18 Good Morning Messages for Friends

Here are some tried and tested good morning messages for friends. Share them today.

There are so many lovely Good Morning messages for friends which you can find online, but nothing beats Good Morning messages that you come up with and write yourself.

Sometimes, the words just flow very easily. Other times, it’s harder than solving a complicated mathematical problem.

Just what exactly do you say to a friend that you love, and who’s been there with you through the happiest, toughest, most embarrassing, and most unforgettable moments of your life?

What do you say to a friend that will not make them laugh or feel uncomfortable? What do you say to a friend that you talk to all the time that will make them feel extra loved and appreciated?

This collection of Good Morning messages for friends can help.

Not only does it perfectly capture the love and gratitude that you have for your friends, it’s also beautiful, simple, and real.

Browse through these heartwarming messages and pick out your favorites. Bookmark them and get inspired by them.

Remember that you don’t need a special occasion or a special reason to tell a good friend just how much you love them! You should tell them every day.

Everybody needs some good loving every day, after all!

Cute Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good morning, my favorite goofball. Time to rise and shine! We have this wonderful day to show the rest of the world just what you are made of. I want you to know that you have been such a big part of my journey. I would’ve given up a long time ago if it weren’t for your constant badgering and nagging. Sometimes I think you and my mom should hang out more often because you would totally hit it off! You have so many things in common! Just kidding. You know I love you. I am very blessed to have a friend like you who just cares and loves me so much. See you in a bit!


Hi there! Great morning! I just remembered a fun memory of the two of us while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I don’t know if you remember that one crazy night when we just did one stupid thing after another, and we were helpless to stop it! It was such a life-changing experience, and I think we both agree that it made us straighten up and fly right. It’s been that long, my friend. Suffice it to say, we have been in each other’s lives longer than Brad and Angelina were together. Yes, this is my way of telling you that I love you and that we should definitely meet up soon. Hot ramen on me!


Good morning, my beautiful friend! How are you this morning? I hope that waking up today is so much better than your most wonderful dreams. I hope that sharing your morning coffee with me is so much better than drinking it alone in your kitchen apartment. Get dressed because I will be coming by and picking you up so we can have a quick cup before heading for work. Obviously, I missed you very much. You know I miss you every day anyway. See you!


It’s such a beautiful day out. Good morning! Are you up yet? Don’t tell me you plan to just stay in and catch up on your shows. No, none of that today. You have been doing that for the past two months. It’s time to go out there and feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the sweat trickling down your body. Okay, maybe more like sweat pouring out of you like a faucet. But I promise you it’s going to be good! You know it’s always a good time when you’re with me, right? See you in a few!


Every morning, I wake up, smile, and thank God for all the wonderful blessings in my life. You are one of those blessings, my dear friend. You have been for a very long time. I know that I don’t say it a lot, but I really love you! My life is happier and crazier because of you. If you hadn’t been my friend, I think I would still be a huge introvert. You were one of those few and trusted ones who brought me out of my shell. Thank you for doing that, and thank you for always being a friend to me. I love you!


Good morning! I hope you have an amazing day today. May your worries and fears be non-existent. May people see just how amazing you are. May you be showered with exciting new opportunities and prospects. There’s no other person who deserves it more than you. If there’s anything I can do to make your day easier and happier, you know where to find me! Mwah!

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good morning! It’s such a beautiful day today, isn’t it? If there’s anything more beautiful than this morning, that’s definitely our friendship. Our years together as friends have only enriched our lives and made our bond strong. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it for anything else. You are such a big part of me, and I want us to be in each other’s lives forever and ever. I love you, friend!


Hello there! Are you up already? It’s time to rise and shine! It’s another day to try again and succeed. It’s a brand-new day to showcase your distinct brand of awesomeness! If you’re not ready to leave the comfort of your bed right now, I would be happy to come over and drag you out of it. That’s what friends are for, anyway. Don’t you dare spend one second doubting yourself? You were born to be amazing! But the first thing that you need to do to start being amazing is to get out of bed.


The sun always rises in the morning, and the sun always sets at the end of the day. It’s a huge comfort to know that even if nothing goes as planned today, there’s always another chance to try again the next day. Take it, because it’s yours! Good morning, my lovely friend! I hope you have the best day today. I hope that this day rewards you with all the things that will make it a memorable one!


A day that is started well is a day that ends well. If I were you, I’d stop hitting the snooze button, get into the shower, and put on my best outfit. The longer you put off starting the day, the more time that you waste being awesome! The sooner you get around to doing the things you love best, the sooner you will realize that this is going to be an epic day! Good morning! Get that ass off that bed right now.


There are two ways we can welcome this day. With hope and excitement, or with fear and doubt. I say we go with the first. As long as I’m your friend, there’s no way I’m going to allow you to live in fear and doubt. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get up and show the world just how amazing you are. No excuses this time, okay? I know that you’re going to rock this day. Good morning, champ!


I know that it’s just another day in the 365 days of your life. But it doesn’t have to be an ordinary day. You have the power to make it the most amazing and incredible day. It’s all just a matter of perspective, and being with the most amazing and incredible friend. Which happens to be me. I know you will agree with me on this one. Have a great morning! See you later.

Heartwarming Good Morning Messages for Friends

Let us welcome this brand-new day with love and joy in our hearts. I know that it’s not a special day because it’s no one’s birthday, or anniversary, or promotion. But it’s another day to live in this beautiful world, and another chance to use our gifts to make other people’s lives better. Now, who says today isn’t special enough? Each day that you get to spend with awesome friends like me is a beautiful day! Good morning, my friend. Rise and shine for a new day awaits!


Always remember that problems, struggles, and challenges will come and go, but true friends will always stay. Don’t forget that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. There are still good people in your life who will do anything to see you happy, who will reach out and help make a bad day better, and who will always know how to make you laugh. I’m one of those people, and I will always be here to be your friend. I love you! You’re a very important part of my life. Good morning!


May you have a day filled with wonder, beauty, and happiness. You deserve it. You are one of the best people that I know. Some of the things that you have experienced in your life are the stuff that daytime soap operas are made of, but you have overcome all of them. You inspire me to be strong and brave. Whenever I’m experiencing hard times of my own, I just think of you and all the challenges that you have overcome. It makes feel instantly stronger and braver. Continue being an inspiration to me and to many others. You have no idea how you help us in both small and big ways. Good morning, my dear friend! I hope you have the best day!


As I sip my morning coffee and watch this beautiful sunrise, I am reminded of all the wonderful things that I have in my life. There are so many great things going in my life right now that the not so good ones are overshadowed. I’m truly blessed, and I thank God every day for this beautiful life. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for making it a happy, fun, and incredible life. Good morning. Have a day as incredible as you.


Here’s a beautiful morning greeting to the most beautiful friend that I know. I know that I don’t say this to you very often, but you are one of the most important people in my life. We have grown up together. We have witnessed so many highs and lows together, achieved milestones together, and loved and lost together. My life is great because of great friends like you. Thank you for your love. I love you so much, too. Good morning!


Mornings are a beautiful reminder that even if yesterday was the worst day of your life, today can be the best. The important thing is that you dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and just try again. A great morning is waiting, so go ahead and make the best of it! Don’t ever be afraid to live your life on your own terms, because anything other than that is a sad and unfulfilling one. Great morning! Have a wonderful day ahead.

Thoughtful Good Morning Messages for Friends

You will never be good enough for some people, but you will always be the best for someone like me who truly loves and appreciates you. Have an amazing day! Good morning!


Today will not be the same as yesterday and will not be like tomorrow. Always live life to the fullest and make the best out of every day. Good morning, sunshine!


It’s another beautiful morning. Time to put a smile on your face and feel happy. It’s time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life. Good morning.


Nothing’s better than having a friend who appreciates even the smallest things you do for them, who embraces you during tough days, who worries about you when you’re feeling troubled, and who loves you no matter what. Thank you for being that friend for me. Good morning!


Always believe that something amazing is about to happen. Even with all the challenges and obstacles, never forget to appreciate each day. Cherish the small things and appreciate the big things. Have a blessed morning!


I hope that your morning is as beautiful as you and as bright as your personality. Good morning. Have the best day!


Whatever you need to accomplish today, make sure that you do it with a smile and a positive attitude. Don’t forget to be kind, and don’t forget to make someone smile today. Good morning!


When you wake up this morning, don’t forget that it’s a blessing to be alive, to be healthy, to have somewhere to go, and to have something to accomplish. It’s a blessing to live, love, think, and enjoy. Good morning!


Be patient because everything will come to you at just the perfect moment. Good morning, my dear friend!


Rise and shine! Have a blessed day filled with wonderful surprises. Enjoy and appreciate the blessings and favors of God this day. Good morning!


Learn not to expect for anything from anyone. When you receive something without expecting it, it makes it even more special. Keep working hard and leave the rest to our almighty God. Have a blessed morning!


Strength is choosing to smile even when there are many reasons to cry. To the strongest person I know, a very beautiful morning!


May your morning and your day be blessed with joy, happiness, love, and peace of mind. May you be free of anything that weighs you down, and may you always be safe and sound. Let your guardian angels guide your path. Wishing you a very beautiful and blessed morning!


I said a prayer for you this morning. I asked God to be close to you and to shower you with His grace and love. Have a beautiful morning and an even more beautiful day!


No matter what’s happening in your life, never forget that there is always something to be grateful for. Good morning, my beautiful friend!


Here’s a little hi and a lot of warm wishes to start off your day right and bright. Good morning!


May the light of God’s love fill your heart and radiate towards everyone you will meet and interact with today. Good morning!


I’m sending you a little care package of sunshine and happiness to brighten your day just like you do mine. Have a great morning!


Never lose sight of the things and the people in your life that truly matter. Remember that the best things in life are free. Good morning, sweetie!


Everything that God allows in your life has a purpose. He uses even the biggest mistakes and deepest hurts to mold you into a stronger and better person. Good morning!


The great thing about good friends is that they know if you’re telling them something sincere or something half-hearted. It’s not in the words that you say.

It’s in how you say them. Good friends would know if you are just saying them for the sake of saying them, or you’re saying them because you truly mean them.

The many conversations that you share with them every day have made them some kind of expert on you, after all!

Hopefully, these great examples of Good Morning Messages for friends can send your message across and reassure them how much you value their presence in your life.

Use them as inspiration. Go right ahead and change the words and sentiments as you see fit. The more personalized your messages are, the more honest and heartfelt they will be.

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