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Bless the Marriage with one of these divine Christian Wedding Quotes and Sayings

christian wedding quotes

Getting married to the person you love most in the world, in front of God and family, is one of the happiest and most meaningful events one can ever experience in life.

When you truly think about two people’s journey in love, you will be amazed at how they found their way to one another when there are a hundred different paths that they could have taken.

Every decision could have brought them down a new road, which would have introduced them to different new people.

Even after all the dead ends and detours, love still won. They still beat the odds and found their way to each other. They met at the right place and at the right time and ended up marrying each other!

Truly fate plays a big role, and truly God orchestrates everything that happens to a person’s life.

A wedding is always a magical fair. One can expect it to be a day full of love, beauty, and romance.

Call it fate or destiny, but getting married to someone you love and someone who loves you back certainly feels like it’s arranged by God. Celebrate this union made possible by God who loves you and get inspired by these beautiful Christian wedding quotes.

Christian Wedding Quotes That Tell You Marriage is God’s Design

Any wedding sentiment or wedding wish that you receive on your wedding day from friends and family is sure to stir something in your heart and fill you with that warm, fuzzy feeling.

What more if it’s a wedding quote showing how amazing God can be and how He has been instrumental in making your wedding possible?

The wedding day is just the first step towards a life together with your spouse. The real brunt of the work happens after the wedding, though, when the merriment is over and the guests have all gone.

It will be comforting to know that no marriage is perfect, and that there are no perfect husbands or perfect wives, either.

There are, however, husbands and wives who make a commitment to work on themselves to be better partners. There are marriages that may not be perfect but hold much promise. There will also be happy and loving marriages, with God in the center.

These Christian wedding quotes want you to know just that.

How do you know you’re marrying the right person? He’s right for you if they want to chase God with you.

This particular quote already tells you all you need to know about the person you’re marrying. If you still have doubts and unanswered questions, just see how their relationship with God is. If they truly love you, they will value what’s important to you. They will build or strengthen the relationship they have with God so that you can both grow in love and faith together.

For a marriage to be successful, it needs these three things: husband, wife, and God.

When a marriage has God in the center, there are no challenges big enough to overcome, or hurts deep enough not to forgive. Marriage will always be a journey worth taking when God is involved.

Don’t compare your marriage to the ones you see in movies or read about in romance novels. Those were written by professional writers. Yours is written by God.

Aside from setting yourself up for disappointment by comparing your relationship with your husband to the fictional characters on the big screen and on romance novels books, you are also breeding discontent and unrealistic expectations. Instead of focusing on what your spouse lacks or what troubles your marriage, focus on the strengths of your spouse and the love in your marriage! Your love story is still unfolding, and you have God calling the shots.

I thank the Lord every day for giving me someone like you to journey through life with.

Not everyone is blessed to wake up every day next to the person that they’re destined to be with. Having an attitude of gratitude for a wonderful blessing like your husband or your wife is one way you can keep the love and the marriage strong.

Lift up your marriage to God. He can do more incredible things with it that you can possibly imagine.

Do your best to be the best husband or the best wife. Take care of your marriage so that it remains strong, loving, and true. If one day you find that your marriage woes are becoming just a bit overwhelming, lift everything to God and He will take care of the rest.

God knew that it was someone like you my heart and soul needed.

He makes all the pains, disappointments, rejections, and heartbreaks worth it because God knows best. He knows the desires of your heart. That’s why you’re marrying this person out of all the billion other people in the world!

I want to have that kind of marriage where people will only take one look at us and they’ll immediately think that God brought the two of us together.

When two people are destined to be together, their happiness will radiate and touch everyone that they connect with. People will see the joy and happiness in their eyes, and they will recognize that some powerful divine force is at work here.

I know that by marrying you, we are building on the relationship that I have with God, not replacing it.

Finding that someone you can spend the rest of your life with doesn’t mean having less time to build your faith and strengthen your relationship with God. It just means that instead of just you, you now have your spouse to take this journey of faith with you.

God is the best matchmaker. He knows the desires of your heart. He knows the best person for you, and He will create the best love story for you. Everything that God is preparing for you is worth waiting for.

Before you met your husband or your wife, you’ve had your fair share of bad relationships and broken hearts. You felt like lasting love is not really in your cards because of your seemingly bad luck with it. But God knows your heart, and He allowed you to go through these experiences so that you will recognize the right person when they come along. God allows you to feel pain, sadness, or loss so that you will be grateful when you finally meet the one!

In life or in love, you can make a lot of plans. But still God’s purpose will prevail.

No matter how much effort you exert in making something happen, if it’s not meant to happen, it will not happen. Love moves in mysterious ways, and it will come to you when you least expect it. The fact that you’re getting married to the person that you love is a sign that it’s meant to happen, and that good things are in store for you. You just got to have faith.

Christian Wedding Quotes That Tell You Everything Will Be Alright

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions anyone can ever make in their lives. Going through the motions of dating, falling in love, and then taking it to the next level can be a stressful and emotional time. When things end happily for you and your special someone, consider yourself truly blessed! All your efforts have been rewarded and all your prayers have been answered.

But this is not the end of the story. Your wedding day is just the beginning of the rest of your lives. It’s very easy to say that you will not turn into those married couples who just bicker or ignore each other all the time, especially when you’re still in the honeymoon stage. But what every loving couple wants you to know is that marriage takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of sacrifices, compromise, patience, acceptance, and forgiveness.

There will be times when you’ll suddenly question all the decisions and choices that led you to this exact moment. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. All married couples who are madly in love with each other go through this part, but it doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel and walk away. These beautiful Christian wedding quotes should set your mind at ease and make you appreciate married life even more.

A marriage will not nurture itself. Both husband and wife must work at it and commit to it. Even if every part of your body wants to just leave and never look back. It’s a series of falling down and getting up again, of failing and forgiving, of stops and starts. It’s always choosing one another no matter what.

The truth of the matter is that it’s easier to give up on your husband or your wife than to overcome your challenges and fight for each other. No marriage is perfect, and there certainly are no perfect husbands and wives. However, there is unwavering faith, steadfast love, and lasting commitment. That’s what you need to get over the bumps in the road and weather the storms that will come.

If you want to have a wonderful marriage, you must ask yourself what changes you need to make as a husband or a wife.

Your days as a single woman or a single man are over, so you are expected to make some changes and adjustments when you marry that special someone. Married life reminds you that if you want to be happy with your husband or your wife for a long, long time, you need to invest in it. You need to be willing to make sacrifices so that your spouse will be happy and that your relationship will get better over time. You need to do a lot of growing up if you want your relationship to grow into something beautiful.

True love does not just happen. It’s not just stumbled upon, wished for, or given to you. True love is built.

When you find true love, keep working at it, and keep nurturing it. Your wedding day is only the beginning of the rest of your lives, so work every day to keep the love burning.

A good marriage is all about two people taking turns being strong for each other.

As the years go by, you will learn that it will not always be a bed of roses. It will not always be easy going. When that day comes, you need to be strong when the other is weak so that you will not both go under.

Give your best effort each day into your marriage, not the leftovers or the crumbs of your busy life.

Your marriage should be your priority. You should not give it halfhearted attempts, because your spouse only deserves all the love and care that you can give.

When you get married to that person you love, you not only grow old together. You also grow up together, which is the real adventure.

Life is a never-ending series of growing up. When you find that one special person that you want to marry, you are sharing a life of growth and discovery.

Nobody marries the perfect husband or the perfect wife. We marry the one with the potential to be.

There’s always room for improvement in a marriage. Even if you have a lot of experiences in love and relationships, there are still so many things that you can learn when you get married. The lessons are different because you also become a different person. You may not be perfect, but you can become so much better than you were before.

Where you go, I will follow. Where you stay, I will stay.

The beautiful thing that you will learn on your wedding day is that wherever your spouse goes, you will be right there with them, physically or emotionally. It’s about being there for each other, and doing everything that you can to support them, regardless of the odds and no matter what the cost.

When the happiness in your heart is overwhelming, and the celebratory mood still has not abated, even this rich collection of beautiful Christian wedding quotes can still leave you wanting more.

You’re probably feeling all warm and fuzzy right now because of all these messages of love and happiness that demonstrate the power of God’s love.

This is why we’ve included a few more beautiful quotes that will keep you feeling happy, loved, and inspired.

Here Are a Few Beautiful More Christian Wedding Quotes…

As witnesses to your love story, we pray that your love will only grow better, stronger, and richer over time. May your relationship be always centered on God and on the knowledge and understanding that He will guide your marriage in everything.


As you embark on a new journey together, remember to keep God in the center of your lives and each other as your priority. No matter how strong your love is for each other, there will still be days when you will feel like hurting the other with your actions or words. If you ever feel that way, remember this day and the promises you made. It will put things back into perspective and help you set things right again.


My heart is overflowing with love and happiness for you. I trust that God has wonderful plans for the both of you, and I’m as excited as you are to find out what they are. Believe that even if things are not happening as they should, God will prosper you and keep you safe. He will always give you hope and a bright and wonderful future.


On this special day, I pray that you will always have the love, patience, and understanding to adjust to the changes of married life. May you build a home filled with laughter and joy, as well as support, acceptance, and stability. I pray that you will always respect each other and enjoy the freedom to be yourself and as a married couple. May your married life be filled with God’s grace and peace.


I feel so much love on this beautiful day because you have answered the call of your hearts to be together now and forever. I wish you blessings, peace, joy, and contentment. May you always live in strength and unity, and may you always inspire others with the strength of your love. May you always be aware of God’s presence in your lives as you are today on this very special day.


May your love for each other be a seal on your hearts, a mantle on your shoulders, and a crown on your foreheads. May you always be blessed with love, health, peace, and companionship. Always be strong in your commitment to each other and step out in faith. As you change through the years, may you always allow God to guide you in your choices and in your decisions. May the cords that bind you together never be broken. God bless you and your marriage!

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