45 Encouragement Memes That Will Get You Through

Your day shouldn’t start without one of these Encouragement Memes…

Even the strongest and bravest people also need some encouragement from time to time. You are human, and you are allowed to feel weak, broken, and afraid.

The important thing is to pick yourself up and work to be happy, healthy, and successful again. Let this collection of encouragement memes inspire you to do just that.

11 Powerful Encouragement Memes


So many of us are guilty of this when we see someone who’s enjoying success in business or in their careers.

We are so quick to leave a negative or hurtful comment on social media when we see someone posting a gorgeous selfie.

We are also so quick to judge people when we don’t even know them or what they’re going through.

Instead of pulling them down and belittling their achievements, we should lift each other up and celebrate each other’s victories. Be proud because their success took a lot of hard work and sacrifice.


You will not always experience beautiful and happy days. You can be mindful of how you live your life each day, but there will always be situations that you don’t expect or that you can’t control.

When life surprises with you the unexpected and you don’t know what do, do what you think is best.

If you are not prepared for it, just fight it with all you’ve got because this, too, shall pass.


Ask yourself if you will still be worried about this issue five years, ten years, or twenty years from now.

More often than not, your worries today will already be forgotten several years down the road.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and just keep going!


You’re not doing what you love just to impress or gain recognition. Remember that you’re doing it for you and for your own happiness and fulfilment.

As long as you’re happy and passionate about it, you don’t need to get the credit. Let your work speak for itself.


Everyone goes at their own pace, and not everyone begins their journey at the same time.

It’s not fair to compare your progress to someone who’s been at it for years. The same way you cannot compare how far you’ve come and how much you have achieved with someone who’s only starting out.

Focus on your own journey and go as fast or as slow as you want without losing yourself in the process.


The same way that not everyone in your life is good for you. Learn to recognize these toxic people and stay away from them as much as possible.

Don’t hesitate to sever all ties with them. You don’t need them to be happy and successful.


If you don’t conquer your fears, you will never know what’s waiting for you at the other side.

You will only discover what’s out there for you when you muster the courage and overcome what you fear the most.


Sometimes your thoughts are the most critical, most discouraging, and most demotivating. Don’t let your negative thoughts feed your life. Be aware when your thoughts are starting to become unhealthy.


The perfect time to be happy is today. The best time to spoil yourself is now. Don’t put your dreams and your happiness on hold because you are too busy making a living. You don’t how much time you’ve got in this world, after all.


Whatever you’re going through now will not last forever. Whether it’s good or bad, cherish every moment.

You will want to look back on this moment many years from now and realize how much stronger and braver you became because of it.


Instead of focusing on the bad stuff, focus on the good. There’s always something good in each day.


You don’t need the toxic energy of negative people. When you are surrounded by these negative people, all they’ll do is attract negativity. This has a negative effect on your overall well-being over time.

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When you have a grateful heart, you will always have more than enough. Everything will be new and beautiful in your eyes, and no blessing will ever be too small or little.


When you do hurtful things to other people, you end up hurting yourself in the process, too. You can never be okay when all you do is leave broken hearts and broken promises in your trail.


There are so many opportunities for you. But if you feel like there are still not enough, you can always break down the walls, think out of the box, and create your own opportunities.


You’ve spent all your life loving and taking care of others. Your happiness and own well-being have taken a backseat. You’ve forgotten that you matter, too.

But you deserve to be happy and taken care of, too. This is the perfect time to do what’s best for you and give yourself a much-deserved treat.


There is strength in overcoming challenges, and there is strength in picking up the pieces when your plan does not turn out like you expected.


Even if right now you can’t understand why certain things happen to certain people, know that its purpose will made clear to you at the right time.

And then you will realize why things happened in your life the way they did.


The family who loves you and waits for you at the end of the day, your talents that allow you to do what you love and earn a living from it, your friends who never left your side, your good health that keeps you strong — these are your real treasures.

If you have these, you are a truly rich person!


But you outdid yourself without even realizing it, which just proves that you can handle the biggest and heaviest obstacles and still make it with flying colors.


If you will obsess about all the rejections, failures, and disappointments, you will never have enough energy to turn those failures into victories and those disappointments into celebrations.


If you want to make people happy, you need to start with yourself. Make sure you make yourself happy. What happiness can you give to others if you don’t have happiness in your life?

Take care of yourself and pursue the things that give you joy. When you achieve your own happiness, it will simply overflow and fill other people’s lives as well.


Don’t worry about yesterday. That’s a day you can no longer return to or undo. Focus instead on today which offers you a chance to make up for what happened yesterday.

Today is another opportunity to be better than yesterday.

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There’s no shortcut to success. Even the wealthiest have to start from the bottom.

Real success is something that you work for with your blood, sweat, and tears. Knowing that you worked so hard for it makes your success so much sweeter.


You can only carry around your excess baggage for so long. There will come a time that you can no longer bear its weight and end up stumbling yourself.

Let go of what’s no longer needed and what’s no longer good for you. You will realize that when you lose the heavy load, you stand a little taller and walk a little faster.


Chances are you will only find a kind of happiness that is only temporarily, only to be replaced with the same pain and heartbreak that broke you the last time.


If you never give it a try, how will you know if something is for you or not? How will you know the things that you should improve on and the things that you should do to master it?

How will you achieve great things if you never take the first step?


You are only setting yourself up for failure. You are only inviting unhappiness in your life. You may think that you can make it work because you are naturally talented.

But over time, you will feel like you’re only playing a role, and the happiness that it brings you is only on a surface level.

You will realize that you will never truly achieve genuine happiness when you don’t feel like you belong.


Just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it never will. Be patient because something better is in the works for you!


You only got one life to live. Make this one matter. Make it the best one you’ve got. Live it in a way that will make you very proud.


If you constantly think about what other people think, you will never be able to move freely and do whatever you want to do with your life. Because at the back of your mind, you are already thinking about what people might be thinking of you right now. That’s no way to live!


Let your motivation be to wipe the smile off their faces and prove them wrong. Watch them be amazed by what you do and realize how mistaken they are for doubting what you can do.

Be motivated by the people who want to see you fall and rub your success right in their faces once your mission is accomplished.


You may be having a hard time trying to understand why things happen the way they do and why people are the way they are.

Right now, it may be difficult to comprehend amidst the pain and disappointment. But one day, you will finally understand.


Nothing worth having is ever easy, so prepare to work hard if you want to achieve it.

Do you want a better position at work? Prove to your superiors why you are the best person for the job.

Do you want a better quality of life? Work hard and hustle harder.

Do you want a happier and stronger relationship with the person you love? Be ready to put in what you want to get from your relationship.

Never forget that hard work pays off!


Don’t be the person who will be filled with regrets when you’re old and gray, thinking about the trips that you should have taken, the people you should have spent more time with, or the dreams that you never should have given up on.

It’s never too late. As long as you’re still living and breathing, you can always start today.

11 Strong Encouragement Memes


The world may be full of pain, tears, loss, and anger. But it’s also filled with love, beauty, kindness, generosity, and compassion. It’s a pretty wonderful world if you know just what to look for.


Find the thing that makes you happy. Find the people who will make you feel grateful to be alive. Create the life that you have always been dreaming of.


Do the thing that you do when you’re really pissed off, frustrated, or furious. Do it as many times as needed, preferably in private. But never ever think of quitting!


Now that you’re older, you find yourself choosing the simpler and quieter life. You’ll readily spend your weekends on your self-care routine or with your family and closest friends.

A good book, a good nap, and a good meal sounds absolutely heavenly. You don’t care so much about what others are doing because you’re happy doing your own thing.


You’re someone who doesn’t need saving. You know how to take care of yourself.


Never ever doubt what you can do, and never believe anyone who says you can’t.


There are better things to do than listen to the unnecessary drama of other people who are not even your friends.


You might discover that it’s the thing that you should be doing for the rest of your life!


It’s perfectly okay to admire, but don’t let it make you feel bad or insecure.


Be the reason that people believe in goodness and kindness and all things wonderful.

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