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  • short wedding quotes for the bride


    10 Funny Short Wedding Quotes (Just for the Bride)

    Brides all need a good laugh the closer it gets to the wedding day. As much as they’d like to oversee their wedding 24/7, they still want some time to think about other things that are non-wedding related. They need a break from the topic of wedding invitations, seat plans, wedding playlists, and bridal entourage […]

  • religious wedding wishes


    8 Religious Wedding Wishes and their Deeper Meaning

    Getting married is one of the most important events that can happen in a person’s life. It’s a momentous occasion wherein two people in love finally become one, and friends and family come together to witness their special day. It’s a very emotional affair because it’s the realization of a couple’s dream to be husband […]

  • what to write in wedding card guide


    What to Write in a Wedding Card – The Complete Guide

    Weddings are always a fun, romantic, and elegant affair. It’s the chance to be with friends and family and enjoy delicious food, wine, and music. Not to mention that it’s a chance to dress up, get your hair and makeup done, and party the night away. But before the actual wedding day itself, there’s the […]

  • wedding quotes for friends


    15 Wedding Quotes for Friends That Say It All

    In life, there are certain events that you will always remember. Sometimes you will wish that you can relive that day over and over because of all the happy feelings and memories that they evoke. Such an event is your wedding, because it’s about love, family, friends. Not to mention food, wine, and dancing! But […]

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    10 Short Wedding Sayings that Most People Can Relate To

    There are wedding sayings, and then there are wedding sayings. Some have become so famous because of their familiarity, and some have become so well-loved because they hit right the spot. Doesn’t everyone use short wedding sayings when they’re having trouble expressing what they feel? These short wedding sayings that we have listed here will […]

  • christian wedding quotes


    18 Beautiful Christian Wedding Quotes

    Getting married to the person you love most in the world, in front of God and family, is one of the happiest and most meaningful events one can ever experience in life. When you truly think about two people’s journey in love, you will be amazed at how they found their way to one another […]

  • happy married life


    14 Unique Messages to Wish Someone a Happy Married Life

    There are many different ways that you can wish someone a happy married life. You can do it the way everybody else is doing it, which is by computer, tablet, or smartphone. Or you can stick with the old-fashioned method of snail mail or telephone call. Better yet, you can do it by meeting up […]