21 Funny Good Morning Messages

If your morning starts with laughter, the whole day will be spent in optimistic mood. Send someone special one of these funny good morning messages and make their day special.

Don’t you just hate it when you get woken up by your phone chirping, signaling a new message received, only to see that it’s from your boss, asking if you could come in on your day off, or if you could stay at the office later to finish a project? 🙁

Doesn’t it annoy you to no end when you get roused from sleep by a wrongly sent text?

Or worse, a text message reminding you that your subscription to something is almost ending?

The difference between a good morning and a bad morning is oftentimes the first message that you receive in the morning.

Which is why it’s important to choose the right words and find the most neutral sentiments. You don’t want to end up ruining a perfectly good day.

If you want a fail-safe message that could work on the most important people in your life, like your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or even your parents, you can always take the light and humorous approach.

You can send them funny Good Morning messages to make them smile, chuckle, or laugh out loud from deep under the covers.

Check out these hilarious messages that your loved ones will surely appreciate. Here’s to funny mornings all in the name of good fun!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Mom

Mothers are natural comedians, so you will have to try a little harder to get that desired reaction from them. It would not be difficult when you know what tickles their funny bones.

Get creative. Poke good-natured fun, or tease them with your dry or self-deprecating humor. Remember that the goal is to make them feel happy to start the day, and not the other way around!

Hello, Mom. Good morning! I know that you’re thinking that this is another day of stress and challenges. But if you think about it as a day of fun and learning, you will have so much energy and enthusiasm to wing whatever this day will drop in on you. Seize the day! Take your sweet time. Make sure that your hair is freshly washed and fabulously blown out. Make sure that you’re wearing that gorgeous lipstick I gave you. Just because you’ll be cleaning the house and cooking all day doesn’t mean you should look like an unwashed homeless person.


Did you know that every minute, a person posts a motivational or inspiring quote that they do not live by? That’s pretty amazing, knowing that you post a lot of those things on your Facebook. I’m not trying to suggest anything here. Only that it makes me wonder if it’s really true. So, is it, Mom? Oh, good morning, by the way!


Trust me, Mom. When I woke up this morning, I really had no plans of being drop dead gorgeous, insanely witty, and hopelessly charming. But what can I do? These things just happen! For some strange reason, no matter what I do to stop it, it just keeps happening. I’m getting tired of it, actually. I think there will come a point that I will no longer give a care. I will let what nature intended for me to be to just come out. What do you think, Mom? Good morning!


Hi, Mom! Good morning! You should be proud of me because when my alarm rang this morning, I got up from my bed and made it all the way to the couch. There’s no stopping me now, if only I could just sleep for another 15 minutes. Just 15 more minutes, Mom, I promise!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Dad

Fathers have a sense of humor that only they can possess. They can be the most serious and sternest of the lot, but they can also be the most natural comedians in the world.

What comes out of their mouths are things that can really make you laugh, and still make you laugh over the years whenever you recall them.

It would be an outrage if you would not put in the effort to come up with the funniest Good Morning messages your dad.

It would be hard to top their natural wit and sense of humor, but these great examples should help you get started.

Hi, Dad. Good morning! Thank you for letting me sleep a little longer this morning by not playing your Bruno Mars playlist loudly on your Bluetooth speaker, or by singing it in the shower in full concert mode. When you do that, the songs become soundtracks to my dreams. And you know what happens next. I end up humming his songs all day long!


Hi, Dad! I just wanted to perk up your morning and send you something that would make you smile. This is just me reminding you that you should try and look for the positive in each day. Even if you have to look really, really, really hard. Do you really want to look like a middle-aged Grinch in office clothes? That’s what I thought. Smile! Laugh! Hopefully, this message helps you do just that. Good morning!


Seriously, Dad, why is it even called beauty sleep when I always wake up looking like a troll? Is there some scientific explanation for this? Can you enlighten me on this matter? Does it apply only to girls at a certain age or to all women in general? Please answer as soon as you’ve had your coffee. Good morning!


Good morning, Dad. What are you doing texting me at 5 in the morning? I’m texting this reply with one eye open, by the way. Yes, I got home before 12, and yes, I was just with a bunch of friends who made sure I got home in one piece. No, I did not drink a lot and only had 2 beers. And yes, I will not be late for class today. Can we just talk on the phone later when I am fully awake? Thank you. Love you, Dad!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Best Friend

Every moment that you spend with friends is just a never-ending comedy show. Even the things that are not funny can be made funny when the right person puts the right spin to it.

This is what makes you such good friends after all!

The great thing about sending Good Morning messages to your friends is that you can send them basically anything and they will still love you for it.

You don’t have to try so hard to make an impression because they will still laugh at even your corniest jokes, and they will not take your gravest threats seriously.

Check out these great examples of Good Morning messages that you can send to your best friends.

You know I have no problem with mornings. I can rise and shine like a boss, only not at the same time. Especially when there’s no strong coffee around. But give me time and I’ll be up and running. Plenty of time. Good morning!


I know you know that I’m the best, the most beautiful, the most generous, the most brilliant, and the most charming friend you have. Don’t just sit there looking at your phone. Go ahead and start paying homage to me. Tell me just how beautiful, generous, brilliant, and charming I am so that your day can officially start! Oh, and good morning to you, too!


Well, good morning. I see that the assassin I hired failed. You are still breathing, texting, and replying to my messages. I guess I will just have to wait and see again tomorrow morning.


Good morning, friend. It’s such a beautiful sunrise today! But wait, what am I doing up so early? I will just go and drink coffee and pretend that I know what I’m doing. Talk to you later!


Even your coffee looks surprised that you woke up this early today. I know you’re allergic to mornings, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any cure. Come on, it’s just a new day, not doomsday! Cheer up!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Boyfriend

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, the Good Morning message that you will most look forward to is that one from the person you love.

Nothing compares to the feeling that you get when you see your girlfriend or boyfriend’s name appear on your phone notifications. It’s like turning on a switch and everything becomes light and happy again.

It’s even better when the message is silly and laugh out loud funny! Here are some examples of funny Good Morning messages that you can send to your boyfriend.

Good morning, handsome. I see that the spell has not yet been broken. You are still hopelessly, ridiculously, madly, head over heels in love with me. Good luck trying to break this spell, because I know this is for life!


Be a carrier of something contagious. I’m talking about your smile. Your smile is so contagious that when you smile at me, it just makes my day complete. Wait, what did you think I was talking about? Anyway, good morning! I will see you later. I love you!


Open your eyes, take a deep breath, and put a smile on your face. It’s a wonderful morning. It’s time to get up and welcome the day with energy and positivity. But I want you to know that just because I’m awake doesn’t mean that I’m functioning at 100%. Good morning!


Waking up before 6am on a Saturday should be a crime. You know I always find you seductive and good-looking, but not when you’re video calling me at an ungodly hour and my whole body is in deep slumber. I want you to remember this moment. Whenever you start feeling like I don’t love you anymore, just think about mornings like this that I tear myself from my bed just to go jogging, hiking, or swimming in the ocean with you, okay? Good morning.

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Girlfriend

There are many ways that you can show your love to your girlfriend. One of which is by starting their day with a Good Morning message. It doesn’t matter how sweet or romantic the message is.

It’s the thought that they are the first person to come to your mind upon waking up, and that they are the first person that you want to wish a Good Morning.

You can stir things up a bit and make her smile, giggle, or laugh out loud while she’s trying to fight off the sleepiness. These funny Good Morning messages are sure to do just that.

You say Good Morning like it’s a good thing. I guess that’s true because you put the good in all my mornings. But then again, it’s too early in the day to be such a responsible human being. Let me close my eyes and go to sleep again even for just five minutes. Just five minutes. Zzzz…


In case you forget it this morning, your face is a face that can launch a thousand ships. Your smile is more beautiful than the most beautiful sunrise, the most breathtaking rainbow, and the most gorgeous night sky. You are more brilliant than any Nobel Peace prize winner. And you have the most good-looking, most romantic, and most lovable boyfriend in the world. Good morning, baby doll.


If Jon Snow can rise from the dead, you can get out of the bed. If Rick and his crew can slay armies of Walkers season after season on The Walking Dead, you can also slay this day. If those beauty vloggers on YouTube say it’s possible to apply sensational makeup in under 5 minutes, you can apply your makeup in under 5 minutes. Believe! Have faith! Stop hitting the snooze button, for goodness sakes. Good morning, sleepyhead!


Good morning! How are you even so bright, perky, and beautiful at this hour of the morning? Are you even human? The most energeticI can get in the morning is reading your message, sending a reply, and then going back to sleep!

Are you still looking for funny good morning messages that will help friends and loved ones start their day with laughter? Here are a few more…

Perfect Funny Good Morning Messages

I can rise and shine with no problem, but just not at the same time, I guess. And yes, that’s my good morning message for you.


Just some words of wisdom for this fine morning: There are two kinds of people in this world. Morning people and those who want to murder morning people. Guess which kind I am?


Good morning, lazy girl. May this day be full of achievements and productive pursuits… from someone else, obviously.


If you’re wondering about what other things you should be grateful for this day, just remember that I’m your friend and I love you. You’re welcome. Good morning!


Good morning to someone who can start each day with the most thought-provoking questions: Should I get out of bed at 11 for brunch or at 12 for a proper lunch? Is there still pasta from last night’s dinner? Should I shower or just wash my face?


Your morning should start with a good morning message from someone who really cares and loves you. Take care and see you later then!


Good morning to a person I would like to see as someone I cannot live without. Don’t get your hopes up, though. I did say ‘I would like to’, right?


I’d like to take my chances and greet you a good morning even though I know you won’t be reading it until three in the afternoon. Good morning!


Never lose hope. Never give up. Someday you will become a morning person like me and you cannot do anything about it. Good morning!


Good morning to my friend who has consistently outdone everyone in terms of sleeping in, sleeping all day, and sleeping late. You make all of us look bad.


This is a good morning message to my friend who never quits because he’s always sleeping to even start anything. I hope you’re able to catch up on your sleep because I know you’ve only had 12 hours of sleep yesterday. How horrible!


Here’s to shutting the blinds, turning the air conditioner up, and burying deep in the covers. This good morning message is actually for tomorrow morning when you wake up.


Good morning to my friend who never gets stressed about anything because she’s always sleeping!


You’re my weirdest friend because you actually like getting up in the morning. Good morning!


Good morning to my one true friend who knows what I’m really like at mornings. Thanks for not disowning me. Love you!


I felt the need to pee and then when I went back to bed, I lost all traces of sleepiness. Here’s my very, very early good morning message, hoping that you didn’t put your phone on silent so that we can talk about what I’m going to wear for work later. Good morning!


When you feel like you can’t get up in the morning, remember that it’s just a bed. After that, remember that it’s just a shower. So on and so forth. Good morning!

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