55 Lovely Ways to Say Happy Birthday Grandma

Tell your Grandma how much you love her…

Your birthday message to your grandma should be very unique and special because she is truly a unique and special person in your life.

She’s the person who looks after you when your parents are not around or too busy.

She also spent a good part of her life taking care of you when you were a kid.

Let this collection of Happy Birthday Grandma quotes inspire you to say the perfect birthday greeting with love!

Remember – because this is your parents mother it really is almost as important as when you come to say Happy Birthday Mom or Dad!

27 Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes from Granddaughters

Grandmothers are the closest things to living angels. You are my beautiful guardian angel who makes sure that I am taken care of every day. I love you, Grandma. Thank you for being so awesome. Happy birthday!


Remember, grandma, you’re not great. You are awesome! Have a wonderful birthday!


Grandmas are simply moms with more frosting. Don’t worry, I made sure your birthday cake has lots of it. Happiest birthday, Grandma!


Happy birthday to my beautiful grandma. Beauty really runs in our blood. You are simply radiant today on your birthday! I love you so much.


I wish you continued good health, Grandma, today and all the days of your life. You deserve all the sweetest blessings in this world for being the best grandma out there.


You have been around far longer than I have, which makes you the leading authority on life and love. I look forward to having more interesting conversations with you about these topics, Grandma. I love you so much! Have a terrific birthday!


Here’s to adding more life to your years, Grandma. You don’t look a year older, if I’m being totally honest. You always look amazing in my eyes. Happy birthday!


Hi, Grandma! I heard you were a real party girl when you were much younger. Let’s resurrect that party girl in you as we party the night away and celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, Grandma! I hope you have the most unforgettable time.


For always making sure that I’m well fed with all the delicious food you cook right in your lovely kitchen, for still giving me birthday money even if I’m a grown-up now, for always coming to my defense whenever my parents start to get unreasonable, and for being just an all-around wonderful grandma, thank you so much! You are the best and you deserve nothing but the best today. Happiest birthday, dearest Grandma!


I saw an old picture of you as a teenager in one of Mom’s albums. You were such a stunner, and I look so much like you! I’m really very thankful that we are blessed with good genes. Here’s to many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday, Grandma! I love you so much.


For the special lady who has taught me that a good heart makes a person beautiful, a very wonderful birthday to you. You are someone who owns such a pure and lovely heart. May God continue to shower you with His choicest blessings. Happy birthday, Grandma!


For all the times you took care of me when I was sick, when my parents had to go on a trip, and for all the times I slept over at your house, thank you, Grandma. I love the way you take care of me, and I love all your colorful stories. I wish you nothing but the best today and every day. Happiest birthday!


Happiest birthday to a wonderful grandma! You have given me so much love, joy, happiness, and comfort. I am truly blessed to have such a loving, caring, and thoughtful grandma like you. Allow me to treat you extra special today, okay? I love you so much!


To the kindest and sweetest woman that I know who raised my incredible mother, a very happy birthday! Thank you for all that you have done for our family, Grandma. You are truly one of a kind.


Happy birthday to my wonderful grandma. You have always been the one to organize get-togethers and surprise birthday parties. Now it’s my job to give you the birthday party that you will never forget anytime soon. I love you, Grandma!


You are the wisest person that I know. You know how to deal with all the drama in my life, from my bad dreams to my adult-sized fears. You are truly the best person to come to in times of crisis. Thank you for your unconditional love, Grandma. Have a happy birthday!


Sometimes I still can’t believe that you lived this whole other life all those years ago. I love you so much now, but I think I would love the younger you just as much. Happy birthday, Grandma!


For all the love and care that you have given me all these years, thank you. I am returning the happiness that you have given me today on your very special day. I know it’s not much, but I have the rest of the year to show you, too. Happy birthday, dearest Grandma.


To the most thoughtful, generous, and loving grandma in the world, a very happy birthday! I hope that this birthday turns out to be better than you expected. I love you so much, Grandma!


May you be blessed with more years of life. May you always be healthy in body and sharp in mind. May you always be happy and safe no matter what you do and no matter where you go. I love you, Grandma!


Don’t think so much about how old you are today. Think about what new and exciting thing you should be doing this year! Happiest birthday to the coolest grandma in the world.


To the cutest, sweetest, funniest, and dearest old woman that I know, a very happy birthday! I hope that this birthday is more wonderful than you. I love you so much, Grandma!


To others you may just be an ordinary grandma. But to me, you are simply the most incredible grandma. Thank for you everything. Happy birthday. I love you!


I wish that you will always be strong today and in the many years to come. We’re so blessed to be celebrating your birthday together as one big happy family. Happy birthday, Grandma!


Hi, Grandma! Happy birthday! I wish another beautiful year for you and many more beautiful reasons to smile. We are all here to celebrate this special day with you. That’s how much we love you.


To a truly strong and incredible woman then and now, a very happy birthday! If I could achieve just half of the things that you have achieved in your life, I will be very, very proud! I love you, Grandma!


May your birthday overflow with love and happiness that you deserve today and every day of your life. Happiest birthday, dear Grandma!

28 Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes from Grandsons 

I wish that this birthday makes you feel like you’re 30 years old all over again! Happy birthday to the sweetest grandma in the world. I love you!


To the most amazing cookie and muffin baker, the best storyteller, and the sweetest hugger, a very happy birthday. I love you so much, Grandma!


Age is just a state of mind. For me, you will always be sixteen years old, Grandma. Happy birthday!


I’m so blessed to have such a loving, caring, and thoughtful grandma like you. I love you and appreciate you so much. Happy birthday, Grandma!


I wish that you will live another 100 years. We love you so much, Grandma. Happy birthday!


I owe my life to you, grandma, because you simply took me in when my mother could not be a mother to me. Thank you for your love and kindness all these years. I love you very much. Happy birthday, dearest Grandma!


Happy birthday, Grandma! I wish you many more birthdays to come, good health, and a longer life. I love you so much and I pray that God will grant all the wishes of your heart.


Someone so generous, loving, supportive, kind, and strong deserves to be celebrated every single day of the year. I love you so much, Grandma. Thank you for loving me, supporting my dreams, and never giving up on me. Happiest birthday to the best grandmother in the world.


Thank you for raising me like your own son. I know that I was not always the perfect little angel, but I sure did keep you on your toes and kept you feeling young! I love you, Grandma. Happy birthday.


To me, you are the perfect grandmother. If I had to be reborn in this world, I would still choose you to be my grandma. I love you so much. Happy birthday!


I pray that God will grant all the desires of your heart, and that He will shower you with His choicest blessings. A wonderful grandmother like you certainly deserves it. Happy birthday!


Whenever I need help, you are always the first person to give it. I cannot ever recall a single moment when you weren’t there for me. Thanks for everything, Grandma! I’m truly blessed to have you. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to this family’s super grandma! Thank you so much for all the love and happiness that you give to all of us. I wish you all the best in this world, Grandma. I love you!


You always know how to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. I guess that’s why I grew up becoming a sweet tooth! Your cupcakes are simply the best. Happy birthday, dearest Grandma!


I always look forward to spending summers at your house because of all the delicious food I can eat in your kitchen and all the cool stories that you share about your teenage years. I can’t wait for the summer. I love you, Grandma. Have a happy birthday!


You may be grandma in our family, but you are also my very best friend. Thank you for always loving me. Happy birthday to the sweetest grandma in the world.


There’s no gift that I can give that can express how much you mean to me, Grandma. I love you so much. Have the happiest birthday.


I pray that you will always be happy and healthy so that we can spend many, many years together. I’m not done loving you yet, Grandma. Happiest birthday! May God bless you today and always.


I only wish that I would grow old as wonderfully as you did, Grandma. You are the coolest and happiest grandmother that I know. Never change. I love you, and happy birthday!


All the beautiful things in this world will still pale in comparison to your sunny smile, Grandma. I love you so much! Happy birthday and God bless you always.


To one of the strongest women in my life, a very happy birthday. Thank you for inspiring me every day to face my challenges with courage and with a smile. Happy birthday!


Ever since I was born, I have never stopped experiencing your love. Thank you being such a great grandma to me. I love you always. Happy birthday!


You are such a big part of my life, and I’m sorry if I couldn’t come around as often to spend time with you. Let me make it up to you. This time, it will be different, Grandma. Happy birthday!


You took cuteness to a whole new level. I wish you happiness and health, and always stay a child at heart. I love you! Happy birthday, Grandma!


My friends are all envious of me for having the sweetest and kindest grandma. You don’t know how many times they’ve asked if you can just adopt them. Happy birthday, Grandma!


When I say my prayers at night, I never forget to thank God for giving me a grandma like you. I also pray that you will always be healthy, happy, and safe. I love you, Grandma. Happy birthday!


God bless you as you celebrate another birthday. If there’s any wish that you still have not received, I wish that it will come true this year, Grandma. Happy birthday!


To the special lady who has made me the cookie monster that I am now, a very happy birthday. I love you, Grandma!

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