16 “Loss of a Pet” Quotes That Only True Animal Lovers Will Understand

If you have ever lost a beloved pet these quotes are sure to bring a tear to your eye.

loss of a pet quotes

When someone close to you dies, you are instantly surrounded by friends and family wishing to send their sympathies and condolences.

You can cry all you want, and you can grieve for as long as you need to. There’s a freedom to express how you’re feeling, especially if they can help you with your grieving process.

However, when pet owners lose their pets, most people don’t understand the magnitude of their grief.

Some people don’t understand that it’s possible to feel indescribable pain over the loss of a pet.

They think that just because they are animals, one should not feel such terrible heartbreak when they go.

“Loss of a Pet” Quotes for True Animal Lovers

sympathy quote for death of a pet dog

Animals are capable of unconditional love, so when you lose a pet, you lose that incredible kind of love as well.

You not only lose a pet but a faithful companion, a life witness, and even a protégé.

Life will never be the same without your pets, and the pain is going to hurt just as much as losing a friend or a family member.

Here are some touching ‘loss of a pet’ quotes that can express the pain, sadness, and longing that a person can experience when their pet passes away.

Whether you have experienced the loss of a pet or not, these quotes will strike a chord with you and make you remember and honor that beloved pet always.

You were ready to go, but I was not.

Pets are loved so much. Sometimes they are loved even more than boyfriends and girlfriends, or even your own family members.

They can be a handful sometimes, but they are more playful and mischievous than pushy or obtrusive. They are highly perceptive and will stay beside you until you feel better.

death of a pet

Their love is unconditional, and they can really be the best friends you can ever have. When it’s time for them to go, their loss can feel like your heart is being ripped out from your body.

You can never prepare yourself for it, and you can never stop your heart from breaking.

You have left my life, but you will always stay in my heart.

Your relationship with your pet is unique and special. The bond that’s shared is unlike any relationship that you have in your life.

Pets have a way of cementing their place in your life with each purr, each bark, and each slobber.

loss of a pet quotes

The longer time you spend with each other, the more you will realize that you are very lucky to have the devotion of such a wonderful creature.

When pets pass away, it can break your heart into a million pieces.

Although you can get another pet to love and care for, there’s no replacing them. They will always stay in that special place in your heart.

There’s an empty space where you used to live, and there’s an ache in my heart that I know will never go away. I couldn’t have asked for a more trusted and wonderful friend. We were together until the very end. Now you’re roaming free under the warm caress of the golden sun. When the time is right, look for me, and run into my arms again.

Anyone who has ever loved an animal will agree with ‘loss of a pet’ quotes like this one. Pet lovers who experienced the loss of a pet never truly stop thinking about them or missing them.

It’s a wish for anyone who has lost a beloved pet to be reunited with them someday in another life, because this life has proven to be too short for a love as big as theirs.

Having a dog means experiencing some of the best and happiest days of your life, and one of the saddest and worst days as well.

You can still remember the first day that you got your pet dog. Whether they were given to you as a gift, or you adopted them from the shelter, or you took them in as a stray, your pet dog meant the world to you from day one.

The day they first walked into your life was the happiest, and the day that they passed away was one of the saddest and most heartbreaking.

No matter the number of years we spend together with our pets, it will never be long enough.

Any pet owner will wish that they can outlive their pets, because they just cannot bear the pain of their loss when it’s their time to go.

loss of a pet sympathy

Even if pet owners live for years and years, it will still not be enough to love their pets for as long as they want.

Given the chance to make pets immortal, any pet owner would do it in a heartbeat if it means that they will be around forever.

My heart will always smile whenever I think about you.

Pets are just one of the things in this world that make life worth living. They can make a bad day better just by being their cute and silly selves.

They will show you unconditional love, and they will always be loyal to you no matter what.

For this reason, they will leave a hole in your heart when they pass away. This void in your heart is a space that no one else can fill up, no matter how many new pets you get afterwards.

That kind of love is special, and that kind of love is unique.

Some of the best friends that we will ever have walk on four legs and carry around hearts bigger than their bodies.

They don’t demand a lot from you, but they can give you love and devotion like you wouldn’t believe.

They may not give out the best advice on life and love, but they can sit beside you when you’re feeling low and just keep you company.

They can give you companionable silence and let you feel like you’re not alone in this world. All they do is love and make their owners happy without expecting anything in return.

Sometimes the smallest creatures take up the most room in your heart.

Pets can be the family that you have been wishing for. They will not disappoint you with broken promises, failed dates, and forgotten birthdays.

They will not answer back or walk out in a rage. They will not judge you, or resent you, or make you doubt yourself.

They will just love you, follow you around, and be completely devoted to you with no questions asked. This is what makes them the irreplaceable and lovable creatures that they are.

The loss is indescribable, but so is the love that a pet leaves behind.

death of a pet

Having a pet allows you to give your heart away and welcome a special creature into your life. They are just not just animals that you happen to take care of, because pets become more a friend and a member of the family.

When they go, their absence is missed because they have been such a huge part of your life. You not only lose a pet but a best friend and life companion.

At first, they need us. And then we need them.

Pets that come into your life end up needing a lot of your care and attention. Every day you feed them, wash them, clean after them, and make sure that they are entertained.

They are dependent on you for these things, but you just don’t realize that you’re also becoming dependent on them. You depend on them for your peace of mind, for your emotional clarity, for love and affection, and for just companionship.

Best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Your best friend need not be someone you can talk on the phone for hours with, have a laugh with, or experience the best of the world with.

loss of a pet sayings

Sometimes your best friend can walk on four legs, just look at you with love and adoration, and make yipping or purring sounds when they’re happy. Sometimes your best friend is your pet, who will be with you through your life’s ups and downs just the same.

Once you have a wonderful dog for a pet, a life without one is a life diminished.

“Loss of a pet” quotes usually have something in common.

They celebrate the lives of the pets that people loved so dearly and how their lives have changed because of them. They talk about their pets and how their lives have been enriched by them.

The loss of a pet you loved so much can leave you heartbroken.

But still they say it’s better than to never have experienced having a pet at all and discover the many joys that having one can bring.

Until one has loved an animal as a pet, there will always be a part of your soul that will remain unawakened.

Beautiful “Loss of a Pet” Quotes

There are many experiences in life that can open your eyes to the real world, that can make you believe in magic, and that can make you grateful to be alive.

One of which is taking care of a pet and loving it like family. Those who have never experienced loving and being loved by a pet are missing out on a lot!

Dogs may not be our life’s priority. But for them, we are their whole world.

You may think that dogs are just pets that you take care of, show off to your friends and family members in your Facebook photos, and carry around like fashion accessories.

But for your dogs, you are their reason for existing. You are their whole universe. They are around to make you happy and put a smile on your face.

They do your bidding, and their only wish in life is to get a treat or two, especially when they have been on their best behavior!

Dogs’ lives are too short and quick. Which is truly their only fault.

When you truly think about it, dogs can make your life so much better. They are man’s best friend, after all.

They can teach you so many things that no other human can, and they can give you so much laughter and happiness just by being themselves.

Which is why it’s so hard to part with them when it’s their time to go. This is because they are also taking with them a big chunk of your life that no one can ever replace. Even when they live to a ripe old age, it will never be long enough.

The highest tribute that we can give to our pets who have passed away is not grief. It’s gratitude.

‘Loss of a Pet’ Quotes That Celebrate The Little Creatures You Loved

They may not have the same impact as the rest of your human relationships, but they are an important part of your life as well. Sometimes, you will even value your relationship with your pets more.

Whatever pet you have, and no matter how long you have been together, pets are special. They will never stop bringing you joy and happiness.

When the time comes that they have to go, there will be grief over their passing, but there will also be plenty of love and gratitude.

When you’re a pet owner, these loss of a pet quotes will resonate with you strongly.

The loss of a pet is always a sorrowful time. While you may be compelled to find ways to move on from the pain and the heartbreak, there will be times when you will just have to acknowledge the pain and stop quelling your longing.

pet quotes

Just think that if your pet is still around, they would not want to see you sad and hurting.

They would come up to you, make you laugh, comfort you, and stay with you until you felt better.

This is your cue to do just the same!

Heartwarming “Loss of a Pet” Quotes

Some angels choose to wear fur instead of wings.


When a pet has to go and cross the rainbow bridge, life simply starts over. Only there’s something missing, but they will simply wait there for you.


They came to your life one day and simply owned your heart. They are the sweetest, smartest, funniest, and cutest, and truly the best companions. Even though you knew that one day you will need to part ways, you loved them with all that you had as they leave their footprints on your heart.


The pets that we love so dearly teach us more than what we expect, and they love us more than we could have hoped to be loved.


What made us happy once we can never lose, and what we have truly loved simply becomes a part of us.


The depth of your pain is a measure of how you loved and cared for your pet.


No words can truly dull the pain, and even the warmest hugs cannot fill the void that has been left in your heart. Treasure the memories because there they will remain forever.


You have left us with so many wonderful memories. Your love still guides us even if you’re no longer here and we can no longer see you. You will always live inside our hearts.


No one can truly understand the real meaning of love until he has owned a dog. A dog can show genuine affection and undying devotion that no other person ever can.


The heartbreaking reality is that you will grieve for your lost pet forever. You will not forget or get over the pain of losing them, but you will learn to live with it. You will heal but you will never be the same. Even if you get another pet, the love will still be strong but also very different.


Sometimes losing a pet you loved so much is more painful than losing a human. The love for your pets is real because you did not have to pretend to love it.


When pets leave us for good, it’s only then that we will realize that we never really owned them. We only borrowed them for a short while, but we still need to have a thankful heart for the long lease.


If there are no dogs in heaven, please take me to where they go when I die.


Time heals all wounds, but the source of the grief is forever.


Our pets may not be our whole lives, but they certainly make us feel whole.


Pets come into our lives to show us what love means, and then they leave to show us the meaning of loss. New pets will never replace those who have passed away but merely expand our hearts. If you have loved and lost many pets, your heart is simply vast and your capacity for love immeasurable.

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