46 Funny I Miss You Memes

If you want to surprise your significant one, send them one of these I Miss You Memes.

When someone you love has to go away for a while, it’s enough to make you suffer from separation anxiety and loneliness.

If only there’s a way to keep you together forever, then you won’t have to spend a moment missing them.

Here’s a collection of funny, sweet, and romantic I Miss You memes that capture what it feels to miss someone so bad.

12 Funny I Miss You Quotes

Miss You Memes

Before you met this person, you didn’t know missing someone every second of every day was even possible.

You always thought that these kinds of lines from songs, poems, and novels were too cheesy and melodramatic.

But you had no idea that it will resonate with you until you start feeling the exact same way for someone, too.

Miss You Memes

Needless to say, you miss this person even when there’s no reason for you to miss them.

Being away from the person you love feels like a part of you is missing or working out of sync.

When they’re not around, the day is less bright and happy. When they’re with you, everything feels right with the world again.

Miss You Memes

One of the most frustrating things in the world is loving a show so much and having no one to discuss it with.

When your favorite person in your life goes away, the experience of watching your shows together also changes.

No amount of texting, live tweeting, live streaming, or Skype calling can beat the real experience of sharing a couch, eating food, and hitting each other when you’re overcome with emotions during the really good parts.

Miss You Memes

They say time heals all wounds. But it will definitely be easier to heal if you can also hurt the person who hurt you.

Let’s just say that’s their karma working.

Miss You Memes

People have different ways of dealing with breakups and coping with the heartbreak that follows.

Some people make it look easy, while some people never seem to get over the breakup.

It’s okay to miss someone that you once loved, even if it’s been quite a while since you parted ways.

But try not to let them know that you’re still feeling all these feelings. It may sound like you’ve never really moved on when in reality, you’re just feeling nostalgic.

Miss You Memes

When you can be totally yourself with someone because they know everything there is to know about you, you can send them I Miss You memes like this and they will not even be offended.

Miss You Memes

In other words, is there any way you can cancel your plans and just come back to bed and be lazy all day together?

Miss You Memes

When you miss someone so bad, you can remember every moment that you’ve spent together.

You can remember every detail about their face, body, and the way they talk and move.

Everything is etched into your mind with vivid accuracy. No wonder you also spend a lot of time thinking inappropriate R-rated thoughts.

Miss You Memes

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been blocked by an ex, or if you’ve ever blocked an ex.

You need to get creative and ask a good and trusted friend that you and your ex have in common for help.

Ask them to check what’s happening on your ex’s Facebook wall, but without looking like an eager stalker, of course.

Miss You Memes

Just because you miss them now doesn’t mean you want them back in your life. That ship has long sailed, my friend.

Miss You Memes

Everyone makes mistakes, and these mistakes sometimes have major consequences.

If things ended badly between you and the person you love, perhaps sending this heartfelt I Miss You meme can soften their anger and make them open their heart to you once again.

Miss You Memes

There will be moments when you will remember the good times and wish that you were still together.

But thinking of the good times will also make you remember the reason why things had to end.

And you will be reminded of the fact that he’s a needy cheater that deserves to be dumped.

11 I Miss You Quotes for Her

Miss You Memes

She may not be physically beside you right now, but she’s never not in your thoughts, your words, and your heart.

Miss You Memes

It may be over, but the desire to share everything with the person you once loved remains.

It still hurts to know that you can never just send a quick message, or call to see how she’s doing, because someone else is doing that for her now.

Miss You Memes

There’s no other way to describe the longing that you feel and the void that you know will never be filled by another person.

Miss You Memes

Wouldn’t it be weird or even alarming if you love someone but don’t miss them when they’re not with you?

Miss You Memes

Sometimes the only thing that you can hold on to is knowing that at one point in your life, she was yours and you were hers.

Miss You Memes

When looking back at the past, the good memories are what will stand out.

The little things that made you angry, hurt, jealous, or resentful will all pale in comparison to all the wonderful things that you shared.

Miss You Memes

This is probably what goes through the minds of anyone who’s missing someone they love or used to be in love with.

Just thinking about what this person is doing right now can launch a hundred different questions that will either make you feel regret or nostalgia.


Miss You Memes

There’s a void that’s left that will never be filled by another person. There’s also a silence that will never go away without this person in your life.

Miss You Memes

Every day that passes only intensifies your feeling of longing. You try different things to get your mind off the fact that you’re missing them.

But when you’re alone with your thoughts again, you will still have that feeling of yearning, and you will still not have them beside you.

Miss You Memes

Count yourself blessed because you have someone in your life that you love so much. You love them so much that every part of you feels and knowns they are gone!

Here’s to hoping that they miss you back in the same awful, terrible way!

Miss You Memes

There’s really no other way to describe it. There’s really no way to deny it, either. It’s written all over this dog’s face how much you miss that special person.

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Miss You Memes

When there’s radio silence from the other end, it means that it’s your turn to ask how they’re doing.

It’s your turn to shower them with love and affection, even if you’re not physically together.

No text means they’re dying to text but don’t want to sound too needy and lonely.

Miss You Memes

You can’t force people to stay when they truly want to leave. The best thing to do is to love them with all your heart so that when you go, they will spend a great deal of time missing you.

Miss You Memes

Sometimes being away from the person you love is just what you need to appreciate what you have and protect it from anything that threatens to destroy it.

Good things come to those who wait. If you must make sacrifices now to achieve your dreams together, it will make it all the more special and truly worth waiting for.

Miss You Memes

Just like that song by Selena, the heart knows what it wants.

If it chooses to miss this person every day despite all the bad and hurtful things that happened between you two, it will miss this person until you no longer do.

Miss You Memes

Whenever you start missing someone, your inner poet comes out, and your romantic side begins to show.

Even if the romance was brief, you can’t deny that it was also beautiful.

This is the part that you will always miss and think about during your quiet moments!

Miss You Memes

He may have broken your heart into a million different pieces, but you can’t deny the fact that you miss him despite all that.

The heart is truly traitorous sometimes.

Miss You Memes

There is possibly no way that they are missing you more than you are missing them because you have already maxed out on the possible ways you can miss someone.

Miss You Memes


Maybe it’s best that you just keep these feelings to yourself. You don’t want to start something and then walk away from it all over again. It’s just not fair.

For now, you can miss them and hope that they know just how much.

Miss You Memes

There are many ways that you can miss someone, but always with the same feeling of loneliness and deep yearning attached to it.

Miss You Memes

To keep the crippling feelings of loneliness and yearning from driving you crazy, just think about all the things that you plan to do once you’re together again.

It will make you look forward to that day and make you forget about your own loneliness for a while.

Miss You Memes

Reading your old text messages to each other can make you miss them a lot more.

But at least you’ll be thoroughly entertained by how your love unfolded and how he made you fall by sending you words of love and encouragement.

Not to mention all the outrageously flirtatious and naughty messages that are strictly for adults only.

11 Romantic I Miss You Quotes for the Person You Love

Miss You Memes

It may be hard to believe but being with someone you love for a whole day is just not enough.

You instantly miss them the second that they leave your side.

Not even a minute has passed and you’re already thinking about the next time that you’re going to see them and be with them.

Miss You Memes

Expect to have long and sleepless nights that can only be cured by having that person you love right next to you.

Miss You Memes

You just think that you cannot. But for the person you love, you’ll be willing to wait for as long as it takes.

Miss You Memes

There’s no better way to describe the feeling that you have other than you miss them so much that it feels like a physical pain.

Miss You Memes

Thank heavens for advancement in communication and technology. There are many ways you can connect with each other to make you feel a little closer and remove your fear of missing out.

Miss You Memes

And most likely you will only stop missing them when you stop breathing.

Miss You Memes

It’s not easy to turn off your feelings for someone just because they’re no longer a part of your life.

It will take some time before you can completely flush them out of your system.

Moments, when you miss them, will not help you in the long run, so you will also need to find ways to stop yourself from missing them all the time.

Miss You Memes

If only replaying every memory can bring you back to the moment, too, maybe the pain will not hurt as much.

But until that device is invented by scientists, you will just have to make do with your memories and the happy feelings that they give to your heart.

Miss You Memes

Time flies by so fast when you’re having fun. Maybe that’s the reason why a day is simply not enough.

Next time, why not go on a 3-day date, or better yet a 5-day date? It will be a little more expensive but totally worth your money.

Miss You Memes

You feel the longing more when you close your eyes because you don’t see anything else but the face of that person you love.

But the pictures are more vivid, and the emotions are stronger that you can almost feel them right next to you.

Miss You Memes

If a genie will grant you one wish, you will not hesitate to use it on bringing your loved one who’s far away back to you. Easiest one wish ever!

The Best I Miss You Meme of All Time…

Miss You Memes

The easiest and most effective solution to constantly missing someone is to be with them!

It may not happen in an instant, but it can easily be done if two hearts are committed to being with one another.

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