44 Funny Couple Memes That ALL Couples Can Relate To

You must have experienced at least one of these Funny Couple situations.

When it comes to relationships, it’s not all fun and games. Most of the time, it’s a lot of bickering, annoying, fighting, and ignoring, too.

Couples may not look the same and have different ways of doing things. But all couples go through the same problems and experience the same issues with their partners.

Here’s a collection of funny couple memes that will remind you of your own relationship and your own partner.

11 Funny Couple Memes That Will Remind You of Your Man

Funny Couple

When your partner calls you by your real name, it not only sounds impersonal and weird. It also sounds like they’re displeased with you about something.

Which is impossible because only women should be displeased about something in a relationship. That’s a woman’s job!

Funny Couple

You’ve been in relationships with jerk after jerk that you’ve forgotten how it is to be treated like the queen that you are.

When you meet a man who does all these nice things and sweet gestures, you can’t help but think if he’s real or just pranking you.

Funny Couple

When you know he’s just trying to catch you in a lie, annoyance will slowly keep in.

It will take a lot of control on your part not to snap and go on beast mode, but you will do your best to stay sweet and nice.

Because this is what it feels like for him when you try to catch him in a lie.

Funny Couple

He said he’s having drinks with his friend Rob. But then you saw Rob’s Facebook check-in at the gym fifteen minutes ago…

Funny Couple

It’s so hard to find a good guy that will meet all your requirements in today’s dating atmosphere.

Once you find that guy, don’t make him into just a boyfriend! Level up and turn him into a husband!

Funny Couple

He knows you too well when you’re pissed, so he beats you to it and tells you not to make a scene.

You oblige because you are an adult. But not without making this face that will make his blood run cold and send the message that he’s in big trouble when you get home.

Funny Couple

You want to stay mad but you’re also hungry and craving so much for tacos. Your anger will just have to wait until you get your dinner.

Funny Couple

Your man is truly a great man, and you thank the universe for sending him your way. Now, it’s time for the rest of the world to know just how lucky you are for having found each other.

You don’t have to say anything. You only just need to listen.

Funny Couple

Sometimes you feel sorry for him because he has to put up with you and your crazy mood swings and ridiculous demands.

But most of the time, you just feel blessed because he still chooses to stay even if he has all the reasons to run as far away from you as possible.

Funny Couple

You don’t want to be the needy, clingy woman that you find so annoying. But you just can’t help being that way sometimes, too, especially when you just really miss being with your man.

Funny Couple

You admit that you can be a little crazy sometimes and this craziness has scared some people off. But not your man.

He’s been passing all the tests, and you couldn’t be any prouder. Now enough of the crazy games or he might change his mind.

11 Funny Couple Memes That Will Remind You of Your Woman

Funny Couple

She does this so randomly, so you don’t really know what she’s going to find.

You know you’re not doing anything wrong, but just seeing her quietly scrolling through stuff on your phone is enough to give you a cardiac event.

Funny Couple

Act cool or jump and grab the phone out of her hands? Choose wrong and you’re out of here faster than you can say ‘adios’.

It’s a slow build of terror whenever your woman randomly checks your phone. You can never know the things they’ll flip over.

Funny Couple

The closest is bad or mad, and neither is a good sign for husbands.

Funny Couple

Women don’t like it when you smile too much while texting. They will instantly want to know what or who’s making you smile and why you’re even smiling.

Funny Couple

Not all women will be triggered, but most will not be pleased to be talking about someone you used to be in love with.

Whether accidental or not, mentioning your ex in any kind of conversation will more than likely earn you this look. Not cool.

Funny Couple

Women have a weakness. If it isn’t cute animals, it’s usually food.

If you want to get back on her good side real quick, make sure she’s hungry and ask her out for a bite to eat.

Funny Couple

She may be crazy and unreasonable sometimes, but she’s also sweet and funny. All her wonderful traits trump her bad, which is why you’re madly in love with her!

Funny Couple

Being in a relationship with a woman is like trying to solve a really complex problem. That’s because women are complex and complicated creatures.

It’s best that you just follow what they say and appreciate everything they do.

Funny Couple

Pay attention to the nuances in her expression and body language. How exactly did she say what she said? How cold was her smile, and was she blinking when she said it?

There are many possibilities, but almost always it means that you are in big trouble.

Funny Couple

No matter what you do or say, when she’s having a fit, she’s really having a fit. You need to go all out if you want to calm her down.

If nothing works and she continues to stay furious with you, leave the room and only come back when she’s sleeping soundly.

Funny Couple

Everything can get magnified when she’s on her period, so it’s best to be on your best behavior whenever she is.

This will keep the peace and harmony between the two of you, even if it means you have to go through it every month with her.

11 Funny Couple Memes That Prove You’ve Been Together for So Long

Funny Couple

It’s not like you’re not busy doing other household chores like cooking, washing the dishes, or doing the laundry.

But you always save the quickest fixes until the last minute so that your place gets that newly cleaned look that your man is sure to notice.

Funny Couple

You’re so in sync that you get annoyed by the same people and think that those who overshare only compensate for what’s lacking in their real lives.

Funny Couple

You’ve been together for so long that a wedding proposal sounds cliché and corny for you two.

You can even joke about weddings and engagements and pretend to be annoyed, but at the same time not feel any pressure to get married.

Funny Couple

You both know your best angles and which direction to face to catch the best light. You know the kind of photos that will make it to your social media feeds.

You have been taking selfies for so long that it’s become very effortless for you both.

Funny Couple

Being together for so long should make him aware of all the things that irk you the most without you having to tell him about it.

Sometimes he gets it, but most of the time he doesn’t. And this irks you even more.

Funny Couple

You’ve been together for so long that you have already used all your tricks to get him to do something for you.

No matter how cute or funny you look, it will be harder now to convince him to buy you or get you something.

Funny Couple

You know that you don’t have to share everything on social media just to show how happy and in love you both are.

There are moments that you want to remain just between the two of you, because those are the moments that you will really treasure.

Funny Couple

She can burp loudly, or he can fart while sleeping. She can leave the bathroom floor wet, or he can take a piss with the bathroom door open.

You don’t really mind anymore because these things are nothing new.

Funny Couple

When she notices that you’re not amused anymore, instead of stopping she will just keep badgering you until you’re no longer annoyed.

Never show her you’re annoyed because she will not stop!

Funny Couple

You are each other’s protectors and defenders. Nobody says a bad thing about the person you love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s someone on Facebook or someone you know from somewhere. When they’re saying something bad, they can expect to see your fierce side and they won’t know what hit them.

Funny Couple

You can truly be yourself with this person. You can stop pretending to eat like a bird when you have the appetite of a panda.

When your food runs out, you can even eat their food!

10 Funny Couple Memes That Will Make You Appreciate Your Relationship Even More

Funny Couple

You have your own little love bubble. You only have eyes for the person you love that you find it annoying when you have to deal with other people.

As much as possible, you want to spend every waking moment with this person. You consider other people as distractions. No wonder you’re so easily annoyed by them!

Funny Couple

You work as a unit even if you have your own lives. Everything is so well meshed and running smoothly that you can easily be just one person.

You are completely in sync that you finish each other’s sentences and share the same thoughts and feelings about things.

Funny Couple

Consider yourself blessed when you have someone waiting for you at home that you can tell all that has happened for the day.

Even during the most stressful days, knowing that someone loves you and cares for you is enough to assure you that everything will be just fine!

Funny Couple

Being in a relationship also means hating the other person with an intensity you never thought possible. It will not always be fun and romance, and there will be moments that you wish you never met.

But even with your hate and anger, you still have that love and respect at the core.

This reassures you that no matter what challenges you are going through, you’ll be alright as long as there’s love and respect.

Funny Couple

You will always have someone to do things with. Whether it’s going grocery shopping together, raising children together, or building your first home together, it will always be special because you’re doing it together!

Funny Couple

There will be storms that your relationship will face. But you know you’ll be okay because you have your partner to go through them with.

This makes all the difference. Challenges become a walk in the park when there are two people in love facing them together.

Funny Couple

Sometimes you just think about how different your life would be if you ended up with another person.

It’s hard to imagine a different life that does not have the person you love in it.

That’s why you’re just very grateful that you met at all and fell in love just like you did.

Funny Couple

There are still so many things that you want to do, and you want to do them all with that one special person.

You just know that sharing it with them will make the experience so much more memorable.

Funny Couple

When the happiness of the other person is your ultimate goal, you know that your relationship be happy and will last a long, long time.

Funny Couple

It may not make sense to others, but what’s important is that it makes to the both of you.

The Funniest Couple Meme of all Time

Funny Couple

All the little inconsequential things pale in comparison to the enormity of your love for that special person.

Love can be messy, terrifying, heartbreaking, and challenging. But it’s also incredibly liberating, inspiring, exciting, and pretty much every good feeling in the world.

Apart from these very entertaining and relatable memes, here are some hilarious and romantic quotes and messages about love and relationships that you will want to bookmark!

Funny Couple Quotes

Sometimes I wonder why you’re still with me, and then I remember how much I put up with you. I guess that makes us even!


I love seeing you smile, but I love it even more when the reason you’re smiling is me.


Did you say tickle fight? A word of warning: I’m not responsible for any injury that you might sustain from this.


Whenever you a see a couple walking down the street, whoever’s walking ahead is usually the one that’s mad or pissed off.


Who cares about butterflies in my stomach when I can feel the entire zoo whenever I’m with you?


You know how sleep is very important to me. If I choose you over sleep, you better believe that you’re freaking special!


Somewhere in between the laughs, nonsense talks, corny jokes, and petty little fights is our fierce love and unshakeable faith in each other. It’s comforting to know that you’re okay with all my weirdness and still love me for it.


I knew you were the one for me when I farted loudly and you didn’t disappear from my life the next day. I love you!


Whenever you laugh at my jokes, reach for my hand, find me in a crowded room, stare at me while I talk, look at me longer than necessary, and kiss me on the forehead when we’re hugging, I swear I’m in paradise.


I don’t want the perfect partner. I want someone who’s just as imperfect as me so that we can both be imperfect together and ridiculously in love.


I wasn’t counting on falling in love. But then you looked my way and smiled, and I knew right then that I was in very deep trouble.


I used to think that I was normal, and then I met you. Then I learned that we’re both quite weird and I love this about us.


You have no idea how crazy my heart starts to beat and how wild the butterflies in my stomach get whenever I’m with you. You still have that wild effect on me!


Laugh whenever you can and know when to apologize. Release what you can no longer change and learn to forgive wholeheartedly. Play hard, love hard, and cry when you need to. Life is too short so do your best to always be happy.


When you’re in a relationship, you have to make the choice every day whether you want to be right or happy. Please don’t take it against me if I want to be both most of the time.


There may be days when I hate you so much it brings me to tears. But there are more days when you take my breath away because of how much I love you.

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