39 Drunk Memes That Are So True

Getting drunk can lead to many good things, but many bad things as well. Still, most of us do it regardless of the potential outcome, it’s drink now, regret later. There’s nothing that captures those perfect, unspoken moments of drinking like these drunk memes. You’ll probably find yourself in more than a few, so keep them in mind next time you plan on getting drunk.

Drunk Memes that Prove Drinking is Not a Problem


It’s all about your attitude, you just can’t let the drinking affect you badly. Never allow yourself to get down, and you never will.


Sure, you might feel the effects of a hangover the following day, but you know getting drunk the night before was worth it, even though you deny it at first. But you do know you’ll be doing the exact same thing next weekend!


You can look at alcohol as a fuel for fun. Sure, you can have fun without it, but why walk when you can ride with style? Fuel up and get ready for an unforgettable night.


If you plan on being the party animal even 40 years from now, then you have to be doing something right. Most people see old age as retirement from everything, fun included, but not you, you’re going to keep strong!


Wise words indeed. So the best way to get drunk is to plan it out so the following day you have nothing to do but pay off the debt of happiness with a killing hangover. It’s a fair trade.


When you’re drunk, you always feel up for a photo, no matter how you look, because in your mind you look awesome. And you always have that drunk pose ready to go.


Just try to count how many of the best stories you’ve had happened while someone was drunk. Just face it, best decisions and stories are born out of drunkenness, whether yours or someone else’s.


Getting drunk erases all of your inhibitions and close-mindedness, you become an open and loving person towards everyone. Therefore, you’re bound to make many, many more friends drunk than sober.


A highly functioning drunk is an achievement, not a lot of people can do it, most end up as regular alcoholics, but those few heroes that make it become legends. They fly from party to party, lighting up everyone’s night.

Tag Your Friends in these Drunk Memes


How does it always turn out that the drunk friend you’re trying to get home is always the heaviest one or the toughest one to handle? Or is it all the alcohol in them that makes them weigh more…


You’re not just good, you’re better than ever before! It can be seen in your face, you don’t even have to say it.


Your friends shouldn’t even have to ask that question, it goes without saying. After seeing your face light up like that just by hearing someone mention drinking, you’re not the one they need to persuade into a night of binge-drinking.


When your friends say you’ve already had enough to drink and try reasoning with you, while you’re absolutely convinced you’re not even “that” drunk.


It’s like finding a long lost friend after years of looking for each other, even though in reality you’ve just seen them yesterday. Being drunk changes most of the circumstances for the better.


Don’t you just love those moments when you try your best to act normal and hold back all of the drunkenness you feel sizzling inside of you? In your mind, you’re doing great at it, but in reality…


When your friend tries to tell you something but you can feel them holding back, you know what has to be done. Drop what you’re doing, get drunk and gossip it all out.


A lot of friendships start on a drunk night, some of them even turn out to be fully functional when sober even, some not. Either way, when you’re drunk, they are the best friend you can find.


What? You’re not going to do or say anything you’d regret afterwards, you’re perfectly fine with making good, rational, well-thought-out decisions while drunk.


It’s ok, they will fit, they have to. Hmm, maybe if we try head first… No, then legs first… No, how about you put your drunk friend right into the trunk of the car and call it a night, they won’t mind that’s for sure.

Drunk Memes that Explain the Aftermath


There’s nothing like a rude awakening from looking at your drunk texts to make the hangover go away and sober you up. Yikes! Just look at all those drunk texts, so many mistakes were made…


You may regret a lot of things you do while drunk, drunk texts being one of the main things, but then again, the person you sent them to should at least appreciate that you’re thinking of them even in that obliterated state of mind, that should say something.


Oh, but how is this even possible? It’s not like it happens every damn weekend and you keep repeating the very same mistakes each time. You are a very careful person who makes only good decisions.


Did something very bad while you were drunk? No worries, just keep drinking some more, it will eventually push out all the bad memories and it will be like it never even happened, pure logic.


Oh my, when you realize what has got into you last night is nothing like what you are sober. You’re amazed by your own nastiness but also by the other person’s who actually responded.


Come on, it’s home-made, it’s traditional! 2 shots later, you are blacked out and feel like a freight train ran you over. Guess you’re never drinking that drink again.


When even your pets can see you’re wasted, you know you’ve taken it a bit too far. That look of recognition is undeniable.


If you happen to create such an irreparable mess of drunk texts, then there’s nothing else you can do but move away to a distant country and start over with your entire life.

The Best of Drunk Memes


Even though you’re trying as hell, you’re doing the best you can, there is no way you can participate in that deep conversation when that drunk. And all the deep conversations come up exactly when you’re that drunk.


Even from the earliest of age, we love to get drunk on anything. When something hits that sweet spot, you just have to keep it coming, there’s no stopping until you hit the ground.


There always comes that sudden period of an energy burst, right after the first blackout and before the ultimate passing out. You must use that golden period to rally and reinforce the troops!


Most of the drinking nights start up like this, slow, casual, just a few beers… and then it quickly spirals into you and your friends hitting it up, waking up the following morning wondering what the hell just happened.


It may be a struggle to even walk when you’re drunk, but the confidence that you can do it is sky high. No need for help, you can make it on your own, don’t let your legs prove you wrong!


Now, to even start to comprehend this mind bender, you’d have to go on a bender of your own. After all, there’s no chance a sober person could come up with this…or was it a drunk person?


There’s no wrong answer to this question, but this person somehow managed to get it wrong. Perhaps it’s for the best if you stay away from any tests while drunk, just a suggestion.


The solution to almost everything in life can be just a few drinks away. Especially when you’re having a rough day, there’s nothing better than deciding to get blasted and forget about it all.


It’s all about finding your perfect amount of alcohol to get you drunk enough to enjoy yourself, but not get too wasted to blackout completely. When you find that golden middle, stick to it and don’t go overboard.


If you do happen to take it too far, you might end up feeling still drunk the day afterwards. It’s not that bad of a thing really, but make sure you don’t make any plans for the next day at least.


At that point, is it too late to say stop, to make them know you’ve had more than enough? But surely one more shot won’t make much of a difference, and you’re too drunk to even argue, so bring it on.


If there ever was an upside of being forever alone, it’s surely this. Never having to worry about drunk texting your ex, must be a bliss.

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