55 Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

If you are lacking ideas, one of these 55 good morning text messages could be the right one for your girlfriend today.

If you are in a relationship with a wonderful woman, you would know that even a simple text in the morning is enough to make them feel like the most loved, most important, and most cherished person in the world.

Women love receiving sweet and romantic text messages from their men. There’s nothing like receiving a loving text message from the man that they love, telling them a good morning and reassuring them that they are deeply loved.

If you have never sent a sweet Good Morning text message for your girlfriend, how is it possible that you haven’t broken up yet? It’s either she doesn’t care for those kinds of text messages, or she does but doesn’t want to say anything to you about it.

Don’t wait until she gets fed up and a fight ensues. You should know that any chance to tell your woman you love her is a chance that you should take, no matter how corny or out of character you find it.

If you don’t know what to write in your text message, here are a few examples of Good Morning text messages that will surely endear you to your girlfriend.

You can be cute, sweet, or romantic about it. As long as you send a text message that’s honest and sincere, your girlfriend will love you so much for it.

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

It’s easy to get a smile from your girlfriend if you send her a cute Good Morning text message such as these ones right here.

You know what? I always wake up smiling and feeling happy, and it’s all your fault! It’s all because you love me, too. Good morning, love!


Sending you this sweet Good Morning message to brighten your day as you always do with mine. Good morning, honey! I cannot wait to spend the day with you. I will see you very soon.


As you open your eyes and begin your day, remember that you will never have this day again. Make it count. Spend the day with me. Good morning, sweetie!


Your beautiful smile and your sweet voice are better than the strongest coffee in the morning. In other words, just one look at you gives me that jolt I need. You give me the energy that I need. I love you! Good morning.


Your voice is like a powerful spell that turns the sleepiest mornings into mornings filled with love and happiness. Thank you for this gift that I receive every day, love. Good morning!


Even if the very first thing I crave in the morning is a strong cup of coffee, you are the very first thing that pops in my head. Good morning, honey! I love you!


Good morning, sweet face. You have two options this morning. Go back to sleep or chase that dream. I know you’ll pick the second one. I love you.


Hi, honey. As you read this message, know that somebody loves you very much and thinks about you all the time. That’s me. That will always be me. Good morning!


Let’s welcome this day together with an insane amount of love and romance. Are you up for it? Good morning, beautiful. I love you!


Open your eyes, breathe deeply, smile, and remember that you are the most beautiful woman in the world for me. I love you. Good morning!


My dreams and my reality are always filled with sweet and beautiful moments because of you, my love! I love you. Good morning.

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

One can never go wrong with a sweet Good Morning text message. If you’re not a naturally sweet guy, be inspired by these sweet Good Morning text messages.

Good morning, sweetie. Remember that this is another day to shine and be amazing. Show them what you’re made of. I love you!


This morning, I woke up and was reminded by the fact that I’m in love with the most wonderful girl. And that she’s in love with me, too. It’s a beautiful life indeed. Good morning. I love you.


It’s such a beautiful morning out. The morning is beckoning you to rise and go out there. Enjoy it, beautiful. You deserve all this beauty. Good morning!


This morning is a great blank canvas, and it’s up to you to paint it with the most beautiful and wonderful colors. Good morning to the sweetest girl I know. I love you very much


Let my Good Morning message be as welcome and as anticipated as your morning cup of coffee. A very beautiful morning to my very beautiful girl. I love you!


Here’s a spoonful of joy and a cup full of my love to get you started this day. Good morning, love. I love you!


Ever since you came into my life, I no longer hit the snooze button twenty times every morning. That’s because I can’t wait for my day to start and be with you. Good morning, honey. I love you.


I am loved and blessed because I have someone like you in my life. I hope you have the best morning. Rise and shine, my love. Good morning!


You are just like my favorite cup of morning coffee. Strong, hot, sweet, and gets my blood running. Good morning, baby girl!


Good morning, my sweet girl. I literally just woke up and you’re the first person on my mind. I love you. See you later!


I love you early in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the moments that we are together, and in the moments that we are not. I love you every single time. Good morning!

Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

Being your girlfriend’s boyfriend should make you privy to all the things that make her swoon, feel breathless and weak in the knees. Why not try these romantic Good Morning text messages?

Here’s my Good Morning message to get your day started and to make you smile the whole day through. Don’t forget that I love you and I will be thinking about you. I hope you have the best day!


I know that I can’t cuddle next to you and fall asleep together. But I can always send you this wonderful Good Morning message to tell you just how much I love you. I miss you so much. Good morning.


Hi, sweetie. I just wanted to say Good Morning to the woman who makes my every day a memorable one. I love you. Good morning.


Every morning is a reminder that the best is yet to come. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank you, honey. Good morning!


Just thinking about you makes me feel like I can do anything. Your love makes me feel invincible. Good morning. Have the best day, my love!


Every new morning is a wonderful gift because I get to spend it with someone sweet and wonderful like you. I love you. Good morning. Have a great day!


Whatever this day brings, always remember that you have me to love you and take care of you. I will always be here. I love you, and have a great morning.


Some days will be tougher than the others, but you have nothing to worry about. You are the toughest and cutest cookie I know. Good morning.


You are the gift that I unwrap every day. I will never get tired of being with you and falling in love with you. I’m not even kidding. Good morning.


It was a dark and dreary morning, and then I remembered that I would be seeing you today. The thought of you simply chased the dark clouds away. I love you. Good morning.


Hi, honey. Good morning. I want you to take my love with you as you face anything that this day brings. You got this! I love you.

Seductive Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

When all else fails, say Good Morning to your girlfriend with a seductive text message. She will certainly perk up faster than you can say ‘Coffee!’

I can’t stop thinking about last night. Where did you learn those moves, baby? You will definitely be on my mind all day today. Good morning!


I look forward to waking up like this every single day. I can still smell you on my skin. You’re intoxicating. I love you. Good morning.


Waking up today is special because last night had been amazing. I can’t wait for tonight, you gorgeous woman. Good morning!


I don’t think there’s a minute of every day that I don’t want you. You have that kind of effect on me. Good morning, beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful day.


To the woman who never fails to get my blood running and make me think of all kinds of naughty thoughts at the most inappropriate moments, a very good morning! I am so in love with you.


You are all I ever want. You are all I will ever need. Good morning, beautiful. I hope you have the most amazing day.


I finally found the woman who makes my nights burn hotter than the hottest fire, and makes my mornings a lot more exciting. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.


Did you know that just one smile from you can do so many crazy things to my body? I know you know what I’m talking about. I love you. Good morning!


You looked very beautiful in your outfit this morning. But you look so much beautiful without it. Good morning, my dearest siren. Have a great day.


All I want right now is the touch of your lips and the smell of your skin. I can’t wait to see you later. Good morning, love!


I wish I didn’t have to wait all day to hold you in my arms and kiss you like you’ve never been kissed. I look forward to being with you tonight, my sweet. Good morning. I love you.

Beautiful Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

For that beautiful woman you love so dearly, she deserves nothing than the most beautiful and romantic sentiments. Sweep her off her feet with these beautiful Good morning text messages.

This beautiful day cannot compare to the beauty and warmth that you possess. I’m really a very lucky man to be with the most amazing woman. Good morning. I love you.


Every time morning comes around, it’s a reminder that I have a new day to love you. Now that’s something extraordinary to wake up to! Good morning, sunshine.


Being in a relationship with you makes mornings worth getting up very early for. I want to spend every waking moment with you. I love you. Good morning.


Hi, love! I just wanted to say Good Morning to the most amazing woman I know. Have the most amazing day, too. I love you!


The most beautiful woman in the world has just woken up and is now reading this message. Good morning, love. I hope everything goes great for you today. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.


You are the last thought that I have at night, and you are my first thought in the morning. Good morning, beautiful. I love you!


All my fears and worries simply go away when I think about you. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. I love you. Good morning!


Morning has broken! It’s another day to show you just how much I love you. Good morning, my love.


I didn’t know it was possible to miss you already this early in the morning. I guess that’s just how it is when you truly love someone. Good morning, my queen. Time to wake up. I love you!


In case you didn’t know this yet, you are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and I’m madly in love with you. Good morning. See you later.


I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face. It’s because I remembered I have you in my life. I love you so much, baby! I can’t wait to be with you.

Still looking for cute, romantic, or sweet Good Morning messages for your girlfriend? Here are a few more for you.

Perfect Good Morning Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

I want to be your first thought in the morning and your first good morning notification on your phone. Here’s one of many messages that you can expect from me all day long. Good morning, beautiful. Rise and shine!


Are those beautiful eyes open now? See the beautiful day that’s waiting for you from your bedroom window? I hope you have the most magical day. Good morning!


Good morning, beautiful. I’ll be there in about ten minutes. I’ve got your favorite coffee and bagel to go. I don’t want my girlfriend to start her day with an empty stomach. Love you!


Do you know that I have your voice recording as my wake-up alarm? Your sweet voice is what rouses me from sleep. It’s like having you right next to me. Good morning. I love you.


In case you didn’t know, coffee has taken the number two spot in things I want every morning. You have claimed the top spot. Good morning, gorgeous. I can’t wait to spend the whole day with you.


This is the kind of morning where you just want to bury deep in the covers, turn off the alarm, and turn off your phone. I just want to cuddle and snuggle and breathe in the scent of your hair. Good morning to the one who owns my heart. I love you!


Good morning to the most beautiful and brilliant woman in the world. I hope your day is as great as you. Miss you! See you real soon.


I’ve never been a morning person. But ever since I met you, I have come to look forward to mornings because it means that I will be with you again. I love you! Good morning!


My dreams and waking moments are filled with thoughts and images of you. Does that mean that I’m truly, helplessly in love with you? Good morning, my queen. I love you!


Today is another day to make dreams come true. Although I wouldn’t worry about it so much because you already made my dreams come true when you fell in love with me. Good morning, beautiful woman.


Every morning is a reminder that someone incredible, kind, sweet, brilliant, and beautiful is in love with me. I love mornings, and most of all, I love you. Good morning!


A beautiful morning greets a beautiful lady. Rise and shine and show the world just what you’re made of. I love you! Have a terrific morning!


It’s a new opportunity to start anew. As you go about this day, know that I’ll be thinking of you as I pretend to be busy at work. Good morning, good-looking. See you later. Love you!


I love mornings because they are my cue that I have another day to spend with the love of my life. I’m so looking forward to seeing you. I have waited a whole week for this. Good morning!

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