14 In Memory Quotes That Pay Tribute to Someone Special

These in memory quotes are a perfect way to truly express how you feel about someone

in memory quotes

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There will be overwhelming pain and sadness when someone you love passes away.

You will be reeling from the grief, and you will be wondering how you can move on in life without this special person around anymore.

It will be challenging to get back to your regular routines when they were such a big part of your life.

Every day will just be a process of moving forward and trying to make a new life without them, no matter how much it hurts.

In memory quotes that pay tribute to someone special will help you make sense of everything that’s going on and give you the courage that you need to move forward.

They will conjure sad feelings and painful memories, but they will also give you hope to look forward to something good in the future.



How to Use In Memory Quotes

There are many ways that you can use in memory quotes to honor your dearly departed loved ones.

You can use quotes that pay tribute to someone special and publish them on a memorial tribute page online.

You can post different photos, videos, and other works of art on there that will celebrate their life. You can share stories and write comments that will allow others to get to know the kind of person that they were.

You can also write them on your sympathy or condolence cards and send them directly to the grieving family.

You can include them together with a heartfelt message of your own to let them know that you are there for them anytime and that they will never be forgotten.

Sometimes it’s just hard to come up with words of your own, and in memory quotes can help you get started.

Choose something that’s positive and uplifting and will resonate with loved ones who are suffering. They should fill you with love, warmth, and comfort.

More importantly, they should highlight all the many reasons that make your loved ones loved and cherished.

Thoughtful In Memory Quotes that Pay Tribute to your Loved Ones

The song may be over, but the melody will linger on.

Their lives might have been cut short, but the love that you have for them will remain. The memories will linger on, and the moments that you shared will forever be etched in your heart.

You will always remember the words that were said and the emotions that were felt.

Most of all, you will always be warmed by the thought that once in your life, you found someone extraordinary that you loved and who loved you back.

May the brilliance and beauty of their lives never be defined by their deaths.

When someone you love passes on, it’s so easy to just think about the pain and the grief that their passing has caused. The pain that you feel overshadows the life that they led.

Allow yourself time to grieve, and don’t skip on the hard parts. The sooner that you can accept the fact that your loved ones are no longer around, the sooner you can start the process of healing.

Living life without them can be the hardest thing that you will ever have to do. But if you think about the joy, love, and happiness that you experienced when they were still alive, it will help carry you through the worst days.

A beautiful soul will never be forgotten.

When a person is kind and good, they will never be forgotten. They will always stay in your heart, and they will always be a part of your life.

There’s just too much history that cannot be erased, and there’s just too much love left to live a life without them.

When a person is deeply loved, not even loss or separation can make you lose them from your heart. If anything, they will be remembered and honored even more. A person who has truly touched your life will always stay with you no matter what.

Memories of you fill my mind like a million beautiful stars in the night sky.

When a person you love passes on, all you are left with are memories. These are what you will hold on to when the days are long and the nights are even longer. These are what will get you through the saddest and most difficult days.

Memories are all you have left to remind you of the wonderful person that they were, and what a beautiful life you shared together.

These memories will serve as a reminder of that person who showed you great kindness and true love.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with grief and sadness, all you need to do is look to your heart and remember.

When it’s my turn to go to heaven, the first thing I’m going to do is to find you. The second is never let you go again.

If you could only add years to a loved one’s life so that they will be with you forever, you would do so in a heartbeat.

You would give up even your life if it means that they will live for another day, another week, another month, or another year.

But when it’s their time to go, there’s nothing you can do. The only thing that you can do is let them go, learn to live life without them, and honor the memories that they left behind.

The only thing you can do is dream about them and look forward to that day when you will finally be reunited with them and live in happiness forever.

Today I looked up to the sky and thought it looked amazing. I realized that it’s because you are up there, flying with the angels now, but still guiding us because you are always with us.

They made your world so much happier, kinder, and more colorful when they were still around. Now that they’re gone and living with all the angels in heaven, heaven is a much happier and more beautiful place.

The thought that they are just beside you and guiding you in your life gives those left behind a warm and comforting thought.

Because when loved ones pass away, they are never truly gone from your life. They are still loving and taking care of you.

Only this time it’s from a distance, and only this time from a place you can’t be just yet.

If the only thing that could have kept you alive was love, you would have lived for a very long time.

If love alone can cure all sicknesses and save the lives of everyone you loved, there will never be tears and broken hearts.

There will be no goodbyes. There will be no missing someone. There will be no wishing that life had been different.

Love can make anything possible. If only love alone can make someone live forever, no one would have to leave and no one would have to be left behind.

Heartfelt In Memory Quotes

You made each day of my life a celebration. Even if you have gone away from our lives, you are still loved, missed, and cherished.

Just because someone you love is no longer here in this world, it doesn’t mean that your love for them will grow any less. If anything, it will only grow bigger.

You will never stop thinking about them, missing them, and loving them. It will just be a different kind of love. It will be one that can transcend this life and reach them wherever they are in heaven.

We didn’t realize that we were making memories. We just knew that we were having the time of our lives and showing how much we loved each other.

In memory quotes such as this one can honor the deceased and comfort the bereaved with warm and loving memories.

Losing someone you love is never an easy thing because it can truly turn your world upside down.

But their loss will leave you with a lighter heart when you know that you have made the best kind of memories with them, and you know that you have made them feel how much you loved them.

Their loss will be easier to accept when you have given them the best kind of life that you can offer, and you made them feel like the most important people in the world.

I cannot help but shed a tear or two when I think of you or when I say your name. Even if time has passed and people have moved on, the pain inside my heart remains the same. Although I can laugh and have fun from time to time, still there’s no one else in this world who misses you more than me.

There simply is no replacing the loved ones you have lost. There are just too many memories and too many wonderful moments.

They will always be a part of you no matter how many years pass, and no matter how many new people you meet.

There’s just no telling a heart that truly loved to stop hurting and start forgetting. Love just doesn’t work that way.

Goodbye is not forever and the end. It just means that I will miss you very much, and until we meet again.

They may have gone away from this life, but it does not mean that they will be gone from your heart forever.

There will be tears and pain, yes, but there will also be fond memories and loving recollections.

There will be a lot of healing and a lot of being brave, but there will also be a lot of overcoming challenges and surviving each day.

It will be difficult and painful to move on in life without them, but the thought that you will be reunited with them again one day will give you some sense of comfort.

You will never know the value of someone you love until they go away and become a memory.

Some people feel the most regret when their loved ones pass on because they never said I love you enough and never made them feel loved enough.

They never spent as much time with them and never made as many memories as they could with them.

This can fill your heart with pain and sadness, but regret most of all. You will wish that you had more time, or you will wish that you can turn back time and do it all over again.

You never truly know the importance of someone until they are gone from your life for good, or until it’s just too late.

But loved ones who have gone before you want you to know that there’s no use on blaming yourself or drowning yourself in regret.

As long as there are memories, even if they are few, you will never have to live your life without them because they will always stay in your heart.

When the days get lonely and tough, I just remind myself that I’m very lucky to have someone so extraordinary to miss.

In memory quotes that pay tribute to someone special make the loved ones they left behind feel loved and comforted.

Quotes such as this one make you feel truly blessed that you had the honor of knowing and loving them.

Even if they passed on and left a big void in your life, they have given you a great privilege just to know and love them.

The only time goodbyes hurt is when you know there will never be a hello again.

This is what breaks your heart again and again, when you think about the loved ones you have lost.

It’s never seeing them again, never hearing their voice again, and never spending another day with them again.

It’s the fact that they will no longer be around in a physical sense that will hurt the most. But knowing that they will be with you again someday, somewhere, should give you some peace and comfort.

Perfect and Most Thoughtful in Memory Messages

Your world will change with every day that passes, but the love that you have and the memory that you keep in your heart will never fade away.


I am releasing this butterfly to honor your memory and to let you know that you will always be in my heart wherever you may be. Whenever I close my eyes and say a prayer, I know that you will always be near. Although I may be feeling broken inside, please know that I will be alright in time. Fly away, little butterfly, as high as you can fly. Rest in peace because you will be forever loved.


The day you left broke my heart into a million pieces. Now that you’re gone, my love for you will be safely here inside my heart. I will never forget the bond that we share that will never be broken, even if you’re no longer here. I miss you very much, and I will never stop missing you. I love you more than words can ever say, and more than my heart can ever hold.


I may no longer see you, hold you, touch you, or talk to you. But you will always live forever in my heart and mind.


There’s always a new tomorrow no matter how hard or painful today is. There’s always an end to your tears even if your heart is filled with sorrow. There will always be a reason to live even if you feel you can’t go on anymore. There will always be something beautiful to live for even if you have lost someone very precious and true.


I pray that God will give me the courage and strength to get me through this pain over losing you. The precious memories that we have shared will always remain in my heart.


May you always feel the strength of our love for you even if you are no longer here with us. We will never stop loving you and missing you. We will never stop wishing that you were still here with us.


I will never forget the memories. They will always stay deep in my heart. I will only need to look inside my heart to feel close to you and to make you feel that you will be missed more than you can ever imagine.


Your memories are a special gift that I will always treasure. The pain will never really be gone from my heart, but I will always love you and remember you every day. Life will never be the same now that you’re gone, but I will honor your memory in the best way possible.


If memories bring us closer to the people we love who have already departed, you will never be far away from me. We have so much memories that will last me a whole lifetime. You may be gone from this world, but you will never be gone in my heart


Someday we will meet each other again. I may not know exactly when. But I know that when we do, we will never have to part ever again.


My life is never the same since you’ve been gone. What I wouldn’t give just to have you back in my life. But I know that we’ll be together again someday. This is the promise that I hold on to so that the pain will not hurt as much. You will never be forgotten, my dearest.

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