43 I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

Send your boyfriend a love message today – use one of these I love you messages for boyfriends.

Even the least cheesy and unromantic guy would appreciate receiving sweet and romantic I Love You messages from the girl they love.

It’s always a nice thing to know that somebody loves you and to know the reasons why they do.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with the perfect words, this great list of I Love You messages for your boyfriend can help you get started!

Romantic I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

You are God’s gift to me that I unwrap every day. My life has become much more beautiful because of you. You are one of the best people I’ve ever met, and I’m so glad that I chose you to be my boyfriend. Iknow that only wonderful things are waiting for us. I love you!


Do you have any idea how much I love you? If you don’t, I love you so much that if you asked me to marry you right now, I would say yes in a heartbeat. I would pack my bags and go anywhere in the world with you. That’s how much I love you.


We talk like the best of friends. We love like a newly married couple. We argue like an old married couple. We’re silly, and we’re crazy about each other. We have gone through so much together, and I know that there will be more in the future. I’m not even worried. That’s how strong our love is. I love you so much!


Having a boyfriend like you is a dream come true. I didn’t think that a love like this could happen to me. I’m just so used to seeing it in romantic comedies and reading about it in romance novels. Thank you for seeing the real me. I love you!


Your kisses turn my knees to slush. Your hugs tell me that everything is going to be alright. Just thinking about you sends my heart aflutter. Even when you’re not with me, you do all sorts of things to my body and mind. I love you like crazy!


If there’s anything I know about love and you, it’s that I will never find someone better. That’s because I already found the best! Thank you for all the love that you give me. I have never felt so loved and so cherished. I love you, and I will always be here for you.


Being your girlfriend has been such a blessing. I learned so much about myself, about you, and about love and relationships. I feel that whatever life throws at us, we will be okay. The years that we have shared have taught us to weather all our storms. I love you, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.


Having you for a boyfriend is one of the biggest blessings of my life. I have never met someone so handsome, smart, sweet, and kind. You make my heart so happy. I just can’t imagine myself being with anyone else. I love you so much!


I want to thank you for loving me all these years, and for never giving up on me. I know that I’m not exactly the easiest person to love, but I’m doing my best to change that. You deserve to receive the love that you give, and I want to be the girl who will give it to you. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you.

Sweet I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

You don’t have to worry about anything because my heart is yours. It has been yours ever since we got together. No one could ever take your place in my heart. I belong only to you, and that will always be the case. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you.


You have given me some of the best days of my life. I cannot wait to have more of them in the future when we finally become husband and wife. We have come such a long way. You’ve been nothing but the best boyfriend, and I know that you will also be the best husband. I love you so much!


I just start missing you whenever you’re not by my side. I guess I’ve just gotten so used to having you near. I love you!


I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. Being with you for the past few years has only strengthened that desire. Nothing would make me happier than being your wife. Nothing would make me more excited than making plans with you and then making them come true together. I love you so much, honey.


You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Knowing that you love me makes me feel invincible. The love that you give me is more than enough for me. I love you, and I’m so excited about the future because of you.


Falling in love with you was so natural for me because you just made it so easy for me to love you. You are the easiest person to love. You are genuinely kind, loving, and generous. I’m so blessed. I love you so much.


I cannot count the number of kisses and hugs that we’ve shared. So many great moments and special memories. I want all of them with you, today and always. I love you.


I have never felt more loved and more cherished. You are the man of my dreams. You are my answered prayer. Your love is everything. I can’t wait for that day when we will finally be husband and wife. I love you so much!


I’m amazed by the power of our love. Just when I think that this is the end of the road for us, something will happen that will change the course of things. I know that this relationship does not involve just the two of us. I know that God is at work here. We are so very blessed, my love. I love you!

Heartwarming I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

There are times when I just stop and think about the things I did to make me deserve someone like you. You are the greatest blessing I have ever received. My life is wonderful because of the love and care that you give me. Thank you. I love you!


It has come to the point where I can only imagine you and me in the future, being happy in love together, with a lovely home and beautiful kids. I want this so much, too. I know that this happiness that we have now could not compare to the happiness that we will have when this dream becomes a reality. I love you, my darling!


Whenever I think of you, the darkness just goes away and I just start feeling happy. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. I love you very much!


Your smiling face, your gentle laugh, your kind voice, and your big heart are just some of the things that I love about you. If I get started on all the things that make you wonderful, I might never finish. I love you for all your quirks and flaws. They are what make you truly one of a kind.


Your love is what keeps me strong and brave during the toughest challenges. It’s your love that makes me appreciate the present and look forward to the future. It’s your love that brings me so much happiness and satisfaction. I love you, and I always will.


I knew you were the one for me when you broke down my walls and made me feel alive again. Not a lot of people have done that for me. I’m just so glad that it’s you. I’m so in love with you.


You should know by now that you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. That you are the one I see myself raising children with and building a happy home with. There will be no one else but you. I love you so much!


You mean the world to me. If I don’t say it or show it, that’s just the way I am. But just because I’m not vocal or demonstrative with my feelings does not mean that I don’t love you. Because I do. I really, really do!


You make my sweetest dreams come true with your love and affection. Choosing to be with you has been the best decision of my life. I’m so happy and loved right now because of it. I love you.

Sentimental I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

Everything that I have been looking for in a man, you’ve got it. I really couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. I just know that you will also be the best husband. I love you!


You give me so much good love. I don’t think I could ever live without it. Thank you so much for coming into my life and loving me the way I want to be loved. I love you very much.


Did you know that you can do magic? Just one kiss and you can make all my troubles go away. Just one hug and you can make everything alright again. I love you. Thank you for the magic you bring to my life every day.


In case you didn’t know it yet, I belong to you and you belong to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for loving me. I really love you, too!


You are the love of my life. I knew it from the get-go. I love being a part of your life just as much as you love being a part of mine.


You and me, we’re just meant to be. No matter how hard we tried to stay away, we just couldn’t help but fall deeper in love. It’s all very romantic. I love you so much!


You’ve got me wrapped around your finger. I don’t mind one bit. I know that I’m in good hands. I love you.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew just how much I love you? Wait, you already do. Let me just say it again. I love you so, so much!

Funny I Love You Messages for Your Boyfriend

Whenever I try to tell you how much I love you, the words just get in the way. So let me just send it to you via Morse code.


I am a woman in love. Yes. In love with you, you silly boy. I love you!


I can’t stop thinking about what kind of man you would be had we not met. Most probably barefoot, unshaven, and homeless.I love you!


I love you, and I want you to know that I’m with you all the way. Except with those stupid and life-threatening decisions, of course. You can manage.


With or without you, I know I’m going to be happy. Who am I kidding? Nobody else makes me laugh, cry, scream, pee, and fart all at the same time like you do. I love you.


Will you still love me if I’m fat and lazy? If I don’t shower as much? If my go-to outfit is the oldest pair of sweats in my closet? Will you still love me if I get ten dogs and five cats? Is that a nod I’m seeing? Okay, good boy. I love you, too!


It’s a wild world out there. It will be a wild world at home, too, if you forget to buy milk from the store again. Love you!


Whenever you need somebody, check with Adam or David first. If they’re not available, okay, you can call me. I love you!

Loving Messages for Your Boyfriend

Every day I thank my lucky stars for making us cross paths, for putting us in unexpected situations, and for that magical spark that was so strong we couldn’t ignore it. You are the best person I have met in a long time. Thank you for making me believe in love and happiness again. I love you. My heart is completely yours.


If I told you how much I really love you, you wouldn’t believe me. I guess I’m to blame for that because I have never really said these words a lot to you. But I more than make up for it with my actions. I love you, and I love the way you love me.


I love how we were such good friends first before we fell helplessly in love with each other. I feel very comfortable with you. I know that I can tell you anything and you will not judge me for it. I love spending every waking moment with you, and I love how I feel that it’s still never enough. I love being in love with you!


You are all my dreams come true. You are my love story come to life. You are the lovely melody I hear on the happiest and most beautiful days. I look forward to the day that we will finally be husband and wife. I love you, baby!


You know what keeps me going whenever I have a particularly grueling day? The thought of being with you at the end of the day. That’s more than enough to give me a burst of energy and surround me with warm feelings of love. I love you so much, sweetie.


It gives me such a thrill when you introduce me to people as your girlfriend. I love it when you reach out for my hand whenever we are in a room together. I love the forehead kisses, the hugs from behind, and the cute sidelong glances. I love the little gifts, and the spontaneous dates, and the hours talking on the phone. I love you the best.


I’m so thankful that you are my boyfriend. I can’t believe that my childhood crush is now my boyfriend. I will never forget the day you told me that you loved me. I love you, baby.


We have been together for so long, and I think I can safely say that there’s nothing I want more than to be with you like this forever. The road is long and hard, but I know that we’ll be just fine. I love you so much. Thank you for inspiring me.


You made me believe in love again. You brought me out of my shell and taught me to trust again. Your love is like a soothing balm to my soul and my fragile heart. I know now that I belong to only you. I can’t wait to find out what else is in store for us. I love you.

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