38 Funny Husband Memes – Can You Spot Your Husband?

Your husband is definitely on at least one of these memes!

You love this man you call your husband enough to spend the rest of your life with him.

As you spend every day with him, you discover things about him that you never would have had you not gotten married.

You discover the many ways that he can annoy you, infuriate you, and make you question your decision to get married at all.

This collection of funny husband memes is sure to make you chuckle, laugh out loud, and roll your eyes.

Don’t forget to send these funny husband memes to him when you’re done and share the laughs!

10 Hilarious Husband Memes That Will Lift Your Spirits 

Funny Husband

Are those wives you can hear laughing? Doesn’t this remind you of that picture you took when you and your husband were on your last date night?

There’s something about husbands and cameras that make them suddenly turn into unsmiling prudes, completely messing up a nice photo opportunity.

No one needs a jaw-dropping background if your husband is there to ruin the picture!

Funny Husband

This is quite obvious. You can see from how one tube has been ravaged unnecessarily.

You can still get all the toothpaste in the tube in a nice and orderly fashion, only your husband does not have the patience to do it.

Funny Husband Memes

This is the face that your husband makes when you get home with shopping bags, especially when it’s an unplanned shopping trip with the ladies.

You can just see all the thoughts running through your husband’s mind, including the best way he can ask you to return the really overpriced and unnecessary stuff.

Funny Husband Memes

If you’re crazy, then what is he doing with you? Why did he ask you to be his wife and the mother of his children?

Surely, he must have seen something good in you aside from your explosive temper, your excessive desire for expensive things, and your monster appetite.

Funny Husband Memes

It’s not a question that you can readily answer. It can be a trick question, after all.

A smart wife will give a safe number that’s within the budget and then take your husband’s mind off the subject.

The conversation will resume when the bill arrives but by then you would have come up with an airtight defense.

Funny Husband Memes

If your husband truly paid attention to what you’re telling him, you wouldn’t have to repeat yourself and lose your patience because of having to repeat yourself. It’s simply just a chain reaction!

Funny Husband Memes

Sometimes it’s the truth because you can hear and smell it all the way from the bathroom.

But sometimes it’s just a flimsy excuse to avoid doing household chores or have a grown-up conversation with the only grown-up in the house, which is you, of course.

Funny Husband Memes

He’s a naturally good-looking man but he becomes more good-looking when he has a spatula in his hand and is busy making dinner.

He becomes even more attractive when he takes out the trash without being reminded.

He looks sweet and cute when he shaves his beard without waiting for you to make a face when he kisses your cheek.

Funny Husband Memes

What is it with husbands and their sense of hearing? Ask them to do something and you will have to repeat yourself four or five more times.

When you’re starting to sound demanding, that’s the time they do it; but not without a few grumbles or a look of pain.

Funny Husband Memes

He truly hit the jackpot when you chose him. Don’t let a day go by without reminding him!

Maybe he will pay more attention to you and less attention to his weird hobbies.

10 Funny Husband Memes That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

Funny Husband Memes

Men, in general, like to hear themselves talk. Women know that most of the time, men should not be taken too seriously.

Take it from wives who choose to just zone out when their husbands start talking. Because when they start to listen, they will discover a whole lot of wrong!

Funny Husband Memes

He’s really one of the luckiest men in the world to make someone like you fall in love with someone like him.

That’s just so incredibly rare and special!

Funny Husband Memes

This husband meme is pretty much self-explanatory but don’t be so quick to judge the husband.

Maybe the wife is just so overcome with emotions, the happy kind of emotions, and could not hold back her tears.

In an alternate universe, the husband is just a real jerk who’s only good at causing pain and disappointment.

Funny Husband Memes

When you’re nearing the climax of your story and seeing a glazed look in your husband’s eyes, make sure to snap a finger or two to check for signs of life, okay?

Funny Husband Memes

He truly lucked out when he chose someone as sassy and brilliant as you. Here’s to hoping that you had the same kind of good luck!

Funny Husband Memes

Taking the trash out is now a monumental task. Even more difficult than doing the laundry, taking care of the children, cooking meals, washing the dishes, and cleaning the house.

Funny Husband Memes

You think being married for several years will make you used to hearing him chomping on his food and wolfing it down.

You thought it wrong, and it takes herculean effort not to smack his mouth with your house slippers.

Funny Husband Memes

Husbands are generally adult babies or grown-up kids. Only noisier, needier, and more demanding, with lots of body hair.

Funny Husband Memes

He leaves his stuff all over the house. When you clean it up and put it back in its proper place, he suddenly can’t find it. Such great mystery.

Funny Husband Memes

Husbands spoiling their wives just for the heck of it will make any woman feel like a queen.

If they’re doing it so that you will not leave them because they’re also seeing other women on the side, that’s a completely different thing.

10 Funny Husband Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Funny Husband Memes

Husbands have a natural talent for putting their foot in their mouth. They say the most inappropriate or offensive thing, and they can be clueless about the repercussions.

When you give this look, it’s his cue that he messed up and needs to clean the mess up ASAP or else he’s really going to get it.

Funny Husband Memes

Even if he’s been living in the same house with you for the past fifteen years and nothing has ever been rearranged, you can expect your husband to come to you to find everything.

From his car keys, favorite tie, boxer shorts, can opener, down to his razor and reading glasses.

Funny Husband Memes

These days, it’s all about how happy and in love you are on social media.

Husbands and wives resort to posting romantic photos and cheesy posts just to show everybody that everything’s fine and you’re still husband and wife.

But don’t feel bad if your husband hates social media. It’s actually a good sign because he does not spend his time browsing through photos of women and liking their barely-there outfits.

Funny Husband Memes

If wives spend a long time in the bathroom, that’s because they’re cleaning it thoroughly and then they decide to take a long and luxurious bath after to feel fresh and clean.

When husbands take too long inside the bathroom, it’s because they poop for one minute and then beat their friends’ high scores for the next 45 minutes.

Funny Husband Memes

If you want to monumentally piss your wife, sit on the couch and leave crumbs all over, and don’t use coasters for your beer.

Leave the kitchen in complete disarray and forget to take out the trash again even after she asked you for the fifth time.

Act like a total slob and you will be wifeless in no time!

Funny Husband Memes

But sometimes there will be moments of clarity, and you will meet halfway and enjoy an intelligent, adult conversation. It’s pretty rare, but it happens.

Funny Husband Memes

A successful marriage takes a lot of understanding and compromise. If your husband is acting like a child, act like a child as well so that there will be two overaged kids in your house!

Funny Husband Memes

Sometimes you just need a break from being mom and wife. There are many places you can sneak off to while running errands so that you can catch your breath and take a brief break from all the responsibilities.

It does not matter if it’s that hipster coffee shop filled with college students, or that all-day breakfast place that serves the best pancakes, or that pub that looks shady from the outside but is quite cozy inside.

Have an escape because it will help keep you sane!

Funny Husband Memes

This may sound funny but assembling furniture by following a diagram can be a major test of a relationship. The first person who loses their composure loses.

You’d think it will be quick and easy, because how difficult can it be to assemble a computer table, right?

But an hour later, you’re both sighing loudly and gritting your teeth because every slab of wood looks the same.

If you manage to complete the assembly without killing each other, congratulations!

Funny Husband Memes

There’s no greater physical pain than the pain you experience when you’re pregnant and about to give birth.

But husbands clearly think that the ‘pain’ of having a fever is comparable to birth pains.

Because of this, women scientists all over the world are trying to make groundbreaking discoveries that will allow men to be successfully impregnated.

7 Funny Husband Memes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Funny Husband Memes

It’s amazing how your husband can sleep through everything.

No matter how loud or chaotic the environment is, count on your husband to still be able to sleep and wake up the next day like there’s no crisis.

Funny Husband Memes

There are some men who are amazing with their kids but if your husband is not of those men, just an hour with the kids can be disastrous.

Funny Husband Memes

Nothing is more infuriating than grabbing a jar of tomatoes while cooking and not being able to pop the lid off with just one turn.

Adding to your panic is that you need to get the jar open because the dish calls for tomatoes. If you don’t add them in the next two minutes, the dish is ruined.

Funny Husband Memes

It’s like playing good cop bad cop most of the time, which is endlessly annoying because you always turn out to be the bad cop.

Funny Husband Memes

If he’s not doing the thing that you asked him to do fifteen minutes ago and you cannot find him anywhere in the house, try the couch.

He’ll surely be there snoozing, eating, watching TV, or all of the above.

Funny Husband Memes

They may not admit this to their friends, to their colleagues, or to their relatives but husbands will just be sorry-looking grown men when their wives are not around to run the house for them.

They will have no clue how to operate the stove or what kind of ingredients are needed to make a simple breakfast.

They will surely break down the washing machine and the dishwasher if you ask them to wash the dishes or do the laundry while you are gone!

Funny Husband Memes

Husbands can be the most hardworking people at work or when they’re working on their passion projects but they mysteriously become the laziest creatures in the world when they’re in their natural habitat.

No matter how much they desire to fix the leak in the ceiling or mow the lawn, a powerful desire to nap in the morning and in the afternoon renders them basically useless.

The Best Husband Meme of All Time…

Funny Husband Memes

Maybe it’s the way they get mysteriously hard of hearing when you ask them to do something for you.

Or how it takes them 15 minutes to get up from the couch when you need them to just hand over something.

Maybe it’s the way they keep forgetting to do things they promised they would.

Husbands have a truly unique way of annoying their wives, and the list is endless!

Hilarious Quotes About Husbands

You love your husband to death, but he sure can annoy the hell out of you and test your limits.

Now that you’re married, you also uncover different truths about him that you simply just have to accept or endure, depending on what kind of truths these are.

But your husband is what makes your life exciting, messy, unpredictable, and a whole lot entertaining.

If the memes above made you laugh out loud because of how true they are, you will be laughing out loud over these quotes about husbands.

A wife’s relationship with her husband is often psychological. One is usually a psycho while the other is logical. It can be tricky trying to figure out which is which, though.


Marriage is a brilliant invention. But so is the oven toaster.


Before you married your husband, did you first check his reaction when using very slow internet?


Getting married to my husband is the best thing I have ever done. It’s the living together part that I’m having some challenges with.


They say that you should keep your eyes open when you’re still not husband and wife, and then keep them half closed after. They’re not wrong, you know.


The furious wife is usually the woman who’s walking quickly a few steps ahead.


If you don’t yet have a husband, you should know that marriage is a big adventure. Much like entering the battlefield.


If you want your marriage to last and keep your wife happy, admit your mistakes when you’re wrong. Shut up and don’t make a sound whenever you’re right.


Being married is having a sleepover with your best friend every night, minus the really cute pajamas.


I love being married to my husband. He lets me annoy him in so many ways.


When I married my husband, I was fully aware that I’d be giving up the admiration and adoration of many guys for the wit and sarcasm of one.


My husband now knows that marriage is a give and take. If he doesn’t give me what I want, I’d still find a way to take it.


Our marriage is a little slice of heaven, complete with thunder and lightning.


If at first, you don’t succeed, do it the way your wife asked you to.


He asked me why the house was not clean since I’d been at home all day, and then I asked him why we’re not rich since he’s been at work all day.


My husband is starting to eat healthy food so that he can live longer. Live longer than me so that when I die first, he can meet someone new and marry again? No way! It’s bacon every morning and pizza every night and we’re dying together!


My husband takes out the trash and acts like he found the cure to cancer or something.


I never knew what a challenge husbands can be until I got married.


Being married has no guarantees. Go live with a tree stump if that’s what you’re looking for.

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