55 Hilarious Food Memes That Are So True…

The saying goes: ”When you’re hungry, you are not yourself” and these memes prove it.

Food… who doesn’t love food? Most of the time, we love food so much that it’s starting to cause problems in the health, weight, and looks department.

The more you need to avoid eating too much food or eating certain foods, the stronger the desire becomes to eat just everything in plain sight.

The more you say no, the easier it is to say yes! The more you try to get that burger out of your mind, the more your hands itch to call and have one delivered to you.

Here’s a collection of hilarious food memes that are sure to make you chuckle and nod your head in agreement because they’re so painfully true!

But hopefully, they will make you forget your hunger and just snack on a protein bar instead.

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Hilarious Food

A pizza is round, so that constitutes a well-rounded diet, does it not? Same goes for a round cake, a round bread, and a gallon of ice cream in a round container.

Hilarious Food

People who say that money can’t buy happiness obviously don’t spend it on food.

Money is always money well-spent when you buy something that you have been dying to eat all day, just like this bowl of strawberries and cream!

Hilarious Food

Sometimes the only way to answer questions about your diet is through food.

As soon as they see how much you’re loving that burger in your mouth, that should answer any diet-related question that they might have.

Hilarious Food

Since you’re going all out on the cheeseburger already, holding back on the drinks will not make you feel overwhelmed with the calories.

Take a diet soda. Better yet, just have water!

Hilarious Food

Another person comes out when the hunger levels become too much. You don’t want to meet that person.

That person can act unreasonably and even violently. Food is the only solution!

Hilarious Food

We all would be lying if our goals in life do not have anything to do with food and eating.

Or traveling to new and exotic countries to try different cuisines. Or being filthy rich so that we can buy all the food that we want to eat. You get the drift.

Hilarious Food

Some problems in life are just better handled with cupcakes, with lots of frosting on top.

Sometimes ice cream can work, too. They say adding chocolate sprinkles and caramel syrup also makes everything better.

Hilarious Food

Anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows just how important cheat days are.

These are very crucial days because these are the only days in the week that you can feel like your old self and eat like a normal person again.

If you eat a little too much, don’t judge. You’re just human — and a very hungry human at that!

Hilarious Food

That first bite on a chunky, juicy, and freshly grilled burger after eating healthy food for two weeks?

Priceless! Best feeling in the world! You can burn off all those calories the next day anyway.

Hilarious Food

Nothing kills your appetite faster than being reminded just how much bad food you’re eating!

Those people don’t deserve a seat at your table!

Hilarious Food

It’s been two days, but it really feels like two years. It’s only just begun, but you can clearly see the diet ending very, very soon.

Hilarious Food

You know how it goes with blind dates. You’re always on your best behavior to impress your date and hopefully make them fall in love with you.

You order a salad, and maybe a salmon, and a glass of wine to wash it all down.

But when the food is delicious and the hunger game is strong, who really cares about poise and first impressions?

Hilarious Food

At the end of the day, women just want delicious food. Who cares about diamonds when you can have cheese and bacon and chocolates anytime, anywhere?

They’re cheap, available everywhere, and can be delivered to you any time of the day!

Hilarious Food

It’s a test of strength to be anywhere near the very things that you’re trying to avoid.

But know that it can be done! Just believe in yourself! You can say no to the junk food and go straight to the fresh produce section instead.

Hilarious Food

When adrenalin is pumping and your stress is elevated, you have no idea how much food you can consume.

This is why you should avoid food when you’re sad, angry, stressed, tired, happy, or drunk.

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Hilarious Food

You really don’t mind all the grown-up conversations as long they keep the wine glass filled and the pasta coming!

It would also be nice if you can get a heads up on what’s for dessert.

Hilarious Food

Better yet, find someone who loves food just as much as you do. It’s definitely going to be a match made in food heaven!

Hilarious Food

Real friends not only support you in your diet. They also join you in eating all the things that you want to eat.

They keep you motivated in hitting your diet goals, but they also allow you to enjoy your food on cheat days.

Hilarious Food

It’s so easy to lose yourself in all those carbs. Before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole month’s worth of carbs and the shame slowly creeps in.

Don’t panic, though. You can just work all those calories off in the gym and eat moderately on your next cheat day!

Hilarious Food

One of the happiest feelings in the world is having money to pay for all the food that you want to eat!

Just don’t go asking yourself why you’re always broke! Making your tummy happy is not exactly cheap.

Hilarious Food

There are really good diet foods out there. But when you don’t have the time to prepare them yourself or subscribe to designer diet meal plans, a plain salad with blah dressing is the least exciting thing to eat.

Hilarious Food

There’s a reason why dieting is one of the most challenging things to do in the world. Imagine intentionally ingesting food that tastes like cardboard? Why punish yourself like that?

Hilarious Food

There’s really no chocolate cake that you will not like. Or chocolate candy. Or a chocolate bar. Or chocolate ice cream. Anything with chocolate is simply perfect!

Hilarious Food

Why does it seem like you’re only gaining weight? It’s just four slices of pizza at lunch and a cheeseburger at dinner after all!

Sometimes the human body is such a great, great mystery.

Hilarious Food

When it comes right down to it, pizza is always the best choice!

Just a quick call and your pizza is at your doorstep in just 30 minutes. No need for prepping and no need to wash the dishes after.

Pizza is perfect.

Hilarious Food

When the appetite is huge, there’s no use eating from a tiny bowl. Unless they give ten tiny bowls all at the same time!

Hilarious Food

Is it rude if you just invite yourself to the barbecue and sample everything that they’re serving? Being neighbors and all? Surely they have enough food for one more guest?

Hilarious Food

Sometimes you just need to live a little. Why just eat one when you can eat two, and even upsize?

Hilarious Food

You can never tell. It’s best to be prepared and eat something now in case there’s a food emergency later.

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Hilarious Food

Do you also get excited when you think about what food you’re going to eat next?

Just like everything else in your life, food also requires time management.

You need to schedule when you’re going to eat what you plan to eat so that you feel hungry enough to enjoy it!

Hilarious Food

Everyone gets those late-night cravings, and not everyone is strong enough to resist them. Living in today’s world makes it possible for you to satisfy your cravings any time of the day.

Hilarious Food

That steak you did not finish will haunt your waking moments. You can only wish that the date was worth that gorgeous but wasted piece of steak.

Next time, order a salad.

Hilarious Food

At the end of the day, no one can tell you what to eat. When something really, really makes you happy, go for it.

Eat to your heart’s content but not too much that you’re sick of it!

Hilarious Food

There are just some things that you should not pass up in life, and that includes a really good and sinful pasta dish!

Hilarious Food

That takes real commitment and a total lack of self-control. But still, you beat a record and that counts for something!

Hilarious Food

When someone mentions the magic word, your senses become heightened and your stomach begins to growl.

You also lose focus on everything else and can only think about this thing called food.

Hilarious Food

To tell you honestly, food will be a lot more wonderful without all these calories attached to them.

Calories are the party pooper of food.

Hilarious Food

If only carbs didn’t cause weight problems, the world will be a much better place.

Hilarious Food

When your own body mocks your efforts to go on a diet, it’s a clear sign that you should not be on one. Go ahead and have some more bread.

Hilarious Food

More than the gorgeous pair of shoes on the display window, nothing can make your heart race and your mouth salivate than a delicious roll of hot bread fresh from the oven.

Hilarious Food

When you’re trying to finish your salad, but all you can think about is a large slice of greasy pizza, it’s a sign that you’re on the wrong diet.

Hilarious Food

There will really be days that no matter how hard you work at the gym and how focused you are at losing weight, you must satisfy that hunger or else you’ll lose all motivation.

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Hilarious Food

Once you make that first delicious and giant bite, you know that it’s too late to stop.

Hilarious Food

Because you have been on your best behavior around food all day long, you deserve to reward yourself with a proper food binge later!

Hilarious Food

Eat food that makes you happy, bright, and free. Sure, most foods that make you all those things also make you fat. But it’s better to be happy than sad, right?

Hilarious Food

If you’re feeling sad, have a slice of pizza. Broke up with someone? Here, eat some pizza.

Pizza makes everything better.

Hilarious Food

Happiness is so hard to find. If you find your happiness in food, no one is stopping you from being happy forever and ever!

Hilarious Food

It’s the most crushing feeling to see a really moist and rich slice of cake in the fridge and knowing that you’re not supposed to eat it.

Hilarious Food

That’s not only asking for the impossible. It’s also something that you don’t want to do deep down inside.

Hilarious Food

Here’s to a life lived with no regrets! Live in the moment because you can only eat all the food that you want while you’re young and healthy.

Hilarious Food

Surely you can spend your time on more meaningful pursuits, like not being on a diet.

Hilarious Food

This thought alone can make you question your decision to even go on a diet. Thinking about all that good food you’re going to pass up on sounds a lot like slow death.

Hilarious Food

They sound the same but there’s a world of difference. If you had to choose, obviously you’d choose extra fries, too.

Hilarious Food

Some people just feel hunger more deeply and strongly. Just because you feel it differently or you feel it any less does not mean that it’s not a valid emotion!

The Most Hilarious Food Meme of all Time

Hilarious Food

Even if going on a diet can make you look inches thinner and pounds lighter, it can also make you crave for all the food in the world and make you feel things you did not even possible to feel.

Hilarious Quotes about Food

One simply cannot function well, think well, or rest well when you have not eaten well. Remember this every time someone calls you out for eating your favorite comfort food.


When words fail to say how much you love or care for someone, try food.


There is no love truer love than the love of food. Food will never let you down.


I have made so many mistakes in my life and I regret most of them. But never the carbs that I ate when I was so busy eating my feelings.


My weaknesses have always been makeup, puppies, and food.


All you need to be happy in this world is love. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have good food all the time, too.


The most meaningful relationship I’ve had in my life is my relationship with pizza.


People who love food are the best people. Why do you think I love to eat so much?


You simply don’t consume food. You also have to talk about it. So don’t feel bad when you’re having lunch and you’re already talking about what you’re going to have for dinner.


There’s no better feeling than having a first bite of a big and juicy burger after a long and tiring day.


When you’ve had a satisfying and delicious meal, you can forgive anyone for almost anything.


Love and food are very much the same. You simply cannot have enough of it.


If you’re finding it hard to journey through life, just remember that life is just a combination of magic and carbs.


I love you like a girl trying to be skinny loves carbs and desserts!


When the waiter asked whether I preferred my pizza sliced into four or eight slices, I told him four. Eight is a lot!


Life is too short. Order some dessert!


If it has chocolate, I’m sure it will be delicious.


I will be a vegetarian willingly if vegetables tasted as good as cheeseburgers.


Ask not how you can change the world and get rid of corruption. Ask what you should have for lunch.


The only thing I like better than eating is talking about food.


Life is too short to punish yourself drinking smoothies and snacking on celery sticks.


Life is challenging. Make sure to have some dessert.


I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even add a bit of it to the food.


I take my ice cream very seriously. Lady behind the counter, please be patient with me as I make my choices of flavors because it’s very hard to choose just three when there are over thirty different others.


If you would ask me, a balanced diet is a chocolate chip cookie in each hand.


I owe this body to spaghetti.


The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the burgers to finish grilling.


It’s hard to think of unpleasant thoughts when you’re biting into a tomato that you have grown and harvested yourself in your very own backyard garden.


Everyone eats, and everyone needs food. It will be such a waste to eat badly or eat bad food.


One of the best feelings in the world is feeling the warmth of a Chinese takeout box in your hands and smelling all the delicious goodness inside.


When people tell me to think happy thoughts, I always think about the delivery guy on my doorstep bringing me the food I ordered.


If you think I eat too much, that’s because I’m an explorer of food.

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