These Cheer Up Memes Are Sure to Raise A Smile

We all feel down sometimes, and we all need some cheering up! Whether if it’s for you or for a friend in need, these cheer up memes will surely get you back on track and turn a frown upside down! Choose your favorite cheer up meme and keep it handy for emergencies.

Cheer Up Memes We All Need


There will always be that one person in your life that is more than grumpy enough for the both of you, so you might as well cheer up and let them do the grumpy work.


When you’re fresh out of ideas on how to cheer someone up, this little bunny with a pancake on its head will almost definitely do the trick, just try it and you won’t regret it.


If there’s one thing we all can’t get enough of, it’s the weekends. That little slice of heaven we all look forward to at the end of the work week… just the mere thought of it should keep you grinding through the rest of the days.


We all have, or at least should have, one of those friends who go above and beyond to cheer you up. It becomes an instant mission for them, and they do it diligently. Make sure you appreciate those people and cheer them up when they need some cheering up as well.


Short and to-the-point, this squirrel knows what’s going on. No need for a long pep talk or hugging or whatever, just listen to this squirrel, it doesn’t have time to go further into details, what is said is more than enough.


The sheer shock of seeing this picture is enough to jolt anyone out of their sadness, keep it handy for emergency cheer up situations.


When the corporate cat gives you an order like this, you have to listen. It’s not asking, it’s a direct order from the management. You better cheer up or you’ll get fired!


There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so there’s no reason to feel so down just because one of them got away. Just keep hunting, and remember – you’re jawsome!


May not be the best man who said it, but the words are true. This nugget of wisdom is something we all should keep in mind and learn from, focus on that if you’re feeling like you’ve made a mistake.


High fives can be a cure for everything, especially bad days. Give someone who’s down a high five and their spirits will be lifted by the sheer power of a cheer up five.

Cheer Up Memes that will Change Your Perspective


At least some people have that going for them, just remember, know your privileges and cherish them if nothing else.


Imagining a T-Rex making a bed might actually make you feel sad for the poor dinosaur, but hey, at least you’re not in that much of a trouble, so cheer up!


Human cruelty knows no bounds, just look at the atrocity they’ve done to this poor unsuspecting kitty. Have a look in the mirror, do you look like this? No? Then you’re fine.


Well, it’s the thought that counts. Not everyone is born a meme master like yourself, but if you see your friends at least trying to cheer you up, appreciate the effort, and then teach them how it’s done.


Then again, there are these kind of people who just cannot take a hint. Some friends just don’t realize the harder they try – the worse it becomes. If there’s nothing you can do, at least leave people alone.


As we said, it’s all about perspective, and this totally plausible example explains that the best. So, put your mind at ease and always remember, you could be that Siamese twin.


Cats seem to be in control of too much of our day-to-day happiness, don’t you think? If they’re feeling like it, they can make the best pets ever, brightening up your day with love and affection. Then again, if they’re feeling like it, they can make your life living hell, so keep that in mind.


Bad day in school? Work sucks? Hey, at least you’re not covered with cactuses! Just imagine the pain this guy must have gone through, and they are yet to take them all out! Ouch!


And after everything we do to cats, we still wonder why is it that they behave like bastards sometimes… Maybe it’s something we did?


If someone loses touch with reality and gets sad about insignificant things, let them know they have to put things in perspective!


Whatever you’re going through, you’ll get through it, but that someone from your hometown is STILL trying to become a rapper, so at least you’ve got different problems in your life.

Cute Cheer Up Memes to Make Your Day


We’re all chasing some red dot in our lives, aren’t we? And it’s always just out of grasp, never to be attained, well, at least take some comfort knowing you’re not alone in the hunt, everyone’s got their red dot to chase.


Send this little pupper to anyone who’s feeling down or perhaps mad at you, and just watch all those bad feelings go away. How could you resist such a cute face? And he ruffs you!


This smiling lamb will surely brighten up your day, just look at that smile, it says everything’s going great, it will get better, it’s ok… whatever the words you need to hear, just glance at this smile and you’ll hear the magic words.


There’s nothing wrong with asking someone who is down how you can cheer them up. Especially if done with such an adorable picture, the gesture alone will probably be more than enough to get them feeling better.


How can you allow any of your problems to weigh you down when you see this sad little owl? This owl needs you to be happy so you could cheer it up, so do it, for the little owl’s sake!


You otter cheer up! Just look at that smile and imagine how much this happy little otter is enjoying itself.


If there was any possible way of pandas being more adorable somehow, it is probably the fact they actually sit alone when sad. Just makes you want to rush in there and give them a big bear hug!

The Best of Cheer Up Memes


If this face alone isn’t enough to cheer you up, then nothing is. You can almost hear him saying the words all with the lisp and everything, so just picture this little dog next time you feel down, and it will bounce you right back up again!


Weekends are probably the only thing that get the most of us going through the week, it’s the only thing we look forward to, so cheer up, you can always count on another weekend coming soon, maybe not soon enough, but it’s coming!


It’s all about science, and science can’t be wrong! The duck is right, just try it, smile and you’ll soon start to feel better, then you can go on and try to make other people smile more.


Sometimes you just feel so down nothing anyone can do will cheer you up. And even though people keep trying, you’re just not feeling any better, and this little kitty is the perfect depiction of that feeling.


They say when a door closes, a window opens, or something like that, but for this sad little pupper the doors seemed closed without a way of getting out. Don’t worry, as soon as the picture was taken it was shown a way out, so cheer up!


This magical kitty is on its way to cheer you up wherever you find yourself! Never despair, just remember this image and make sure to greet it with a smile!


Works every time, show this melon collie to your friends who need cheering up and just watch that smile appear on their face.


It’s all about the statistics, and chances are someone, somewhere really is thinking about you naked. As creepy as it may sound, it’s a comforting fact to know we’ve all got those dirty thoughts, and you’re most probably the subject of someone’s.


All you need sometimes is a kind word and a gentle pat by your bro to let you know everything’s going to be fine. You’re not alone, your bro’s got you.


It would seem that dogs are the ultimate man’s best friend, right? I mean, the unconditional love is priceless. They truly know how to turn that frown upside down, no matter what.


In case you feel like you’ve forgotten how to cheer up, Nicholas Cage is here to remind you. You have to use your face first, remember this expression, go to a mirror and practice!


Not everyone loves those people who listen to Christmas songs way out of the season, but you have to admit, those tunes are bound to bring out a smile in everyone. There’s just something magical about them.


After a success in cheering up, this meme is the triumphant celebration!

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