49 Dating Memes That Are Painfully True

Have you ever been in a funny dating situation? These people surely have!

People who are in long-term committed and stable relationships will sigh a collective sigh of relief when listening to their single friends’ stories of dating.

Dating is a whole level of mind games and emotional traps, and no one will blame you if you swear dating off for good.

If you’ve ever been on a bad date, or a really terrific date that never actually turned into anything else, you will enjoy looking through this collection of dating memes.

Some are painful, but a lot are truly hilarious. Read on to help remove the sting of your awful dating experiences.

12 Dating Memes That Are Sure to Make You Chuckle

Dating Memes

So you went on a date last night with someone that your co-worker said was a total catch, but all you discovered in person was that he was a total jerk.

You’d rather go for an emergency C-section than go out with him again on a second date.

Dating Memes

But saying no would definitely be more awkward now that you’ve already read his message that he had a great time and would love to see you again soon.

Waiting is such pure agony when another person’s reply will determine whether you need to slow things down or dial them up a notch.

Knowing that your cute and sweet message was successfully delivered, opened, and read but still receiving radio silence also does not stop you from overthinking.

Maybe you’re the only one who thinks there was chemistry?

Or perhaps this is a sign that they’re already ghosting you?

Maybe they’re lying in a ditch somewhere and can’t get to the phone?

Dating Memes

When you start to develop a huge crush on someone and they’re sending signals that they like you back, goodbye common sense and hello irrational feelings!

No matter how much they treat you like a doormat, your overwhelming feelings of love and passion will blind you to their bad behavior.

Don’t worry, though. These things are temporary, and they can be remedied by guess what? A new crush!

Dating Memes

If these studies are even true, does that mean your soulmate is that kid with BO you punched in the face when you were ten because he refused to give you back your shoes? He’s 23 now and still has BO.

Dating Memes

When it comes to love, there are no guarantees.

Since you have no idea how one romance will end up, you might as well waste each other’s time in the happiest, most beautiful, and most passionate way possible!

Dating Memes

There will always be that love-hate relationship with men.

You love them when they’re being totally sweet, funny, and attentive. You hate them when they’re being complete douchebags.

Dating Memes

This feeling is so alien because it’s been so long since you last felt all these feelings.

How does one person act appropriately when all you want to do is kiss everybody and sing in the streets?

Dating Memes

Sometimes people just confuse being in a relationship with just wanting someone to text you morning, noon, and night, having a date to different occasions and having someone to share those nights when you’re feeling hot and horny.

Dating Memes

It’s not true that women are high-maintenance. Most of the time, they will be perfectly content with someone who can do all these things for them without whining about it.

Dating Memes

If you’re still in love with your ex and hoping that you’ll get back together, this will be devastating news.

If you’ve been praying for them to find someone new so that they will stop stalking you online and offline, this will be the best news since the two of you broke up.

Dating Memes

You have razor-sharp instincts when it comes to these things. But you’re only human, and face filter apps out there are getting better and more high-tech.

Dating Memes

Is this a sign from the universe? Is this the one you have been waiting for so long and searching so hard to find?

12 Dating Memes That Will Make Your Day

Dating Memes

You thought you were one in thinking that this ex belonged to the bottom of the food chain.

Now they’re back together, acting like nothing happened, and even traveling the world together?

Just like you two planned when you were still together?

Dating Memes

Now you start to wonder why you’re even still friends on social media. Unfriending in 3, 2, 1…

Dating Memes

You may have to wait just a little while longer. The market is filled with a few hundred million of other single people hoping to find their perfect match, after all.

Dating Memes

“Just in case you forgot about me, here are 56 selfies of me drinking coffee while having brunch alone. Maybe you want to pop by and join me?”

Dating Memes

It’s good to be proactive sometimes. Get to know your competition, if there’s any.

This will make sure the enemies are neutralized and the target is secure.

Dating Memes

Rest your head on his shoulder or hold his hand. Better yet, sit on his lap and hold his face so that he’s only gazing into your eyes!

Dating Memes

It’s nice to hear the truth from the people who love you.

If only other good-looking, rich, successful, smart, and funny single people out there will also know this wonderful truth about you.

Dating Memes

This is not only a waste of good clothes, makeup, and designer perfume. It’s also a source of soul-crushing rejection and disappointment.

Dating Memes

You can be the most good-looking, brilliant, confident, hilarious, and successful person in the world.

But when you’re with someone who really makes you feel heady and excited, you can still be reduced to a pile of nonsense.

Dating Memes

No matter what year you’re living in, you’d still believe that person you just went on a date with that he’d call just because he said he’d call.

Dating Memes

It was only supposed to be a casual thing! How could you develop true romantic feelings?

Dating Memes

Same, girl, same.

Everybody wants to be at that stage where you don’t mind hearing the sound of their pee anymore.

Or that stage where you can’t sleep without the sound of their snoring just because you’ve gotten so used to it.

Yes, everybody wants to be in that stage.

12 Dating Memes That Are So Accurate It’s Scary

Dating Memes

Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s them. There’s something seriously wrong with them if they can’t see how perfect you are.

Dating Memes

Just a few more incredibly boring or traumatizing dates and you will find one that you actually like. Never say never!

Dating Memes

So what if you need to kiss a few dozen ugly frogs if it means finding the real Prince Charming?

Dating Memes

When it comes to dating, always prepare for the worst and expect the unexpected.

Dating Memes

You were just casually throwing out semi-flirtatious comments, and you were not expecting that they will flirtatiously respond.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t think up an equally funny and flirty comeback that will not make you sound clueless, too forward, or slutty?

Dating Memes

If only dating could also be considered exercise, millions of people all over the world would be so physically fit and healthy!

Dating Memes

It won’t work if the person you’re desperately in love with does not feel the same way. So yes, Cupid, next time make sure to hit both people you want to match!

Dating Memes

It does not bode well for his brilliance, but it explains a lot about what’s causing the delay.

Dating Memes

You have successfully embraced the emotions that wash over you whenever you think about your friends who are getting engaged or getting married.

Right now, you really don’t care, because this aisle is better than no aisle at all!

Dating Memes

You’re ready to fully commit to the person you love but your commitment also means being able to just get lost in a book the whole day, being able to watch Netflix with no interruptions, and going the whole Sunday without taking a bath.

Dating Memes

There are just some things that are better left unsaid. That includes an explanation on your sudden absence or disappearance.

Dating Memes

Just think: this man can be your future husband, and he can be the future father of your children.

He can be the person you will be kissing for the rest of your life, so choose well!

12 Dating Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Dating Memes

There will be moments when you feel so empowered at being single and successful.

There will also be moments when you will just cry at a supermarket aisle because you’re always shopping for one.

Dating Memes

“If you don’t have any plans of sticking around and being a part of my life for the next fifty something years, it’s nice to know you but I have to go!”

Dating Memes

There are just some people who will best do single than in relationships. Do yourself and the world a favor. Stay single!

Dating Memes

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who can endure a woman’s favorite brand of torture.

It takes a real man to endure the sarcasm and unreasonable demands of a woman who’s hellbent on seeing him fail!

Dating Memes

At the rate everybody’s going, everybody will be breaking up.

If you’re one of the lucky people who marry their first boyfriend or girlfriend, then good for you.

Which begs the question: is there really such a thing as forever?

Dating Memes

He can be incredibly infuriating most of the time, but he’s also the only person you want to infuriate you for the rest of your life. How’s that for infuriating?

Dating Memes

Contrary to popular belief, the best dates don’t cost a lot of money.

If you’re with the right person, just sitting on the couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn, and watching a movie together can be the best date in the world!

But you will also not say no to a five-course dinner in a posh hotel that you can only get to via a helicopter!

Dating Memes

Just hold your horses because Operation: Happy Ever After is underway!

Everything needs to be executed perfectly, of course. Otherwise, he’ll just be totally creeped out.

Maybe this is a good time to stop practicing writing your name with his surname or thinking of baby names for your future twins.

Dating Memes

Maybe the reason why you can’t find the right person is because you need to learn how to be happy being single first.

When you’re happy alone, you can attract the right kind of person who will fall in love with the strong and independent you!

Dating Memes

Online dating is easier and more convenient, but the heartbreak remains crushing and traumatizing.

There may also be a higher level of paranoia because you never know when you’re chatting with a psycho or a married man with five kids.

Dating Memes

At the end of the day, when nothing seems to fit, and everything is just one disappointment after another in your romantic life, you can go ahead and just have a wonderful date with yourself.

You know what makes your heart happy, so do everything that will make you feel good and proud of yourself. True love will just have to wait!

Dating Memes

Ever had one of those days when you’re feeling so generous and you keep giving this person a lot of chances to redeem themselves?

Then there are days when you’re so convinced that you’ve had enough, and this is the last straw.

So, the cycle starts all over again.

The Best Dating Meme of All Time

Dating Memes

This is the fear of every single person, which is why you put yourself out there and go on different dates.

This is why you go to the gym, do yoga, run marathons, eat healthily, follow a rigid skincare routine, and read, just to name a few.

All these are to make yourself a more interesting and attractive person just in case someone is looking!

Hilarious Quotes About Dating

I can say that dating in your thirties is easy. It’s just like riding a bike. Only the bike is on fire, and everything you pass is on fire. Everything is fire because you are in hell.


If my future boyfriend or husband does not support the same fandoms, I’m sorry, but the relationship is over.


My current relationship status? It’s happily sleeping diagonally on my queen size bed!


I don’t know if this is just me or not. But whenever I’m single, all I can see everywhere are couples being happy and lovey-dovey with each other. Whenever I’m in a relationship, all I can see are single people having all the fun. Why is that?


If I agree to meeting you offline and you don’t look like your profile pictures, you are buying me drinks until you do!


I wish love is like volleyball where you shout ‘Mine!’ and everybody just backs the hell off.


When I see names of lovers carved into tree trunks, I don’t think it’s romantic or sweet. I think it’s weird that so many people bring knives with them when they’re out on a date.


My dad always told me to be the kind of girl that guys marry and not the kind that guys just dated. So on my next date, I’d ask the guy to take out the trash and load the dishwasher for me.


I must have been a squirrel in my past life because all I attract are nuts.


Yes, relationships are great, but have you ever heard of chocolate cake?


I like you so much, but you get so many likes on Instagram and I’m just not ready to put myself in that kind of stressful situation.


Dating often means having a racing heart or being disillusioned.


If I don’t drunk call or text you, then you’re not the one for me.


There are so many different levels of dating before you’re actually even dating. It’s so confusing and complicated. BRB I’ll just take a nap.


Stalking is when we go out on a long romantic walk together but I’m the only one who knows about it.


He wrote back ‘Hey!’ Oh my gosh, we’re so going to get married!


Someone left a grocery list in this shopping cart that I just took. It said ‘cheese and stuff like that’. Well, well, well, so my soulmate is really out there…


Online dating allows me to meet new people and break up with them without having to waste makeup or even leave the house.


Despite the popular love advice in the ‘90s, if you want to be my lover, do not ever get with my friends.


If I were a marriage counselor, I’d simply ask my married clients to look at dating websites for a full hour.


I’ve looked at several online dating profiles and came to the conclusion that illiteracy is still a huge problem in this country.


If I could meet someone who’s attractive, single with no baggage, mentally sound, with a good job, and has not dated all of my friends, that’d be great!


It’s funny how you can easily tell when someone likes someone else, but you can’t tell when someone even likes you or not.


Dating again after being divorced? It’s much like dating in high school, only with fine lines, stretch marks, non-existent flat stomach, and more debt.


I go on plenty of dates, but today I just want to stay home and groom my eyebrows.


If you must go online dating, you should remember that everything can be polished and edited online. An ax murderer can sound like Prince Harry.

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