51 Father Daughter Quotes That Are Beautiful and True

Who is a more important male figure in a girl’s life than her father?

Father Daughter Quotes

15 Father and Daughter Quotes

A father who brings his child with him doing the hobbies that he loves is special and precious. But you really have to admire a father who brings his daughter on shopping trips.


Any man can get a woman pregnant and be a father. But it takes a different kind of man to be a real and actual father who will raise his children proudly.


Talk to your children like they are the most intelligent, interesting, magical, and beautiful creatures in the world because what they believe about themselves is what they will become when they grow older.


The most wonderful and unforgettable moment of my life is probably the day my beautiful daughter was born.


Fathers are just as important as mothers.


Join your daughters in their world while they’re still little so that they will also let you join their world when they grow older.


Fathers who are growing old know that there is nothing more precious than having their daughters near.


One of the best feelings in the world is hugging your daughter and her hugging you back even tighter.


Fathers don’t just love their daughters every now and again. It’s a kind of love that doesn’t end.


The love between a father and his daughter knows no time, place, or distance.


Being a good father begins with presence and not just with presents.


A father’s job is not teaching his daughter how to be a woman but teaching her how a woman should be treated.


I need to be the best at everything and work hard to achieve the best. My daughter has her eyes on me.


The reason why daughters love their dads the most is because they know that there’s at least one man out there who will not break their hearts.


Fathers and daughters may not always agree on things, but they will always have love in their hearts for one another.

15 Father Quotes from Daughter

There were times when my father was not by my side. When he couldn’t be there to hold my hand and guide me through, I knew that he always had my back.


Not everyone will have the courage and the commitment to love the ugly and untamed parts of you. I’m very lucky that I have someone who loved me through all of that, and that someone is my father.


I’m not ashamed to say that no man has ever measured to the standards that my father has set. I’m not going to apologize if I have not loved another man as much as I have loved my own father.


A father is someone that you will always look up to no matter big and tall you grow.


My father didn’t tell me how to live my life. He lived his own life and allowed me to learn from it.


Whenever I’m at my best and my proudest, I know that I really am my father’s daughter.


The smile on my face is because of the fact that you’re my dad. The laughter is because there’s nothing you can do about it.


No matter how much time I spend with my guy friends, who I fall in love with, who I get married to, and wherever I go in life, you will always be my main man.


For all those years that my dad and I shared together, I know I was the most special girl who ever walked this earth because I was my daddy’s little girl.


My father gave me the most wonderful gift. He never lost faith in me and he believed in all that I could be.


No matter how old I become, I will never stop needing my daddy.


I consider myself truly blessed because I belong to the best father in the world.


Being daddy’s little girl is like having a permanent knight in shining armor for the rest of your life.


I never stood alone because someone always stood behind me, acting like the most powerful force in my life. This force is the power of my father’s love.


Every daughter needs a father to be the standard against which she will measure and judge all the other men in her life.

11 Father to Daughter Quotes

A father’s nature is to make his little girl into a young woman. Then when she becomes a young woman, he then turns her back into a little girl again.


Raising a daughter is equivalent to raising ten sons.


Whenever I come home, I always look forward to seeing my daughter running up to me and enveloping me in a huge hug. All the bad things that happened earlier in the day are quickly forgotten!


Looking at my daughter makes me realize what a great honor being her father truly is. She is a wonderful little person that I want to have a beautiful relationship with until she grows old and gray.


When my daughter tells me she needs me, I wonder if she knows that I need her so much more than she can imagine.


There’s no other love in the world like the way a father loves his daughter.


My dear daughter, if you ever need me, don’t hesitate to call, text, or come to the house. It does not matter if I’m sleeping, busy at work, experiencing problems of my own, or mad at you. I will always be there for you for anything.


There’s this wonderful little girl who ran away with my heart, and she calls me Daddy.


My daughter is the most wonderful and most beautiful thing that I hold in my heart.


My daughter likes to argue with me and she has no clue where she gets that attitude from. If I were you, my dear daughter, I’d give it up because I have years of experience and wisdom than you.


My daughter, I promise to raise you in a way that you believe every day you’re capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. I will raise you believing that you breathe fire.

10 Sayings About Fathers and Their Daughters

There may come a time when I will no longer be able to help you but know that there will never be a day that I will not try.


He’s not a powerful world leader or a famous celebrity. But in his daughter’s eyes, he’s a superhero.


Behind every lovable daughter is a wonderful father.


Lucky are the women who were born and raised with their father’s love. They will not experience filling that void left by a father’s love and looking for it in all the wrong places.


A good father is someone who gives their everything into being someone their daughters can call a dad.


Having a child doesn’t make you a father. Being courageous, loving, and responsible enough to raise a child makes you a father.


The best gift that fathers can give their daughters is their time.


Good fathers are some of the most unnoticed, unpraised, and unsung people in this world.


Be your daughter’s first love. Treat her with respect so that she will know how women are supposed to be treated when she gets older. She will learn not to settle for anything less.


All fathers wish their daughters to face their challenges with courage and confidence, together with the wisdom to pick their battles. Most of all, they want them to know just how much they are loved.

If you’re still looking for quotes and messages about fathers and daughters, here are a few more examples that will inspire you.

Beautiful Father and Daughter Quotes

My precious daughter, don’t give anyone the right to take you for granted. Love others wholeheartedly but love yourself more. Never apologize for being yourself, and always hold your head up high. Believe in what you can do, and always aim for the stars.


No matter where I may be and who I may become, I will always have peace and security by holding my father’s hand. Whatever I do and no matter how I’m doing, I know that I can always count on my father to give me encouragement and support. In my father, I have found a rare treasure. I love you!


To my sweet and loving daughter, go out and live your dreams. The world is not as cruel as it may seem, even if you read about so many things that leave you shocked, crushed, or appalled. There are still people who will surprise you with their kindness. Life can be tough, and you may feel like you’ve had enough. Keep going, anyway. It will get better, I promise. I love you always.


My dearest dad, I may find my prince someday, but you will always be my king.


Dads are regular men who are turned into superheroes, entertainers, adventurers, magicians, storytellers, comedians, and fairy princesses once they have a daughter.


Looking back now, I realize that you never really failed me. You’ve always had my back, and you’ve always silently cheered me on. Love you forever, Dad.


There are times when I had been the worst daughter to the most amazing father in the world. I’m very sorry for all those times, Dad. I love you.


For every step I have taken in my life, my dad has always been my inspiration. You are the kind of dad that all my friends wish they had.


You’ve helped me reach new heights and discover new places that have given me the best views in the world. Thank you, Dad! I love you!


My dad has always taken my hand and showed me the way. He has always been my life’s guiding light and source of strength. He may look like he can break someone’s bones with his bare hands, but he really is a softie at heart.


My precious daughter, whenever I see you, I feel like an angel is dancing in front of my eyes. Whenever you smile at me, everything feels right. Whenever I look in your eyes, I can see that this life is pretty amazing.


For all those times I didn’t tell you, thank you for being a dad in every sense of the word. Thank you for always guiding me on my way, and for being understanding with me when I made life challenging for you. Thank you for believing in me and for being such an inspiration. I love you and I will always be grateful to you.

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Father Daughter Quotes

There’s no other way to describe daughters but the gift of love personified.

They are love that you can wrap in your arms, pepper with kisses, tell bedtime stories to, tuck in bed, and go on wonderful adventures with.

Best of all, they call you daddy!

Father Daughter Quotes

Hearing the sound of your daughter’s laughter is one of the most magical and most beautiful sounds that you will ever hear.

It’s even more special when you’re the one who’s making her laugh non-stop.

Father Daughter Quotes

Daughters who are very well-loved by their fathers will realize that they are always present in the small moments and the big moments of their lives.

Even when they don’t want them to be there, they still found a way to be there as a show of their support.

This may have annoyed you to no end before. But now the memories just make you smile because of how much you are loved.

Father Daughter Quotes

This will set a very beautiful example for the children when it comes to their own relationships in the future.

This will show them that real love does exist, and good men are out there who can love you like the way your father loved your mother.

Father Daughter Quotes

It’s plain and simple. Without your father, there wouldn’t be you here in this world.

You owe your life to your father. Whether he’s a wonderful dad or a deadbeat dad, the fact is that he is the other half that brought you to this world.

How you value your relationship with him depends on how big a part of your life your father is.

Father Daughter Quotes

Daughters will always want to be by their daddy’s side whenever possible. It doesn’t matter whether Daddy’s on a call, washing the car, assembling furniture, or preparing dinner.

Everything you do in your little daughter’s eyes is pure magic. They want to witness all the magical things that you do, so don’t take away their happiness by saying no and pushing them away.

They grow up so fast. Pretty soon, they will have their own lives and they will have no more time or desire to hang out with you.

Father Daughter Quotes

When your little daughter falls asleep in your arms, you can literally spend the next hour just staring at her beautiful face, feeling amazed that you made this little wonderful person.

As much as you are bowled over by their beauty, you are also filled with terror at the thought that she will grow up in this often cruel and scary world.

But you also know that you will do everything in your power to protect your little one as long as they’re living.

You will do all you can to shield them from the world, at the same time giving them the strength and the courage to stand on their own two feet when the time comes.

Father Daughter Quotes

In just a blink of an eye, the little daughter that you have now can suddenly grow up to be a beautiful young lady.

Then you’ll start to wonder where all the years have gone.

You’ll start to regret all those years that you spent so much at work instead of with your little girl.

You’ll suddenly find it so stupid to have wasted away all those years at work, in out of town conferences, and in business meetings overseas.

If your daughters are still young, do all you can to always be a constant presence in their lives or you will regret it down the road.

Father Daughter Quotes

Every father wishes and prays for his daughter to find a man who will take care of her and love her even more than he does.

On their daughter’s wedding day, fathers only think about holding on to them and going back to those days when they were still little.

They wish they can go back to those days when they still needed their daddies and they were still the only man in their lives.

Father Daughter Quotes

But the truth of the matter is that you will never stop needing your father, and fathers will never stop needing their daughters.

Relationships between fathers and daughters are never perfect. Some don’t even have relationships to begin with.

Count yourself truly blessed if you have one amazing dad who has stuck with you since day one. Not all daughters are blessed with the kind of father you have.

Count yourself blessed if you have a daughter who adores you and loves you with all her heart. Do your best to keep it that way by not breaking her heart.

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