55 Encouraging Quotes That Send Positivity to Someone Special

Why is it important to stay positive? Discover now!

55 Encouraging Quotes That Send Positivity to Someone Special

It is not easy to always stay positive and go through your days with optimism. At those moments, when optimism decreases, it is important to have someone who will encourage you to return to your natural self and march through your life with a smile on your face.

11 Encouragement Quotes

Be grateful wherever you are in your journey, even if it’s not where you want to be. There’s a reason why you are where you are. Just think of it as a small detour, or a missed turn. Keep going because eventually you will get to your destination!


No one can make your dreams come true except yourself. You have the power to make things happen, and it begins with your decision to do something about it.


Practice like you have never tasted victory. Perform like you have never experienced defeat. This amount of passion and commitment will yield amazing results. Pour your heart and mind to it and you will gain victory after victory!


Some people want things to happen. Some wish it to happen. Others simply make it happen. Know what you want to happen in your life and figure out how you’re going to make it happen.


I don’t lose. That’s because I only win or learn. To a committed and motivated person, every experience is a learning opportunity that will only teach one to become better and wiser over time.


Success doesn’t just come and find you. You need to go out there and find it yourself. You need to work hard for it every day. You need to let go of the negative thoughts that make you doubt yourself, and you need to have the mindset of a real winner.


Don’t give up just because of what people say. Use this to motivate yourself and to push harder. Let go of anything that does not help you become a better person. Focus on the things that will change you but strengthen you as well.


Winning simply means that you’re willing work harder, sacrifice more, and give more than anyone else. It means that you’re willing to go the extra mile to be a successful person, and no one should hold that against you.


Limitations only exist in your mind. But if you use your imagination, your possibilities can become limitless. If you realize what you’re truly capable of doing, you will be bolstered in your body and mind!


Every failure is a lesson. If you’re not willing to fail, then you’re no ready to succeed. If you’re not willing to make the necessary sacrifices, you can’t expect yourself to be triumphant in your endeavors. If you don’t know how to lose, you will never know how to appreciate what it feels like to win.


Winning is sometimes a slow and long process, but quitting or giving up won’t speed it up, either. Winners make winning look so easy, but it takes years. It takes a lot of time, energy, hard work, exercise, and even money. If winning were that easy, the world will be crawling with winners!

11 Quotes of Encouragement

There’s always going to be someone stronger, wiser, and better than you. There will always be challenges that look impossible to overcome. What you can do is decide whether you’re going to let them bring you down or inspire you to work harder. Success is always determined by these two things.


Your fears become your limitations. The more you hide or run away from your fears, the more you are denying yourself of the success that you can enjoy.


Negative thoughts will never give you a positive life. Your mind is your weapon. The kind of thoughts you have determine the kind of life that you will live, so pay attention to your thoughts.


Everything that you have ever wanted is on the other side of your fears. Once you overcome your fears, it will be a totally different ballgame! There’s nothing standing in your way, and nothing holding you back.


The best kind of success comes after your biggest disappointments. Success becomes much sweeter, and the satisfaction is much more intense because you know just how much you’ve worked for it.


Show up even when no one is there to applaud you for it. Be there even if you know people will not be paying attention. Just show up and be your usual freaking awesome!


Challenges will prepare even the most ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. You only need to have big dreams, big plans, and big efforts to make your dreams come true.


Don’t bury your failures or hide from them. Instead, let them inspire you. Use them to fuel your dreams and propel you in your path to success. Be proud of your failures for they are proof that you are trying.


Remain strong. It may be stormy now but know that it does not rain forever. Things will get better very soon. The sun will shine again, and you will feel warm and happy after feeling so cold and gray for so long.


I want to be an inspiration to people. I want someone to look at me and tell me that because of what I do, they believed in themselves more and didn’t give up!


You can throw me to the wolves to die but let me disappoint you by returning in one piece and leading the pack. I will not go down without a fight, and you better believe it when I say that I’m going to bring the fight to you.

11 Encouraging Quotes for Women

Be the woman who decided to just go for it. Don’t wait for anyone’s cue. Don’t wait until you feel more confident or more prepared. Just go with your gut and go for what you want!


There’s no force more powerful than a woman who’s determined to rise. When she eyes something that she wants, she will do everything in her power to get it, however long it takes.


Hustle until your haters come to you to ask whether you’re hiring. There will always be people who will like what you’re doing or who will hate your guts for even trying. Don’t pay attention to the haters because they’re not responsible for putting money in your wallet.


Intelligence and confidence will never stop being attractive. A beautiful face and a good figure will not be enough in this very competitive world. Make sure that your mind is sharp, and that you have the confidence to follow through with your plans — you’ll be more than alright!


Every setback creates a path for your very own comeback. A failure is a not a sign from the universe that you should stop trying. Setbacks are opportunities for you to rethink, refocus, regroup, and try again!


Don’t be ashamed of your story because no matter how bad or painful it is, it can still inspire others. Something that you think is shameful or painful can just be the story that someone needs to hear to be inspired and courageous. Never give up because you don’t know who you’re inspiring.


She is becoming the woman that you will never deserve. If you want to be in her life, allow her to shine and give her the support that she needs. If you can’t give her that, the door is wide open.


You are made to do great things, so never stop believing in yourself. Don’t be disheartened if the path to greatness is paved with challenges and obstacles. Being great is not easy, but it’s sure worth it.


That moment when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up is the moment where change happens. When you feel like it’s no longer worth it, that’s the time you need to hustle harder. Your lowest moments can be the moments that you will receive your breakthrough, so make sure that you’re paying attention.


Success does not depend on your body’s strength but on the strength of your mind and character. You don’t stop shining when your body becomes broken. Work on strengthening your mind and honing your instincts.


It doesn’t happen overnight, so just keep going until it does. Anyone who expects to be successful in a day is a fool. Anything that promises you instant success is a total lie.

11 Encouraging Sports Quotes

Raise the bar a notch higher every time you succeed. Keep pushing yourself to work harder and reach higher heights.


Obstacles are not meant to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t go back and give up. Find a way to climb it, go through it, or walk around it. Get rid of anything that stands in your path and keep going!


Athletes who have goals emerge triumphant because they have a direction and they know where they’re going. They are focused on not just winning but being the best version of themselves.


You can’t go up the hill if all you’re thinking about are downhill thoughts. You can’t expect to have a good life if all you can think about are the reasons why you can’t. If you want to create the best life for you, begin with having positive and motivating thoughts.


Receiving words of encouragement after suffering a failure are worth more than receiving plenty of praise after a victory. It’s tougher to deal with losing, and the encouragement that you will get from the people who care will make the sting of the loss more bearable. It will make the loss easier to accept and learn from.


One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to do what other people say you can’t do. Don’t you just love seeing the look of surprise on people’s faces when they’re so ready to see you fail but you do the complete opposite? Keep surprising people and do the unexpected!


Champions are made of visions, dreams, and desires. They are also made of commitment, confidence, faith, and motivation. They were not born champions, but they worked for the title with their blood, sweat, and tears.


There will always be days when you just need to create your own sunshine. Not every day will be sunny and warm. Sometimes there will be just too much doom and gloom that you need to lighten it up with your own warmth.


The will to win means nothing if you don’t have the will to prepare. Champions don’t just walk into battle hoping against hope that they will win. They do all kinds of preparations that will make everyone who sees them wish they’d win because of the amount of energy they put to their physical, emotional, and mental preparations.


Don’t let a win go to your head or a loss to your heart. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Remember that you are only as good as your last win. Don’t take the losses too deeply because every loss is a learning experience. You never lose by losing.


Don’t walk into a game believing that you’re better than the rest of them. You must prove them first. You must earn their respect and show them how it’s done.

11 Encouraging Weight Loss Quotes

The time, dedication, and sweat — all of that pays off. You may not see the results instantly, but you will get the results that you worked for.


A little progress every day adds up to great results. Just take it one day at a time and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve already achieved.


Don’t expect anything to change if you don’t make a change. It’s like expecting to be rich when you’re just spending the whole day on the couch.


Someone who’s a lot busier than you is at the gym now working up a sweat. What’s your excuse?


I still have a long way to go, but I’m already so far from where I was, and I’m very proud of that.


You’ll start to feel it in two weeks. You’ll see it in four, and you’ll hear it in eight.


Just keep going. Great things take time.



Your fitness is 100% your mind. Your body will not go anywhere your mind does not push it.


Stop letting food be the boss of you.


Money can’t buy good health and fitness. You achieve it by working hard, remaining consistent, and eating clean.

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