Say Congratulations on Your Marriage with These 20 Beautiful Quotes

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congratulations on your marriage

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Weddings are fun and festive affairs that celebrate the union of two people in love. Whether you love or hate weddings, being surrounded by love and romance will definitely rub off on you.

The flowers, the love songs, the toasts, and the tears in the room will get to you before the night is over. And you cannot help but be swept away by the outpouring of love and romance from everyone in the room.

You cannot help but wish the new husband and wife all the best, regardless of what you’re going through in your own romantic life, and whether you believe in happy ever after or not!



Saying Congratulations on Your Marriage from Best Friends

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your very best friend get married to the person of their dreams. Even if you’re not the one getting married, you will find your social calendar fully booked with gown fittings, bridal shower / bachelor party planning, gift shopping, wedding playlist curating, and many other tasks that only a true best friend can accomplish. Not to mention would not mind doing.

Don’t forget to say what you feel on your best friend’s big day. It’s better to get it ready and written down somewhere, just in case you feel overwhelmed with emotions and get too choked up to say anything!

I’m lucky enough to witness the unfolding of your love story. From the very first day that you met on that cloudless sunny afternoon, to the first time he asked what sort of things you enjoyed doing, to the monumental mess that was your first date. But I’m so happy to know that when two people are destined to be together, no amount of screw-ups can keep them apart. Not peanut allergies, not clueless Uber drivers, not sloppy first kisses. I believe in happy ever after now, more than ever, because of you two. Congratulations on your marriage, and may you have the best and happiest life together!


This is the start of the rest of your lives together. If the rest of your life looks this happy and loving now, just imagine just how happier and more loving it will be ten or twenty years from now. You have nothing to worry about. If there’s any couple out there who can weather storms together with love and faith, that’s none other than you. Congratulations on your marriage, and may you be blessed with many, many happy years together.


Congratulations on your marriage, and the beginning of an incredible journey of love and happiness! I always knew that you two will end up together, because there’s a certain glow on your faces whenever you’re around each other. You make all other couples look like amateurs. Stay happy and in love!


To the best people in the world, my very best friends, congratulations on your marriage. You deserve the insane amount of happiness that you’re enjoying now because you are both so kind, generous, and loving people. You will make a fantastic husband and wife to each other. I cannot wait to see where the next chapter of your lives will take you. Keep the fire burning, and stay blessed and blissful.


I am over the moon with happiness on this day, because two of the best people I know made the commitment to a life of love and happiness. Just remember that it’s not about the to-die-for wedding gown, or the fabulous reception, or the exotic honeymoon. It’s the rest of your lives together, doing the real work to make your relationship work. That’s the real meaning of marriage. Here’s to a lifetime of bliss and love. Congratulations on your marriage.

Saying Congratulations on Your Marriage from In Laws

When two people in love decide to get married, they’re not only marrying the person they love, but all their loved ones as well. They’re also entering a relationship with their parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. Even their pets!

It’s a blessing when in laws welcome the new husband and wife to the family with open arms and with hearts full of love. Just like these loving messages that the in laws can give on that special day.

It will not always be smooth sailing and romantic. But if there’s anyone who can handle marriage and all its challenges, that will be the two of you. Your hearts are in the right place, and we can see from the way you look at each other that you have the utmost respect for one another. Problems and conflicts cannot be avoided, but we know that there’s nothing in this world that you cannot resolve with your love and faith for each other. We wish you nothing but love and happiness as you build a new life together. Congratulations on your marriage!


May you be blessed with a lifetime of love and happiness. As you begin a new journey as husband and wife, may you discover more reasons to love one another. May you have more patience, kindness, and understanding for each other. May no misunderstanding or fault be too big or unforgivable. We wish you will grow in love, and we wish that you will give us many, many grandchildren in the next few years! Stay happy and blessed. Congratulations on your marriage!


We are so happy that we are welcoming a new addition to our family. We can see how happy you make each other, and we wish that it will be this way for the rest of your lives. Celebrate your love every day, and honor each other every day. Congratulations on your marriage, and just remember that you will always have a loving mother and father in us.


Sending you best wishes and congratulations on your marriage. It fills us with great pride and joy to see our dear child finding love and happiness in a wonderful person like you. We can just envision just how happy and cozy your home will be, surrounded by children who love and adore you. It will be a very exciting ride, so prepare for both the highs and the lows. We will always be here to love and support you.


Congratulations on your marriage! As you embark on this exciting new journey, never stop making each other feel like the luckiest man and woman in the world. May you always sing the song of love and happiness. Know that you were brought together as husband and wife so that you can show others that love is truly the most wonderful thing.

Saying Congratulations on Your Marriage from Relatives

They will be sent wedding invitations to, and they will be present at the ceremony and the reception. The groom may not know Aunt Judy from Aunty Betty, and the wife may not be close to anyone in the family.

Remember that they will be the same people present at every family reunion and special occasion from this day forward, so effort should be exerted to get to know them as soon as possible.

Relatives can give the newlyweds their well wishes and heartwarming messages, which hopefully can be the beginning of a wonderful and life-long relationship!

Best wishes and congratulations on your marriage. May you enjoy married life and all its highs and lows, twists and turns, and good and bad. You make the sweetest, most good-looking, and most loving couple. May you always be blessed with beautiful moments that celebrate the magic of love.


Our heartfelt congratulations on your marriage! May your married life blossom with love and affection, and may you weather the storms of life holding each other’s hands. We wish you peace and happiness today and always.


May all your dreams as husband and wife come true. May you build a happy home that will make leaving it so very hard and coming home to it the highlight of your day. May you always have a best friend in each other, and may the flame of love be always burning. Congratulations on your marriage. Stay happy and blessed.


Our warmest wishes and congratulations on your marriage. May God’s love and protection be with you always, and may He shower you with His most precious blessings. A happy married life to you today and always.

Saying Congratulations on Your Marriage from an Acquaintance

Even if you don’t have the tightest relationship or the best kind of friendship, you can still send your message of congratulations when you hear someone you know has just tied the knot.

There’s no need to be overly effusive, especially when you only share a quick ‘Hi’ or ‘How are you?’ when you pass each other in the office hallways or on the street. But you don’t need to be completely unmoved by this momentous occasion, either!

Sending you warm wishes and congratulations on your marriage. May your new life together with your spouse be all that you dream it to be. Stay happy and in love!


A love story with a happy ending is always magical to see. Best wishes and congratulations on your marriage!


A marriage is always something worth celebrating. Best wishes and congratulations on your marriage. Cheers to the beginning of a very exciting chapter in your lives.

Saying Congratulations on Your Marriage from an Ex-Boyfriend or an Ex-Girlfriend

It may not have been a happy ending for you and your ex, but they have found their own happy ending with someone else. How do you wish an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend love and happiness on their very special day without looking like you don’t mean it, or without looking like you still carry a torch for them?

Whether it was a bad breakup or not, whether you ended things amicably or they ended up being the most hated person in your universe, you only wish the best for this person. They may not have found that happy ever after with you, but the fact that they did, even if with someone else, is all that really matters.

Best wishes and congratulations on your marriage! I’m very glad that you found someone who makes you happy and loves you the way that you deserve to be loved. I wish you a happy and wonderful life together. Tough it out when times get a little rough, okay? I’m very proud of the person that you have become, and the life that you will build with that very special person right beside you.


I see nothing but great things for you and the new life that you will have with your beloved. Thank you for still considering me as one of your best friends, even if our ending is one that leaves a lot to be desired. You’re one of the best people I have ever met, and no one deserves this much love and happiness than you. Congratulations on your marriage, and best wishes!


There was once a time that just the thought of you being with another is enough to break my heart. But seeing you now, looking so radiant and beaming with happiness, I would not have it any other way. It fills me with so much gratitude that we’ve managed to become friends, even if life took us to different paths. I’m with you today to celebrate your happiness, and to wish you never ending love. Congratulations on your marriage!

Even people who are allergic to love and romance can still get a bit emotional when attending a wedding ceremony or when hearing about someone dear to them finally tying the knot.

The emotions may be overwhelming that you won’t be able to express them in the most beautiful way, which is why here are a few more examples of marriage quotes and messages that can do the job.

Beautiful Congratulations and Best Wishes Quotes

I have never felt so happy about two people falling in love and then marrying each other in a perfect ceremony surrounded by such wonderful people. This wedding has been a dream, and your love for each other is the stuff that love songs are made of. It’s so wonderful to look at you and see so much love. I pray that you will still be this happy and in love many years from now. My happiest congratulations on your marriage!


You look so radiant together! I guess this is really what marrying your soulmate does to a person. I can see the love you have for each other reflected in your eyes. Your love is proof that good things come to those who wait. I must say that no two people deserve this more than you. Before I end up a weeping mess right here, I just want to say congratulations on your marriage, and may you be forever this happy and in love.


You two are so great with each other. I’m so confident that you will have a very loving marriage because I know that making each other happy is what you do best. I have to admit that I’m feeling a little bit envious right now, but I will never stop hoping that I will also find this kind of love in the near future. For now, I want to congratulate my favorite couple, and may God bless your love always.


It’s such a pleasure to witness two people who are made for each other finally making the lifetime commitment to love each other. Your love inspires me to love wholeheartedly and remain steadfast in the promise of love. I wish you two nothing but the best and all the happiness in the world. Congratulations on your marriage!


I can’t remember the last time I sobbed uncontrollably in front of so many people. I may be extremely embarrassed right now, but I’m also so happy that you guys are finally married! Congratulations and best wishes!


And now begins your happily ever after. Thank you for inviting me to witness this very special day in your lives. I’m sorry that I was a bit emotional, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about those early days of your relationship. Now here we are. I love you two so much. May you have the best life together! Congratulations on your marriage!


It’s going to be a very exciting journey. I’m so glad that you are spending the rest of your life with your very best friend and soulmate. You look so happy and in love, and it’s just how I picture you two many years from now. Congratulations and best wishes!

There’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing two people profess their love for one another in front of God and all the people they love. Regardless of what you feel about love or marriage, this is one of the biggest and most important days in any couple’s life.

Share their happiness, and spread the love. Shower the new husband and wife with well wishes and loving thoughts as they begin a new life together. Marriage is a lot of work, and they will need all the love, prayers, and advice that they can get from the people who have firsthand experience with it!

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