15 Heartfelt Engagement Wishes from Parents to their Child

These engagement wishes from parents are touching and emotional at the same time

engagement wishes from parents

Getting engaged is a very emotional and special moment for any couple, and it will mean the world to them if they know that they have their parents’ blessing. Receiving engagement wishes from parents is also reassuring them that they are happy and excited that their children are taking their relationship to the next level. It’s telling them that they are glad they found the person they will love for the rest of their lives!

There are many ways that a mother or a father can express their engagement wishes and messages to their child. However, the best is always speaking straight from the heart. Also, they should have the parents’ blessings and wishes for a happy life and a love that never wavers.

The following are some examples of heartfelt engagement wishes from parents.

They are sure to make any child feel like they’re the luckiest people in the world for having the most wonderful parents.

You don’t need to be a writer or a poet just to get the perfect words and capture the right emotions. When a parent speaks right from the heart, the words will just flow, and all the emotions will just pour out of you in the most natural and loving way.

Beautiful Engagement Wishes from Parents

To the newly engaged couple, our warmest and happiest congratulations! We are so happy that you are taking your relationship to the next level, and that you have found your happiness in each other. It’s the perfect time to get married, and your announcement couldn’t come at a better time. We wish that this new life that you are about to create will bring you lots of love, happiness, and peace. May God continue to bless the both of you, and may your dreams for one another all come true. You deserve a life of happiness and love. Again, our congratulations.


Congratulations on your engagement! I wish I can tell you that I’m surprised, but I’m not. Ever since that day I saw you with her, I knew she was the one! There was just something about the way your voice softens when you’re talking to her, and there’s just a softness and lightness to your face whenever she’s around. I know that you have been planning the proposal for a while now, and I’m so thrilled that she loved the surprise that you prepared. You make such a lovely couple, and I know that your babies will be so adorable. I can’t wait for the big day. All the best to you and your fiancé!


What wonderful news on your engagement! We’re so excited, and we’re sending you our heartfelt congratulations. We know that the wedding is still months away, but we cannot wait to see you walking down that aisle in your beautiful white dress. I know how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your special someone. Now it’s finally happening! I hope you’re happy and excited about this turn of events. I hope that all the days leading up to your wedding will be easy and stress-free. Remember that we’re just a phone call or a text away if you ever need help with anything!


Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I just heard the most amazing news and I wanted to be the first one to send you my best wishes. It’s about time that you take your relationship to the next level, and this is just the perfect way to do it! You make such a lovely couple. I can see how happy you make each other, and I know just how happier you will be once you get married. Just keep loving each other and you will have nothing to worry about come the big day. I can’t wait for you to get married so that I can have many, many grandchildren!


I’m very happy to hear your great news. It fills me with such pride to know that my one and only daughter is finally walking down the aisle and starting a family of her own. I can’t believe that just a few years ago, you were just this little girl who charmed and made everyone fall in love with her. Now you’re all so grown up and ready to have your own family. I’m over the moon with happiness because I know you are marrying someone good, kind, and faithful. I know how much he loves you and how much you love him, so it truly is a match made in heaven.


Engagement Wishes from Parents Who Can’t Wait for the Big Day

Congratulations on this decision to get married! It’s been a long time coming, but still wonderful news to receive. Your life is about to get very exciting, and I wish you nothing but love, success, and happiness. I always knew that you are made for each other. There are just some things in this world that I’m sure of, and you getting married to each other is one of them. Keep loving each other and making each other happy. Remember that the best is always yet to come. I wish you all the wonderful things that life can offer. May you have the most magical wedding day ever.


I’m really very happy and excited to hear the news that you’re finally tying the knot. It’s a very big commitment to make to each other, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This just shows how much you love each other, and just how sure you are about each other. I’m a witness to the unfolding of your love story, and I was there with you during your ups and downs. I hope that what you experienced in life and love together taught you lessons that can help you with your future married life. I’m not worried, because I know that there’s nothing the both of you cannot handle. Congratulations on your engagement, and all the best on your wedding day!


You’re engaged! Congratulations! I’m feeling mixed emotions right now, because my baby is finally getting married. You will be someone’s wife now and not just my daughter. You will be taking his last name, and you will be building a new life together with your new husband. Just the thought of it makes me teary eyed and sentimental. But I also know that this is what you have always wanted, and that this is what will make you happy. I fully support you on this decision, and you will always have me by your side. I’m really looking forward to your big day.


I’m so happy to hear your wonderful news! Congratulations on your engagement! No two people deserve this much love and happiness than you. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world. Enjoy every minute of your engagement and your wedding planning. I know it will get stressful at some point, but just always remember the reason why you’re doing this. All your hard work will be worth it come the big day, trust me. If you ever need anything, you know that the whole family is just here ready to help. Just call or text and we’ll come running. All the best to you!


For my lovely son and his beautiful fiancé, congratulations on your engagement! I am absolutely thrilled that you are making this life-long commitment to each other, because I know just how crazy in love you are with each other. I watched the two of you start out as friends, and then as lovers. And now you’re on your way to being husband and wife. When two people are meant to be together, the universe truly does conspire to bring them together. By hook or by crook. I’m just so glad that you found each other and fell in love when you did. Because I can’t see you ending up with anyone else but her. I love you both so much! Cheers to a wonderful life ahead.


Sentimental Engagement Wishes from Parents

I just heard the loveliest news, and I couldn’t be happier. Congratulations on your engagement! How I wish that the wedding is tomorrow already because I can’t wait to see you walking down that aisle with your Dad. Oh my, I think I’m tearing up already. I’m just so happy that you have found the love that you’ve been searching for. I just know that this is the real thing, because you have blossomed into this more beautiful version of yourself. There’s a quiet confidence and serenity in you now, and for that I am incredibly proud. All the best to you and your future husband, and may you have a very happy life together!


Congratulations on getting engaged! I can’t wait for your wedding, and I can’t wait for you to be officially husband and wife. Whenever I see the two of you gazing at each other’s eyes, I know that true love and soulmates exist. It may have taken a little while for you to find each other, but I’m so glad that you did! You are a perfect match, and you make each other just so effortlessly happy. May God’s grace continue to light your path and guide your way in this wonderful new journey. Happy engagement! Enjoy every moment of it.


This is such incredible news! Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you both nothing but love and happiness. Just keep loving each other the way you love each other now. Better yet, love each other so much more. You are on the right track. May your life together be an endless romance and adventure. May you have a long and wonderful life together. I know you will have a beautiful family, and you will fill your home with love and kindness. I can’t wait for the rest of your lives to begin. All the best and happiest wishes to you!


I think I’m the happiest person in the world now because two of my favorite people have just gotten engaged. Congratulations to the both of you! May your engagement give you a taste of the wonderful life that’s waiting for you when you get married. May you always have love, happiness, and commitment to one another. May you always find your wife beautiful and incredible, and your husband wonderful and amazing. May you just love and worship each other for life! Stay happy and blessed. I can’t wait for your wedding day because I know it will be a truly memorable day for everyone. Again, our congratulations and best wishes.


Congratulations on getting engaged! Thank you for making us a part of the wedding proposal. It truly means a lot. I still can’t believe that you are finally getting married! love you both so much, and there’s nothing I want more than seeing two incredible people becoming husband and wife. I can see now just how beautiful your life together is going to be. May you both continue to love and honor each other, today and always. God bless you both, and may you have lots of joy and happiness as you embark on this exciting new journey. Cheers to a life of wonderful surprises, unending happiness, and everlasting love!

Getting engaged is just as exciting as getting married. The thought that someone asked for a woman’s hand in marriage is enough to make any woman swoon and any man to be extra romantic.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to express your excitement over your child’s engagement, here are some more examples.

Special Engagement Wishes and Messages

We are sending all our excited wishes to you and your fiancé. It’s the most wonderful news we have received in a while. Please forgive us if we are more than a little excited about it! We can’t wait for the day. Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your lovely news.


The news of your engagement did not surprise me at all. In fact, I was pretty sure that you will be getting married this year judging from all your cheesy photos and videos on social media. Best wishes to you both and we can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you!


Happy engagement! I can’t believe you’re finally doing it! There are so many wedding ideas running through my head right now, I better write them down. If you need help with the wedding preparations, you know I’m just here. Again, congratulations on getting engaged.


We just heard the most incredible news. This is all very exciting! I know that this will be the perfect way to honor your undying love for each other. You look radiant with happiness. Best wishes and enjoy the wedding preparations.


I can still remember that conversation we had. You were so scared at the thought of never finding that one person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. Fast forward to today and you are engaged! Isn’t love amazing? I think I’m going to cry tears of happiness! Happy engagement!


This is it! You’re engaged! Congratulations on this wonderful news. Enjoy every moment of your engagement and the wedding preparations. It will be very busy and crazy, but you will miss everything when the wedding’s over. I am so excited for you both and what’s to come.


Congratulations on your engagement! That was the most romantic proposal. He really knows what you want and what will make you happy, and I think that’s very important for a married couple. You are going to be so happy together as husband and wife.


I’m crying tears of happiness because I just heard the most incredible news. To say that I’m excited is the biggest understatement. I have waited for this moment just as much as you have, so please bear with me if I’m a bit emotional right now. I’m so happy that you’re engaged. Congratulations!


You’re engaged! Congratulations! I can see the rock on your finger all the way from here! I can’t wait to see you and hear all the juicy details. Happy engagement!


Such incredible news to hear about your recent engagement! I’m so thrilled for the both of you, and I know that you will make excellent partners for life. I can’t wait for your big day. Congratulations on being engaged!

These are just some examples of engagement wishes from parents.

They are wonderful messages of love that celebrate and share the future bride and future groom’s happiness. Find inspiration in them when you find yourself having trouble coming up with the right words.

Don’t be surprised anymore if your parents start crying and laughing while congratulating you.

They may also scream with delight when they think of all the exciting possibilities, or when they envision you in your wedding gown, or when they think about being grandparents sometime in the future. It’s a happy and exciting time.

Let parents just be parents and have them celebrate your engagement the best way they know how. And that is with plenty of emotions!

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