46 Forever Alone Memes That Are Painfully Funny…and True!

Being forever alone is nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve all felt that way at one point or another. In fact, accepting and embracing the state of being alone can really set you free! And what better way to do that than through some of the best forever alone memes out there.

The moment you see and relate to a good forever alone meme you instantly become self-aware of the loneliness, yet at the same time more connected with that random stranger on the Internet who created this alone meme and hit that sweet, sweet, alone spot in your heart.

The awesomeness of the forever alone meme is the paradox that reminds you how forever alone you really are, but how you’re not really the only one, and therefore… not really alone?

The Best Forever Alone Memes to Send to Your Friends (Wait, What Friends?)


When not even your roommate bothers you, and all you really want is someone to disturb the profound loneliness and lack of friends you feel. Forever alone in your room by yourself.


Have you ever wondered how you’re almost never in your friends’ pictures? They’re all there huddled up together, hugging, smiling…and you? You are forever alone behind the camera taking that very same picture.


Don’t worry, it’s not contagious… And even if it were, there would be no one I could pass it on to, because I’m forever alone. Hmm, maybe if they put me in quarantine I could finally make friends?


At least all the very nice people from the web forums care enough to remember my birthday and send happy wishes… What? They’re automated bots? Still, something remembered!


When you’re forever alone, you have to take what you get. Smuggle in some popcorns if you can and let the good times roll, and you didn’t even have to pay for a ticket.


When you have no one to ride with you and get into the car-pool lane. When you’ve even tried being an Uber driver and still, the passenger seat is forever empty.


Oh man, that party was off the hook! Such an epic rager! Just look at all this mess my friends made… And I had to clean it all up by myself, guess I am forever alone, haha!


People always complain about having to be the third wheel to someone, while I’m here forever alone riding my unicycle, and I’m not even good at it.


Not even the undead want to be friends with you… Oh well, at least he was at the house-warming party! But he left the house colder than ever… Anyway, next time, instead of the ghostbusters, call me!

The Best Forever Alone Memes to Send to Your Crush


Being forever alone doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet… Even if it’s just chocolate, which will make you fat, and probably even more alone…


She’s always calling you, always wanting to be spending more time together, she is never tired of you, she follows you in your footsteps, knows no boundaries, has no respect for your own space… Where do I sign up?


When all of your dreams of going out with someone are crushed by the loneliness, don’t worry, at least your software cares about you and will constantly update you about it.


But, but, the song said… Oh well, guess you’ll just have to drink all that milkshake by yourself, forever alone in your empty yard with no boys brought by your milkshake. And you’ll become fat…and even more forever alone.


When two of the greatest forever alone memes come together to collide and create the ultimate truth and hit you right at the pain spot. You can feel it deep down, can’t you?


Hey, you found love and no one can tell you otherwise. It’s right there, you’ve got proof you’re not forever alone, just make sure you keep the dictionary with you at all times.


Oops, almost had you going there. Of course I’m not married, I’m single…and forever ready to mingle. Call me? Please? My WIFI connection is great!


Who could it be at such hour? Must be someone who can’t sleep because they’re thinking about you and they simply must express their feelings for you… nope, forever alone.


Already? Boy, I’ve been going through them like crazy. It seems like just two years ago I bought all of these unopened condoms and now they’re already expired, well, time to restock the supplies, you never know when you’re going to need them!


Hey, technicalities don’t matter. And I bet the view is a million times better from the Statue of Liberty. And I can go back whenever I want to. I think I’m in love.


At least no one will judge you for constantly buying dinners for one and single servings of everything…no one but yourself of course. Damn that judgmental cashier!


Believe it or not, this is a positive. A real girl speaking to you? Hey, that’s more action you’ve seen since that time someone asked you to take a picture of them.

Forever Alone Memes We All Can Relate to


Are we living or are we all just dying? Being forever alone is more like the latter. Nothing really bad has to happen, in fact, nothing is happening, and that’s probably the worst thing of all…


When you don’t even need the Internet to enjoy a good forever alone meme, a simple mirror would do. That’s right, stare into your own soul, gaze into the abyss of loneliness…


You can always count on good old gravity to hold you when no one else will…It keeps you grounded and safe, it’s like a really good friend. But wait, what if you go to space?


I may not have many pals, but my best pal paypal is the richest of them all. He is the best, he pays for everything, movies, food, online shopping…I owe him so much!


When not even the police is after you when you commit a crime, it makes you wonder, what do you have to do to get someone’s attention?


It must get lost in all the millions of other texts you get…but hey, you didn’t even need that reminder of how forever alone you actually are, all you need is a mirror, remember?


That fool thought he would make me look bad and embarrass me, ha! Idiot doesn’t realize the joke’s on him.


Everyone knows physical contact is a way of expressing affection for someone, and the waitress touched my shoulder when she brought the receipt, that means she wants me! I can already hear the wedding bells…


Ah, the unconditional love of a pet. But even they get tired of seeing you all the time, so you have to keep it fresh and interesting, pretend like you have somewhere to go to for a while, come back, and enjoy the love.


They say never to choose your favorite tune as a ringtone, because you will get bored of it too quickly. It’s been so long since the last call I received,I even forgot how my ringonte sounds like.


It was my fault, I imagined several of friends, and now they clicked with each other so no one really needs me. But at least I can listen in on the conversation, they usually have much more interesting things to say than I ever do.


Finally, after going through the tough breakup all you need is your friends to help you get back on track and get better… wait, where did everybody go?


I have been eyeing that one for months now, trying to figure out a way to get it. It’s not easy finding the perfect one for you, luckily, I only need a stand on one side of the bed.


She gave me that look, you know, the one that says it all. After that look you simply know you have met the right one, that you found your perfect soul-mate. I wonder how our kids would look like…


And it’s not even their best season, not by a long shot… but hey, if you can’t have friends IRL, you can always watch them on TV.


They say the holiday seasons are the hardest for the forever alone…well, they’re right. Also, can you tell me who “they” are so I could maybe meet them? Happy New Year to me!

Forever Alone Memes Keeping it Positive


It’s all about the perspective… Just change your point of view and everything can seem better. Being forever available instead of forever alone makes me open for opportunities that never come.


I don’t understand why everyone’s getting all sad and crying when a love song comes up, they say it reminds them of someone special… Well, I guess I’m lucky not to have anyone special to think about and get sad.


It’s like the Schrödinger’s cat, if you don’t open the text, it might be from a real person or it might be just your mobile operator. This way it’s both, which means it’s something more than good enough for a forever alone person to look forward to.


I honestly don’t know why everyone’s always complaining about the cell phone battery life, I could go a full week without charging it even once. Maybe I just have a better phone.


They say anyway you can never get on all the rides and visit all the landmarks in one trip, this way I can divide it all in two trips. If I blend in with the crowds maybe no one will notice I’m forever alone.


We all know the higher the difficulty the higher the rewards, right? So this means I’ll be getting the ultimate prizes at the end! If only I could find someone to play the game with now…


Being forever alone has its upsides sometimes, you can save money, time, and you get to eat the other person’s meals…and become fat…and even more forever alone.


No tossing and turning, waking up your significant other, them waking you up in the middle of the night, not having enough room in the bed… no spooning, no hugs and kisses in the night time, no warmth in the cold bed… yes, having a king size bed for yourself is awesome!


Just imagine having to go through six months of missed calls and messages, that would take ages, right? Luckily, no one ever calls or messages, so much time saved.

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