42 Exhausted Memes for When You Can’t Go On

When exhausted, look at these memes, relate, and laugh!

There’s no escaping the feeling of exhaustion. Whether it’s because of working hard or partying hard, you will feel exhaustion creeping in, and there’s no way to stop it until you stop and take a break!

This list of exhausted memes will resonate with anyone who feels exhausted.

It doesn’t matter whether you experience exhaustion on a daily basis or once in a while because the symptoms and effects are the same!

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Exhausted Memes

It’s not even a joke, but it can give you a mini heart attack when you find out your bills are due, and you have no money to pay them.

When this happens, you start thinking about borrowing money from your richest friends, your parents, your boss, or even your ex who owes you money.

It’s not a pretty picture, and it can really stress and exhaust you on so many levels.

Exhausted Memes

Sometimes, when life throws you a curveball and you survive said curveball, it throws another curveball.

It feels like life is intentionally screwing you over, and it can get very exhausting trying to just survive every day.

But the good news is that everything passes. Even your period of unluckiness will soon be replaced by a string of good luck and good fortune!

You just need to keep doing your best while keeping your sanity intact!

Exhausted Memes

If it’s possible for your exhaustion to be any more exhausted, it will be by the number of things that you need to do in a day.

And then knowing that you will have to do them again the following day, and then the day after that.

Exhausted Memes

Don’t you just feel jealous of people who can do push-ups without breaking a sweat while also looking selfie-ready?

For some people, one push-up is all it takes to quit gym and forget about ever exercising again.

Exhausted Memes

There’s exhausted, and then there’s parent-exhausted.

The difference is that parents cannot just go to sleep whenever they feel too exhausted to move.

They cannot just lay in bed when they’re feeling tired because there are mouths to feed, spills to wipe, bodies to wash, and meals to cook.

If you want to know what exhausted looks like, look for a parent!

Exhausted Memes

When you’re too exhausted to move, you just can’t help but wish you can drive thru everything.

Even the simple act of getting out of your car and going inside the store sounds too tiring when you’re super tired.

Exhausted Memes

Whenever your toddler calls, it breaks your rhythm and puts you on instant mommy mode.

But hearing Mom called out at different times of the day on a very frequent basis will start to get annoying and exhausting, especially when your toddler shows no signs of stopping.

Exhausted Memes

There will be times when sleep will not get rid of your exhaustion, and you will only be asking yourself why you look even more tired after sleeping.

Perhaps a hundred years of sleep will do the trick!

Exhausted Memes

This is a huge dilemma, especially when you don’t want to lose the comfy position you’ve had on the couch for the past hour because that means you will also lose your overall lazy feeling.

But you’re hungry and you will have to move sooner or later, but you still prefer to do it later rather than sooner.

Exhausted Memes

Sometimes bosses think you’re a mutant that possesses superhuman strength and a hundred pairs of hands.

The things that you can accomplish in a week they expect you to complete in a day.

Exhausted Memes

Dogs are cute and all, but they also leave dirt and destruction in their wake.

The last thing that you want to see after cleaning the house from top to bottom is your dog coming inside the house after romp in the yard on a rainy day.

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Exhausted Memes

After spending a long day being prim and proper, cool and professional, smart and responsible, and nice and gracious, you can finally unleash hell at home and go back to being silent, sarcastic, and hard to please.

Exhausted Memes

Sometimes just texting a reply takes a herculean effort.

Sometimes just saying yes or no is also exhausting that you can only manage a nod.

Being an adult means always feeling exhausted, but in varying degrees of intensity for different situations.

Exhausted Memes

Life is beautiful, amazing, inspiring, and happy. But it’s also equal parts confusing, stressful, unpredictable, and exhausting.

It’s amazing how you can still feel tired even after a day of doing nothing. It really requires talent.

Exhausted Memes

Even with eight hours of sleep, when you’re exhausted to your core, it will feel like waking up after sleeping for just five minutes.

If only you didn’t have to wake up in the morning and go to work, you can spend the next eight hours sleeping and regaining all the energy you lost and will lose again as soon as you go back to work.

Exhausted Memes

It may not look like a productive day to others, but for you, it’s been a productive day of doing nothing.

That’s alright because you’re exhausted. You have the right to feel and be lazy!

Exhausted Memes

Sometimes you’re just so exhausted that getting up from the bed feels like a physical pain.

How can people expect you to move, think, and do things when you’re this exhausted?

Exhausted Memes

Many things can happen when one reaches a point of exhaustion that’s off the charts.

Symptoms can vary, but the most common will be a crankiness that’s bordering on psycho.

Exhausted Memes

The job is done, and you can finally squeeze in some much-needed shut eye!

No phone call, no delivery, and no surprise visit can keep you away from your comfortable position in the bed or on the couch.

You only have a few hours to do this before the madness starts all over again.

Exhausted Memes

You hope and pray that your Uber driver is not one to engage passengers in casual chitchat.

You can really use this time to take a quick nap before getting home and sleeping for real.

But the universe has no plans for you to sleep in the car.

Your driver will not let you close your eyes because he plans to share story after story about his life, and you’re just too polite to shut him down.

Exhausted Memes

When you’re working in the office, every minute that passes feels like an eternity.

When you’re on your lunch break, an hour feels like two minutes.

You’re not even finished with your salad yet and already you have to go back. Why couldn’t there be two one-hour lunch breaks instead?

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Exhausted Memes

When there’s a lack of sleep, expect there to be a lack of social skills, comprehension, logic, and a host of other things as well.

It’s not pretty, and it won’t go down well, so avoid scheduling any important, life-changing stuff when you haven’t had enough sleep.

Exhausted Memes

You will come to work on time and do your job as required.

But it’s a completely different thing when the bosses start going around asking for anyone who wants to help out with an ad hoc project.

It’s perfectly alright to say yes, but can anyone blame you if you say no?

Exhausted Memes

It will fill you with crushing disappointment to realize that you will spend another five minutes or so scrubbing and washing the pots when you’re already supposed to be in your room getting ready for bed.

The fact that you’re already so exhausted will make you move even slower instead of finishing the task in under five minutes!

Exhausted Memes

This could be the most emotionally exhausting and stressful moment for anybody.

A hundred different scenarios will play in your head until you start regretting sending the message in the first place.

The only way to survive this moment is to not look at Facebook every five seconds and focus on something else.

Exhausted Memes

Exhaustion and stress can really have a negative effect on you. Not only do they make you look haggard and tense, they can also make you a very nasty person with zero personality.

Exhausted Memes

Sometimes when you’re too exhausted, you start forgetting certain things and remembering things of little importance.

These things can be very random and somewhat annoying.

Especially when you just peeled yourself from the bed to get something in the kitchen, only to go back to bed remembering that you’re supposed to get something in the kitchen.

Exhausted Memes

There are many things that you can do to make you exhausted.

But nothing compares to just how exhausted mothers get at the end of the day, every single day.

Exhausted Memes

The minutes are longer, your patience is shorter, and your desire to lash out is stronger when you are not able to sleep well the night before.

Everything is magnified, and anyone who crosses you is in big trouble.

Exhausted Memes

It’s a tremendous achievement to be able to do these things without flying off the handle, so give yourself a round of applause and a really big glass of wine as a reward!

Exhausted Memes

An exhausted person with no sleep and no coffee is a deadly combination.

Approach with caution, and make sure to speak a little louder and slower. You may even have to repeat yourself so that you can be understood.

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Exhausted Memes

If only there’s a pause button to life so that you can get all the rest and relaxation that you need before facing your responsibilities!

Exhausted Memes

There are some days that are so exhausting you will need several days to recover.

That’s perfectly natural because not all days are the same, and not all people that you deal with are easy, kind, and smart.

Exhausted Memes

It doesn’t matter how late or how early you call it a day. It’s the same level of exhausting.

Exhausted Memes

It’s amazing how some people can schedule breakfast meetings when your body has not even finished waking up from its slumber.

Exhausted Memes

It has already been an exhausting day. You clearly don’t need a delay like this when you’re raring to leave the office and get some much-needed sleep.

Exhausted Memes

There are still so many things left to do that you can’t help but feel exhausted in advance for the coming days! The struggle is indeed very real!

Exhausted Memes

There will come a point in your life where you’re just too exhausted to care. The work never seems to stop, and more and more work just keeps piling up.

Sometimes you just need to have a self-imposed break just to catch your breath!

Exhausted Memes

There are things that you can do to prevent stress from affecting you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But there will be days when you will be extra stressed, and it will be obvious on your face.

Luckily, everything can be solved with a little rest and relaxation and plenty of good concealers!

Exhausted Memes

The work never stops, the bills always arrive, and the years just keep rolling by.

Before you know it, a whole year has passed and you’re wondering why you’re always so tired. It’s a never-ending cycle!

But believe it or not, you need these to feel alive and to stay motivated on your goals, no matter how long and arduous the journey.

Exhausted Memes

There are so many things that you want to cram at night before going to bed. You don’t realize that you’ve already spent so many hours doing them that you’re left with just a few hours of sleep.

No wonder you feel like the walking dead the next day!

The Best Exhausted Meme of all Time

Exhausted Memes

There will be very busy days and there will be less busy days. But every day that you spend at work, or doing household work, or taking care of the kids, will leave you feeling exhausted.

There’s nothing that you can do about it other than to achieve work-life balance as often as you can. It sounds easier said than done, but it’s not impossible!

Funny Quotes about Being Tired and Exhausted

I’m having a hard time deciding whether I need a hug, a massage, an extra-large cup of coffee, ten shots of vodka, or a week of sleep. That’s how exhausted I am.


I’ve been tired for so long that I can no longer remember what not tired feels like anymore.


My brain says, ‘let’s do something fun today’. But my body is not being cooperative and telling me to not pay attention to my foolish brain.


Can you direct me to someone who can find me a moisturizer that conceals the fact that I have been tired since 2000?


I’m tired and grumpy and worn out on so many levels. When the next moron pisses me off, I can’t promise that I will not turn violent. There’s a reason why my lawyer is on my speed dial!


I am at that point in my life where I am so tired that everything is just plain hilarious.


Don’t you just hate that feeling when you’re so sleepy all day and you keep falling asleep at odd places, but when you finally get to your bed, sleep starts to evade you?


I’m just a girl standing in front of the stove, asking this chicken to cook itself.


What a day this has been. Absolutely nothing happened and yet I’m still exhausted!


I’m too exhausted to think straight. Please use simple words and big pictures. Thanks.


Being a parent is oftentimes surprising yourself at how much you can accomplish each day in a perpetual state of confusion and exhaustion.


I’m so tired that I want to take a nap already tomorrow.


Let’s just say that it’s the kind of day that even my coffee needs its own coffee.


It was so cute the way I thought I was so tired before having kids.


I am convinced that my body sets off an alarm that alerts my husband and my toddler of the exact moment I am ready to rest and sit down.


I woke up like this. And by ‘this’ I mean grouchy, sleepy, tired, and in desperate need of coffee.


I might look like I’m doing absolutely nothing, but I’m working really hard and very busy in my head.


The perfect metaphor for being a parent is trying to stand up on a skateboard without spilling your drink.


I exercise regularly because intentionally exhausting myself is sometimes the most relaxing part of my day.


Being tired is no longer a temporary thing for me. It’s in my DNA already.


If I go missing and you’re starting to get worried, simply follow my kids because they always end up finding me wherever I may be.


What doesn’t kill you only makes you furious, pissed off, exhausted, worn out, angry, but stronger.


If you don’t have anything good or interesting to tell me, please just leave me the hell alone. I’m that tired.


I need a break from my exhausting thoughts.


I came home from the office feeling completely exhausted and too tired to do any chores around the house. I just went for an easy 5-mile run instead.


There’s really no way to describe it. I’m tired as a mother.


When my kids are teenagers, I will really wake them up at 4 in the morning just to tell them that I want a glass of water.


I’m so tired right now that if you ask me to choose between Chris Hemsworth and sleep, I’d choose sleep.


Today I feel like putting a sign on my forehead that says ‘under repair’ or ‘out of order’ just so people will leave me alone.

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