Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Saying “Happy Birthday, Dad” doesn’t always communicate your true feelings so read on to learn exactly what words to use for your Dad’s special day.

Sometimes it is hard to say “Happy Birthday” especially to someone who is as important to you as your father.

These messages are designed to be used on their own or to serve as a starting point for something to take your birthday wishes for him even further.

I highly recommend personalizing as much as you are comfortable with while wishing him the best on his birthday. Nothing speaks to the way you truly value him more than the time you have taken to choose and/or create a message that you really mean.

No matter what your relationship is with your father, celebrating his birthday should be one of the things on which you take time to reflect.

Just like when you spend time thinking about wishing your mom happy birthday, you should think about all the good things your dad has done for you.

Though these relationships can be difficult and tumultuous, no doubt there is something that you can find to say to your father on his birthday that will both express that you are grateful to him and share the love and loyalty you have for your dad on his birthday.

Whether he’s your father by birth or by marriage, the sentiments listed here are sure to help you find the best and most meaningful way to celebrate your dad.

Some dads are all about short and to the point communication.

If this sounds familiar to you, we’ve collected a list of lighthearted, genuine messages for the dad who deserves encouragement without a whole lot of pomp!

I have also included thoughtful birthday wishes for fathers and stepfathers as well as messages for fathers who have passed away, funny birthday messages, social media post options and finally my own thoughts on choosing the best way to wish your dad a Happy Birthday.

Feel free to pin or share this list to inspire heartfelt messages for yourself or for others!


Happy Birthday Dad – Quotes and Messages

These messages are designed to bring out the kindest wishes for your father on his birthday. If you are looking for something simple but far from plain to say to your dad on his birthday, look no further than these quotes to say exactly what you mean.

Even if I hadn’t been given you for a father, I would’ve chosen you from any crowd. Happy Birthday, Dad.

happy birthday dad quotes

Maybe it’s been awhile since someone told you, but the work you have done and the work that you continue to do has empowered this family to be the best versions of ourselves. And I, for one, am a better person because of the things you do that go unnoticed. I love you. I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday, Dad.


Your faithfulness and love for this family have proven just how deeply you have lived. You deserve to be celebrated this and every day. Happy Birthday, Dad.

happy birthday wishes dad

As a kid, I thought you were larger than life. As a teenager, I thought your rules were garbage and you were trying to ruin everything. As a young adult, I thought you could never understand me. Now, as a grown person, I see that everything you’ve ever done was to pave a way for me in all of the places no one ever made it easier for you. My gratitude, in return for these things, will never be enough. But I am grateful nonetheless. And I celebrate you. Happy Birthday, dad.


It’s your day, the day to celebrate the strength you have as a man who fixes broken things — a man who makes everything function better just by being himself. Thank you for being. Happy Birthday, dad.

happy birthday dad

To the best taxi driver, the most effective spider hunter, the cheapest handy man and the most generous bank I know: Happy Birthday, dad!


The older I get, the more excellent I believe you are. Happy Birthday, dad.


Birthday Wishes for Step Father

Stepfathers have a special place in the hearts of those who have experienced their love and support through thick and thin. Below you will see five messages curated specifically to express the love a child has for a stepfather.

This love includes the same kind of thoughtfulness as articulated in messages for a biological father, though any of these may be modified to fit your specific needs. And, of course, they include a bit of humor as well 🙂

Blood may be thicker than water, but you and I did not need blood ties to bind us. Your love for my mother has remained steadfast throughout endless trials. Your love for my family has never fallen short of gracious and true. And your love for me is among the most beautiful and faithful things I will ever know. Thank you. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday my dad

To my Step Dad, on his birthday: for taking me in as your own, for your faithfulness, your belief in me and your loyalty to this family, you have all of my gratitude. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

to dad on his birthday

I may not have your eyes or your smile or your voice, but I am so grateful to be called your child. I love you. Happy Birthday, stepdad.

Thanks for claiming all of our crazy even though you aren’t genetically responsible for it. Happy Birthday, stepdad!

happy birthday to my dad

Genes < Love. Happy Birthday, stepdad.

Happy Birthday Dad from Daughter

Father-daughter relationships are a beautiful thing to celebrate. Here are a few messages specifically for a daughter to give to her dad on his birthday.

Dad, thanks for sharing your DNA. Now we’re both amazing. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday dad from daughter

Happy birthday to my first love, my first hero and my only dad. I love you! Happy Birthday!

birthday wishes dad

Thank you for teaching me my worth, for teaching me to be confident, for teaching me that my beauty is unique in all of the world. Happy Birthday, dad. I think you’re beautiful, too.

happy birthday dad

Happy Birthday Dad from Son

Father son relationships are easily romanticized but not always spoken clearly between the two. These messages are for the son who wants his father to know just how he feels.

I love you, dad. But we don’t have to talk about it or anything. Happy Birthday!

To the man who taught me how to hustle, how to be strong and kind without compromising grace or wisdom, to the father who has believed in me from the beginning: Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes to step dad

Dad, your guiding hand and your steady voice will remain with me forever. I am so thankful to be your son. Happy birthday, dad.

birthday quotes for dad

Birthday Wishes for Dad who has Passed Away

Celebrating the birthdays of loved ones who have passed on from this life can be difficult days.

If you are looking for a way to express the love that you still have for your and say happy birthday to a dad who has passed away the list below has been put together for just such a time.

Don’t be afraid to set aside any kind of expression for a father who loved you and has since moved on.

Honoring his birth is still fully yours to celebrate however you wish.

Use these messages as your own to express how you still honor the day of your father’s birth or even use them as starting points for creating a message of your own.

Celebrating your life on this earth on this day and remembering every facet of grace and wisdom you bestowed on me. I wish you were here. I love you. Happy Birthday, dad.

happy birthday dad in heaven

No matter how long it has been, I will always set aside this day to remember and learn from your life and your love for me. Happy Birthday, dad.

You were and always will be the first man I ever loved with my whole heart. I miss you. Happy Birthday, Dad.

I celebrate today that you were here. That you loved and guided me for so many years and through so many seasons. I love you so. Happy Birthday, Dad.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you, but today is a special one. I would celebrate with you today, but I know you are celebrating a life-well-lived somewhere more grand and more beautiful than I can imagine. I love you. I miss you. I will celebrate with you from here. Happy Birthday, dad.

Happy Birthday Dad Funny Quotes

Dad jokes are the best jokes.

Why not break up some of the other sentiments on your dad’s birthday and give him a little of the humor he’s undoubtedly bestowed upon you (with or without your permission) for all of these years!

Choose below from some witty birthday messages to elicit that famous chuckle from your dad:

I’m glad you were born, dad. And not just because if you hadn’t been, I wouldn’t be. I’m actually really glad. Happy Birthday, Dad!

happy birthday dad from son

Wherever I go, whoever I’m with, whatever season I find myself in, there never comes a day that I don’t utilize one of your jokes to make or keep friends. The older I get, the funnier they are. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Your breakfast is the only breakfast worth eating. And I’m not just saying that because I’m hungry. Don’t tell mom. Happy Birthday, dad.

Happy Birthday from Publisher’s Clearinghouse! Just kidding. It’s me. Sorry, I’m still broke. Love you. Happy Birthday, anyway, dad!


I’m here for the cake (but I love you, too). Happy Birthday, Dad.

Thanks for all of those lectures about money! (I decided not to buy you a gift because I’m saving for my future) Happy Birthday, dad!

Don’t worry about getting older, dad. I’ve been researching luxury assisted living homes for a long time now. It’s all party-central from here. Happy Birthday!

You’re my favorite (don’t tell mom). Happy Birthday, dad!

happy birthday dad from daughter

You were right. About everything. Happy Birthday, dad.

There is nothing you can’t do. I mean that. Happy Birthday, dad.

You are the most powerful man in the world. Happy Birthday, dad.

You are the very best that I know. Happy Birthday, Dad.

If you weren’t my dad, who would I give this card to? Happy Birthday, dad.

happy birthday dad

You > Other dads. Happy Birthday.

Your DAD game is strong. Happy Birthday, dad!

You are my constant. Happy Birthday, dad.

Happy Birthday Dad Images and Memes

Maybe you want to draw some extra attention to your dad on his birthday by posting on social media and allowing the world to see your love for your dad on his special day.

Consider using an image or two (or all!) below with one of the messages to make sure everyone hops on board to send their thoughts, prayers and well-wishes for your dad’s birthday!

best birthday message for dad


happy birthday my dad

Not everyone is blessed with a wonderful dad. Not everyone still has a dad that they can spend time with.

If you need more examples of birthday messages that your dad will surely appreciate, take a look at these and express how blessed you truly feel!

Perfect Happy Birthday Dad Quotes and Messages

Life can be hard, but I have nothing to complain about. I have the world’s best dad after all! Happy birthday, Dad! I wish you good health, love, and prosperity. I wish that all your wishes will come true. I love you!


Without my dad, I don’t know where I’ll be right now. You have been a constant empowering influence and guiding light in my life. We may have our differences, but they all come from a place of love and concern. Now that I’m older, I can fully appreciate all the sacrifices that you made just to give us a good life. I love you, Dad. Have a wonderful birthday!


So much of me is you, Dad. You are my real-life hero. I will never be not in awe of you. Have a wonderful birthday! I love you.


I will always be thankful to God for giving me such a kind, responsible, attentive, supportive, and loving dad. There are so many things I love about you. I wish you the best birthday, Dad. Stay happy and blessed!


Today is a very special day for a very special man. Prepare to be spoiled rotten! Thanks, Dad, for your unconditional love. I am the person I am right now because of you. Have a wonderful birthday! God bless you richly.


I have never seen you without a smile on your face. One look at your smiling face and everything’s alright again in my world. Thank you, Dad, for everything. I wish you the most unforgettable birthday!


The older I get, the greater my desire to be the kind of man that you are, Dad. You inspire me so much. I love you! I’m so proud to be your son. Happiest birthday.


Sending my fondest and warmest birthday greetings to the one man I will forever love, admire, and respect. I owe everything I am to you and your unwavering faith in me. When others have turned their backs, you stayed and held my hand. You encouraged me, and you made me believe. On your birthday, let me honor you and do something special. I love you, Dad! Happiest birthday!


You’ve given me so much of yourself to raise me. I know I can never repay them all. Let me start by saying thank you and I love you. You are the most important person in my life. I want to wish you a happy birthday, and may God bless your good heart.


You have always been there for me. I can’t remember a time when you weren’t. You have showed strength, faith, and dependability all my life. Now it’s my turn to take care of you. I love you, Dad, and I hope you have the most wonderful birthday.

Final Thoughts

Expressing oneself with clarity and sincerity can be a difficult task.

And though not everyone is a writer, the number one most important thing to remember about saying what you mean to someone that you love on a significant day is to not only take the time to think about where you have been together, but where you are now. And where you are going.

Your father played a certain role in your childhood, yes. And he was someone important as you grew up.

But he is in his own life, as well. While you were growing, so was he. And while you are growing up and older now, he is growing up and older as well.

Keep these things in mind as you choose what to say to encourage the man who has served you as he has all these years.

Encourage him as you hope to be encouraged in these seasons yourself.

Be sure to reflect on your father with gratitude and kindness as you think about what it is you want to say while wishing your Dad Happy Birthday.

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