9 Funny Wedding Congratulations Messages that Only the Groom Will Understand

These Wedding Congratulations Messages will make the Groom LOL

funny wedding congratulations messages

When friends send funny wedding congratulations to the groom, you can expect them to be wild, crazy, and sometimes not suitable for work even. Boys will be boys, no matter how old they are, and no matter how many kids they already have. They have a secret bro code, and they have their share of private jokes.

When they give you funny wedding congratulations such as these, expect them to be half joking and half serious!

These messages are perfect for the wedding card that your wife will never see. However, they can be a little naughty to be included in the official best man’s toast.

Feast your eyes on some examples of funny wedding congratulations that can only come from friends who love you and know you very well.

A marriage is a loving relationship where the other person is always right and the other person is the husband. Congratulations on your marriage, and good luck! Stay strong, brother!

You are mistaken if you think that just because you are the husband, you get to call the shots. When you get married, you will answer to your wife. You will report to your wife. You will run it by your wife first before you make any decision. This is because it will be you and her together from this day forward.

It might take a little getting used to, especially if you have been single and independent for a while. But you should know that before you asked for her hand in marriage, your life will undergo a drastic change. By now, you should be more comfortable with the fact that you’re her husband and she’s your wife, and that you have a responsibility to each other.

You’re not the only one whose life has been changed by marriage. Your wife went through it as well. If you don’t hear her whining or about it, that’s your cue to stop whining about it, too.

Whether you’re crazy about the idea or not, your wife will come first, just like you do in your wife’s life. Wives also have a track record for always being right, so this claim is not entirely unfounded.

I remember that you asked me once which one was better; to be a prisoner or a slave? When you get married, you’ll find out that it’s both!

However, it’s a prison you willingly and happily entered. Everyone becomes a slave to love at one point or another. Anyone who hasn’t has never truly experienced what it’s like to love like crazy.

Getting married to the person you love also makes you a willing slave. You will say yes, without hesitation, to whatever your wife requires of you. Because she’s your wife. She has first dibs on everything, and she has the last say on everything, too. This doesn’t make you a puppet husband, though. Just an incredibly generous, accommodating, and understanding one.

But rather than thinking about marriage as a prison, just focus on the commitment that you made. There will be bumpy roads and rough seas, and it will truly feel like you’re trapped in a prison. But there are ways to overcome them without breaking the promise that you made as husband and wife.

Getting married is a life sentence in a sense that you are committing your life to your wife and to your children. As you adjust to the life of a married man, you will appreciate more and more the importance of having your wife and family beside you. If that’s the meaning of prison and slavery, you wouldn’t really mind being a slave in prison forever!

I can’t believe you finally did it. Cheers to going to bed and sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life. Wishing you comfort and peace at this sad time!

It may feel like the end of an era. An era of fooling around and sleeping around. But getting married is a clear indication that you are a grown-up ready to take on a man’s responsibilities like a true adult. The days of partying and casual hook-ups are over, because here you have the opportunity to build something beautiful with the woman you love.

When a man decides that he wants to be with a woman and create a life with her, nothing and no one can stop that from happening. It may look like you’re going to miss out on a lot because you got married, but nothing could be further from the truth. You can only party and hook up for so long. Afterwards, you will just realize that nothing is giving you the happiness that you’re looking for.

Marriage can change your outlook, and soon it will dawn on you that the best decision you have ever made is making that lifelong commitment to someone you love. It’s not for everybody, and it takes guts and a certain amount of insanity to take the plunge. But you will understand why so many people get married, and you will understand why it’s worth all the risks.

Did you know that the secret of a happy marriage is still a secret?

Each marriage is unique. Every husband and wife is different. You cannot compare your marriage to your parents’, or your friends’. What you and your spouse decide to do with your marriage is your decision.

There are things that you should and should not do to make a marriage last. Still it does not guarantee its success or failure. A husband and wife should find their own rhythm and learn to dance in time with the rhythm. This may only work on you and your wife, and not on your friend and his. That’s because every marriage is different.

The secret to a happy marriage is just letting your marriage grow and change with you. It’s about putting in it what you want to get from it. If you want love, happiness, and success, you also must plant seeds of love, happiness, and success and watch them flourish.

A good marriage takes time to grow. Have patience, and focus on other things that you can still improve about yourself, your wife, and your relationship. In no time, you will find yourself reaping the rewards. Never lose your faith in your marriage and in each other because there are still many things in store.

People say that marriage is an institution. And much like the institutions that you are very familiar with, you have to be insane to get into it.

Couldn’t agree more! It really does involve a little insanity to take that plunge into the great unknown which is marriage. Thankfully, you have your wife’s hand to hold so that it will not be as confusing or as terrifying.

Still there will be mistakes to be made and errors to be committed. From them you will learn your lessons and gain your wisdom. Marriage requires never-ending learning, growing, changing, loving, forgiving, and accepting. Once you’ve got all that down pat, getting married will make more and more sense, and marriage will have a deeper and more beautiful meaning.

If you don’t have a little bit of crazy in you, it will be tougher to get through the bad days, or to challenge yourself to think outside the box. Marriage is not only about being a good husband to your wife. It’s also about shaking things up every now and then to keep it exciting.

Love can make people do crazy things. Hopefully, doing something as crazy as getting married. You’ve all done crazy things before. The only difference is that with marriage, you are investing on your future and the love that you share with that special someone.

A word of advice for the groom: If you want to remember your wedding anniversary every year, try forgetting it once!

If you’re married, you should know that wives have an uncanny ability to remember every single important date in your love story. They know the date of your first date, the date when you first kissed, the date when you first made love, the date when you got engaged. Of course, they will remember the date when you got married.

You don’t have to remember every single one, but you should not forget your wedding anniversary and her birthday. Failure to do so will incur her wrath, which you truly don’t want to experience.

Forgetting your anniversary will be an affront to her. It sends the wrong message and the wrong signals. It doesn’t matter what the reason is because for her, forgetting your anniversary is as good as not giving a damn.

Even if it’s still a good six months away, set an alarm a month before your anniversary just for good measure. That will give you plenty of time to shop for a gift, organize a party, or plan a trip somewhere. It’s being overly cautious, but it’s better early than late!

Being married is much like holding a job. Life will be so much easier if you like your boss and your boss likes you.

Your wife is also the boss of you at home. If you want your boss to like you, you will do everything to make her happy. You will want to do her proud. When you and your wife have a good and harmonious relationship, everything will run smoothly, and you can even get what you want without having to state your case.

Remember that a happy wife is a happy life. If you treat your woman like a queen every single day, she will treat you like her king as well. There will be love, peace, and abundance in the kingdom, and everyone will be agreeable to whatever you want to happen.

Marry a woman your age. As your good looks fade, so will her eyesight!

No matter how fat, bald, old, and wrinkled you become, your wife will love you just the way you are. You should also reassure her that the grey hairs and the laugh lines will only add to her beauty and charm. She will forever be a beauty, and she will forever see the man that she fell in love with whenever she looks at you.

As the years go by, your priorities will change and they will no longer focus on your physical looks. The less concerned you become with your looks, the happier and more secure you will feel.

She married you for a reason, and it’s not just because of how you look. The sooner you wrap your head around that fact, the more you can concentrate on just being the best husband to her.

Getting married is giving permission to your wife to annoy you for the rest of your life.

But you know this by now, and that even when you were not yet married, she already loves to annoy you and get under your skin. Now that you’re married, you can expect it to happen anytime, any day, anywhere.

This can also be said for her when you annoy her or get under her skin. It will be a lifetime together driving each other crazy, but in a good and loving way that only husband and wives can. You will be so used to this kind of treatment from your spouse that you will start to miss it when they do start to behave. Yes, married life is indeed crazy!

Even if they always tease you and roast you for being the only married guy in your crew, you know that deep inside, they wish they have the kind of love and commitment that you have. There’s no reason to gloat or feel special because everyone and everything has their perfect season. Soon they will be joining the club, and it will be your turn to tease and roast. But for now, enjoy the attention, the good wishes, and the outpouring of love.

If you’re still looking for inspiration for a funny but heartwarming message to give to your friend who’s recently become a husband, look no further.

Funny Wedding Congratulation Messages

Now that you’re married to the love of your life, let’s start a tally sheet for every time you say ‘yes dear’ and ‘okay honey’. Congratulations! May married life be everything you hope it would be.


Congratulations! You’re finally married, and you’ve signed your life away to your beautiful wife. I couldn’t be happier! Just a few hours married and already you look like a husband!


Congratulations on successfully convincing your wife to marry you. I always knew that you can make any impossible dream come true. Have a happy married life!


If it weren’t for marriage, you two would still be fighting with complete strangers. Congratulations on your wedding, and may you be fighting and making up only with each other for the rest of your life.


Like I keep telling you, being married is also a full-time job. Only you’re in love with your boss. Congratulations on your wedding and may you have a lifetime of love and happiness!


Congratulation on getting married! I hope it was a wonderful ceremony. Remember, being happily married is overrated, according to me.


Now that you’re married, I’d better give you a heads-up. Marriage is a two-way street. Do what must be done to avoid head on collisions with your wife.


Before marriage, you will be madly in love with each other. After years of being married, you will be mostly mad at each other. But I know you guys. You can make fighting look so much fun. Congratulations on your wedding!


I heard you got married. I’m so sorry to hear that. Spending time with us will now be a distant memory. Just kidding! Best wishes to you and your new wife!


From available to busy, from player to one-woman-man, from boyfriend to husband… who are you and what did you do to my friend?


You’ve waited for this day, and I know how much you’ve prepared for it. This marriage is built to last. In case you hit a bump in the road, remember: diamonds. Diamonds can make everything better. Congratulations on your marriage, buddy!


Now that you have agreed to this partnership and signed a contract that does not give you the option to renew it every year, I just know that you are truly, madly in love. Congratulations on your marriage!


I knew you were madly in love, but I had no idea you will be serious enough to get married. You are full of surprises! Congratulations on your marriage and have a wonderful life ahead!


To the guy who couldn’t pay for his beers whenever he’s out with us but is now living a fancy life with his new wife, congratulations! There’s no doubt in my mind that you love her very much!


You’ve finally found someone who digs your weird sense of humor. Great job making sure that she does not marry another guy! Congratulations, my friend!

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