Happy Birthday Aunt: Best Wishes and Messages

Say happy birthday aunt by choosing one of these lovely and thoughtful birthday wishes.

happy birthday to my aunt

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When thinking of a birthday message for your aunt, you need to make sure that it’s something sweet and thoughtful like one you will give your own mother or sister. At the same time, it needs to be unique and special enough so that your aunt will extra special on her birthday.

If you want to really send a special happy birthday message to your Aunt feel free to share our unique happy birthday auntie video below.

Your birthday greeting should instantly make your aunt feel happy to be in the same family with you, and proud to have someone like you for a nephew or a niece. You may not see or spend time with your aunt very often, so on her birthday, make her feel all the love that you can squeeze in with these wonderful birthday messages.



Happy Birthday Aunt – Quotes and Messages

How colorful life is when you have an aunt who constantly showers you with love and affection! She can make a dull day brighter, and she can entertain you to no end with her tricks and antics. This is why you can’t help but love aunts for the magic they bring to your life.

On her birthday, treat her like a queen and remind her just how much she is loved and cherished. Here are some messages that can help you get started.

On your birthday, my dear aunt, I want you to know that your guidance and love helped shape the person I am today. You are such an amazing person, and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. I hope you have the best day!

Happy birthday to a woman I truly admire, respect, and love. My heart is seriously about to explode for all the love I have for you. May you always be blessed with loving protection, good health, unending supply of happiness, and a long, long life. Happy birthday, dear aunt, and I hope to see you soon!


There are not a lot of women like you. You simply just grow better, wiser, and more beautiful with age. I am just so happy that I have you in my life. Happiest birthday to my favorite aunt!

It didn’t take too long for me to appreciate just what a special woman you are. Every day you show me just how incredible, talented, and loving you are. I’m just very blessed that I have you as my aunt. I love you forever. Happy birthday!


We may not always talk or hang out, but know that you always have a special spot in my heart, reserved just for the coolest and most favorite aunt. May you always be blessed with all the things that make you happy, and may you always have the love of people you cherish. I love you, my dear aunt!

I am very blessed because I am surrounded by beautiful, powerful, and wonderful women. My life will not have turned out the way it did had it not been for your loving guidance and wisdom. I love you, my dear aunt. Thanks for being like a second mom to me and my siblings. I hope you receive lots of presents, eat plenty of cake, drink lots of wine, and sleep like a baby right after. Happy, happy birthday!

I know that amazing is your default setting. But you just can’t help it when you switch to wonderful, beautiful, talented, or brilliant, can you? I can’t blame you, though. Being all those things is just overwhelming! May you be showered with love and blessings today on your special day. Happy birthday, with so much love.


Whether you’re baking a cake from scratch just to cheer me up, or going shopping with me to find the perfect outfit, or sharing a cup of coffee with me just to feel warm, you are simply great at everything you do. You simply are great at being an aunt to me! Happy, happy birthday to you, my dear aunt.

Birthday Wishes for Aunt from Nephew / Niece

Make your aunt feel like the luckiest aunt in the world on her birthday with an outpouring of love and affection. After all, she’s more than your mom or dad’s sister.

She’s the woman who readily gave up her Friday nights just so she can watch over you while your parents had their date nights. She’s the woman who gave you the coolest and newest toys, taught you cool but oftentimes useless tricks, and gave you ice cream or pizza just because you wanted it.

Show her love by telling her how much you appreciate her, and how much being her niece or nephew means a lot to you. Here are some ideas.

I know that you are kind and wonderful to everybody. But I like to think that you are kindest and most wonderful to me! Happy birthday to an aunt I love and admire so much. May you have the best day which you will remember for a long, long time.

I wish that your birthday is filled with dreams that come true and beautiful things made especially for you. You know you deserve it! Happiest birthday to an aunt I truly adore!


I’ll keep it short and sweet because I know how busy you are. To my favorite aunt and the world’s greatest spoiler, a happy, happy birthday. I love you like I love grilled cheese sandwiches! You know how much I love those things.

I know that I don’t say it all the time, but to me, you are the greatest aunt who ever lived. Thank you for making me feel loved and protected. Happy birthday!


May your birthday be as happy, amazing, and special as you. I’m truly blessed because God gave me an aunt like you. My relationship with you is one I truly cherish, and I would like to thank you for making the effort to get to know me. I love you, dear aunt. Happy birthday!

Thank you for taking me under your wing. Thank you for making me feel like I have someone when I felt like I had no one. I don’t know where I’d be without you. I love you so much, and thank you for everything you do for me. Have a happy birthday!


Thank you for showing me that aunts are more than just loud and crazy women you only meet at family reunions, Sunday barbecues, and holiday dinners. You have been such a positive influence in my life, and I want to keep it that way until I get very, very old. Happy birthday, with love.

Happy birthday to my aunt who simply spreads magic and happiness everywhere she goes. Thank you for being the bright light of my life. I love you, dear aunt. May you have the best day today and always!

Birthday Wishes for Aunt who has Passed Away

If you have been blessed with an aunt who’s like a second mother to you, losing her will be a very painful thing to go through. The pain will hurt like no other because you and your aunt share a very special bond.

Honor her memory when her birthday comes around. Think about the happy memories and the incredible love that she has given you. Hopefully, these sweet and sentimental birthday messages can express just how much she is missed, and just how much she is loved forever.

The day that you went away was the day I truly felt what it’s like to have a broken heart. I’m still in the process of healing and putting back all the broken pieces, but I know it’s going to take time. I know that life will never be the same again with you gone. But I will hold on to the promise I made to you. I will make you proud in whatever I do. I miss you so much, Auntie. Happy birthday in heaven.


The hardest part of losing you is living each day afterwards. There’s not a single day that I don’t think about you, or miss you, or wish that things ended differently. But I know you’re in a better place now, watching over all of us who love you. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear aunt.


Whenever your birthday comes around, it fills me with deep sadness. I just cannot help but think about the future that I will no longer share with you. But I know that someday we will meet again, and we will make up for all the lost time. I miss you every day, auntie. Happy birthday in heaven.


Heaven must be a more beautiful place now that they have you there. My world is a whole lot sadder, but I know that you are in a better place now. This gives me so much comfort on the really bad days. I love you, auntie. Happy birthday!


I’ll always be grateful for the love and guidance, and I’ll always remember all the things you taught me. When the days are sad and hard, I will just remember how much I was loved by you. Happy birthday to an aunt I so miss.


To my auntie who’s now in heaven, a very happy birthday. I wish I could still hug you, and kiss you, and tell you how beautiful you look. I love you with all my heart, and my love for you has only grown bigger since you’ve been gone.


Although I miss you every day since you’ve gone, I miss you a little more when it’s your birthday. I hope that you are having a great time up there with all the angels and all our dearly departed ones. Happy birthday, with so much love.


Even if you’re no longer here with me, in my heart you will forever remain. Happy birthday to you in heaven, dear aunt!

Happy Birthday Aunt Funny Quotes

Do you have an aunt with a wicked sense of humor? This collection of hilarious birthday messages can very well be the highlight of her day. Take her delight to the next level by sending her your love the best way you know how. Send her rolling on the floor with laughter, and don’t stop until she has tears in her eyes!

Hi, favorite auntie! Did you know that being related to someone cool and amazing like me is the only birthday gift that you need? Well, now you know! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, dear auntie. Cheers to a good health, a long life, and still not aging gracefully. Just kidding. Hope you have the best day!


Cheers to another milestone, Auntie! Did you know that when people hit this age, they can laugh, cough, sneeze, and pee at the same time? That’s an incredible feat! Happy birthday from all of us!

Thanks for being my source of bellyaching laughter. You’re just really effortlessly silly! Happy birthday to an aunt I love so much!


I never thought that someone like you can be such a super cool aunt. But here you are killing it! Great job, auntie! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, from one crazy, beautiful, and cool woman to another. I love you, like, so much! Hope you have a blast today!


It’s so easy to love an aunt when she’s crazy, cool, and confident. Why do you have to make it so challenging for me? Just kidding! You know you’re cooler than me. Happy birthday!

I have a long list of women that I truly admire. It came as a shock to me, too, when you made the list. Happiest birthday, dear auntie! Save some cake for me!

Happy Birthday Aunt Images and Memes

If you want some more great ideas to help you greet your aunt a happy birthday, here are more heartwarming messages.

Lovely Birthday Wishes for the Aunt You Love Very Much

You are one of the most generous women that I know, and your support for me all these years has helped me become the strong, smart, and fashionable woman that I am now. I’m so blessed to have you and my mom, such beautiful and brilliant women, as my biggest influences. Have a wonderful birthday!


You deserve to have the best of everything today and every day of your life! Thank you for loving me like your own daughter. Have a wonderful birthday!


As the years go by, you only grow more beautiful, more glamorous, and more admirable. I swear you don’t look your age at all. A spectacular birthday to the most wonderful aunt in the world!


I remember all those times when you babysat for me when I was little. The many times you brought me shopping, took me to the movies, bought me the toys I wanted, and brought me along to different trips. I have my real-life fairy godmother. I love you, auntie, and I wish you all the best in the world. Happy birthday!


You’re so busy these days that we don’t get to spend time with each other anymore. But that’s okay. You more than make up for it by all the funny texts and videos that you send me. I miss you and I hope to see you soon and celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday to my favorite aunt!


Don’t tell mom, but I think you are the cooler sister! Happy birthday, auntie! God bless you always.


You look good in everything and you’re amazing in everything you do. Are you even real? I hope that we will always be this close and that nothing will ever change. I love you, auntie! Happy birthday!


I can’t remember the last time we had coffee together. Please let me know when you’ll be coming to visit so we can make a day of it. If you don’t have any birthday plans yet, I’ll be honored to celebrate with you! Love you! Happy birthday!


Your secret is still safe with me. I have never told a single soul that I am your favorite niece in the whole wide world. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt in the face of the planet!


There’s no denying the fact that you are the world’s coolest and most beautiful aunt. Here’s my fondest greeting on your special day. Happy, happy birthday!


We talk almost every day and see each other almost every week, but still I want to greet you this early. Happy birthday to the coolest aunt, best friend, life coach, financial advisor, fashion consultant, and love guru. I hope you have one epic day!


You are an incredible blessing in my life. Thank you for taking me in and raising me as your own. I don’t know where I’ll be without you. I love you and happy birthday!

Final Thoughts

Aunts are more than just your parent’s sister. They can become your second mother, sister, godmother, best friend, and everyone else that matters to you. Not everyone is blessed with this wonderful gift, so appreciate your aunt while you still can. She will not be around forever, so make as many unforgettable moments with her as you can.

Don’t be safe or boring when you can say the perfect words that are sure to make her cry, laugh, and feel all warm and happy inside. Remember that your words don’t have to be perfect and profound. Just real, honest, and heartfelt!

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