Send a Grumpy Meme to One of Your Grumpy Friends

Being grumpy is a person’s choice – That’s why these memes are so funny!

If you know people who always wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or people who feel that the universe is making a personal attack on them, congratulations because you have a certified grumpy friend.

They’re usually in a bad mood. Even for no reason, they hate people and they hate the world.

Sending this collection of grumpy memes can lift their spirits and even make them smile for about five minutes before they go back to being their usual grumpy selves.

Take your pick and bookmark your favorites for anytime you need dark, sarcastic, and grumpy humor.

8 Funny Grumpy Memes That Will Remind You of Yourself on Your Bad Days

Grumpy Memes

Most people have a nice relationship with their neighbors.

They may not be the best of friends who share casserole recipes and invite each other over for weekend barbecues, but they can depend on one another for emergency playdates, babysitters, and medical emergencies.

But if you have a grumpy neighbor signified by this grumpy cat, it will be hard to forge a friendship when you can’t even approach them and be close enough to say hello!

Grumpy Memes

People who talk a lot love to hear the sound of their own voice.

Nothing brings greater happiness to grumpy people than shutting these people up and enjoying the empty silence that follows right after.

If only all the people in the world would know when to shut up and shut up for good!

Grumpy Memes

Send this grumpy meme to your grumpy friend who hates the idea of love and romance.

This will remind them that no matter how hard they try to shut out love from their hearts, they will soon meet their match who will break down all their defenses and make them fall head over heels in love.

Grumpy Memes

A grumpy meme a day will hopefully keep the grumpiness at a manageable level.

Send this grumpy meme to someone you know who hates mornings because of how early they need to wake up to get to work.

Or send this to a work colleague who never says good morning back whenever you greet them.

Maybe one look at this grumpy cat’s face will make them more conscious of their own sour expression and even attempt a small smile.

Grumpy Memes

Here’s another grumpy meme that will be perfect to send to your grumpy friend who’s also very picky when it comes to his friends.

This grumpy friend does not have a lot of friends, and it’s pretty obvious why.

It looks like he also does not have any plans of expanding his social circle by making new friends anytime soon.

Grumpy Memes

It’s a good thing this grumpy cat only exists in memes because no live and real cat could be as evil as this one. Or could there?

Grumpy cat is so evil that he’s counting down the lives with relish! Send this to someone who will enjoy this kind of dark and evil humor.

Grumpy Memes

It’s no secret that the world is overrun by idiots. Everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there are idiots.

You can’t stop their number from growing, so they’re just something that everyone has to live with.

The only difference between people and this grumpy cat is that people don’t actually tell people what big idiots they are straight out.

This grumpy cat does not mince words.

Grumpy Memes

Give this grumpy meme to someone you know who’s a chocolate monster.

Anytime, anywhere, this person must have chocolates, otherwise they will not be able to function properly and even be grumpier all day.

Once they have their taste of chocolate, they’ll be less scary-looking but will remain grumpy. Of course, they should never be out of character.

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Grumpy Memes

For grumpy people, having fun is a completely alien concept.

They will be predisposed to hate fun because they hardly ever have fun, so what’s there to love?

Send this grumpy meme to the killjoy of your group and maybe they can change their position on fun.

Maybe they’ll give fun a chance this weekend and plan something good for everyone. But really, don’t count on it so you won’t be disappointed.

Grumpy Memes

This grumpy meme is perfect for that friend who has a very transparent face. You can literally read off her feelings from her face.

Just imagine how displeased she would get when somebody gets her body measurements without her permission.

Her face will look very much like the surly looking cat in this meme!

Grumpy Memes

When you’re ready to start your day, it’s important that you have a good breakfast so that you will have the energy to do all your tasks.

If there’s no breakfast, you can expect your grumpy friend to grumble their way to lunch and expect people to give them their food just because they were not able to eat a proper breakfast.

Yes, a grumpy cat can also be a gluttonous cat.

Grumpy Memes

This grumpy meme goes out to your grumpy friend who believes he has servants at home who can pick up after him and be at his beck and call.

Much like this grumpy meme, your grumpy friend expects his house to magically clean itself, and his food to walk out of the fridge and get in the oven to cook itself.

Grumpy Memes

A shout out to your very lovely but grumpy friend who believes that she was placed in this world to only experience pain and suffering.

Send her this grumpy meme to remind her that life is not just about suffering but also about love, laughter, happiness, knowledge, and many more wonderful things.

She will probably roll her eyes at you and tell you to leave her alone. That’s okay, at least you’ve sent the message across.

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Grumpy Memes

This grumpy meme is tailor-made for that friend who easily gets distracted by the smell of food.

Even if they have a fixed grumpy look on their poker face, you can just feel their tension as they struggle not to give in to the delicious smell of food.

You have to hand it to them because of their incredible self-control.

But as soon as no one’s looking, you know they’ll sneak off to the kitchen and look for something to eat.

Just like the grumpy cat in this meme.

Grumpy Memes

Do you have a friend who’s always been afraid to get out of their comfort zones? Are you friends with someone who wants to try something new and different?

This grumpy meme can encourage them to heed the call of adventure, just to ruin this grumpy cat’s day.

Send this grumpy meme to inspire them to be strong and courageous because nothing great can come from being scared and pessimistic!

Grumpy Memes

This grumpy cat meme wants you to believe that there are no good people left in this world.

This cat wants you to lose your faith in humanity.

Send this grumpy meme to your grumpy friend who loves all things doomsday, and maybe you can get a chuckle out of him.

Yeah, as if that will happen. The world will end first before that happens.

Grumpy Memes

Looking for the perfect meme to send your good old grumpy friend?

This meme is perfect for anyone who believes they can do no wrong, and anyone who is convinced that all the bad things that happen are because of everyone else.

There’s no perfect person, but this grumpy friend is totally convinced that he is close to perfection.

No need to name names now. Just click send and let them wonder why they have this meme in their inbox!

Grumpy Memes

Such a warm and lovely greeting from grumpy cat himself, and that’s being sarcastic.

This grumpy meme is perfect to send to anyone who makes it their life’s mission to ruin everyone’s day.

It gives them immense pleasure to see the smiles drop from people’s faces because they cannot stand to see people happy.

They don’t like happy laughter and excited chatter because they prefer to live in a dull, cold, silent, and emotionless world.

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Grumpy Memes

This grumpy meme is not only hilarious, it’s also mildly threatening.

It’s perfect to send to your grumpy friend who’s been wishing that the Purge can also happen in real life and not just in the movies.

Send this grumpy meme to your grumpy friend who likes pissing people off wherever he goes.

Let him remain oblivious to the fact that he may have a bounty on his head already.

Grumpy Memes

Send this grumpy meme to the guy who loves Mondays just because everybody hates them. He loves to see people walk through the office doors looking sleep-deprived.

He’s the guy who wants Mondays to drag on to prolong the physical and mental torture that Mondays typically bring.

If you have a friend who’s very much like this grumpy cat, don’t hesitate to send this hilarious meme.

Grumpy Memes

Does this grumpy meme remind you of a grumpy friend? If it does, save it and send it to that friend later!

This grumpy meme is perfect for those people who like shutting other people down without even listening to what they have to say.

Their usual response is no and not interested, and they don’t bother to give a good explanation.

When they just don’t feel like it or when they just don’t want to, the answer is a resounding ‘not interested!’

Grumpy Memes

If this grumpy meme does not make you laugh out loud, you don’t have a sense of humor.

Send this meme to someone who needs to laugh more and loosen up a little bit.

Share it with someone who’s having a rough day because it can clearly cheer them up even if contains a very hostile message!

If this grumpy cat had super powers, have no doubt that he can exit your screen and zap you straight to hell.

Grumpy Memes

Send this grumpy meme to your grumpy friend who has unrealistic expectations of people and life in general.

Share it with them as a reminder that life works a little differently, and people are complex being that are best not put in a box.

Hopefully, they will have a better outlook on life and a more positive interaction with others, but you know that’s a bit of a stretch.

Grumpy Memes

Send this grumpy meme to anyone you know who’s experienced a major disappointment lately.

This will surely make them smile or chuckle seeing such a grumpy cat so hellbent on failure.

It will ease the sting of disappointment because you know that you can always try again. Unlike this grumpy cat who clearly wants you to quit on the first try.

Grumpy Memes

Do you need to send a grumpy meme to someone who’s having way too much fun that they’re starting to forget about their priorities in life?

This meme is just perfect!

Just one look at this grumpy cat and you’ll know that he’s all business. You can even hear his cat voice in your head as you read the caption.

It’s harsh and hilarious, but it’s also honest and real talk. Hopefully, your friend will get the hint and reorganize their priorities.

The Best Grumpy Meme of All Time…

Grumpy Memes

This grumpy meme belongs to people who refuse to smile back at people and insist on looking at everything with a scowl.

The resting bitch face does not look becoming on some people. But a simple smile can do wonders in transforming your face without cosmetic surgery.

If you have a grumpy friend that you think needs to start smiling a lot more, don’t hesitate to share this grumpy meme.

If they find it funny enough, make sure your phone cameras are ready so that you can take a quick snap!

Pictures or it did not happen!

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