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47 Brother and Sister Quotes

No love is greater than sibling’s love…

If you have a brother or a sister, or both, you know just how special sibling relationships are.

You may have a love-hate relationship all through the years, but you never stop loving one another because you are family.

Here’s a collection of heartwarming brother and sister quotes that celebrate and honor this special relationship.

12 Loving Brother and Sister Quotes

There’s no better life companion than a brother, and there’s no better friend than a sister.

When you have siblings, you will have best friends for life, and you will always have family.

The bond between brothers and sisters can sometimes be tightly knit or loosely woven, but they are never broken.

You may have nothing in common, or you may have a falling out over the years. But the bonds will never be broken because you have a love that only true brothers and sisters share.

My brother’s love will always protect me, and my sister’s love will always follow me wherever I may be.

Your brother may not always be physically there, but you know that he’s always checking in on you.

Your sister may be busy with her own life, but she will always have time for you when you need her.

Hand in hand, heart to heart, or miles apart, brothers and sisters will always be connected by heart.

It doesn’t matter if you live on opposite sides of the world. When people matter to you, you will make the time to connect and catch up.

A sister will reach for your hand but will touch your heart.

Sisters have a way of reassuring you, encouraging you, easing your fears, and calming your emotions that go straight to the heart.

Even if we grow up, grow old, and change, we will always be the same brothers and sisters.

We will always be the kids who loved to spend all day out in the sun until we had a bad case of sunburn. The same kids who would slip into the kitchen at night to get an extra scoop of ice cream.

The same kids who loved to listen to ghost stories. We will always be kids around each other no matter how old we get.

Everything I am right now, you helped me to be.

Without your constant encouragement and never-ending support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for all the pep talks throughout the years.

You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I carry them all with me. My success is your success, too.

Because of you, I will always have a good friend.

As long as I have my brother and sister around, I know that I will always have an amazing, loyal, and loving friend.

There’s no relationship that’s tighter, closer, tougher, sweeter, finer, happier, and more filled with love and happiness or fraught with problems than the relationship we have with our brothers and sisters.

They will be insufferable, annoying, frustrating, arrogant, and bossy. But they will also be very protective, supportive, honest, real, hilarious, calm, and loving.

You will go through different seasons of your life and lose touch over the years, but the bond will always be there like it always is between brothers and sisters.

A sister will do everything just to make you smile, even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

She will not be able to stand seeing you so sad and miserable. A sister will go out of her way to cheer you up and make you feel better by way of junk food, movies, shopping, or an impromptu date at the spa.

A brother or a sister is the only enemy that you cannot live without.

You will hate each other’s guts and you will not be able to stand one another at one point in your lives. But you really can’t imagine a life without your brothers and sisters.

Let’s make a promise that we will always look out for each other no matter what happens.

We will have our challenges in life that we must face. There will be problems that will emerge left and right. When this happens, brothers and sisters automatically look out for each other.

12 Sentimental Brother and Sister Quotes

We always fight a lot, but you can say this is our language of love.

Brothers and sisters fighting like they’re going to kill each other is not unheard of. In fact, if you don’t want to kill your siblings at one point, you’re not normal.

There’s no one in the world who knows me better than my sister.

My sister knows every crush I’ve ever had, every heartbreak I’ve experienced, and every fear that I don’t like to talk about.

My sister knows me even better than I know myself sometimes. And that comes in handy most of the time.

Even if we all grew up and headed our different ways, I want you to know that I will always be on your side.

So many things have happened along the way. Life took over and we realized some things about each other that forever changed the both of us. But you will always be my sister, and I will always have your back.

We may not always see things the same way, but our love for each other will never go away.

My brothers and sisters are what my heart needs every time.

Whenever I feel like I made a mess of things, a conversation with my siblings is just what I need to put things back in perspective. A little roasting here and a little encouraging there and I’m back on my feet again.

My siblings and I are really good friends. Whenever we get together, we look like a really small gang.

If you don’t know us, I think you’ll either hate us or be very afraid of us.

My sister keeps me safe while I keep her wild.

It’s a win-win situation each time.

Even the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary when you do them with the right people.

The best moments I have with my siblings are always those weekend lunches that turned into movie marathons that turned into dinners in the backyard where we grilled all our favorite grilled foods.

And then there will be coffee, beers, and wine, depending on our preferences, and sharing stories until way past midnight.

The most wonderful gift that our parents gave all of us was each other.

They gave us brothers and sisters so that we will have a family forever and so that we will have a best friend for life.

Because I’ve got you as my sister, I am ready to face whatever life will send my way.

I know that I will always have a family in you, and that I will never face my challenges on my own. As long as you’re with me, I have all the love that I need.

We will always know each other as the young kids who bickered all the time. We know each other’s hearts and minds. We have countless private jokes and family drama, and we’ve had our share of joy and grief. We will always be family.

Whatever happens over time, it is the loving and forgiving and sticking together that matters the most. That’s what being brothers and sisters is all about.

A woman without the love of a sister is like a bird without wings.

Every woman can benefit from having the love, guidance, and support of a sister. If you were not blessed with one, you can always have a best friend who will be more like a sister to you.

Brothers and sisters are the most genuine and the purest form of love, friendship, and family. They know when to love you, support you, and challenge you. They will always be a part of you.

Because you are so connected to one another, you never even have to tell them when something is bothering you.

Somehow, they know when there’s a problem, or when there’s something bugging you. They will just show up at your door ready for a sleepover or get you to go out with them somewhere where you can take your mind off things.

12 Heartwarming Brother and Sister Quotes

If I could give a special gift, it would be the ability to see yourself the way I see you so that you will know just special you are.

If you just had an idea how amazing you are, you will not spend another second feeling unsure of yourself.

Like the branches of a tree that grow in different directions, our roots remain as one. We will always be connected no matter how tall and long our branches grow.

There’s a special bond between siblings that nothing and no one else can break.

My sister is my first friend and forever best friend. She’s my human diary and my soulmate. She will always mean the world to me.

We have gone through so much, and nothing can tear us apart.

Our brothers and sisters are our angels who lift us up when we forget to use our own wings to fly.

They will be strong when we are weak, and they will be brave when we are afraid.

They are there through good times and bad. Every celebration is so much happier, and every challenge feels less overwhelming because you have brothers and sisters who will always have your back.

Life is so much happier when you have siblings to journey life with.

I really don’t need superheroes when I already have a super brother!

My brother is so much better than all those superheroes combined, to be honest.

Sisters are just different flowers growing in the same garden.

Same wonderful garden, different beautiful flower.

My brothers and sisters are a little bit of my childhood that will never be lost.

Whenever I think of happy memories, I always go back to my childhood spent with the best brother and sister in the world.

We may have different personalities, but my siblings and I will always be family.

We will always celebrate each other’s similarities and differences, and we will always be one in our love for each other.

I just want you to know that you will never be alone, no matter how alone you might feel, because you will always have me. That’s what brothers and sisters are for.

Whatever happens, you know where to find me.

Having brothers and sisters means that you will always have back-up.

You will always have an emergency plus one when your friend or date cancels at the last minute.

I, together with my brothers and sisters, are really just a couple of nuts off the family tree.

Proud to be a nut, will always be a nut.

Before you go, here are 11 more heartwarming brother and sister quotes…

There will always be a space in my heart that will only belong to my brother.


Brothers and sisters simply make life more beautiful and exciting.


I know that I can be a bit weird sometimes, but still you love me like only brothers and sisters can!


In this journey called life, it’s best if you have a sister or a brother’s hand to hold on to.


When you have brothers and sisters, it goes without saying that your enemies become their enemies, too.


When you have a big brother or a big sister, you have one person in your life who knows everything about everything.


I may fight with them all the time. But if you ever lay a finger on my brother or sister, you will be dealing with me.


I know that brothers and sisters have their share of problems. But I admire us for sticking together.


As we grew up and grew older, my brother acted like he didn’t care. But I always knew that he was secretly looking out for me all these years. I know that he’s always there for me.


I don’t need a special day in the calendar to let you know how lucky I am to have you as my sister.


Lucky are those girls who caring older brothers.

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