Happy Birthday Mom: 100+ Beautiful Quotes and Messages

Say an extra special “Happy Birthday Mom” with these unique and beautiful birthday wishes that your mother is sure to love.

happy birthday mom

Saying Happy Birthday Mom is one of the most important sentences that you will say all year.

Whether you’re sending these birthday greetings to a young mom or an older mom, sending sincere birthday wishes should convey the warmth, depth, and gratitude you have for your mother.

No matter what birthday quote or saying that you choose the most important thing is that your birthday quotes for your mom come from your heart.

Below you will find 39 of the most emotional and heartfelt birthday wishes that you can use to wish your mom a very happy birthday.

They all feature true emotion and depth. It’s hard not to. Moms (just like Dads) occupy such a special place in all our hearts.

Regardless of the quality of your relationship with your mom, always remember, you only ever have one mom so every birthday really is a special occasion and a perfect time to say thank you mom.

Feel free to share this page on Facebook and Pinterest and make sure that you pick a birthday message that you feel an emotional connection with and that you know will wish your mom the very best and happiest birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Messages

The funny thing about being a child is the older you get,  the more you realize how smart your mom is.

Mom, thank you for being so patient with me as I try to figure out exactly how clueless I was.Thank you for your forgiveness, as well as your gentle and calm nature. Happy birthday mommy.

happy birthday mom

When I was growing up, I always compared you to other people, mom. Now that I’m an adult and have been around the block a few times, it’s just as clear as the noonday sun that you are the most successful person that I’ve ever known.

The reason that I know this is because you’ve put up with me all these years. Thank you for your continuing support and never-failing encouragement. Happy bday mom.

birthday message for mom

While you try to shield me from a lot of life’s up and downs, shortcomings and challenges, you never could really shield me from life’s setbacks.

In fact, nobody could. Still, you have given me such a tremendous example that regardless of how many things and how many people let me down or set me back, I only need to trust in myself and look to you for inspiration and I will make it through.

Thank you for giving me the gift of perseverance. Happy birthday.

birthday quotes for mom

Patience is definitely a virtue and unfortunately, patience is not something most people are born with.

I’m so thankful that I only need to look at your life and how you’ve dealt with me for me to learn volumes about not only the importance of patience, but how to carry it out throughout the years. Thank you, mom.

Sometimes words just do not come close to saying how thankful I am that you are my mom. Happy birthday, mommy.

happy birthday mother

Attitude is much more better than aptitude. You can always learn what you need to learn to do a job, but you will never ever get to learn the right mindset and attitude if you have a bad one to begin with. Happy birthday mother.

Mom, you’ve shown me that if I want real control over my life and my destiny, I have to stop allowing external circumstances to affect me.

Instead, I should allow myself to act according to my highest value.

Instead of simply being reacting to what’s going on outside, I need to focus on who I think I am and what I’m capable of.

Thanks for showing me the difference. Happy birthday mum.

mothers birthday wish

You’ve always said that the more we blame other people, the more we hand over the keys to our lives to these people and situations.

The moment I stopped blaming others is the moment I became the master of my own destiny. Happy birthday.

happy birthday mommy

Regardless of what happens, mom, you’ve shown me that I am always in control.

At the very least, I’m always in control of how I choose to respond. Thank you for showing me the way to the proper positive response to life’s challenges that leads to greater victories.

Happy birthday mom.

Every second delivers a choice. Happy birthday, mom.

You can only give what you have. If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect to respect others?

If you can’t respect others, then how can you expect others to respect you back? Happy birthday, mommy.

happy birthday mom images

Trust is the key to giving others the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t trust them, you will always be doubtful of them and a real relationship could never happen.

Happy birthday wishes to mom.

happy birthday mom messages

Mom, you’ve always taught me that gain, in of itself, is worthless. You’ve taught me that if we are to gain, we have to gain with honor.

Because if we gain with honor, we respect others and we provide value to others. That’s how real wealth is founded. Happy birthday, mom.

The most important possession any person has is that person’s word. Money comes and goes, but honor only comes once.

Thank you for teaching me this, mom. Happy birthday Mother.


Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter Quotes

birthday wishes to mom

Mom as your daughter I have always admired you, always respected you and always believed in you.

Thank you for being the best mom in the world. Happy birthday mommy.

mom birthday quotes

It’s one thing to tell people that they have to overcome all sorts of setbacks. It’s another to actually provide inspiration with the life you lived.

You did not have to do the great things that you did for me.

You could have let me experience them firsthand, but due to your love and compassion, you shielded me from many of the bitter lessons of life. I can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday my beautiful mom.

Mom, you always said that there’s always the easy way and the hard way.

As much as it broke your heart for you to see me doing things the hard way, you also let me fail just enough that I could learn.

You never let me crash and burn. Thank you for showing me the difference and giving me the awesome gift of perspective through the power of choice. Happy birthday wishes mom.

happy birthday mom in heaven

Thank you, mom, for giving me the willpower and the clarity through your example to know the difference between dumb luck and luck that I chose for myself.

Happy birthday mom.

As they always say, success has many parents and failure is always an orphan. Thank you, mom, for always sticking with me even when I reap the results of my bad decisions. Happy birthday wishes mom.

You’ve always shown me mom that even if everything else burns down the wrong way, I can still do something with the embers.

That in the aftermath of even the greatest disaster, there are always the seeds of even greater success. Thank you for teaching this to me and most importantly, thank you for demonstrating this to me.

My most awesome birthday wishes mom.

happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday Mom from Son Quotes

Mom, you have shown me that life is not fair and that’s perfectly okay. Instead of setting myself up for all sorts of heartaches and failures by insisting that life be fair to me and that life give me respect, you instead showed me the way.

The way you’ve shown me is the power of willpower. That if I focused enough and I’m willing to sacrifice enough, things will work out.

Best birthday wishes mom from your loving son.

A lot of people can say that they were fated to live the lives they live. You’ve shown me that we create our own fate.

Every choice that we make can lead to different consequences that we may or may not be happy with. Thanks for showing me this reality and teaching me the importance of my power of choice. Happy birthday wishes mom.

happy birthday mom quotes

Everybody’s put on this Earth for a reason, you’ve always said this to me Mom. But most importantly, you’ve always shown this to me.

Whether things worked out well, or whether they ended up badly, you’ve always been my biggest supporter when it comes to the power of choosing wisely and creating my own destiny.

Thank you for showing this to me mom. My warmest birthday wishes mom.

Mom, even in the darkest and bleakest situation, you always showed me that there is always hope.

As long as I’m still alive and I still have breath in me, I can always hope for something better. The fact that I believe that there is a possibility of a way out, a better resolution, or a better tomorrow give me hope.

You not only said these things. I saw it in your life.

Your life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses, but you continued to press on and you continued to inspire me throughout these years. Best birthday wishes mom.

happy birthday quote for mom

It’s easy to say comforting things. It’s another to be a comforting presence. Thanks for showing me the difference mom, and thanks for always being there for me.

My best birthday wishes mom.


Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Quotes

It’s only after several years living with you, as well as living without you did I realize that forgiveness is such a gift. By forgiving you for whatever you failed me on, as well as forgiving myself, I learned to move on and become a better person.

Thank you for giving me these opportunities. Happy birthday mom in Heaven.

Mom, you always told me that it didn’t really matter how smart I was. It didn’t really matter how lucky I was. What mattered is whether I have the right habits.

You showed me that habits and character are joined at the hip. Thank you for this very important lesson because it has continued to pay off tremendously in my life. My warmest birthday wishes mom.

The flip side of any game is loss. This is the reality of life and I miss you every day. Birthday wishes mom.

happy birthday mother

Mom, you always said that I am what I choose to focus on. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Thank you for always implanting in me the right thoughts because the more I think these thoughts, the more my actions change.

The more my actions change, the more I change my world for the better. Thank you for creating this chain reaction through your example and your kind words. Happy Birthday my mom.

Mom, thank you for showing me that there is always a fine line between the present, the past, and the future.

I need to choose where to draw the line and to move on. Happy birthday, mom.

Anybody can hope and wish. The problem is thinking about the future without any kind of inspiration is worthless.

You’ve shown me that regardless of how big my dreams are, they’re never going to happen unless I allow myself to be properly inspired. Happy birthday mom.

Mom, you’ve said that I should never write anybody or anything off when it comes to inspiration for greatness.

You’ve always shown me that I can always learn from everybody. My life is a product of all the lessons that I chose to learn. Thank you so much, mom. Happy birthday!

We are what we choose to focus on. By focusing on the very best for people, we start becoming the best aspects of the people in our lives. Happy birthday, mom.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

Sometimes life can be difficult. That’s when it is good to have a mom like you! Happy birthday mom!

Mom, it’s Dad’s turn to do the dishes! Happy Birthday!

happy birthday mom meme

Mom just remember… The older you get, the better you get…. Unless you are a banana! Happy Birthday Wishes Mom!

Mom, you know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake! Happy birthday from your favorite child! x


The 3 Most Popular Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

The 3 birthday quotes below are my absolute favorite 3 birthday wishes for mom. If you are looking for a truly touching sentiment to send to your mom, perhaps for a really special birthday wish, then you should consider these three special birthday quotes.

To truly understand somebody, you have to not only step into their shoes, but you have to also see the world through their highest values. Happy birthday, mom.

Throughout the life of a person, that person will be challenged by many different fights and struggles. Life is a fight. You can always choose to fight to win, fight to lose, or fight to learn. Thank you for showing me the difference. Happy birthday, mom.

Mom, you’ve shown me that age is just a number, that with each passing year, it’s possible to become younger and younger by tapping into our natural sense of wonder. Thank you for showing me the way, mom.


Happy Birthday Mom Images to Share on Social Media

For extra brownie points when it comes to your birthday message for mom, you should also share one or two of these happy birthday mom images on your social media accounts to really let the world know how you feel about your mom.

Make sure you pick one or two that really say something about your mom and that will really surprise and delight her when she sees that you have shared your feelings for her with the world.

It should not be a chore to say happy birthday mother so make sure you keep it fun and light hearted too.

Happy Birthday Mom Images

Happy Birthday Mom Message

Still looking for the best birthday message that can express your gratitude, love, and happiness for your mom? Here are a few more that can help you get started.

Wonderful Happy Birthday Messages for Your Mom

Now that I’m older, I feel ashamed about the way I acted and treated you when I was a teenager. I made it so hard for you to be a good mom to me, but you just kept right on loving me. How can I ever repay all that love, Mom? Sometimes I think I don’t deserve you. For every year of my life, you have always shown me unconditional love. I love you so much, and I will spend every day showing that to you. Happy birthday, Mom!


I’m winning at adulting because I have an amazing mom who taught me everything I need to survive and succeed. I owe so much to you. Thank you for your love that makes me feel like I have a mom, a sister, a best friend, and so much more. I love you. Have the best birthday!


Thank you, Mom, for all those times that you wanted to give up on me but never did. You never lost your faith in me when everybody else did. You simply saw my potential and you just did what you do best: love me. I am what I am now because of you, Mom! I love you so much. Happy birthday.


When the world starts to get overwhelming, I just count my blessings and thank God that I have a mom like you. Happy birthday, Mom!


I’m older and more successful now, but why do I feel like I need you now more than ever? I guess there’s nothing like a mother’s love. I wish you the best birthday, Mom! I love you!


All the great things that I have right now are all because of your love, encouragement, and support. You never stopped believing in me and in my dreams. You gave so much just to make my dreams possible. I owe everything to you, Mom. I love you. Happiest birthday!


There’s no other mom quite like you. I’m grateful to have such a strong, intelligent, brave, no-nonsense, and tough mom who taught me to be all these things. Have the best birthday, Mom! I love you!


You’ve spent the best years of your life being a good mother to me. Now that I’m older and independent, I want you to start taking care of yourself more. Do what you’ve always loved to do but didn’t have the time to. You deserve a break, Mom! I love you. Happy birthday!


Every day I say a prayer of thanks to God for giving me such wonderful parents. I am especially grateful for you, Mom, because I know that raising someone like me was not easy. Please forgive me for making you angry and heartbroken a lot of times. I was young and unreasonable. But I appreciate you so, so much more now, Mom. I love you! Happy birthday, and I pray that you will have many more birthdays to come.

My Final Tips on Choosing the Best Birthday Quotes for Mom

Remember, the most important aspect of wishing your mom a sincere and heartfelt happy birthday is to say what you really mean.

All too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines and forget what is really important in life.

Take some time in a quiet room and think about 3 times your mom has really been there for you. Think long and hard about all the advice and support she has given you over the years.

Now once you have done that you should be in the perfect mindset to really speak from the heart when it comes to saying – Happy Birthday Mom – and really meaning it.

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