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When you want to laugh at someone’s boyfriend…

Looking for a funny, cute, sweet, or romantic memes that you can send to your boyfriend to remind him of how much you love him? You came to the right place!

Here’s a collection of funny boyfriend memes that he will totally adore.

11 Funny Boyfriend Memes That Will Make You Laugh


Every girl really just wants to be seen. Not for what she looks like physically but for what she is inside.

Girls just want a guy who will look at them like she’s the most beautiful and fascinating girl in the world.

Like he can’t take his eyes off her because looking at her is like looking at something so precious.

Girls just want to see the love in a guy’s eyes. Along with the expression that says he will love her no matter what because there’s no one else he’d rather be with.

Yes, girls just want that special look from that special guy.


I really thought it was a boyfriend because of all the good feelings I feel whenever I see it.

It’s such a comforting sight, especially when I see how fully stocked it is with everything that I have been craving for all week.

My fridge is a slice of paradise that knows exactly what I need at any given time.

Now that I think of it, I can live without a boyfriend, but I will never survive without a fridge.


We like hanging out in the kitchen to cook meals and to eat the meals we cook, but we don’t belong there. We have a whole life outside the kitchen, outside the home, and outside the office.

I can tell you all about it, but I know that you will only be zoning out. The next time you crack a joke like that again, I have a collection of knives and other kitchen tools that will hurt really bad when used for purposes other than cooking.


Such a beautiful face in this wondrous place. I can’t help but realize how lucky I am to have someone with a face as attractive as yours to fall in love with someone with a face like mine.

But enough of that because I shall continue to stare at your face and gaze into your eyes.


Being my boyfriend entails that you kill any insect that looks and moves like a spider. This is final. I don’t care what method you choose to eliminate the spider, as long as you eliminate it successfully.

This also applies to other insects like cockroaches, bees, abnormally large flies, and rodents.


I know I’m cute and all, but this is just my cute way of letting my boyfriend know that I need a hug and I need it now. Otherwise I’ll die of hypothermia.


Boyfriends really have this uncanny way of knowing when to push your buttons. They also have this natural ability of making things worse.

Just like a mischievous toddler who will do the complete opposite of what you’re telling them, boyfriends will also go right ahead and do it after you explicitly told them not to.

Maybe he’s just testing you, or maybe he really has no idea of what he has just unleashed. Either way, he’s screwed.


What bolsters the confidence of a boyfriend is knowing that his girlfriend will not leave him, no matter how angry, disappointed, or annoyed she is.

She knows he’s not perfect and that he’s an idiot most of the time. But she loves this idiot, and she’d much rather be with an idiot she’s in love with than an idiot she has no feelings for.


When you and your boyfriend were just starting out, you could not burp loudly in front of him or use his bathroom to poop. You were too embarrassed, and you didn’t want him thinking that you were unladylike.

But the longer you stayed together, the more comfortable you became with each other.

You started to care less and less when he kept leaving water marks on wooden furniture because he refuses to use a coaster.

You’re used to stepping on dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor. You can poop and pee in his toilet with no problem. You can even shave your legs in front of him.

Your relationship has grown more relaxed and comfortable that even gross stuff no longer freaks you out.


He knew what he was getting into when he pursued me and chose me. He knew that I am beautiful and brilliant with a little bit of psycho. Full disclosure here.

He knew that there will be days when I will be like a cute and innocent kitten and days when I will be a raging tigress. But in all fairness, he’s doing a great job handling me. I think we are simply meant to be!


Ladies, I may have found myself a husband! I knew that he was a keeper from the moment I first met him. I just had to find out for sure and give him a little test run.

Now I can confirm that he will make a great husband because he’s sweet, kind, gentle, attentive, and successful. He loves me for who I am and still loves me for who I am not.

He can support me and our future kids, and he can provide us a with a happy and stable home.

All we need to do now is wait for that ring and wedding proposal and the deal is sealed!

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Guys never let anyone get to their phone. It’s something important and private to them, so hands off.

But if your boyfriend lets you read his messages, answer his calls, play his voicemail, or log in to his social media accounts, that says a lot about him.

It means that he has no secrets that he’s keeping from you, so go ahead and check his phone all you want.

It also sends the message that it’s just a phone. Your peace of mind is more important to him.


Just in case your boyfriend still does not know who you really are, it’s the best time to introduce the real you and let him be the judge.

Let him decide if you’re someone that he can see himself being with for life.

Don’t you want him to do the same for you? You’d much rather know everything about him, the good and the bad parts included. Only then can you decide if you can stick around and make a life with him.

Be yourself so that there will be no more surprises later on.


How is it possible to feel so many kinds of emotions for just one boy?

He can make you feel so elated with just one cute text reply. He can crush your heart just by ignoring you. He can make you livid with anger by doing something he swore he’d never do.

A thousand different feelings from just one boy is almost like a superpower.


I know that it’s kind of superficial because I chose you for how you looked on your photo. But if I hadn’t thought you were good-looking and swiped left instead, we will not be together right now.

We will not have discovered our common interests, common friends, and shared dreams. We will not have realized that we are perfect for each other! So never hesitate to swipe right. Good things can be in store!


My boyfriend is either the most understanding, most patient, and most supportive boyfriend in the world for putting up with me. Or he just doesn’t care, that’s why he’s never fazed by me.

But knowing my boyfriend, I know he cares. If he didn’t care, he never would have made sure that his kitchen is well stocked. He knows I’m hungry all the time.

He never would have stuck around after my first legit meltdown. And he would have bought me a pair of socks so that I will stop cozying up my feet underneath him when they’re cold.

My boyfriend loves me!


In case this one isn’t obvious, I’m really so into you. You give me so many reasons to make me fall deeper in love with you every single day.

And it’s not like you’re trying to make me fall harder. You do it so very effortlessly. I can honestly say that I can fall in love with you while you’re clipping your fingernails or scratching your armpits. I don’t care how gross that sounds.

Everything you do is completely adorable. And I know that there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do just to make me feel happy and special.


And because you are exactly my type, I have no plans of falling in love with anybody else. You are everything I ever wanted, and you are exactly what my heart needs.

The rest of the world may fall away. But as long as I have you, I will still have everything that I will ever need.


It’s the notification that all girlfriends like to get because there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing your boyfriend’s name appear on your phone screen. Especially when you’re not expecting a text message or a call and you were just thinking about him.

It’s such a little thing, but it means so much. It can easily turn a bad day into a good one.


I know that it’s too early to say, but something’s telling me that what we have can blossom into something real and lasting.

Something in the way that we love each other is telling me that it could be the real thing.

I’m sure you know this, too, because I can see it in your eyes whenever I look at you and I can feel it whenever our lips meet.


I love it when my boyfriend plays with random kids at the park, making silly faces until they giggle, and giving them high fives. It’s the most adorable thing.

It gives me a glimpse of how he will be as a father to our future kids. I love how his face lights up and how he smiles so genuinely whenever he sees little kids. I can’t wait to see that when we have kids of our own.


I don’t know about your boyfriend, but mine is the most thoughtful, loving, caring, supportive, romantic, and generous boyfriend ever.

He does not have a flashy car or the most impressive job, but he loves what he does, and he does it so passionately.

He’s not rich, but he’s passionate and hardworking, so I know that he can easily achieve all his dreams.

Most importantly, he’s crazy about me the same way I’m crazy about him!


You drive me crazy so much, and sometimes I just can’t stand you. I love to hate you, but I miss you the second you’re gone.

You make it so difficult to love you sometimes, but I know that you are the only guy that I want. You are the only person I want to annoy me and infuriate me for the rest of my life.


I love you for all that you are, flaws, quirks, and all. I don’t know how to love you or be loved by you without them.

When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with your good parts. But I also embraced your bad parts. This is how I know this love is real.


It’s the kind of feeling that I used to feel before I met you. When I was still single and trying to find the person that was meant for me.

Thank you for making me believe that love is real and that it happens when you least expect it.

I surely didn’t expect to fall in love with you. But I’m so glad that I did because I have never been this happy with someone.

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