51 College Memes Everyone Can Relate to

The magical time of college. Being a student is like being a completely different person, there is nothing quite like the student life. These college memes will make you realize just how bad it can get, and also make you remember you’re not the only one feeling that way.

Hopeless College Memes


It’s fine, everything is great. A person doesn’t really need sleep that much, does it? I work great under pressure, and add some lack of sleep to that – I’m golden!


What stage are you on right now? Probably not the 4th one because you couldn’t be browsing these memes while sleeping.


The real horror of it lies in the fact that it’s true, and perhaps even more terrifying than real zombies if they existed.


Hey, at least you’ll be happy while not working and going broke and wasting your entire education and life.


Step 1 – Bring a calculator. Step 2 – Cry ever so quietly so to not disrupt other students’ crying. Step 3 – Make a puddle of your own tears. Step 4 – Curl up in the fetal position and wait it out.


The number one cause of zombie infestation in the world is college. Why don’t they make horror movies with that theme? Oh right, because it would have to be a documentary.


So, how’s that paper coming along? Great, great… I’ve really made good progress, and have outlined the entire viewpoint, all I need now is to wrap it all up.


You can lie to your friends, to your family, to yourself even, but you can never lie to your narrator, they always know what’s up. And if you’re in college, your permanent status may as well be “things are not good”.


Every single time this sentence is uttered, make sure you note down what was said, because you WILL need it for the final, don’t let them fool you!


Yeah, you’ve hit a new low, even in your teacher’s standards, so they simply have to check if everything is ok.


At least when you get out of college you will have the knowledge and education to remain unemployed without any grammatical slip-ups.


What’s for dinner? Sleep? Well, at least you’ll get some rest before that big test tomorrow.


Tears of procrastination, lack of sleep, tiredness and confusion – the best ingredients for a good paper.

College Memes to Make You Feel Better


You can look at it this way – at least you won’t end up like one of your teachers, because you can at least handle technology, and you’ll never achieve their level of education of course.


Oh we’ve all been there, when you reach the end of that essay and you’re still a few words short, cramp in a few pointless adjectives, redundant repetitions, just about anything to make that word count go up.


You can always count on the fact you won’t be the first, and definitely not the last to go to college for an extended period of time. You can call it a more thorough approach to studying, you know, you want to make sure you’ve got everything right.


Hey, if your parents could do it, so can you! Although, those were vastly different times and different people, and different conditions to live, work and study in…


It’s a tested and proven result after years of scientific research. There’s a reason why ramen noodles have become a food synonymous with college, hmm, maybe it was even designed for that specific purpose?


You have to give credit where credit’s due…and when it comes to repaying that credit, well, things might not be that simple. You wish you could repay the debt, you truly do, but you just can’t.


For those extremely rare examples of students who manage to go only to first class, midterm and final, and still pass with flying colors, we salute you. You have cracked the code and beaten the game.


It’s only logic, the word itself implies being middle and should have only one instance of it, right?


All rules and social norms go out the window in the finals week, everything is forgiven.


You did it, and that’s all that matters. How is not the issue. Those obvious signs of no sleep and marks of tiredness are there all the time, it has nothing to do with this last minute paper.


As crazy as it may sound, some students actually do want to learn at college and get proficient in certain subjects. And when the teacher is incapable of doing their job, you just have to do it yourself.


Name and date down, well, that was enough work for today… maybe even for the entire week… time to get that well-deserved break.


If there ever was a little something that the students can do against their teachers’ tyranny, then it’s the teacher evaluations. If they deserve it, let them know.


One night stands become a totally different thing in college. It can be an invaluable thing you know, it’s almost necessary for a student’s life.


Check your privileges, if you have it better than most other students, don’t complain so much.

You Should be Studying instead of Looking at these College Memes


If you find yourself googling the actual meaning of the word “study” instead of studying, you know you’ve gone too far. At least now you know the true meaning of it.


Oh, how the priorities change when you get to college. You’d be amazed how valuable some good textbooks and notes can be at that level, so much so you’d trade almost anything for them.


*Looks at the clock – Oh, great, there’s plenty of time to study. *Browses funny memes – Oh well, guess there isn’t enough time to start studying now, might as well keep browsing.


You want to study, but all the social media seem to be having a mind of their own, and their needs and desires, which you simply must obey. Of course, it’s not your fault, it’s theirs.


So many regretful rage quits have paved the way of college for most students. It’s a necessary step in getting ahead, you have to rage quit so you could come back with a level head.


We know, we know, textbooks are freakishly expensive. But that’s not a good enough of an excuse not to study, people get by with a lot less than you, so you better figure out a way!


Maybe what you’re experiencing isn’t an exception, maybe everyone’s having a hard time, maybe it was designed to be so…


Procrastination is the origin of all college tears. You’re mostly doing it yourself, which means you’re the only one who can end it.


As we just mentioned, time is a relative thing and you’re doing it to yourself. Just stop procrastinating and do what you have to do.


No one is having it as bad as you, it’s practically impossible. And you have to let people know you’re the one having it worst of them all.


Yes, we all need more sleep in our lives, now wake up and get back to studying!

The Best of College Memes


At the end of the whole ordeal, you simply have to express gratitude to the rightfully deserving things. It’s not your friends, family or professors that got you to the end, it’s red bull, google, vodka and Wikipedia.


Actually, when you think about it, this is probably one of the better uses for all those books and paper than some other people had in mind.


It’s not that you’re not listening, it’s just that there’s no possible way you can ever get what the teachers are saying.

The best thing you can hope for is to somehow manage to get it all on paper and then spend countless hours of examining and deciphering the notes in order to actually understand something.


Rough draft? Yeah, sure this is just the first version…and the last. Once it’s finished for the first time, it’s finished for the last time, no need for revision, no need for fixing any mistakes.


Seriously though, when did textbooks become the next gold currency? People buying their own new textbooks nowadays are seen as bourgeois, unlike the rest of us plebs who keep mooching off each other with rentals.


Have you found that golden middle between not giving a single care in the world and freaking out like it’s the end of the world? No? Well, keep looking, and let the rest of us know if you ever find it.


It feels almost like the teachers are in collusion to make it as hard as possible for the students… you can imagine them all planning the schedule out together in their lounge, aiming to jam as many exams as possible in the same day.


Not even in death are you free of college responsibilities. If you’ve got some papers due, being dead does not exalt you from doing them. You better raise from the coffin and finish that up!


We all had high hopes first getting in college. But soon enough, those high hopes and dreams turn into useless creativity to avoid doing some real work and staying awake.


They did exactly what you asked them to do, and with style. That’s as far as your grade is going to curve, so do you prefer italic or bold?


You are a true queen/king and you deserve all the praise you give yourself. 5 minutes of studying is worthy of a celebration, perhaps it’s time for a break.


What? It’s not copied, you just turned a historical fact into your own original statement.


Isn’t it funny how things escalate so quickly in college that before you even know it, you’re swimming in problems?


This is fine. I’ve got this. No problems.

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