Happy Birthday Wishes for a Brother

Wish your brother the best birthday he can have with these special quotes and messages.

happy birthday brother

Saying happy birthday to your brother can be a challenge for some people. If there’s anyone in the world who you will get into fights with more than your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or parents, that’s none other than your brother. One moment you’re ready to kill each other, the next moment you’re just inseparable.

Whether you have a great relationship or not, brothers hold a very special spot in your heart. On his very special day of the year, tell him how much you love him in words that will fill him with love and happiness.


Happy Birthday Brother – Quotes and Messages

A great birthday message is one that does not sound stiff, unnatural, or forced. It must come from the heart and make the receiver feel every emotion that went into every word.

Brothers can make your life a living hell with their mischief and wackiness. But you have to admit that they also make your life very colorful. Show your love to your brother with these wonderful birthday quotes and messages.

Thank you for being a constant in my life. We may have our fair share of fights and disagreements, but we both know that it’s all good. I’m so lucky to have you as a brother! May all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday, brother!

happy birthday brother

I don’t tell you this all the time because you’re such a guy. Any kind of mushiness or cheesiness makes you bolt out of the room. But I want you to know that you have been such strong support system in my life, and you have filled it with such joy and pride. You can always count on me, like I can always count on you. Happy birthday my dear brother, with love.


Today makes me recall all those wild and crazy days growing up with you. We may not have all the riches in the world, but you truly made me feel like the luckiest little sister / little brother back then. I never stopped feeling lucky to have you beside me. Happy birthday to one truly wonderful brother!

happy birthday bro

You are a treasure I keep close to my heart, and all the miles between us can do nothing to change that. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that you are always healthy, happy, and safe. Hope to see you soon. I hope that this birthday is one you will never forget. Happy birthday, brother! 🙂


I found an old photo of the two of us together, and I was overcome with all these happy memories growing up with you. We couldn’t stand each other then, but now we’re practically attached at the hip. I am so proud of the man you have become and the man that you will still be. You are doing a great job, and you deserve all these blessings coming your way. Happy birthday bro!

happy birthday my brother

Just remember that no matter what the universe throws your way, I will always have your back. That’s what siblings are for, right? Happy birthday my brother!


To my forever cheerleader, sidekick, partner in crime, and personal bodyguard, a happy, happy birthday brother!

happy birthday twin brother

Happy Birthday Big Brother

There are many ways you can send your birthday wishes for your brother. You can go the traditional route and send a greeting card, with matching cake and balloons. You can also go online and post a video greeting or send a quick message.

Whatever it may be, it’s the thought that counts. Why not make your birthday wish a little more special this year? Let these examples of birthday wishes for your big bro inspire you!

You may be all grown-up, with a crazy set of abs and rippling muscles. But to me, you will always be that little boy who loves to be surrounded by stuffed animals and has a deep-rooted love for anything Ninja Turtles. Happy birthday to my favorite baby brother!

happy birthday little brother

Even though we don’t have a lot of things in common, you still made it a point to spend time with me and make me feel like part of your crowd. You have always looked out for me, and I have you to thank for me being the person that I am now. Thank you for always believing in me and making sure that I always have what I need. I wish you all the best things in life because no one deserves them more. To my big brother whom I love so much, a very happy birthday!

happy birthday big brother

Sometimes I want to believe that you are bright and successful now because of me, but we know that’s not true. This is all you! You are one of the most incredible people I know. I pray that you will continue to be blessed. Keep on inspiring other people with your goodness. Happiest birthday, my big brother!

happy birthday to my brother

Happy Birthday Little Brother

Saying happy birthday to your little brother should be something that you consider carefully. Although you may not realize it, your little brother most likely looks up to you and admires you so make sure you wish them a really happy birthday with a special birthday message.

You should know that you’re more than just a brother to me. You are my best friend and guiding light. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but wonderful things. Happy birthday lil brother!

happy birthday brother

It’s time to forget about your deadlines, your worries, and your stresses, because today is your birthday! We will party like there’s no tomorrow. But don’t worry. We promise you won’t regret a single moment of it. Happy birthday, little brother!

happy birthday bro

I’d like to thank you for the countless happy childhood memories. Cheers to more in our adult lives. Happy birthday to you, my awesome little brother!

Birthday Wishes for a Brother who has Passed Away

Losing a brother is never easy. He takes with him a part of you that can never be replaced. There will be a hole in your heart that will never go away, no matter how long it’s been that he’s gone.

His birthday can bring up a lot of painful memories and old hurts back to the surface. But instead of dreading this day or refusing to acknowledge it, you can remember the happy times and say a little prayer for your brother.

You can rest assured that wherever he may be, he will still know the love that you have for him. Here are some birthday messages that can inspire you to open your heart and let the emotions flow for a brother who has passed away.

Whenever your birthday comes around, I am always overcome with feelings sadness because you are no longer with us to celebrate your special day. I cannot help but think of all the wonderful gifts I could have given you, the crazy parties I could have thrown you, and the exotic trips we could have taken together. But I know that you don’t want to see us sad and hurting, so we will celebrate your birthday with lots of cheer and laughter. We will remember just how wonderful you are. Happy birthday, my brother, and we miss you dearly.

happy birthday wishes brother

May angels follow you wherever you are and sing you beautiful songs of love and peace. You are someone I always miss. Even if you’ve been gone for a while now, the pain of losing you has never left my heart. I feel it more today on your birthday. You are always in my heart, my dear brother. Happy birthday in heaven!

happy birthday brother

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and all that could have been. I know in my heart that our lives will be so much brighter with you around. We will see each other again someday, and this thought gives me comfort through the bad days. Happy birthday to a brother I so miss.

Funny Happy Birthday Brother Quotes

Laughter is the best medicine. If you can evoke laughter and smiles from your birthday greetings, so much the better! Here are some light, fun, and good-natured birthday quotes that will have your brother laughing like crazy.

It’s amazing how we’ve managed not to kill each other over the years. You become more and more insufferable each year, but you’re also someone I cannot help but love. You happen to be one of the most incredible people I know. Happy birthday, brother! Don’t eat all the cake! 😉


Since it’s your birthday, I can take over the household chores so you can stuff your face silly, respond to your birthday messages and calls, and party your heart out. Good for twenty-four hours only, though! Tomorrow is another day. Happy birthday, brother!

funny happy birthday brother

Do I know how lucky I am to have you as my brother? Do I know how you will go to the ends of the earth just to see me happy? I do, because you remind me every single day! I hope you have a fantastic birthday, my dear brother, because I know I will never live it down if you don’t! Haha!

happy birthday brother

If I give you a dollar for every mess you’ve helped sort out for me, you’ll definitely make the Forbes 500 list. You know I love you, even if we just want to kill each other half the time. Happy birthday with love, dear brother!

happy birthday to my brother

Now that your birthday is here, I just had a realization that you’re not so bad to have around. Especially if you will just shower more often, burp a little less loudly, and stop embarrassing me in general. Happy birthday to my goofball of a brother!

happy birthday to my brother

Happy birthday to my brother who is as crazy, dysfunctional, and movie star gorgeous as me. Never change, brother, because we can rule the world!


This birthday greeting will self-destruct in five seconds. Read it or it never happened. Happy birthday, brother!


On your very special day, I want to remind you that the best gift you can ever receive is an amazing sibling just like me. Not everyone can be this lucky, so happy birthday to one lucky brother!

happy birthday brother quotes

I wish I can say that I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else in the world because you’re my brother, but it’s too soon for that. Happy birthday, brother!


Like what I tell you every year on your birthday, I am your sibling and there’s nothing that you can do about it. If you can’t handle it, go tell Mom or Dad. Or you can always move out and change your name or something. Happy birthday!


I hope you have an epic birthday, even if we all know that it won’t be as epic with me right there. May this year be a whole lot better, because last year was absolute crap. Happy birthday, brother!

happy birthday brother quotes

I wanted to give you a birthday cake but changed my mind the last minute because it can only hold so many candles. I don’t want to waste a perfectly good cake! Here’s my birthday greeting, which will still be the coolest greeting you will receive this year. Happy birthday and I love you, brother!


Growing up with me must have been very difficult because of all the people telling you just how amazing I am. They just have no idea that you are the cooler and smarter one! Happy birthday to the coolest, funniest, and kindest brother in the world. Don’t tell people I said that because I will deny it. Happy Birthday Bro 🙂


You know that I’m your biggest fan, and I will always support you in all your choices. Except for those I know are absolute crap and which will only lead you to misery and pain. You have a knack for making those, so aren’t you glad you have someone amazing like me who will lead you to your salvation? I hope you have an unforgettable birthday bro!

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happy birthday brother

Why send a simple happy birthday message when you can go all out? Here are a few more examples of sweet and heartwarming birthday messages that will make any brother happy.

Unique Ways to Say Happy Birthday to Your Brother

Even if we’re so ready to kill each other most of the time, you know I love you, and I know you love me. Being siblings leaves us with no other choice. Have a happy birthday! I wish that you will always stay out of trouble even if you have this bad boy reputation going.


I can’t count the number of times you’ve gone out on a limb to help me. I love you, big brother, and I’m blessed to have someone like you in my life. Know that I’ll always have your back. Have a happy birthday!


I know that I don’t say this a lot because you’re allergic to feelings. But I just want to tell you that I love you and I’m blessed to have you as my brother. You don’t really need to do all the things you do for us, but you do because you love us. Happy birthday!


We fought like cats and dogs when we were younger, but now we’re like the best of friends. It’s amazing how growing up can change people. Thank you for being so honest with me and sharing more about your life. We didn’t have that when we were growing up. I love you, my dear brother. I hope it’s a great birthday!


We have absolutely nothing in common, but you’re one of the few people I can talk to about anything! Thank you for keeping all my secrets all these years. I hope you know how important you are to me. Have a fantastic birthday, my dearest brother!


Whenever it’s your birthday, I feel a huge wave of affection for you. You were such a boisterous and cute boy with boundless energy. Now you’re all grown up. I wish nothing but the best for you, little brother. Have a fantastic birthday!


People often say that you are the male version of me, and I don’t know whether you hate that or not. I think it’s safe to assume that you love it because you are always Mister Popular after all. It’s your birthday! This is me wishing you a very happy birthday.


We may not spend a lot of time together, and we may only be communicating through group chat most of the time. But I love you and miss you very much! Have a great birthday, and I hope to see you real soon.


To my favorite brother and the most generous guy in the world, a very happy birthday! I can’t wait to party with you!


Things may be good, or things may be bad, but one thing that you can count on is your sister who will always be there for you for anything. I hope that you have the most fantastic birthday! May all your biggest wishes come true. I love you, bro!

Final Thoughts

A brother, no matter how difficult or annoying to live with, will be a friend for life. You may not always get along, but you can always expect him to step in when you need help or protection. He will always have your back whether you like it or not, and he will always do everything in his power to make sure that you’re okay.

If you have a brother that you love very much, make this birthday something he will never forget. Let him know how much he means to you with some of these truly heartwarming messages!

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