhere.


Every cat owner can relate to this. Cats are the ultimate bored creatures that will do anything in their power to let you know they are bored. It’s not that they want you to play with them, they just want you to know they are bored.


They say time is relative, and it sure is, when you’re having fun it flies by, but when you’re bored, it feels like entire eternities are passing by with each slow, painful minute.


If you were to open your old notebooks from school, how many of these freaking pen tornados would you find? They are the ultimate symbol of boredom in class.


Close one. Almost had you doing something you’re supposed to be doing, but no, not this time, boredom!


Boredom can make you doubt all of your decisions, and sometimes it can be right, just try to think a bit harder about how many things you actually do just out of boredom.


Well, when you put it that way it does sound bad to complain. But still, boredom does not discriminate, it hits everyone no matter the conditions.


If there’s anything you’re doing right, it’s being bored to death. You’re a pro at being bored, you’re on the right path.


Umm, it may work better if it were the other way around, but still, you have to make a difference between being bored and being boring.

Measure Your Level of Boredom with these Bored Memes


This would probably be the lowest tier of boredom, when you just first start to realize it’s coming. You’re still fresh and a bit energetic, but you do feel that initial wave of boredom coming your way.


When you know a full day of tedious presentations awaits, you’re still trying to fool yourself and everyone else that it’s fine, you’re not bored. But inside you know you’re lying.


There is an unspoken state between being tired and being bored where one can’t quite figure out which is the dominant one. It is a conundrum, but either way, you know you’re not getting anything done.


When even the cats are bored with playing and chasing around various objects, then you know boredom has hit hard. You want to have fun, that desire is still inside of you, but the will to do it is completely gone.


You’re hitting the high levels of boredom with this one, the acceptance of overwhelming boredom can be expressed only with a gentle touch to your forehead. Boredom is here, and it’s here to stay.


Almost every single one of these bored memes was made precisely out of boredom, so you might as well give it a try, next time you’re bored – make a meme, it can’t get much more stupid than these ones, right?


When you’re that bored that you wish you could eat just for the heck of it, you’re hitting the high levels of boredom for sure. But hey, anything to break the boredom.


Believe it or not, babies get bored as well, just look at this guy’s face, you know he’s had enough of peekaboos and silly little tricks. Well, guess it’s time to make the parents do the dirty work.


When boredom slowly transitions into a completely new feeling, a completely unjustified and uncalled for feeling of being mad somehow. You don’t know why, or at what you’re mad, but you just simply are, and God save the next person in your way.


You’ve entered the zen zone where nothing makes any sense anymore, boredom has overcome your existence, contemplate your life.


When you reach that point of no return, when boredom has peaked and you go into a whole new different mode where you need something, just anything to happen, regardless of the consequences.

Bored Memes that Spawn Crazy Ideas


When there’s truly nothing else for you to do but dwell in your boredom, certain ideas will pop up in your head. Not all of them will be good ideas, in fact, most will be terrible. But you should do it anyway.


If you wonder whose brilliant idea it was, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is the entire company went with it. Apparently, boredom is infectious and it spreads rapidly.


Probably not the best idea, and you might get someone into real trouble, but hey, boredom almost never generates any good ideas. Hmm, wonder which company should be next?


If you are bored out of your mind, that’s a perfect time to mess with other people and get some fun out of making them a bit miserable. Why should they continue with their day normally if you’re bored?


Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any more boring, a friend opens fire with a meme war. Luckily, you are the meme master, so it’s another sure win for you.


Who said animals don’t get bored? Of course they do, and they act exactly like us, doing all sorts of silly, pointless things, just to get out of the cage of boredom.


Not even failing the subject and ruining your grades can get in way of boredom at class. The least you can do is get creative about it, right?


These guys take the cake, or more like pancake, when it comes to being bored in class and doing crazy things. Hope they made enough for the entire class.


Going through all that effort and preparation to simply scare someone to death just out of boredom is totally legit. At least you’ll have something to talk about in the police station.


When boredom gets the best of you, no matter how hard you try, you can’t win.


Like we said, boredom affects all and everyone, regardless of rank…except that in this instance it affects a few million people as well.

The Best of Bored Memes


When you go full circle of getting bored at work that you actually start doing some work to pass the time, you have achieved a brand new level of boredom.


When the entire world seems to have stopped and everything around you becomes just a repetitive cycle of nothingness, you can feel the vacuum of boredom on your face. If there ever was a physical depiction of being bored, this one would do it justice.


Ah, the vicious cycle of browsing everything, we’ve all been there. Some of you are in it right now and it lead you right to here. Surely there’s more stuff to browse…but then what?


What? Is this what the world looks like? Huh, not impressed. Wait, you’re telling me my life has just started and I have got to live in this world for who knows how long? Sigh…


We all remember those times in school when boredom ruled the day, you could either succumb to it and waste away another day, or you get forced to actually become creative and make something pretty amazing.


More often than not, boredom hits you together with your best friend usually. You’ve done it all already together, there’s nothing else left to do, and neither of you has a good idea of what to do next.


This is probably the worst feeling of them all, you are desperately bored, but at the same time you have 0 desire to actually do anything. So, you’re locked in that perpetual state of misery.


It’s almost like an unwritten law, every single time you are bored, there is literally no one around you to do something with or at least talk to. Then, all of a sudden, as soon as you get busy, everyone’s calling you up!


When you’re trying to explain your behavior to someone who simply doesn’t get it that you’re beyond bored at this point.


You got your kid every single toy they ever wanted and they still come at you being bored and asking for something to do, just look around! There is every toy imaginable in your room!


It’s true, remember that hot teacher you had? Remember how not bored you were at the classes? Yeah…

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