33 Hangover Memes That Are So True…

Having a hangover is often inevitable but that’s not a reason not to drink again.

Everyone has a hilarious hangover tale or two that they will not forget. Either because it was too embarrassing to forget, or it left them scarred for life.

Whether you drink occasionally or every weekend, hangovers are just what will make you swear off drinking for good.

If you don’t want to suffer from one, then don’t drink! Easier said than done, of course, especially for people who have a very loving relationship with their drink.

Here’s a collection of funny hangover memes that are so relatable and true that will make you laugh at your own hangover tales.

8 Funny Hangover Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Hangover Memes

From all the drinking and partying you did last night, you’re 100% sure that it will be a real problem waking up like a normal person the following day.

You can just imagine the awful headache and scratchy throat as soon as you open your eyes.

But when you wake up without feeling any symptoms of a terrible hangover, that’s totally something new and unexpected.

No wonder these guys look so happy and relieved, and maybe even a little bit smug!

It’s because the day just started and they’re feeling perfectly fine, and they’re ready for another round of drinking and partying tonight!

Hangover Memes

The good thing about having a hangover on a Wednesday is knowing that you’re already halfway through the week, and just a few days more you can have a proper weekend hangover.

But for now, you will have to try harder not to wince whenever a co-worker talks a little too loudly.

You need to pretend better that you know what you’re doing and that you can be trusted to accomplish a task assigned to you.

Most of all, you need to hold everything that you ate for lunch and not throw up all over your workstation.

Hangover Memes

When there’s too much alcohol involved, certain things can look a lot like certain things.

Sometimes the lapse in judgment is inconsequential. But most of the time, it can result to really embarrassing moments, and even bodily harm.

Luckily, this person only mistook her front door as her car door.

It could’ve been worse, like peeing on furniture because it looks so much like a toilet bowl. Or going home with someone because they look gorgeous under the bar lights.

Hangover Memes

Every day is a good day for wine. Nothing wrong with getting started early, and nothing wrong with ending with it late.

Just don’t be surprised if everything hurts and everything’s loud the following morning.

Also don’t be shocked at the number of things you were not able to do because you were so busy guzzling all that fine wine.

Hangover Memes

Or if things don’t make sense to you now, don’t expect things to make sense especially when you start drinking.

What little memory you have left can further be worsened by the effects of alcohol!

Hangover Memes

When there’s tequila involved, expect foggy memories, unfiltered thoughts, overly sensitive emotions, unexpected trips down memory lane, coupled with unnecessary touching and kissing as well.

Not to mention looking like you’ve just survived a train wreck.

Hangover Memes

This is what they all say before heading out to the bar or to the party, and every single one comes home a huge pile of clumsy drunkenness.

When you start with one drink, you just know that one drink will not be enough to last for the night.

Before you know it, you’ve had drinks more than you can count with your fingers and you’re too warm and friendly to everyone in the room. Even to people you don’t know.

Hangover Memes

For some people, it’s always a good time for wine, and the answer to being offered wine should always be yes!

You don’t want to waste that good wine now, do you?

8 Hilarious Hangover Memes That Will Make You Forget How Bad Your Hangover Is

Hangover Memes

There’s no excuse for your terrible choices and bad decisions. You cannot blame everything on your bad childhood, your irresponsible parents, or your horrible boss.

Instead of putting everyone down with your sob stories, stop talking and just drown your sorrows away with these drinks!

Hangover Memes

Wine Wednesday? Thirsty Thursday? Say no more!

You’re ready to get wasted any time of the day, any day of the week. You have also developed a system that works which allows you to drink your heart out and come to work without looking like you’ve had one drink too many, too.

Hangover Memes

Count yourself blessed when you have a friend who’s willing to bring you home safely and stop you from subjecting yourself to further drunken embarrassments.

They could have easily just booked you an Uber and let you fend off for yourself.

But because they don’t want you to feel even worse when you wake up the next morning, bringing you home in one piece is the least they can do.

Hangover Memes

Sometimes you lose an entire weekend, and you just have no recollection of what happened after drinking all those drinks.

You can piece together all the events that happened in your social media feed, though, where you can suddenly remember everything one embarrassing picture after another.

Don’t you just miss the 90’s when you can get crazy drunk and not have proof of your wild, crazy night other than the stories of people who were there to party with you?

Hangover Memes

First you will look for liquids and gulp them down by the bottle starting from early morning until about noon. But only when you can find the energy to wake up and go to the kitchen.

The next time you wake up, you will only be desiring to eat carbs and other greasy food that taste extra delicious when nursing a hangover.

And then you will wish that you didn’t waste your whole weekend getting drunk like that because you will be going back to work the next day and you haven’t even had a proper weekend yet.

Insert long-suffering sigh here.

Hangover Memes

There must be some mistake because you can only remember those five tequila shots. Everything and everyone else are just a blur right now, to be honest.

If you don’t want to wake up with a terrible hangover and deep sense of buyer’s remorse for buying all those drinks you can’t remember drinking, go to a bar with just enough money for a bottle or two!

Hangover Memes

Most of the time, the drunk version of yourself is more sociable, engaging, and courageous.

It also comes with no filters and boundaries, resulting in moments that you wish to erase from your memory once you get sober.

But if your drunk self gets you a date for next week or a job interview at a company you’ve been eyeing for a long time, thank yourself because your getting wasted was not for nothing!

Hangover Memes

It’s really all very hazy now. But judging from the mess in the bathroom, the garbled text messages in your sent items, and the alcohol smell on your breath, there’s a high probability that yes, you did go out and it maybe got a little out of hand.

8 Hangover Memes That Are So Relatable

Hangover Memes

Even the person sleeping next to you suddenly sounds so incredibly loud as they inhale and exhale.

The hum of the air conditioner sends shock waves to your head like it’s being drilled.

The sound of the distant traffic also sounds like people are screaming in your head and you just want to shut everyone up.

Hangover Memes

As long as you’re asleep, you will not feel the bad effects of a solid night of drinking.

Sleep as long as you can and hopefully your hangover will take pity on you and make you not suffer so much.

Hangover Memes

If there’s any downside to serious partying and drinking, it’s the serious case of sickness that you can suffer from the next morning.

Even the most positive person in the world can wake up feeling like a hungover grouch who’d rather sleep the whole day away than talk to people!

Hangover Memes

It may sound like a very tiny problem compared to the hundreds of problems that people face on a daily basis.

But you have no idea what a lifesaver a glass of water that’s within your reach is.

Especially when you’re as drunk as a skunk and laying comatose-like in bed.

Hangover Memes

Partying hard is one thing. Recovering from a bad hangover and trying to function like a normal adult after are also two completely different things.

Recovery may not come as soon as you wake. In severe cases, full recovery can be expected even several days after.

Hangover Memes

Must be all those tequila shots that you downed like they’re going out of style! Your liver deserves a good explanation and a sincere apology.

Don’t promise that you will not do it again because you know that’s very unlikely.

Next time, just give your liver a little bit of warning and plenty of break!

Hangover Memes

As much as you want to deny it, your alcohol tolerance levels also diminish the older you get.

You may think that you can still hold your liquor, but not without a bad case of hangover and a lot of resentment the following morning.

Hangover Memes

Obviously, you have shown people that when it comes to alcohol, the only way is to get drunker, and the only answer is ‘Hell yeah!’

8 Hangover Memes That Will Make You Laugh A Little Louder Today

Hangover Memes

If you cannot remember all the things that you said or did last night when you were out drinking with your friends, let the taste of alcohol in your mouth this morning refresh your memory!

Hangover Memes

What a difference a hard night of partying makes! Who would have thought that you can age a whole decade just by getting wasted?

Hangover Memes

Consider the first five beers intro drinks to the preliminary drinks, followed by the drinking proper, which will be culminated by beers for the road.

Now that’s a hell of a lot of beers!

Hangover Memes


You know yourself best. When you say you’re going to get drunk and hungover, you’re going to get drunk and hungover.

Hangover Memes

Who knew that drinking a few beers and taking a few tequila shots can make you feel sick and exhibit flu-like symptoms the following morning?

No need for a doctor’s visit, though. Just some aspirin, water, lots of sleep, plenty of food, and no work can help you feel like brand new again.

Hangover Memes

It’s actually a pretty comfortable spot. No one’s blocking the driveway and no one’s disrupting the flow of traffic, anyway.

For now, people will just have to work around you or move the mowing to another day.

Hangover Memes

All you can remember is going to the party and drinking your fifth shot of tequila.

The next thing you know is waking up on the cold floor of your bathroom that smells strongly of alcohol.

If you have friends who love you, they will give you a blow by blow account of everything that happened.

If you don’t, just ignore the Facebook notifications that will blow up your phone, tagging you in different photos and videos.

Hangover Memes

The night is young, and the drinks are many. This is the second drink you’ve had since the last second drink two hours ago. That obviously does not count now.

The Best Hangover Meme of All Time…

Hangover Memes

There’s nothing more mortifying than getting drunk and unloading all your pent-up feelings to that ex who doesn’t deserve your declaration of love.

Once you send that text or voice message, there’s no getting it back. It’s already out there, and you can’t deny you ever made that message.

Avoid holding your phone when you know you’re about to get piss drunk.

Better yet, don’t get piss drunk at all if you don’t want to wake up the next morning regretting things that you did while under the influence!

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