Happy 10th Birthday

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A child’s 10th birthday is kind of a big deal. It signifies the first decade of a child’s life, so some big celebration is to be expected.

This also means that the child is getting out of that little kid stage and entering the next phase, which is the pre-teen years.

It will be an exciting time both for the birthday celebrant and the parents. So many exciting changes are to be expected. Along with these changes will be different sets of challenges that only parents of preteen kids would understand!

If you wish to greet someone a happy 10th birthday, here are some great examples of birthday greetings, messages, and wishes that can help express what you want to say.

Feel free to change it up a bit so that it will be more special and more personalized!

Happy 10th Birthday – Quotes and Messages

Congratulations on becoming a decade old! I know it sounds really long and old, but wait until you get a century old. I hope your party is fun and unforgettable, and that you receive the best birthday presents. Have fun today! Happy 10th birthday!


This is the last year that you will be able to count your age using your ten fingers. Make sure that you have a fantastic time this year to celebrate such a milestone! Happy 10th birthday, buddy!


Today is the perfect time to turn ten. You’re not too young, and you’re not too old. Happy 10th birthday!


Hold it! Who said you can turn ten without my permission? You were only just celebrating your 9th birthday last year, and now you’re having another birthday again? Take it easy on the birthdays and enjoy being 10 years old until you’re 18! Wouldn’t that be cool? Happy 10th birthday!


Has it really been ten years already? I swear it was only yesterday when you were nine, and now you’re turning 10 years old! I can’t stop time, so let me just greet you a happy 10th birthday! I hope the party is amazing.


You may not feel your age right now, but three decades from now, you certainly will. Enjoy it while you can! Happy 10th birthday. I wish you all the coolest and the best!


Look how grown up you are now! Just last year you were nine years old, and now you’re ten! That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? Hope you have a blast on your 10th birthday celebration.


That first decade of your life wasn’t so bad, was it? This birthday calls for a big celebration because you’re officially a big kid! Have a fantastic 10th birthday!


Welcome to the big leagues. You finally hit the age of double digits! I’m so proud of you, big guy. Happy 10th birthday.


The last time I saw you, you were still a very giggly and chubby toddler. Look at you now! Still giggly minus the weight. I hope you have fun at your party today. Happy 10th birthday!


I hope that you will grow up into a young man who will always be respectful to his parents, and who will always be kind to others. May God bless you today and all the days of your life. Happiest 10th birthday.


I haven’t seen you in a while, but I remember that today is your birthday. I always remember birthdays of the special people in my life. Happy 10th birthday, dear one!

Happy 10th Birthday from Dad

May you always have the best of everything. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to give you the beautiful life that you deserve. I love you so much, and you deserve to have the best things in life. Happy 10th birthday, my dearest son.


Now that you’re ten years old, I promise to treat you more like a young grown-up. I will not baby talk to you anymore, and I will stop pinching your cheeks when your cuteness becomes unbearable. Can I just play Peekaboo with you in the car when you get bored? Just kidding, little man! You know I love you. Happy 10th birthday! Stay cool!


How did ten years go by that fast? It feels just like yesterday when your mom was pregnant with you. Here you are now, looking just like me at ten years old! Pretty soon you’ll be a teenager and breaking hearts everywhere. I hope you have a great day, buddy. Happy 10th birthday!


Yes, you’re no longer a baby, but you’re still not too old for hugs and kisses. I hope you will still allow Daddy to give you hugs and kisses every now and then. You’re not too cool for that! I love you so much! Happy 10th birthday!


We are all so excited to celebrate this milestone. It’s not everyday that I have a daughter who celebrates her 10th birthday. I hope that your birthday is full of fun and surprises. Always remember that you are very loved. Happy 10th birthday, my lovely princess!


Bigger adventures, exciting new chapters, new friends, new likes and dislikes. There are a lot of things that will keep you busy now that you’re ten. It’s fun being ten because you’re old enough, but not too old. I hope you have the most amazing day! I love you so much. Happy 10th birthday.


I can still remember the first time I saw you and held you in my arms. It was one of the best days of my life. I felt so many emotions all at once. I instantly fell in love with you, and I promised myself that I would do everything to give you a good life. I hope I’m doing a great job at it. I will always love you, sweetie. Happy 10th birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday from Mom

You may be ten years old now, but for me, you will always be my little baby boy. I know I’m still in denial because you’re growing up faster than I’m ready for. But you really can’t blame me if I will always see you as the cute baby you once were. That’s only natural for mothers like me. I will love you forever. Happy 10th birthday, sweetie!


I thought the day that I found out I was carrying you in my belly was the happiest day of my life. That happiness was nowhere near the happiness I felt when I finally gave birth to you. You always make me happy. Yes, you can also annoy and infuriate me, but you mostly make me happy. I’m so thankful for that. Always stay sweet, kind, and brave. I love you so much! Happy 10th birthday!


I just want you to know that I’m very proud to be your mom. It’s what fuels me every day, and it’s what takes away the stresses of the day. I love coming home and seeing you after a whole day of missing you. I pray that we will remain this close forever. I love you, little one. Happy 10th birthday!


I know that you’ve just turned ten years old, but I can’t help feeling a little sentimental. In just a few years you will be living your own life. You will be moving out of the family home and falling in love with someone you will marry one day. Today, I will just focus on you being ten years old and worry about all that later. I hope you have the best day. Love you! Happy 10th birthday!


If only I could stop time and just enjoy this moment much longer with you. Ten years just flew by in a blur. I hope that it was a fun ten years for you, filled with memorable moments and great experiences. Always remember that I will be here for you to love you and take care of you no matter how old you get. I love you! Happy 10th birthday!


Please don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. I’m only just starting to enjoy having a 9-year-old, and then here you are, suddenly a 10-year-old! I know that sometimes I don’t get to spend time with you because of the demands of my job. I’m sorry if Mommy’s busy all the time. But you know why I’m doing it, right? It’s all for you and your future. I promise that I will spend more time with you. I realized that I don’t want to miss out on your growing up years anymore. I love you so much! Happy 10th birthday!


Happy 10thbirthday to our little princess. I hope that you enjoy everything that we prepared for you today. I know how much you love ponies and farm animals now, so we hope that this animal farm theme party will make you dizzy with joy. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter to us. You make us so proud to be your parents. I love you, sweetie. Have a fun 10thbirthday!

10th Birthday Wishes for Someone Who Has Passed Away

You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t think about you, or miss you, or wish that you were still here. It still hurts but not as much as it hurt back then. It hurts more today because it’s your birthday. How I wish we could all celebrate your birthday with you. I love you, my dearest son. I miss you so much. Happy 10th birthday up there in heaven!


To my lovely angel up in heaven, I just wanted to greet you a very happy 10th birthday. I feel you watching over me wherever I go. My heart is full of memories of you, but they will never compare to having you right here next to me. You will always live on in my heart. I will always cherish your memories. You will always be my firstborn. I love you so much, my little one. Happy 10th birthday.


I will be releasing ten balloons to heaven today, hoping that you will see us celebrating your 10th birthday. Your birthday always fills our hearts with sadness and gladness. Sadness because we miss you so much, and gladness because you are now in a place where there’s no more pain. The hole that you left in our hearts will never be filled up, but we are trying our best to lead a normal life, even with that hole right there. I miss you so much. I know that we will be together again one day. Happy 10th birthday. I love you, and until we meet again.


We send birthday wishes to heaven today now that we’re celebrating your 10th birthday. We miss you always and we will love you forever. Even if you’re gone, we will always cherish the days that we spent together. No one can replace you in my life. I hope that you are happy up there. Please continue to watch over us. Happy 10thbirthday, dearest one!


There’s not a day that I don’t miss your sweet little face. More so today that it’s your birthday. When this day comes around, I can’t help but think about all the birthdays that we spent together, and the birthdays that we celebrated on our own since you’ve been gone. I can’t help but think about what you’d look like now, what your voice would sound like, and what your hobbies and interests would be. It pains me when I realize that I will never know. But life goes on. And as long as I’m alive, you will never be forgotten. I love you so much. Happy 10th birthday in heaven.

Heartwarming Happy Birthday Messages That Any 10-year-old Would Love

Now that you’re ten years old, expect to be given more big kid responsibilities, like feeding the dog, cleaning up your room, folding your clothes, and setting the table. Ain’t that fun? Happy 10th birthday, kiddo!


Ten years old is such big deal! You’ll never be this age again ever, so you deserve a party fit for an amazing 10-year-old. Have a great birthday, sweetie!


Being ten is such a great age. You can be a young kid or a mature kid and enjoy the best of both worlds. But in my eyes, you will always be my baby. Have the most wonderful birthday, my sweet 10-year-old!


Just like that, you’re ten years old. Where did all the time go? It feels like only yesterday when you were barely able to walk. But now you’re growing up to be a beautiful young girl! If you’re ten, then that means I’m ancient! Happy birthday, sweetheart!


Why do I feel like you can’t wait to be a teenager? I wish you’d stay my baby forever, but I can only watch you spread your wings and fly. I love you, kiddo! Happy 10th birthday!


For you, it’s just another birthday. But for me, it’s another year that brings you closer to being a teenager. Please don’t grow up so fast! I hope you have the most unforgettable 10th birthday.


Now that you’re ten, you’re getting so much closer to being a legit teenager. I’m warning you, though, that there are also many things that will change in your body soon. Don’t panic — it’s normal. Happy 10th birthday!


So how do you like being a full decade old? Don’t worry, it’s going to get more exciting as you enter your teen years. Have a great 10th birthday by the way!


Welcome to the club of cool ten-year-olds! I hope that you enjoy being this age and that you will make the most incredible memories. Happy 10th birthday!


In a few years, you will be too old to be chaperoned, to be smothered with kisses, and to be driven around by me or dad. It makes my heart feel a little bit sad. I guess we just want you to stay this young forever. Happy 10th birthday, my child. I love you so much!


I wish that all your wishes will come true, that you will enjoy being ten, and that you will stay a kid at heart when you’re older. I love you with all my heart, and I will work hard to give you the best things in life. Happy, happy 10th birthday!


My wish for you is that you will never lose your pure heart and sense of wonder. You will discover that the world can be a scary place when you get older. But for now, enjoy being a kid and know that we are always here to protect and take care of you. Happy 10th birthday, my love!

Final Thoughts

Turning ten years old is a big milestone for any child. It usually means that they’re ready to leave kid life behind and enter the world of young teens.

It would be even nicer if friends and family will give them birthday greetings and sentiments that will make them look forward to this next chapter in their lives!

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