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    14 Happy 35th Anniversary Messages

    The secret of a long and lasting marriage is finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with. If you’re one of those lucky few who have found that one special person, then it’s truly no surprise that you are celebrating your 35th anniversary together. Your 35th anniversary is more than just […]

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    20 Anniversary Messages to a Husband from a Wife

    Not every wife will be blessed with a wonderful husband. If you are married to a good man who makes every day of your married life feel like a never-ending honeymoon, consider yourself very blessed. It is husbands like yours that help make marriages last. And it is husbands like yours that make the happiest […]

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    31 Happy Anniversary to My Wife Messages

    You can send her roses, or you can write her a love song. You can bring her to your dream destination, or you can give her a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning for her. Whichever way you choose to celebrate your anniversary, make sure that it honors the love that you share […]

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    13 Happy 30th Anniversary Messages

    How do you celebrate 30 years of marriage that will best express how much love and gratitude you hold in your heart? Do you go away on a luxurious trip and get the best kind of pampering because you deserve it? Do you throw a party with friends and family and just celebrate the love […]

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    13 Happy 18th Anniversary Messages

    Being married to the same person for the last eighteen years is truly an achievement for any couple. There are so many things that go into a marriage, and so many factors that can affect the overall dynamic of both husband and wife. The fact that you’re still in love and happily married after eighteen […]

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    44 Happy 50th Anniversary Messages

    Fifty years of wedded bliss is an accomplishment, no doubt about that. What’s even more exciting about it is knowing a couple who has been married this long. When people have been together for as long as they have, you just can’t help but wonder how they managed to do it. Share your congratulations and […]

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    15 Happy 25th Anniversary Messages

    Not a lot of people can say that they have been happily married for the last twenty-five years. If you’re one of those people, you are very blessed, and you have done a wonderful job at marriage. It’s very easy to get married, but it’s a lot harder staying married. For that, you deserve congratulations […]

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    26 Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents

    For parents who are celebrating their anniversaries, it’s always a special day of love. It’s not easy to be a lover to that special someone while also being a great mom or dad to your children. It’s not impossible, but it usually requires plenty of planning, organizing, and advanced notice! This lovely collection of Happy […]

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    10 of the Best 7 Year Anniversary Quotes

    They say that the seventh year is the most challenging for any couple, that’s why there’s thing called the seven-year itch. During this period, couples will either be feeling restless and unsatisfied, or be more in love than ever. They say that when you sail through your seventh year together, you will be able to […]

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    12 Happy 10th Anniversary Messages

    Celebrating ten years of love and togetherness is truly a blessing. Not all couples can last this long together. If you are one of the lucky ones, make sure that you tell that special someone just how happy and grateful you are to make it this far. Say it with words of love that will […]