43 Excited Memes – Pick the Best and Share Your Excitement

These Excited Memes are Just Hilarious!

These excited memes are all of us. Whether it’s something that concerns your family, friends, job, or romantic partner, there’s always a great little meme that will represent a certain feeling, event, or moment.

The excited memes that made this list are just some of the most common, but there are tons more out there waiting for you to be discovered!

11 Excited Memes That Only a Real Adult Can Relate To

Excited Memes

No matter how old you are, checking the tracking number of a purchase and finding out that it will be delivered today can truly make you excited like a kid on Christmas day.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand new electric toothbrush or a luxurious set of sheets from Italy.

There’s a package coming and it’s just for you!

Excited Memes

Chances like this are very hard to come by. When the boss asks for people to take some time off work, you don’t think about it.

You come right out and volunteer yourself faster than you can say holiday!

Take the vacation now and worry about the rest of the year later. You’ll figure something out, just like you always do!

Excited Memes

When the season finale ends in a frustrating but fantastic cliffhanger, it’s pure torture to wait for almost an entire year just to know what fate awaits your favorite character.

It’s really no surprise that when the show comes back on, it feels like a winning a gold medal in the waiting game!

Excited Memes

If you’re serious about your TV life, you know how expensive streaming services can be when you add up all your expenses.

Good thing there’s such a thing as free trial periods! You can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows for free, but only for 30 days.

If you know how to manage your time, you can watch all you need to watch before you lose all access, even if it means losing sleep for an entire month!

Excited Memes

You post a tweet gushing about your favorite celebrity, thinking that it will just stay there on the internet without being noticed by anyone, let alone your favorite celebrity.

When they do favorite and retweet it, almost losing consciousness is a perfectly acceptable reaction!

Excited Memes

It’s hard to pick a pair of jeans in the store. They look perfect hanging on display but don’t look flattering on your body when you try them on.

Nothing is more satisfying and exciting than loving a pair of jeans on display and finding that they fit perfectly, too!

Excited Memes

Isn’t it a panicky feeling when you wake up from sleep and realize that you’re famished?

No way you’ll go out to buy something to eat when you’re already in your pajamas.

Nothing good is in your fridge. But then you remember that slice of cake in a Styrofoam container stowed in the back of the fridge.

Excited Memes

There are only a couple of songs that you know the lyrics by heart. When you sing them, you can expect it to be truly performance level!

Feel proud because you didn’t have to sing using a lyrics app on your phone or mumbling words on the microphone. You sang every word like a consummate professional!

Excited Memes

Just when you stopped Facebook stalking your ex, here comes Facebook announcing that they’re single once again.

Let another round of Facebook stalking commence!

Excited Memes

You will not always have money to spend. There will be days when you’re going to be short on cash.

When that day comes, finding money in different parts of your apartment, in your clothes, or in your bags can be like unearthing chests of hidden treasure!

Excited Memes

It’s very annoying when your candy does not fall in the slot and the office vending machine ends up just eating your money.

But not when the money’s not yours and you just happen to be standing there in front of the machine when a chocolate bar drops!

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Excited Memes

Everything looks delicious, and your excitement just builds with every table that you pass.

It takes serious eating skills to successfully eat your way to all the buffet spreads. Wear that big belly like a badge of honor and proudly say that you got yourself ten refills in a span of two hours.

Excited Memes

It’s always a nice surprise to receive money when you don’t expect it. Even if it means just having your salary credited to your ATM a day early.

Just imagine all the bills that you can pay a day early, too!

Excited Memes

All exhausted parents will know just how precious those first few minutes of peace and quiet are.

It’s like they can finally start being themselves again because someone else has taken over their bodies the whole day.

Squeeze in as much relaxation time as you can because it will only take a few minutes before you’re dozing off yourself.

Excited Memes

You’ve been eating healthily and working out religiously the whole week. It’s time to unwind and beat the stress by ordering your favorite pizza complete with the works.

When the pizza finally comes, it’s pure unadulterated pleasure!

Excited Memes

This is every food lover’s wish, to eat anything they want as much as they want without getting fat.

When you food binged and realized you did not gain any weight, it’s a cause for celebration!

Excited Memes

It’s always a feel-good moment whenever someone pays you a compliment on your figure. Even if it’s only been one session of gym or yoga.

Losing weight is tough, and it feels nice to get encouragement from other people!

Excited Memes

There’s a concert king or queen in everyone, and it usually manifests whenever a favorite song is played out loud.

It’s like being possessed by the musical gods and being filled with the desire to make your favorite singer proud!

Excited Memes

This thought alone can make you feel lighter and happier and more zen in all other aspects of your life.

That’s how much a good cheeseburger can do!

Excited Memes

Sometimes having a muffin with your coffee feels too extra. But when they give them away for free, no sane person will say no!

Excited Memes

You will feel tempted to do a little victory dance because you did not Uber, did not make a run for it, and did not muscle your way through a crowded elevator.

You made your sweet time going to the office, and you were not late!

Excited Memes

You feel instantly psyched that people are noticing the results.

Even if there are nights when you just want to jump into bed and forget about the whole skin care routine, the compliments make it all worth it!

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Excited Memes

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, just seeing these words will make you itch to buy anything for half the price.

Excited Memes

Please! A whole day of work is enough physical, emotional, and mental torture!

Excited Memes

It’s oddly satisfying to imagine the faces of the people reading your email that you will not be in the office for a whole week.

You will just need to deal with them when you get back to work sporting a really fabulous tan!

Excited Memes

You can easily get riled up by overexcited fans who cannot keep their mouths shut both online and offline.

If you don’t want other people to burst your bubble of excitement, stay away from these kinds of people!

Excited Memes

When your feet are too small or too big, finding the perfect pair of shoes in stores is quite a challenge.

Stumbling on a pair on sale in exactly your size is nothing short of a miracle!

Excited Memes

No need to make an out of town trip just to eat your favorite dish. No need to ask your friends to bring you home something from your favorite bakery that’s two time zones away.

Now, who wouldn’t get excited over that?

Excited Memes

You may not be a good cook or a famous chef, but you have a secret spaghetti recipe that’s always a crowd pleaser. No way in hell will you be sharing its secret ingredient!

Excited Memes

Sometimes just pondering about this can set your heart racing and your mouth salivating, depending on how long it’s been since you’ve had a really delicious pizza.

Excited Memes

One of the best feelings in the world is calling your favorite Chinese restaurant and finding out that they still have your favorite Kung Pao Chicken at 10 pm.

Excited Memes

It’s exciting, at the same time, awkward. You just make do with safe questions like work, hair, makeup, or clothes and say goodbye, spending the next few minutes trying to place them and recalling their names.

Excited Memes

When you work so hard all week long and can barely have a good lunch because of all the things that you should do, the weekend provides an opportunity for you to binge on food and all the things that you missed out on the whole week.

Yes, it’s much like carb loading, only without hitting the gym or running 10 miles to burn all the calories.

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Excited Memes

You want to yank the little monsters away from the couch, but you don’t want to scare them or offend their parents.

With much excitement and enthusiasm, you usher them outside and play a good old game of tag instead!

Excited Memes

Entering a coffee shop can easily be the highlight of your day. But too many choices of coffees when you’re in a hurry can also be equally stressful!

You want to try all of them, but you’re not sure whether you will like them. You want to study the menu, but you’re in a hurry to do that. A true coffee conundrum indeed!

Excited Memes

These days, finding someone who has good grammar, good looks, and a good sense of humor is like finding the pot of gold. It’s definitely something to be excited about!

Excited Memes

It’s the little unguarded moments that will truly take your breath away.

It will be very hard not to be excited when the little one does something really nice that impresses not only you but other people as well.

Excited Memes

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but there are really more important things in life than grabbing drinks with colleagues on a week night.

Like finally removing your shoes, changing into comfy clothes, washing your face, and sleeping early!

Excited Memes

You’ve been watching live acts and concerts for too long to know that they just do this to stir up the crowd and give the band a few minutes for a bathroom break or something.

Excited Memes

Magic can happen in these few seconds that you lock eyes with that person, so make it a moment that will make a lasting impression.

Maybe not flare up your skirt like this, but maybe a little sweet glance that lasts longer than two seconds, or a cute and flirtatious greeting that will make them feel special.

Excited Memes

Because you already know what will happen, you can now watch people’s reactions at heartbreaking or shocking scenes and laugh at their outrageous reactions.

Excited Memes

Kids are wonderful, especially when they’re well-behaved and cute.

You’ll feel young again when you are surrounded by these bright and young people who will keep you on your toes.

Either you will be delighted to spend time with them or get as far away from them as possible.

But when kids start behaving badly, you will just be feeling grateful that they’re not yours!

The Best Excited Meme of all Time

Excited Memes

There’s no point crying over the things that have already been done and people who have already gone. There’s no undo button for life.

But luckily, there is always a fresh new page for new experiences!

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