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43 Emotional Goodbye Quotes

Every parting is emotional, but sometimes we simply lack appropriate words…

Every tale of a love lost or a heart broken is sure to make you emotional, especially if it’s your own.

Count yourself truly blessed if you’ve never experienced having your heart broken.

If you have, you are a warrior and you will find love and happiness again, if you haven’t yet. Just believe in the power of love!

Here’s a collection of emotional goodbye quotes that will resonate with you and help describe the feeling you felt when you were going through your own heartbreak.

11 Heartbreaking Goodbye Quotes

It’s so sad to think how you were once such a big part of my life, and now you’re just a stranger.

It’s one of the most difficult things to accept when someone you once loved, someone you once poured your heart and soul to, and someone you can’t picture your life without is now just a stranger.

Now you can’t even talk to them, be around them, or even them look at them. What happened?

I know I’m going to be okay. Is it my fault if I wanted to be okay with you?

I can take this pain and feeling of brokenness. I know I will be okay after all this. But can you really blame me if I wanted to be okay together with you forever?

Life can teach you to say goodbye to the people you love without getting rid of them in your heart.

Just because the relationship ended does not mean that your feelings for that person will also be gone for good.

More often than not, the feelings remain in your heart for a very long time. Sometimes they just stay there forever.

Thank you for being such a beautiful and meaningful part in my journey.

They may not have stayed long enough to make your dreams come true together, but they played such an important part in your life. You are forever changed because of them.

They helped you forged this path, and that’s something you cannot hold against them.

The goodbyes that hurt the most are the ones unsaid and the ones that have no explanations.

You will spend a lot of time asking yourself what went wrong, where were the signs, and what could you have done to change the ending.

Most of all, you will feel the pain of knowing that to this person, you are someone who just wasn’t worth an explanation.

You stopped asking how I am. You stopped sharing what you thought or felt. That’s when I knew it was over.

You felt it in their one-word answers. You felt it in your effort to keep talking just to avoid the awkward silence.

You felt it in your desperation to keep things like before because they simply don’t care anymore.

And we stopped speaking to each other after that…

You always thought that you two will still be friends no matter what happened between the two of you. In your head, you always thought that you will be mature enough to handle the circumstances and save the friendship.

But love has a way of changing people and breaking the heart in a way that you will never be the same person again.

Although I knew it was coming, it still hurt like hell.

Even if you knew that this person was just going to break your heart, it still came as a shock to you at how intense the pain felt when they finally did.

The way they leave you tells you everything.

It tells how much they loved you or how much they really didn’t.

As for me, even though it’s over, I know that I will always love you.

You know that there will never be a love like this, and that you will never meet someone that you will love as much as you loved them.

Always remember that between all those hellos, how are yous, good mornings, good nights, and goodbyes, there was so much love.

It’s so easy to focus on all the things that went wrong. But underneath all the anger and pain, there truly was so much love.

11 Goodbye Quotes That Will Make You Cry

I think you brought the sun with you when you left.

Days are not as bright and happy, and they seem to go on too long. All you feel is just cold and emptiness, like you will never feel warm and happy again.

Saying goodbye is the most painful way to resolve a problem in a relationship.

But why do so many people choose to do this anyway?

And then just like that, we were strangers again.

It’s hard to believe they are the same person you couldn’t go a day without seeing, kissing, holding, or speaking with.

How can they be the same person that you brought to all your family gatherings, that your own friends loved as their own, and that you gave your whole self to?

Now, you’re just two people who act like you never even shared a life together.

The hardest part of goodbye is knowing that there is no more us, no more kisses, no more hugs, no more sweet date nights, no more petty fights, no more photos with you, no more I love yous, no more I miss yous, and no more chances.

All these things that used to make you so happy and so loved are all in the past now. The thought that you can’t have them again is what’s breaking your heart, and the thought that they will have it again someday with another person is what’s killing you.

When I gave you my heart, I was not expecting to get it back broken into a million little pieces.

You were really hoping that this one will last, and that it will be your happy ever after. There were no guarantees, but it still shocked you how your heart got this broken when things didn’t work out like you planned.

That’s it. I’m done. I’m done hoping, fighting, crying, hurting, and trying. I’m just done.

You have given it your all. You have done your part. You can’t be the only one who’s fighting for this love. Even the strongest and bravest people can reach their limit.

I pray that I never have to say goodbye to the next person that I will love.

You may be feeling so broken that falling in love again is the last thing on your mind. But if it ever happens again for you, you are praying that this time will not end up breaking your heart again.

I wish you were as easy to forget as it was to fall in love with you.

Maybe then you will not waste so much time trying to put a smile on your face and acting normally while holding back tears every time you see something that reminds you of that person.

The most difficult part of saying goodbye this time is that I don’t want to say goodbye at all.

Maybe what makes it so hard is that it wasn’t your idea, and that you weren’t expecting that it would lead to goodbye.

I think it’s much better this way. It’s a little sadder but better.

They may no longer be yours, but at least you can start working on fixing yourself and moving on.

Just because I said goodbye doesn’t mean I wanted to.

Had you stayed together, you would have ended up breaking and hating each other. Saying goodbye was the kindest thing to do, but it certainly wasn’t the easiest.

11 Goodbye Quotes That Will Hurt Your Heart

What hurts the most about saying goodbye to you is that you were not even fighting for me.

It was like they were waiting for you to give up and decide on the relationship.

It was like they were making it so easy for you to walk away because you feel that you are no longer wanted.

I hope you’re happy. I wish you nothing but the best, and I mean it.

Even if their happiness no longer includes you, you truly wish them the best. You love them, and you know that they have a good heart. You just weren’t good for each other.

The hardest part about saying goodbye to you is realizing that you will never run after me.

You know that once you leave, that’s it. There’s no turning back, and you will be out of their life for good.

Maybe one day in the future, we will meet again as characters in a different story. Maybe then we’ll be able to share a lifetime together.

Maybe not in this lifetime, but there’s a better love story waiting to happen.

I really thought it was going to be different this time.

You gave it your all and made sure that you didn’t commit the mistakes as last time. It was good while it lasted.

If it’s really not meant to be, there’s nothing you can do but let fate run its course.

Promise me that you will not forget about me.

If it’s not too much to ask, I hope that somewhere in your heart, you will hold on to all our good memories. I hope you will always remember how much I loved you.

I’m saying goodbye because I realized that you let go a long time ago. It’s time for me to do the same.

I’m taking care of myself now and holding on to what sanity and pride I have left.

How can I say goodbye when my heart still does not want to let go?

How is it possible to leave behind something that has given me so much love and happiness?

The hardest part of saying goodbye is learning to live without you and filling the void in my life that you will leave behind.

It will take a long time and tremendous effort. There will be many times that you will fall back into the habit of longing for them and asking them back.

But you will get tired of feeling this way one day, and then you will realize that you owe it to yourself to move on.

Goodbyes are not what hurt the most. It’s all the memories of you and me.

Those were really good memories. They will be forever with you, and you will always remember them, even if you both love someone else now.

I wish you a good life, but I’m done fighting for my right to be in it.

Being in their life should not be so difficult. You should not feel like you have to compete with everyone else.

10 Goodbye Quotes That Will Bring on the Feels

This goodbye is painful because our story is not yet finished, but the book has already been closed.

There are still so many words left unsaid and so many emotions unexpressed. There are so many plans that you still want to accomplish together, and so many dreams that you want to turn into reality.

My body aches at the thought of never being with you again.

Just thinking about them not being yours again fills you with a physical kind of pain.

It’s so sad that we just ended up being strangers who loved each other sometime ago.

When hearts are broken and when trust is lost, it’s really hard to remain friends, no matter how much you want to save the friendship.

I am blessed because I have found the good in goodbye.

It may hurt like hell right now, but you will soon understand why it had to happen, and why you should be grateful for the experience.

When you find you, I hope you come back to me.

Maybe then you will be ready to be loved the way you deserve to be loved.

I’m tired of fighting. I just wanted you to fight for me.

You cannot be the only one fighting to keep the love alive. There are two people in a relationship, after all.

It’s ironic how we can still be so hurt by something we’ve seen coming.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been hoping that things will work out and end on a happy note.

We started with a sweet hello and ended with a bitter goodbye.

This is not a romantic comedy that usually ends with a happy ever after. This is real life where love stories are plagued with issues and often end in tears and heartbreak.

People leave, even if they promised you a million of times that they never will.

If there’s anything you should learn about love, it’s to never hold on to anyone’s promises.

I loved you more than you deserved.

You loved them a little too much and got nothing to show for it.

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