Happy Birthday Sister in Law

Say it like you mean it and say Happy Birthday to Your Sister in Law with one of these beautiful quotes.

happy birthday sister in law

A relationship with your sister in law is something that you must give special attention to. She is an important part of your life, so you should make the extra effort to forge a friendship with her.

She might surprise you because she can be the babysitter, chef, life coach, or best friend of your dreams!

If you really get on well with your sister in law and you want to send her a special message feel free to share this beautiful video we have created. It is the perfect way to send birthday wishes to your sister in law with some lovely quotes and a stunning version of the happy birthday song.

A sister in law’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell her just how much she is loved and cherished. You may not see her or talk to her all the time, so a beautiful and heartfelt message on her special day will be perfect to make her feel great all day long.

Happy Birthday Sister In Law – Quotes and Messages

If you’re wondering what to say to a sister in law on her birthday, just start with all the qualities that make her such a wonderful person. Let her know just how much she means to you and your family. You will realize that once you get started, you cannot stop!

This is often the case with sisters in law. They are the sisters you never thought you wanted. They are the women you thought you’ll hate but end up loving so much. Tell your sister in law just how much she means to you with some of these heartwarming birthday messages.

When it comes to sisters in law, you are the best. You’re always so generous with your blessings, your time, and your affection for the little ones. Thank you for being the awesome sister in law that you are. I’m so glad that my children have you for a role model. Happiest birthday, my sweet!

I hope that your birthday brings you everything that your heart desires. May it be a day full of beautiful surprises and amazing discoveries. Happy birthday to a fabulous sister in law!


Happy birthday to my wonderful sister in law. I just want to thank you for being a real sister to me, and for allowing me to spend time with your cute kids. Thank you for taking care of my brother and my nieces. Hope you have the best birthday ever.

Thank you for being such a dedicated big sister and auntie to the kids, and for being a devoted sister in law to me. Here’s a huge and fantastic happy birthday from our loud and crazy family.


I want you to know just how blessed my life has become since you came. Thank you for being such a delightful sister in law. I don’t know what I’d do without all your help. Happiest birthday, sister in law!

I have come to rely on you for the small things and the big things. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and for making me look like I’ve got life all figured out. I truly admire you and how you handle life’s curve balls. Happy birthday to you, my sister in law!


Family gatherings are more exciting now because I know that you will be there and you will keep me entertained the whole night through. Thank you for being such a joy to be around. I hope you have the best birthday because no one deserves it more than you! Happy birthday sister in law!

To my incredible sister in law, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an even amazing year ahead. Stay blessed sister in law!

I wish you more love, more luck, and more healthy years. We may not have picked each other as friends, but I’m so glad that life brought us together to be sisters! Happy birthday to my favorite sister in law.

Happy Birthday My Sister In Law

She’s not perfect, but she can very well be close. Sisters in law are often very handy around the house because they have plenty of experience around their own, too. They also seem to know every trick in the book when it comes to taking care of kids, dogs, husbands, mothers, fathers, and even gossipy work colleagues. Suffice it to say that a sister in law is someone that you wish you’ll have forever!

On her birthday, return the many favors by treating your sister in law to something special. You can always plan something big and exciting. Or you can also get the ball rolling with some of these simple but beautiful birthday messages for your sister in law.

I thank the Lord every day that He blessed me with a wonderful husband and an even more wonderful sister in law. You make me look forward to coffee dates and supermarket trips, as well as Netflix marathons and playdates. I hope you have a wonderful birthday sister in law!

A wonderful person like you only deserves the best things in life. May you be blessed with an outpouring of love and exciting new opportunities. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday to you, my sister in law!


They say that in life, you need to manage your expectations so that you will not end up disappointed. But you, my dear, exceeded my expectations of a sister in law. I will be forever thankful for you and your wonderful heart. Happy birthday, sister in law!

Thank you for being such a loving and generous aunt to the kids. They are absolutely in love with you, and I’m not even the least bit jealous! I will forever be grateful for all your help. Happiest birthday sister in law!


Every time I hear someone talk about their in laws in a not so good way, I thank my lucky stars that I have such a kind and wonderful sister in law. May God bless you even more. Have a happy birthday, my dear sister in law!

Stay beautiful and kind. Keeping shining your light on others and continue to inspire with your dedication and determination. I’m so proud that I have such a beautiful and talented sister in law. Happy birthday sister in law!


My life has always been full of surprises. It was a surprise that I reconnected with your brother after losing communication for years. It was a surprise that I gave birth to twins. It was also a surprise that you and I turned out to be the best of friends. Thank you for all the great moments, and I’m looking forward to having more great moments with you. Happy birthday, with love.

To one of the most unselfish and compassionate women I know, a very happy birthday. Thank you for all the love and light that you give to this family.


Here’s a heartfelt birthday greeting to my sister from another mother. I hope your birthday will be as bright and magical as you. You deserve to have all the best in life. Happiest birthday!

Do you have any idea how cool and amazing you are? Every time my wife and I talk about you, we just cannot help but be touched by your incredible display of kindness and love to us. This is why you are so blessed! Happiest birthday to you, my dear sister in law!

Birthday Wishes for Sister In Law who has Passed Away

We’re all just simply passing through in this world, but it still comes as a blow when someone dear to us passes away. Sisters in law are no different. Whether you shared a real connection or not, losing a sister in law will forever change you and your family.

When a sister in law’s birthday comes around and she’s no longer here to celebrate it with you, it will fill you with pain, sadness, longing, and sometimes even regret. But as time passes, how you feel about her being gone will also change. Sooner or later, you will be able to think of her or talk about her without breaking down in tears.

Honor her memory on her birthday with these heartwarming messages of love. Remember that when you speak from the heart, the more your message becomes powerful, uplifting, and inspiring.

I miss you a lot today because it’s your birthday. I remember how your birthdays are always something that you look forward to, because you were such a party girl. It hasn’t been the same since you’ve gone, but we are doing our best to cope with your loss. It may take a while before we’re okay again, but we will get there slowly but surely. We miss you, dear girl. Happy birthday in heaven!


Whenever your birthday comes around, it fills me with sadness when I realize that someone so kind and wonderful is no longer here with us. It fills me with great longing because I really do miss you so much. To my dear sister in law in heaven, happy birthday.


Time is slowly healing the pain of losing you, but I don’t think I will ever stop missing someone who has been like a real sister to me. Sending you warm and loving birthday thoughts today, dear sister in law. Happy birthday.


Memories are all I have of you. I will forever be grateful that I had the chance to get to know you and be your friend. You’re still one of the most incredible women I’ve ever met. Keep rockin’ up there in heaven, my dear sister in law. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister In Law Funny Quotes

Just think about it. Having a sister in law is having another sister without mom having to get pregnant at her age. You don’t have to go through the awkward growing up stage together like you did with your biological sisters, which is a good thing 🙂

It’s one less person to hate or hurt, after all!

If you have a favorite sister in law, or if you want to look cool for your sister in law and get on her good graces, making her laugh on her birthday is the best decision you will make.

I am such a terrific sister in law that I haven’t told anyone your real age. Cheers to another birthday, dear. I hope it’s another epic one!

We may not be related by blood, but we are related by heart. In other words, if someone tries to hurt you, I will be the first one to hit them in the face. Happy birthday to a sister in law I truly adore.


Did you know that being related to someone as fabulous and gorgeous as me is the only birthday gift you will ever want? Happy birthday, my equally fabulous and gorgeous sister in law!

Remember that it’s not yet too late to become who you’ve always wanted to be. Except eighteen, of course. Be serious. Happy birthday, sis!


May we have more crazy times to share, not only during your birthday but every Sunday family dinner, weekend barbecue, and kiddie playdate. Cheers to another year of winning at life! Happy birthday!

Part of the reason why I married your brother is to have you for a sister in law. I’ve always wanted a sister that I can freak out ala Single White Female. Happy birthday!


You have been an integral part of the success of my marriage. How else could I know my husband’s dark secrets if not for you? Happiest birthday, dear sister in law!

You seem to have a knack for attracting good-looking people. First my brother and then my whole family? No fair. Happy birthday to my sister in law, from one good-looking woman to another!


To my sister in law — the #3 person on my speed dial, and my favorite time waster, wine guzzler, lunch buffet partner, and thrift store hunter extraordinaire, a very happy birthday. Let’s add more to this list very soon, shall we?

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Final Thoughts

A sister in law is an important part of the family that everyone should love and appreciate. You don’t need to be the best of friends to send her a warm and loving birthday message. Great people are hard to find. When you are blessed with wonderful sister in law, don’t waste another moment and just tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life on her birthday.

Cakes and presents, optional, too. 😉

happy birthday brother in law

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