41 Love Hurts Quotes That We Can All Relate To

When your heart aches, but you know it is not the end of the world…

If you’ve ever suffered from the pain of a breakup or an emotional loss, you will know how soul-crushing and emotionally devastating it can be.

This collection of love hurts quotes truly describe the pain that one feels and the thoughts that run through your head while going through the experience.

15 Love Hurts Quotes That Will Make You Cry

I let you become my happiness, and that’s where I went wrong.

I put so much on your shoulders too soon. I never should have placed my happiness on another person. I’m in charge of my own happiness, and I shouldn’t have made you the main source of my happiness.

I just want someone who will never stop choosing me.

It was promising at first, and then the same thing happened again. I became your least priority until I was no longer someone who mattered.

You don’t need to chase what wants to stay with you.

You don’t have to try so hard to make them stay if they really want to. They should make a way to be with you. They should move mountains just to make it possible.

There’s no point holding onto someone who’s already let you go.

Resistance is futile, so you might as well let go. You can’t go on like this when clearly the game has long been done and over with.

I need to stop running back to you all the time in my mind.

I have to keep reminding myself that there’s no more us. Things are not the same between us and we are no longer in a relationship. I just have to rewire my brain so that I don’t come to you for every little favor.

You broke my heart, but I still love you with all the million broken pieces.

Even if you hurt me, I still can’t bear the thought of stopping myself from loving you.

I used to think that you were someone who would never ever hurt me.

I truly thought that you are someone who will treat me like a queen every single day. I thought that you will love me for a very long time. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what changed. All I know is that you always seem to find a new way of breaking my heart.

The truth is you are the reason why I don’t believe in love anymore.

I gave you my heart, and I vowed to love you and cherish you forever. We had all these wonderful plans for our future. And then just like that, everything changed. We used to be so in love, and now we’re not even on speaking terms. Can you blame me if I no longer believe in love?

One of the most painful things in life is letting go of something that you thought was real and will last forever.

It’s hard because despite everything, I’m still holding out hope that a miracle will happen, and we can go back to the way things used to be. I’m still wishing for a miracle, that all the hurt will be forgotten and that you will have a change of heart.

Maybe we just go numb eventually because you can no longer break a broken heart.

Or maybe it will just take you twice as long to heal and be whole again.

I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who really loved you.

Between the two of us, you suffered a bigger loss. You will never find someone who can love you the way I loved you.

Someday you’re going to send me a message out of the blue and I will be strong enough to ignore it.

It will no longer have such a strong impact on me. It will no longer make me miss you and yearn for you. It will no longer make me wish that you were still in love with me and that everything that’s happening is just a bad dream.

I did not know what it felt like to love until you came into my life. Sadly, I know now what it feels like to have my heart broken, too.

I just didn’t realize that you will be giving me my greatest love and my biggest heartbreak as well.

One bad relationship can make you want to never fall in love again.

It can make you swear off love for good. It can leave you feeling traumatized and with lingering feelings of anger, hurt, or abandonment.

There’s only so much that my heart can take. When can my heart find peace and comfort? How can this heart be whole again after being broke into a million little pieces?

15 Love Hurts Quotes That Will Break Your Heart

A broken heart changes a person.

Even someone who has always been bright-eyed and idealistic about love can turn into a hard and bitter person.

I wish that I was what you wanted.

We wouldn’t have ended a love that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The only thing worse than losing you is knowing that you did not do anything to keep me.

I watched you let our relationship crumble. You did nothing to fight for me or to hold on to me.

It’s like you lost all interest and moved on to the next chapter of your life, leaving me on my own in the rubble.

There’s no us. There’s only me and my memories of you.

You are no longer a part of my life. The person I once loved so much is not even a friend to me right now. I just have to content myself in the memories of us and what we once had.

I can never hurt you the way you hurt me.

Even if I was given the chance to hurt you, I still wouldn’t find it in me to hurt you intentionally. That’s how we’re different. You knew you were hurting me, but you did it anyway.

One day, I hope you look back at what we had and regret everything you did to let us end.

I hope you realize that I was the best thing that ever happened to you, and that letting me go was the biggest mistake of your life.

You’re still breaking my heart and you have no idea.

It has been quite a while since we parted ways, but the pain in my heart is still fresh. It feels just like yesterday when we made the decision to end it. Every day I still feel the way my heart broke.

Temporary people give permanent lessons.

Even if what we had only lasted for a brief moment, I will forever be grateful to you for being brave enough to tear down the walls around my heart.

You paved the way for others to come knocking at my heart. You have taught me that there is nothing to fear in love.

It’s so hard not talking to you.

I have grown so used to talking to you about anything and everything.

You are still on my speed dial, and you are still on my favorites list on my phone.

I want to call you and ask you how you’re doing but I’m scared that some other girl is doing that now.

It hurts when you realize that you are not as important to someone as you thought you were.

If I was important to you, you would have fought to keep me. You would have tried really, really hard. You would have begged me to say. You would have run after me.

One day you will realize that I was worth the fight.

You will realize that you never should have let me go so easily. That I was the one you have been waiting for in your life. And then you will realize that it’s too late now.

It hurts to know that you tried your best, but it still wasn’t good enough.

That’s everything that you could give at that particular time. You cannot blame yourself if you simply ran out. There’s only so much that you could give.

If I could show you how broken you left me, you would never be able to look me in the eye again.

You will never get over the pain and the sadness that you left me with, and you will finally understand that it was never not a big deal.

It’s better to be single than in a relationship with a person who’s only half there or who wishes to be anywhere but with you.

I prefer to be single than be with someone who’s clearly miserable with you but just couldn’t say it for fear of hurting you.

I’d rather be alone than share a cold bed with someone who clearly doesn’t want to touch me.

I know that it’s over and it never really started, but it was so real in my heart.

When I moved on from you, it felt like a real breakup. My feelings for you were real, even if you had no idea how much I loved you, and even if you never knew that I was moving on from you.

11 Love Hurts Quotes That Are So Relatable

Sometimes the person that you fall for just isn’t ready to catch you.

You thought they were ready because of the way they pursued you. But just when you were about to take the next step, everything changed. He’s just nowhere to be found.

No one knows how much I cried that day.

You have no idea how many times I had to control myself from breaking down in front of people.

When I could freely cry in private, I cried and cried until there were no more tears to cry.

I have never cried so much over someone before. That was a first and I will never forget it.

What if I feel this way for the rest of my life?

What if I never find joy again? What if I never feel for another the way I felt for you? What if I never love again?

I can’t fall for anyone else because of you.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the lingering feelings or because I’m still hoping that you and I are still not over.

I’m sorry that I was not enough to make you stay in love with me.

What you had was the best of me. I’m sorry if my best was not good enough.

If only feelings had an off switch…

I would have turned this darn thing off a long time ago so that I will no longer feel the pain in my heart.

If there’s an off switch for feelings, I would have made sure that it never gets turned on back again.

I can feel myself slowly fading from your mind.

It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I can’t believe that someone I used to love is now a stranger to me. I can feel you starting to forget all about me, and it fills my heart with such incredible sadness.

I forgive you even if you’re not sorry.

I don’t know what happened and why you decided to go. You left us both hurting, but I forgive you, anyway.

Having a broken heart is good sign. It means that you have tried for something.

Even if it didn’t turn out like you were expecting, you did something for love and you ought to be mighty proud.

I miss the time when I actually meant something to you.

It feels so long ago. I’m even having a hard time remembering how it is to be loved by you.

I don’t hate you. I don’t think I ever will. I’m just sad that you became everything you told me you would never be.

I’m just so angry at myself for believing you and hoping that you would be different.

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